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(T/N: These are rough translations I tweeted last night as fans were posting updates on Weibo. Bear in mind that minor details may have been omitted due to the character limit on Twitter.)

MC (Onew): I've heard that you'd like to get married at 29?
Yunho: I plan to get married at 32 because I still don't have a gf.

Fans: Really?
Yunho: Really, I don't have a gf
MC: Do you normally like to show aegyo?
Changmin: Yes he does, for example 'I'm hungry, feed me!'

Onew: Who sent your 1st birthday greeting?
Fans: Shim Changmin!
Yunho: Changmin? He sent one but it was short, it just said 'Happy Birthday'
Changmin: Your reply was equally short, all you said was 'Thank you'
Yunho: 'The first birthday greeting I received was from my sister'

Yunho sang a few lines of Honey Funny Bunny. When fans asked for more, he said 'Nah, I wouldn't have anything to sing for my solo at our concert'

Yunho: 'Changmin is a really good kid, everytime there are stalker fans chasing after us, he'll be like 'Go hyung, I'll take care of this'

Fan: Yunho oppa, how do you tell between fans of different age groups?
Yunho: Noona fans tend to smile while gazing at me. Younger fans say things like 'AIGOO, YUNHO OPPA I LOVE YOU!' Fans of the same age are usually more composed. They'll look at me, stop and calmly say something like 'Please take care of yourself'

Onew: I heard Yunho loses his possessions a lot.
Changmin: Yunho sshi, next time you lose your phone, please don't go through other people's pockets.
Yunho: Be careful on the 18th Changmin (his birthday)

Yunho: Changmin's text was the 14th in my inbox, I received it at 12:38

'I suddenly thought of something, the present should be in Yunho's hands now. We put the photobook (Intermodulation) inside a shoebox because we had to give it to his manager for it to be passed on to him'

Yunho was asked if he'd had any embarrassing moments.
Changmin: Loads, most of the time when that happens, I just act like I don't know Yunho hyung.

When talking about Yunho's hobbies...
Fans: Bowling!
Changmin: Looks like you got found out hyung
Yunho: Besides bowling, I also like karaoke.

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Actress Lee Yo Won has recently praised the musical ‘Tears of Heaven‘, which stars JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

Lee Yo Won, who saw ‘Tears of Heaven’ on the day of its debut, revealed, “I love melodramas, and ‘Tears of Heaven’ was something that I knew I had to watch and have wanted to see, so I took some time out of my schedule to come and watch it”.

Lee Yo Won praised the musical, stating, “It is a very moving and tear-jerking product”, and added,“This is the first time I’ve cried this much while watching a musical. The timeless love of the two lovers was so sad/moving. I loved the acting and singing of the stars, it helped to immerse the audience in the story. In the musical, the charater ‘Jun Hyung’ was so charismatic, it makes me want to start dating again”

Other than Lee Yo Won, stars such as SeeYa’s Lee Boram and KARA’s Goo Hara have been just some of the celebrities who have seen ‘Tears of Heaven’, which has been gaining much popularity.

‘Tears of Heaven’ is a musical about the blossoming of love during the Vietnam War, and it stars JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Davichi’s Lee Haeri as its main characters.

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Lee Yo Won played the role of the famous Queen Seon Duk which was one of the highest rated Korean dramas in 2009 ^^

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Thanks for the heads up, babyredocean ^^

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TVXQ’s Changmin will be joining the cast of SBS’s “Athena: Goddess of War” alongside labelmate Super Junior’s Choi Si Won.

Changmin began filming last week, and he’ll appear for the drama’s 16th through 20th episodes. The idol/actor took on the role of a nuclear bomb specialist from the National Intelligence Service.

Viewers will be able to see him for two hours in a row starting from 9 PM and 10 PM respectively, thanks to his leading role in “Paradise Ranch” as well.

Changmin will be making his first “Athena” appearance in the February 7th episode.

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Rookie girl-group Dal Shabet's Subin professed her ultimate support for TVXQ as a super fan.

Appearing on KBS2TV's 'Happy Together Season 3' on February 3, Subin expressed that the artists whom she thinks are immensely amazing after her debut would have to be TVXQ.

Ever since elementary school, she has always been a fan of theirs, saying, "When they dance, it's not a joke anymore." When asked if she had the chance to greet them, she expressed, "I didn't have the courage to make eye contact with them. So I could only carefully and secretively watch them from a safe distance."

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The owl couch fabric matching suit disaster version!
LOL, well they still look sexy~
Jaejoong made ddukboki (spicy rice cake dish) and his sister twitted the pic:

Dduk Bok Kee Jjoong [T/N: Jjoong is a term of endearment his sisters use] made. [There] weren’t a lot of ingredients… As expected...He really is a cook. [He or the dduk bok kee] is the best... *^^*

too yummy~~MUST EAT NOW!!!

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Q: What are your impressions to stand on stage as Tohoshinki?
Changmin: I wanted to stand on stage. But I did not think of standing on stage feeling the obligation that I have to stand on it as soon as possible. I wanted to be more talented, and I thought that the first priority was to show a stage in high-quality finished form. So I did not think that I wanted to stand on stage as soon as possible.

Q: During your suspension of activities, did you two practice together?
Yunho: Yes, of course, even though we were not on stage, we were trying new ideas, communicating together, and getting stronger… (T/N: cannot make out all the words of the last sentence)

Q: How about the new song Why? (Keep Your Head Down)?
Y: For instance, if you have the skills, and if it was a good song, you would want to perform it. For instance, about the costumes, not only the two of us, but we were communicating with many staffs, and made this new piece of work..
C: Complete.
Y: Yes

Q: How about the costumes? Did you discuss about them, too?
Y: We prepared many costumes, and the opinions of us were included, too.

Q: How about your PV?
C: It is not only about the PV filming, but we definitely could not 100% be satisfied by the outcome. But since it was the much-awaited PV, I was looking forward to it, and to be honest, I was nervous and also felt some pressure. We were able to finish the filming quite well, and I think it will be a good PV.

Q: What were the points which changed with only the two members?
C: The people will think that the style will be different, for instance, dancing, when recording, there are only two members from the beginning to the end. There are more pressures than before, and I should say the responsibility is greater, too. In order to be responsible, we two have to acquire professional skills, and continue working hard. We want to evolve ourselves much more.

Q: How about your activities in Japan in 2011?
Y: For Tohoshinki, the next year should be a busy year. Not only in Japan but in Asia..
C: As a team, we would not like to limit our activities to one area of the world, but would like to go everywhere.

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*stares and smiles at cute yunho (can't understand) LOL*

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kim Jaejoong from the group JYJ is chosen as the most popular star in China.

China King Press Media official said, “Recently it becomes a hot topic to acknowledge the most popular artists at twitter in China, a large number of South Korea artists names have appeared”

Being active in all over Asia and has been receiving a lot of love, JYJ Kim Jaejoong defeated all other names and holds the first place. Following behind is popular American idol who rose to stardom due to video site YouTube, Justin Bieber who is ranked at second place.

In addition, Super Junior Kim Heechul is placed at 3rd, and the currently solo singer Jay Park grabs the 4th, proving the popularity of South Korea artists.

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of course! Congrats!

A message from Junsu's father to Malaysian fans
Thank you
JYJ fans in Malaysia
Hello everyone
I am Junsu's father
Did you all have a good 2010?
Wish you all good health and happiness in the new year
Everyone, I love you

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Here's the interview

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Many people asked me… did you have a fight with Jaejoong? (laugh) [T/N because Jaejoong isn't following him on twitter now] Of course not… now we don’t use twitter but use mail to contact each other. So no need to worry

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The pioneer group of the K-pop boom in Japan Tohoshinki who went through a breakup turmoil recently appeared at a music event at Tokyo's Yoyogi Stadium after one year and one month of silence. The group resumed their activities with two members Yunho (24) and Changmin (22) and received the unchanging warm welcome from their Japanese fans. Their new song "Why?" also acquired the top spot on Oricon Daily Chart on the day of its release.

However, in October 2009, in the midst of their breakup turmoil, Seoul District Court disclosed a "temporary measure" decision whose content was shocking.

"All rights and privileges that the group get from TV programme and stage performance as well as public activities in and outside of Korea belong to the production company."

"All copyrights including the copyrights for lyrics, music, arrangement; reproducing right, duplicating right, recording right, distributing right, broadcasting right, performing right, karaoke distributing right, and the right to produce secondary products are all transferred to the company."

An official who knows a lot about Japan & Korea's entertainment industry explained:

"In Japan, artists are paid a part of their singing right, and copyrights of lyrics, music and arrangement. At that time, among the 5 members, each other them were paid 0.4-1% of their profits. Moreover, if they were not able to sell more than 50,000 copies, then there would be no guarantee for their pay."

There was also a penalty. If there was a violation in the contract, then they will be required to pay a total amount of 3 times of the investment to be made on them plus 2 times the profits during the rest 6 years of the remaining contract as compensation. "The penalty for breach of contract is more than 10 billion yen ($121 million)," said the official.

During the breakup turmoil, Jaejoong (24), Yoochun (24) and Junsu (24) performed their activities in Korea and other countries under the name "JYJ" while still being in a conflict with their former agency.

Recently, Junsu made a comment about his former agency on Twitter, "I thought that the 5 of us thought of him/them as our enemy… but you don't seem to see him/them as your enemy," expressing his feelings of distance with the other 2 members.

The support of the fans are also complicated. There are fans who say, "I want to see the 5 of them once again," and there are also fans who severely criticizing the 3 members calling them "ungrateful". The style of Korean entertainment industry is to invest largely in their idols, bind them with long-term contracts, and carefully train the newbies. It is probably hard for Japanese to understand this style, but with that force, the Korean wave is currently sweeping over Asia.

T/N: The source is a source affiliated with Sanspo, one of the biggest newspapers in Japan.

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SBS’s popular “Star King” contestant, Shannon Williams, revealed that she’s a fan of JYJ’s Junsu and musical actor Brad Little.

The aspiring young singer attended their musical, “Tears of Heaven“, on February 5th and shared photos she took with both of them after the show.

She revealed, “I want to grow up fast and stand on the same stage as the seniors.” Junsu added, “I saw her perform on SBS’s ‘Star King’ numerous times. Shannon has such impressive skills, I’m sure she’ll grow up to become an amazing singer. I’ll always be supporting you and watching for you.”

Shannon then presented Brad Little with a bouquet and praised, “Your performance was so touching; my eyes were unable to look away through the entire show.” Brad Little replied, “I’m confident that I’ll be able to watch Shannon perform on amazing stages. …I hope to treasure this new-found relationship with her.”

Shannon Williams recently signed on with Core Contents Media, and the public is greatly anticipating the ‘four-note’ singer’s debut.

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