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I went to the Why? Release Event in Makuhari, Feb 8, the evening version.
(There were two events, the afternoon one starting from 16:00, and the evening one starting from 19:00.Each event lasted for approx 45 minutes.)

The Japanese version of “Maximum” was first sung on stage.
The powerful dance performance was the true Tohoshinki! The venue was full of red penlights and red Bigeast towels, yes, this is the Tohoshinki live!

Their costumes were the same as SM Town Tokyo (first day) and the afternoon event. The gray one with the strange (?) print, fur on Yunho’s back. So, Yunho was showing his chest, kya~~~~~~~~~~~~! Yunho had his bangs up, but not like the solid Korean style, it was finished in a natural style. Changmin had his bangs down. Their makeup was natural style, too, and I love them. Oh, they are the model team, when standing on stage together, it is perfect for a picture.
As for the calls for the songs, they were fewer than that of the Korean Cassies. Bigeasts, you can do better, lol.

Here starts the talk time. (Sorry, this may not be 100% correct. My mind fell to pieces because of all the excitement.)

The MC for the event was Minsil-san, who is very familiar for Tohoshinki events.

First of all, there were greetings from Yunho and Changmin. Yunho was saying he was glad that he could hold a event in a place that held memories. (For your information, the previous Tohoshinki’s fan meetings in the Tokyo area have always been held in Makuhari, Nov 2006, Dec 2007, and Jan 2009.) Changmin was saying a number of times “Since everyone purchased the CD” “Thanks to everyone who purchased..”. The word “purchased” (T/N: Japanese word which Changmin said was “kounyuu suru”.) was said countless times by Changmin throughout the event. In SM Town Tokyo, he was timidly saying “Everyone, please hear the CD”, so should this be the evolved version?!

They were asked of their impression of SM Town. They answered that they were nervous in front of the fans after a long time, and also that they were delighted that they were able to stand on stage together with all the other artists who belong to SM. They asked the audience who do we remember from the SM Town concert, and first of all, there were voices saying “Changmin” and “Yunho”. Yunho seemed delighted saying “Oh, you’ve got it wrong there”, he was soooo cute. There were voices saying SHINee, SNSD, and Super Junior. Yunho and Changmin were picking up all the names, they really seemed happy doing so.

Around this part, Yunho was praising himself that he was talking much more fluently than during the afternoon event. I had three friends who participated in the afternoon event, and had heard beforehand that Yunho’s Japanese was funnily enough, lol. Yunho, I think you did better during the evening session, good job! Oh, but if you brush up your Japanese a little bit more, I would be happier. Oh, or, should we brush up our Japanese hearing abilities!?(lol)

Changmin said of his real feelings of being very busy since early January, when they resumed their activities, both in Korea and in Japan. I am very grateful that Yunho and Changmin have already come twice to Japan in 2011 in spite of their busy schedule.
We Bigeasts are very lucky.

For their future activities in Japan, Changmin was carefully selecting the words to speak, he said that they could not be active in Japan in 2010, but they will do their best this year. I am so happy ~~ Yunho and Changmin, we are waiting for your full live concert!

Changmin was fluently speaking about the contents of the new songs. Oh, Changmin, you were the one who was always doing this job from before, I know that your Japanese is very fluent! After the talk of the meaning of the lyrics “the song is about the feelings of a man who lost his love..”, there were talks about the men fans who came to the event. Yunho and Changmin were asking, how many men were there, and there were really some deep voices! My friend, who was in the afternoon event was saying that there was a cool guy looking like a model sitting right next to her. Yunho and Changmin seemed to be so delighted when hearing the stories that there are now many men fans.

The main part was the talk looking at the video which was included in the Japanese version CD, and also, looking at a special unreleased video. Here, the three on stage (Yunho, Changmin, and the MC) sat on stools, and Yunho kindly said to us to sit down, too. I am sorry that I could not remember the details, but the audience was continuously full of laughter. Minsil-san’s witty MC, Yunho’s unsteady Japanese, and Changmin’s fluent Japanese. Changmin said a few times to Yunho that his pronunciation was incorrect, lol. The whole audience was laughing at Yunho’s cute pronunciation in the video, but Yunho himself seemed to be the only one who did not understand the reason, and he was asking us “What are you laughing at?” Kyaa~~the gap between the king of performance and cute Yunho, we all love that gap. Yunho, saranghae!

In the video was the still photograph filming session, and the two were facing each other. The two laughed out, and Yunho’s face was really funny, the audience laughed out loud. (Changmin has straighten his face right away.) Yunho, I wonder about the structure of your face muscles, lol. I forgot, was it Yunho or Changmin that said, whenever you remember this face, you would immediately cheer up. I really think that the picture will be a very good medicine, I want a copy of it.

Hearing their talks, Changmin looked as the handsome and sharp one. Yunho seemed to be the comedian. They are truly a good combination!

There was a special event during the evening event, we celebrated Yunho’s and Changmin’s birthday together! A big white square cake was brought on stage, and we sang the song “Happy Birthday to you”. Last year, I was watching the birthday parties held by the fans of the two in Korea, and was in tears wanting to see them. This year, we could celebrate their birthday together, with the two themselves participating! Yunho and Changmin together sang the song, the last part was harmonized. It was truly beautiful. And the two blew out the candle. Oh, Yunho ate the strawberry (I think) on stage, and Master Changmin was scolding him, “You shouldn’t eat on stage”, lol.

The last part of their talk was their future ambitions. Yunho said that he wanted to do his best in future Japanese activities, I think. I could not pick out all of his words, since my mind seemed to lack the ability to understand all of his Japanese. (Excuse me, I am a native Japanese.)

Changmin was again saying, “Please purchase…”. He also said that the President of his company should scold him because he had said the word “purchase” so many times.

The last part of the event was the song, Why? (Keep Your Head Down). It is really cool, beyond words. I love their cute talks, but I love their cool and powerful live performances much more.

When they were walking off stage, Yunho again said his famous last phrase, “Mata aerukarane” (T/N: We will be able to meet again)
They bowed really low, and Yunho was waving his hands with all his might, walking backstage.

Yunho and Changmin, we are waiting for your live concerts!

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