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On the episode of KBS2TV's 'Happy Together 3' aired on February 10th, TVXQ said 'Making our comeback after 2 years and 3 months, it seems as though Onew has grown a lot throughout this time. Whenever he used to see us, he'd be too shy to say hi, but now he fondly addresses us as 'hyung!' whenever we meet.'

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho commented that 'Onew is very kind but it is quite rare to see him show his true self, so we installed a hidden camera with Super Junior once. The group of us pretended to fight and Onew stood by our side crying as he tried to calm us down.'

f(x)'s Sulli drew interest when she revealed 'Hidden cameras seem to be a tradition, we've also been pranked by SHINee before.'


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The February 10th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3” hosted some SM Entertainment labelmates, who shared their first impressions of TVXQ’s Yunho.

f(x)’s Sulli was first asked to choose “which oppa was the best in TVXQ“, to which she replied, “I joined the company as a trainee when I was in 5th grade. I thought Yunho oppa was extremely cool, but he didn’t respond that often when I greeted him and he was very quiet, so I began to like Changmin oppa more since he greeted me so warmly.”

Krystal also revealed, “When I saw Yunho oppa for the first time, his hair was divided into a 5:5 part, which left quite the impression. It really wasn’t that cool. One day, though, he suddenly became very cool-looking, but I think he’s still just as quiet as ever.”

Fellow TVXQ member Changmin also joined in the discussion by adding, “My first impression of this person was really not that great. The first thing he told me was, ‘If you don’t have the confidence to last here, just leave right now.’ I remember thinking that he was really cocky.”

MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Yunho, “Why were you so unresponsive to your juniors?” Yunho replied, “During my trainee years, I went through about four groups, all of which eventually disbanded. I was really affectionate towards them, but they’d eventually leave the company once I felt I got closer, and others would give up their training. I was very hurt by that.”

He continued, “I do, however, hear that I look very cold because of my physical appearance.” Changmin agreed, but he added, “When you get to know hyung, he actually has a lot of aegyo. He’s very warm and genuine.”

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On the February 10th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3“, SM Entertainment labelmates guested on the show together and revealed their awkward relationships with one another.

The MCs asked their guests to pick a person who they felt the most awkward being in the same room with, and why. f(x)’s Krystal began, “Even now, it’s kind of…“, and chose TVXQ’s Changmin.

“Why is it so awkward,” the MCs asked. Changmin replied, “When I was a trainee, Krystal wasn’t in the company yet. She joined after I debuted, so we never had the opportunity to bump into one another.”

Krystal added, “I think Changmin oppa is the type that’s hard to get close with.”

Hilariously, Onew immediately suggested a ‘5 second stare’ on the spot. The two agreed, and demonstrated how painfully awkward it was between them. When asked about how it went, Krystal stated, “This is the first time I saw him up close like this. I think his double eyelids are very thick.”

Changmin replied, “I think her eyes are pretty,” causing everyone to express their hopes in the two getting closer.

As for fellow member Yunho, he revealed, “I don’t think I’m awkward with anyone in particular.” But he received a surprise when Luna and Sulli chose him in the end, leading the MCs to burst out into laughter while pointing out, “Maybe it’s only you that feels comfortable!”

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Park Yoochun was asked in MBN Entertainment Magazine broadcasting on the 11th, “Do you have the intention of joining Marine Corps like Hyun Bin?” and he answered it in split seconds, without any second thought, “No!”, arousing laughters. He then switched the question around and said, “Junsu seems to have said before that he wanted to, right?” Kim Junsu immediately denied and said, “No, No.”, sending laughters around again.

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong who has been voted “The member who is eagerly wanting to get married now”, attracted our attention. The reason for being crowned, was that Jaejoong’s father ever said, “No woman? Just bring me the grandchild.”

Ps. Marine Corps training has been known in Korea as the toughest among the various military training.

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On February 11th, JYJ’s Jaejoong guested on cable channel MBN’s “Entertainment Magazine VIP” and revealed what his ideal woman would be like.

After expressing that he would like a housewife, he explained, “I’d like someone who looks like me, but just because I like housewives, please don’t say ‘Kim Jaejoong’s ideal woman is a housewife’.”

When asked which JYJ member he thought would get married the earliest, he replied, “I think Junsu will get married the fastest since his parents are older.”

Junsu, who also guested on the show, retorted by telling a fun story about Jaejoong’s parents. “Jaejoong’s father once asked him whether he had a girlfriend. When he said no, his father asked, ‘Can’t I get a grandson somehow?’”

Later on, the boys were asked what they looked for when they checked out girls; was it the face or the body? Junsu chose body, while Yoochun chose face.

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During an Interview, Big Bang's Seungri mentioned JYJ member Xiah Junsu, causing a controversy.

Seungri, through a micro-blog "Recently", mentioned the muscial "Mozart!" which Xiah Junsu took on, and said that the director casted him first, but after listening to the songs, he told the director that "I can't do it.".

Seungri said, "It was a song that I will not be able to absorb. Since it was Xiah Junsu, he was able to break it down like that, if it had been me, I don't think "Mozart!" would have existed. Since it is a big hit, it hurts. But if I had took it on, I don't think that I will be able to receive that much attention like Xiah Junsu now."

And "When I saw the scenario of "Mozart!" I immediately had the thought that "I can't do this". It seemed that no matter how I tried, I wouldn't be able to do it. That's why I told the director "I am sorry. This does not suit me. If there is another good production next time, I will think about it again." And after that the director immediately approached Xiah Junsu."

Seungri added, "Originally it was supposed to be Jo Sung Mo. But because Jo Sung Mo Sunbaenim sustained an injury to his leg, he became unable to do it. So the director approached me. After I said that "I am unable to do it", the director immediately went to Xiah Junsu and Xiah Junsu was a complete success."

Netizens which saw Seungri's interview said "It is really rash of him to mention the real name.", "He called Jo Sung Mo Sunbaenim, but why was Xiah Junsu mentioned as "Xiah Junsu sshi"... DBSK debuted first, so he was lacking in thought right from the way he mentioned him" etc...
On the other hand, some netizens defended him, "He was honest and frank.", "He didn't have pretenses."

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Note: Please read the explanation at the end of this:
SeungRi was just misinformed I guess, but he meant no harm. Initially Junsu was the first person the director wanted to cast, but because the director had trouble contacting Junsu due to their controversy with SM, he had to approach Jo Sung Mo, and then Seungri too... but in the end the director was able to reach Junsu again, and give him the part. And as we all know, Seungri is a really big Junsu fanboy. :) So he really meant no harm in this interview, and he actually praised Junsu anyway. He was just misinformed. Though I think he should give more thought before saying things like that. ^^

It has been a while since eye makeup, which used to be solely for women, began to be used on male celebrities.

Male celebrities enjoy using eye makeup to portray distinct eyes or give people a strong impression. Representative eyeliner-using male celebrities include actor Jang Geun Seok, JYJ's Kim Junsu and Kang Seung Yoon from 'Superstar K 2'.


Kim Junsu chose a thick eyeliner for his musical. He, who plays the lead role of Jun, a man who gives his love everything he possibly can, used heavy eyeliner to excentuate his charisma.


A beauty brand representative stated, "Recently, eyeliner is getting thicker and thicker on male celebrities," and "While women use eye makeup to look more beautiful, men use it for a change in their image or to leave a strong impression."

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Powerfully presented Broadway music dwarfs Morricone’s prerecorded oboe

Since the start of the new year, Korea’s musical scene has been buzzing about two blockbuster musicals by overseas composers, directors and stage designers to premier in Seoul and later target the global audience.

While “Tears of Heaven” has “Jekyll & Hyde” composer Frank Widlhorn, “Sweeny Todd” director Gabriel Barre and Tony Award-winning stage designer David Gallo in its artistic arsenal, “The Mission” boasts the use of Ennio Morricone’s famous music “Gabriel’s Oboe” originally featured in the Oscar-winning movie, “The Mission.”

A scene of Joon (Kim Jun-su) and Linh (Yoon Gong-joo) in musical “Tears of Heaven” (Seoul&Company)

"Tears of Heaven” is a story about a Korean man’s passionate love for a Vietnamese woman during the Vietnam War, but all is ruined in a betrayal by the woman’s friend.

“The Mission” tells the same story as the 1986 film ―two Jesuit priests in the 18th century serving in a South American jungle try to protect the native Guarani community endangered by pro-slavery Portugal.

In the first week since the premier, “Tears of Heaven” has defeated the Korean-Italian production “The Mission,” in almost every aspect.

Wildhorn’s newly composed 30 songs for “Tears of Heaven,” an extensive three-year undertaking, fully filled the Haeoreum Theater of the National Theater of Korea on Wednesday.

The first male solo “Better Left Alone,” a powerful song of the past from the main character Joon, instantly engaged the audience in the unfolding tale of a South Korean man’s memory of love for Linh, the Vietnamese woman engaged to U.S. Colonel James Grayson.

The orchestra’s delicate modulation, reflecting the lyrics and emotions, was timely and accurate, although there were a few chorus scenes where the music was a little louder than the singers’ voices.

All of the actors demonstrated great singing and acting talent, including Jeon Dong-seok, who played Joon, and Lee Hae-ri, who played both Linh and her daughter Tiana.

Brad Little ― the Broadway musical star famous for performing “The Phantom of the Opera” more than 200 times ― perfectly transformed from being a caring U.S. soldier into an evil manipulator.

In contrast, the pre-recorded music used in “The Mission”, which began with a scene of a waterfall, failed to resonate with the audience at the Grand Theater of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.

Ennio Morricone’s several new songs for the musical and the rest composed by his son, Andrea, were fine but prerecorded sound could not give vitality to the stage.

Except for Father Gabriel’s solos, such as “A Simple Melody” with the melody of “Gabriel’s Oboe” sung by Daniele Gatti, actors and actresses ― who were Italians speaking in English ― sang and acted relatively poorly.

The English lyrics were not clear most of the time and the majority of the Korean audience relied on a sloppy Korean translation, provided through small LCD screens on the back of the seats in front.

The Guarani tribe’s group dancing and singing looked unfulfilling, although their acting was relatively engaging.

In terms of stage design, “Tears of Heaven” knocked down “The Mission” as well.

While the former smartly and swiftly changed scenes using a variety of multimedia, lighting and shadows, the latter’s design was too predictable and scene changes too slow.

“Tears of Heaven” was not without faults, however. The plot was too obvious and predictable, allowing the audience to guess the whole storyline after the first 10 minutes

Facing vehement complaints and negative online reviews about “The Mission,” the producer Sang Sang Musical Company said on Wednesday it will offer free tickets to those who saw the musical between Feb. 2 and Feb. 6, as it has now replaced a main actress and added a 15-member choir.

It is the first time in Korean musical history that such a “recall service” is being offered.

Those who want to see the musical again can book by sending an e-mail with their chosen show date on a weekday before Feb. 24, along with their personal details to by Feb. 13.

“Tears of Heaven” runs through March 19 at the Haeoreum Teater of the National Theater of Korea. Tickets range from 30,000 won to 130,000 won. For details, call (02) 501-7888. “The Mission” runs through Feb. 26 at the Grand Theater of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets range from 60,000 won to 200,000 won. For details, call 1688-9721.

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Junsu recently tweeted a bunch of photos of him and his family visiting a greenhouse. 
Check out the handsome family below:

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I just randomly noticed this but pause the second video at 4.05 and check out the poster and the life size Junsu mannequin! It looks like the people in the poster are staring enviously at Junsu!

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Junsu and Junho!

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Previews of upcoming episode of QTV shows model Kang Yi Bin with Jaejoong at Jaejoong's Birthday Party this past month. This has caused quite an uproar among fans.

Background Info:
Name: Kang Yi Bin
Birth: January 20, 1983
Career: Model
Note: OMG!!! I THINK I JUST DIED. MASSIVE freakout. But at the same time i'm glad Jaejoong might have a potential...someone to care for him? NOT that i'm speculating they are dating...just sayin' the guy needs a girl...:'( As much as I wish it was me...:/

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