Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[TRANS+PHOTO] 111220 Jaejoong Twitter Update

There's nowhere that doesn't hurt.. Everyone please take care too..

Guys that's wondering what happen..I think his sty just got worst~

Photo credits: As tagged
Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
Translation by: Tohosomnia
Shared by: DBSKnights

11 DBSKnights Comment:

awww oppa. I know your pain ...-sigh-

what happened with you babie?? T^T please get well soon...

oh no D: hope jaejoong will get well soon <3

Aw, well, I hope it's not serious. Nothing medication can't fix, I suppose. <3

what happened actually?poor jj.hope you get well soon..:)

- gasp - my joongie~ ):

hope you feel better soon !! hopefully there's no scar if it was his sty removed... i understand baby. sometimes, eyeliner's just a bitch no matter how well you remove it. ;P

lots of love boojae ! <3

aww... still so handsome though. (:

poor Jae...but I have to say that he looks really good for someone that is sick and has a patch over his eye...glad that he's on vacation now and resting.

The sty must have been bad to be, I think, surgically removed. Please rest a lot and it'll get better in no time. On the bright side, I hope this forces him to cut down on his drinking & smoking for a while to allow the wound to heal.

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