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Jang Geun Seuk
Hyun Bin
Nick Khun (2PM)
Yang Yoseob (Beast)
Lee Seung Gi
Park Yoo Chun (JYJ) – WINS

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MC: Thank you for waiting. We would like to hear a lot of stories from Tohoshinki. I’m looking forward to today’s program. Thank you.
Y & C: Thank you.

They made their debut in Korea in 2004, Tohoshinki! And, at the pinnacle of their popularity, they suddenly suspended their activities. But after a year, Yunho and Changmin, the new Tohoshinki, restarted their activities.

Y: Everyone, how are you.,
Y & C: This is Tohoshinki!

Their first song for their restart, Why? Keep Your Head Down, was ranked No1 in the Oricon chart, hot shot debut.

MC: How was the MV?
C: The MV was made so that the powerful dance of the two members would stand out.
MC: There were rather fierce productions as flames, how was it?
Y: The flames are not CGs, they are real. Since it was real, it was so hot, I was about to burn.
C: That is just a joke, but he wants to say that it was very hot.
Y: It was very hot, so I used that word… Yes, yes, well done!
C: YES! Thank you.

This song is the theme song for the suspense drama “Utsukushii Rinjin (T/N: Beautiful Neighbor)”, in which Yukie Nakama takes the leading role.

MC: It is said that the song matches the mood of the drama. How do you feel about your song being played in the drama?
Y: Seeing the drama, I thought that the atmosphere of the drama perfectly matches our song.
C: Nakama Yukue-san was very beautiful.
MC: She is beautiful, and her role is a little bit mysterious.
Y & C: Yes
C: Though mysterious, she is beautiful.
MC: The intro of the song starts right on the timing at the drama’s end, where it gets sensational and mysterious. It really gets to me.
Y: Yes, I was surprised, too.
C: At any rate, she is beautiful.

Y: We were able to meet our fans after a long time, so we will do our best in Japan, too. Please support us.
MC: What activities do you especially want to do this year?
C: It is not of activities, but I want to make a new challenge. Personally, I want to learn how to cook.
Y: Oh, then my target will be to eat Changmin’s cooking.
MC: In fact, do you cook now?
C: Recently, I learned how to cook spaghetti Carbonara.
MC: OH~~ was it delicious?
C: Yes, it was delicious.
MC: Delicious!
C: It is embarrassing to say myself, but it really became a good dish.
MC: OH~~~~~~So when you become a good cook, can you please show us in Sakigake?
C: Please arrange that with our management company…
MC: Yes, of course, of course, of course… If your company says OK, then, will it be OK for you?
Y: Changmin, you’re funny!

The Cellular Phone Download ranking will be announced!

MC: How was the Sakigake Ongaku Banduke, which we brought to you together with Tohoshinki. We will have to say good bye to Yunho-san and Changmin-san. Thank you very much.
Y: Thank you very much.
MC: Can you please come again?
Y & C: Yes
MC: We will be looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you very much.
Y & C: Thank you very much.
MC: So,
All: Bye-bye.

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On the 11th of February, JYJ will make an appearance on MBN. The topic of favorite ways to kiss was brought up during the interview. When asked, Jaejoong replied, “I want to have a kiss in the bathtub filled with bubbles…with my wife…” Immediately after Jaejoong’s response, Junsu exclaimed, “This cannot turn into a rated program!” Other than the topic of kiss, the members also revealed their ideal type. Their special requirements for their ideal types have garnered much attention. For example, some members mentioned that they wanted housewives or girls that their parents would approve of. The program is scheduled to air at 12:30 PM on the 11th of February.

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JYJ member Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu) has announced his extravagant rebirth as a musical star through the large-scale production ‘Tears of Heaven’.

Kim Junsu plays the role of Jun, a Korean soldier in Vietnam in the musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ which opened in the National Theater on the 1st. Through the role of the solider who falls in love with a Vietnamese woman Lin, Kim Junsu showcased charismatic singing and acting.

He has already debuted as a musical actor through the musical ‘Mozart!’ last year. With a caliber not usually found in rookies, Kim Junsu won two awards at The Musical Awards as well as the Rookie of the Year award at the Korea Musical Awards. Kim Junsu, who has proved his potential, has vowed to appear in at least one musical per year from now on. He decided upon ‘Tears of Heaven’ for his second production.

His slightly unstable and nervous acting at the beginning of the show stabilized as the show progressed. His witty and outstanding ad libs gave a new sense of joviality to Jun and Lin’s love. Though he still has minor areas to fix up and put the finishing touches on, he deserves high marks if you take into consideration that this is only his second musical.

Compared to his acting skills which were not extraordinary, his musical capabilities were beyond expectations. This only proved why he’s singled out as the idol singer with the greatest vocal talents. His sweet voice in the first act that sang of his love with Lin, and the husky singing style he used in the second act to express a painful parting, mesmerized the ears of audience members. He stood out immensely during his solos in ‘Do I have to say’ and ‘I had to learn’, both of which are the opening songs of the first and second acts respectively. He was able to draw applause from audience members from the start.

Kim Junsu’s ticket power is also something to be noted. All 15,000 seats of the first round of reservations for ‘Tears of Heaven’ were sold out in 5 minutes and 3,000 seats for the second round were sold out in 3 and a half minutes. Even the third round of reservations, which opened on the 31st last month, sold out in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. He’s shown a ticket power greater than that of Jo Seung Woo of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’. The string of sold out performances, which has never happened before in the musical industry, caused scalper tickets to reach prices of over 3 million Won, much to the dismay of Kim Junsu, who said that such a situation was “Unfortunate.”


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Song Young Gil made blistering remarks at TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho.

During the KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert-Garden Balsam School’ corner that aired on the 6th, Song Young Gil said, “I hear that a fearless puppy has come to challenge my perfect looks?” He pointed at U-Know Yunho, who had come to watch Gag Concert as an audience member, and said, “Is it you?”

Following this, Song Young Gil made biting remarks at U-Know Yunho as he said, “You may not know this, but those who have challenged me till now, Song Joong Ki, Nichkhun, and Yoon Doo Joon, have all lost to me,” and “TVXQ? You look as funny as your name.”

Then Song Young Gil called him on stage and aroused laughter from the audience as he tried to dampen U-Know Yunho’s spirit by saying, “I hear your nicname is the Star of Asia? Well, I don’t think so..”

He continued to say, “I was always extremely curious as to why your name is U-Know Yunho, but now I know. You repeated your name twice because you had to make up for your average looks, right?”

Song Young Gil continued his remarks by asking the audience if they knew the name ‘U-Know Yunho’ and concluded that no one did. He also said he would show the singer just what a homme fatale was, for he admired the courage of the singer who ‘dared to challenge him’ as soon as the singer made a comeback for the first time in 2 years and 3 months.

The comedian said he had clavicles that could electrify women, but made the audience laugh when they realized you could barely see his collarbones.

U-Know Yunho could not hold back his laughter as Song Young Gil’s remarks continued, and aroused laughter from the audience when he got his timid revenge(?) by comparing his height to Song Young Gil’s as he stepped off the stage.

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Stars’ fanclubs are participating in the gift of giving.
How are these fanclubs gifting love to those in need?
Reporter Seo Hae Yeon has more information.

Group JYJ’s concert venue.

Amongst the countless number of fans filling the venue, the ‘auntie’ fans in their 30s and 40s stand out.

Today, the members of Park Yoochun’s Auntie Fanclub were at the National Cancer Center’s Children’s Ward instead of the concert arena.

Here, they met Park Yoochun and their faces lit up like those of teenage girls.

The members of this fanclub collected 10 million Won in donations to help these child patients and were there today with their star to donate the money.

◀INT▶ Hong In Ae/Member of Park Yoochun’s Auntie Fanclub
“Most of our members have their own kids, so it hurts to see these kids suffering, especially since we are mothers who raise our own children..”

These fans previously raised 25 million Won and donated this amount under their star’s name to help the children.

◀INT▶ Park Yoochun
“I’m so thankful for the mere fact that these people are willing to donate under my name because they are my fans.”


Fanclub members who donate with an overabundance of love.

The love they have for their stars is spreading to and merging with a love for the community.

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JYJ is opening a fan membership service!

Beginning on February 14th, JYJ’s agency (C-Jes Entertainment) will be recruiting members to receive special privileges from the trio.

As C-Jes members, JYJ fans will get access to undisclosed contents from JYJ, including special quarterly email newsletters that will announce upcoming album releases, concert schedules, and much more. Additionally, when JYJ releases an album in the future, fans can receive special gifts and will have the chance to attend their fan meetings. All registered members will be also get the chance to grab JYJ memorabilia and special possessions from the trio.

JYJ stated, “We want to give back the love and support we have received from fans in an even bigger way. Please anticipate the various contents that we will reveal as well as our personal message for you".

A representative of C-Jes entertainment explained, “I think it’s more meaningful that JYJ membership will be started on Valentine’s Day. We are planning to make lots of special content that will only be available to registered members. We will work hard to make and operate lots of tools that artists can use to communicate with their fans".

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During a recent recording of KBS 2TV’s variety show “Happy Together 3″, TVXQ’s Changmin revealed a story about his first impression of the group’s leader, Yunho.

Changmin said, “Whenever I saw Yunho hyung in the office building I always greeted him politely, but I thought he was arrogant for greeting me half-heartedly.”

He continued, “During our trainee days, Yunho suddenly approached me and shocked me when he said, ‘If you’re just going to practice only for a little while and then leave, just quit altogether!’”, causing the whole set to burst into laughter.

To this, Yunho explained, “The team I trained with changed around four times because people kept quitting, so I couldn’t help but say that to Changmin.”

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During this week’s recording of KBS2’s “Happy Together Season 3″, f(x)’s Sulli confessed about a time when she was disappointed in TVXQ’s Yunho.

When MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Sulli if there was anyone out of the guests who were awkward to be around, she answered Yunho, and said, “Yunho always greets the other f(x) members kindly by saying things like, ‘Our cute Luna, hello! Charming Krystal, hello!’, but to me he just says, ‘Sulli, hi’, which makes me a little disappointed.”

Yunho explained, “Out of the f(x) members, I’ve known Sulli the longest and always thought I talked the most with her, so I didn’t know Sulli thought things like that.” Onew then went on to improvise a three-second time of reconciliation for just the two, making the studio crack up in laughter.

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