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After my vacation in Korea, I have completely understood the reason behind why there are so many people who are in love with Jaejoong. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. So we drank until early morning on the first day of the reunion and went home afterwards. We played and wrote some music together, talked awhile, and eventually I became sleepy and fell asleep on the floor.

Not sure how long after, but when I woke up, I realized I had a blanket over me. It is very cold in Korea. I think if I went to bed without a blanket I would definitely catch a cold…

But I wasn’t surprised that he helped put a blanket on me; it was the fact that he was sleeping right beside me. He clearly had his own bed that he could have slept on, but he purposely brought his blankets from the bed and slept with me on the floor…

Even though there was only one blanket, but I feel that his gentleness must be the reason why there are so many people who adore him.

I used to think that such good people wouldn’t exist in this world. But now, from the bottom of my heart I realize that this is someone whom I can trust forever.

It’s someone who can make others feel the warmth.

Please be my friend forever.

I passed on everyone’s well wishes to him.

There will definitely be a time when he’ll smile with everyone once again. You, who radiate such shinning light, are the sun for every one of us!!

Best friend, see you next time.

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The third performance of JYJ Junsu’s musical, ‘Tears of Heaven’, sold out all 4,500 tickets in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds, proving once again his powerful influence over ticket sales.

For reference, the very first sale of 10,500 tickets were sold out in 5 minutes, the second round sold out 10,300 tickets in 3 minutes 30 seconds, and now this recent third round of ticket sales sold out in the fastest time yet. Regarding this happy event, Junsu expressed, “Thank you so much to the musical lovers and my fans.”

‘Tears of Heaven’ will be a massive production, as it brings together world talents like composers Frank Wildhorn (‘Jekyll and Hyde’), Gabriel Berry (‘Sweeney Todd’), and musical star Brad Little.

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Alcohol—Kim Jaejoong (JYJ Music Essay)

Intoxicated, like dragging a heavy bag
Standing in front of the entrance, pressing in the key code
But somehow, I cannot recall the key code that I have memorized by heart
Why did I drink so much to the point of being drunk?

Don’t know if you guys have ever done this before?
Don’t want to watch TV, don’t want to play the piano, don’t want to read any books
And don’t want to look at the people walking back and forth in that world beyond my window
I want to hide

In the end, I can only lie on the sofa motionlessly
Have no urge to move, only stare blankly at the cactus
As I was staring at the cactus I suddenly realized I was talking to myself, “Am I feeling a little bit lonely?”
The fate of a cactus is that if the heart of his core have been fiddled with, his life would be shortened
The cactus seems to say to me, “you are lonely, just like me”

Lonely, frustrated, depressed
There’s nowhere I can go to let out my feelings
At that time, the only friend I could find, was alcohol

But this thing
I would definitely despise it tomorrow
However, I think I would nonetheless continue to pursue it

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Date: 3 February, Thursday
Time: 23:05 KST
Channel: KBS2TV
Guests: U-know Yunho, Choikang Changmin, Luna, Sulli, Krystal, Onew

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JYJ’s “Music Essay” has become Kyobo’s weekly bestseller!

The largest book retailer in Korea states that an overwhelming majority of JYJ’s “Music Essay” sales were from women in their 20’s and 30’s. To be more precise, Kyobo cited that 95% of its sales were from this group.

On their site, they accredit JYJ’s success to their enormous fan base and their participation in various activities. “Due to the members fandom and activities in dramas and musicals, their popularity can be seen by the huge amount of interest in them by the people in their 20’s and 30’s.”

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On the January 31st episode of “Paradise Ranch,” TVXQ’s Changmin and Joo Sang Wook’s characters strip down to win their lady love.

After a coincidental meeting at a resort pool, Changmin and Jang Sang Wook, who are both tied to love interest Lee Yeon-Hee, will flex their abs and hit the swim lanes in what quickly escalates into a battle of egos. With Changmin slowly realizing that he still has feelings for ex-wife Lee Yeon-Hee, Joo Sang Wook quickly answers his challenge – it’s sink or swim for love, and round 1 of this clash will be quite the spectacle.

Though we have to wait until the episode airs to see who the winner will be, the teaser pictures alone are just enough to make any fan girl’s head swim.

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Jang Dong Gun, Ha Ji Won and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will most likely unite to star in an upcoming drama called “Peninsula.”

This drama is going to be a big production; it is already reported to have a budget of 10,000,000,000 WON, which equates to nearly $9 million dollars. The drama will feature a united Korea (no separation between South and North), the united nation’s president, and his National Intelligence Director.

The president’s role is most likely going to go to Jang Dong Gun and Ha Ji Won is slated to be the female lead. Jaejoong is supposed to be play the Director.

Jang Dong Gun has revealed recently that he is interested in starring in this drama. Additionally, Ha Ji Won has expressed that she would like to join this production as soon as filming for her new movieends.

One reps for the drama said, “Jang Dong Gun, Ha Ji Won, and Jaejoong are all 90% confirmed.

The filming will begin in June and July and it will start airing in October.

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Cable music channel Mnet Media, who recently made amends with SM Entertainment, is voluntarily taking time out to promote the group ‘TVXQ’ (U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin).

‘Tap! TVXQ’ will air on February 2nd and 3rd and will feature footage of 48 hours in the life of TVXQ. The clips will be aired in a guerilla method with no pre-scheduled times.

Mnet stated, “No one knows how many clips there are, how long they are and when they will be aired,” and “That means that people will have to tune into MNet all day long if they don’t want to miss a single clip.” The footage will also show the rehearsal process and behind the scenes moments of the ‘M! Countdown’ episodes that aired on the 20th and 27th.

However, TVXQ did not set aside time to create this program. These clips were created by Mnet following TVXQ around with cameras.

TVXQ appeared on ‘M! Countdown’ on the 20th at the Sangam-dong CJ E&M Center, their first appearance on an Mnet program in two years. This was because SM cut all ties with Mnet after the latter’s ‘Mnet KM Music Festival’ that was held in November, 2008.

The entertainment industry sees TVXQ’s appearance on ‘M! Countdown’ as the restoration of ties between SM and Mnet. However, the two companies are still in an uncomfortable standing with each other. Many criticize that both are doing nothing but trying to benefit from the situation instead of trying to resolve it.

SM and Mnet began to clash with a problem regarding music distribution in 2008. In 2009, SM disallowed its artists from attending the ‘Mnet Asia Music Awards’ because it questioned the impartiality of the judging.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011


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SBS’s Inkigayo is back once again, and this week’s show was full of amazing and fun performances from the top participating K-pop artists!

The ‘Take 7′ nominees were Seungri (“What Can I Do“), TVXQ (“Keep Your Head Down“), SECRET (“Shy Boy“), Gavy NJ (“Cup of Latte“), MBLAQ (“Stay“), Seungri (“VVIP“), and Dal Shabet (“Supa Dupa Diva“). Dal Shabet was not present today.

Having already clinched the K-Chart triple crown earlier this week, TVXQ continued their winning momentum by clinching their 3rd consecutive Inkigayo Mutizen award and the triple crown. This marks their 7th music show award since making their comeback.

Congratulations to the Gods of the East!

Meanwhile, Jewelry made their comeback with their two new members in tow, while SeeYa concluded their promotions with their final stage as a girl group after five years. Elsewhere, GD&TOP performed their follow-up song, “Don’t Go Home“, while 2PM’s Junsu featured in One Way’s performance.

Other performers this afternoon included Park Jung Min, Orange Caramel, G.NA, INFINITE, Teen Top, Mighty Mouth, Navi, and Shi Hyeon.

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This is TVXQ’s representative.
Soon will be February 18th, TVXQ’s MAX Changmin’s birthday, right?
We are preparing a special place to celebrate his birthday with fans.^ ^
On the day of his birthday 2.18 (Friday) afternoon – time undetermined, Gyedanghol Seoul Arts Center. We are preparing to celebrate TVXQ’ MAX ☆ Birthday Party along with TVXQ’s MAX Changmin. We invite everyone to join us to celebrate his 24th birthday together!
[ TVXQ – MAX ☆ Birthday Party!! ]
*Date: February 18th, 2011 (Friday) After 7:00PM (to be announced)
*Location: Gyedanghol Seoul Arts Center, Sangmyung (tentative)

[Payment method]
*Participants:1430 members from Cassiopeia3
*Payment method:Payment name change, detail on all payment methods
*Payment time:February 8th 2011 until time when membership is full
*Payment amount:10000W
*Name of person paying:The 6 numbers found from Cassiopeia3 members when completing their account registration

[Confirmation of payment through e-mail] For those who have completed payment to confirm it, send us a e-mail after payment is confirmed, the “payment confirmation e-mail” should follow the form below!

Confirmation time: February 8th (Tuesday) ~ February 9th (Wednesday) 11:00AM
E-mail subject:【Choikang Changmin】Payment date/Payment time/Name of person paying/Amount/Bank name
E-mail content: Name/birthday/membership number/contact information

Hope everyone can come and participate in !Give huge support to them with their new album and busy activities for TVXQ comeback.
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On January 23rd, Kim jaejoong made a special interview to commerate his 26th birthday for fans.

Kim jaejoong whose thighs are perect and even slimmer than females told all his fans about his secret diet .

He said “Actually I eat a lot! But I go on diet two days before my shooting. I am slimmer below my waistline. Then I questioned why does this happen, most probably the reason is not moving around.”

He continued, “But please do not exercise too much. Many people said that if one does not exercise, he/she will gain weight. As I exercise more on the top half of my body, my thighs have become like this.”

“From now on, I will work hard to have “steel thighs” because I need to be married after all”, saying this he made the fans laugh.

Other than that he was asked whether he has the thought of trying Secret Garden’s kiss scenes.

In his own twitter he even posted a picture of ‘Cappuccino’s Kiss’ making fans think that he is a Secret Garden fan.

He replied, “I know the drama is about applying cream around the lips. But I like it even more better on chin? Although it is not romantic, but if I can apply cream on chin I don’t know why but I have the urge of kissing the chin. When I purposely wipe her chin, I will think of applying the cream on her forehead and nose too kiss her like this.”

While replying, he was in a dreamy state. Regarding his reply, fans said “Indeed is Jaejoong,” “I want to receive the three-level of kiss too.”
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During the fan signing held on the 29th of January, Jaejoong caused quite a commotion by "proposing" to a 10 year old fan by asking her, "Will you marry me when you grow older?"

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oh what a silly man :P
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Cassiopeia doesn't exist without TVXQ neither TVXQ exist without Cassiopeia.
We are one!
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Story Background:
In the well-known Vietnam War, Joon is a South Korean soldier who is dispatched to Vietnam. The South Korean soldiers of that time are sent by the American troops, and Colonel Grayson is the leader of the unit that Joon belongs to. Colonel Grayson becomes enchanted by Linh, a Vietnamese female singer who performs at the concert hall. At the same time, Joon falls in love with Linh at first sight. The two of them sink into the river of love and commit to marriage. Colonel Grayson learns of their love, and in his jealousy sends Joon to the most difficult and dangerous battlefield. He also conspires with Quyen, who is secretly in love with Joon, to deceive Linh and tell her that Joon has already died. Succeeding, he brings Linh to America. Joon returns from the battlefield and Quyen tells him the truth that Linh had left for America, pregnant with his child. Thus Joon searches the world and finally finds his and Linh's daughter, Tianna.

Characters (in order of appearance):
Tianna: Linh's and Joon's daughter
Linh: female singer
Joon: South Korean soldier
Sang: Linh's older brother
Grayson: American colonel
Tam: female singer
Quyen: Linh's friend, loves Joon

1. Between heaven and earth: opening song
2. Shadows on my heart: Tianna always feels anxious about her life
3. Pearl of the east: sings the praises of Vietnam's splendor before the war
4. The first time I saw Paris: a song performed by Linh in the concert hall the first time Joon sees her
5. The tiger and the dove: A tiger (Joon) treads all over the world, finally finds the dove with the voice of an angel, and they fall in love
6. Who can you trust?: Linh's brother Sang interrogates Linh about her relationship with the American colonel and advises her not to trust Grayson
7. Morning comes: describes the first glimmer of dawn and the approach of troops advancing into Vietnam
8. I've never loved like this: Joon and Linh tell each other their feelings and say they've never felt such a deep love before
9. Can you hear me?: the two of them commit to marriage
10. I've had to learn: Joon tells of his helplessness in the war and tells Linh that her love gives him courage to continue living
11. The end of the world: the devastation of the fire of war; in the morning children have families, but by night they are orphans
12. Tears of Heaven
13. Moving on: Grayson tells Linh that Joon is already dead, and tells her to not be attached to someone who is already dead and to consider her own happiness
14. Raining fire: describes the fire of war destroying Vietnam, artillery shells and bullets flying, "raining fire" everywhere
15. Without her: Grayson tells Linh of his love and says that without her, the world is gray and dark
16. Sweet song of life: Linh gives birth to a daughter in America and joyously welcomes the arrival of a new life, but she herself dies
17. This is my confession: Quyen frankly tells Joon that Linh didn't actually go to America for her own interests, but rather because she believed Joon had died; moreover she tells him that when Linh left, she was already pregnant with his child
18. Tiger and the dove finale: Tiger (Joon) searches the world and finds a singing voice the same as Linh's, but it is a much younger girl; she is actually his daughter Tianna

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

As long as you can searching, anything can be found~
Today at the Lotte event I won a lottery. It was a present of Jaejoong’s personal belongings.
Seriously, it’s his own stuff.

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