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[VIDEO] 111026 TVN E-News - Richest Star In Their 20s #5 Park Yoochun (Eng Sub)

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SM look what you lost, u idiot. I wonder what Jae and Su makes. Shouldn't Chunnie, Jae, and Su make about the same amount. Jae acted in PTB and Su acted in musicals.

^ but yoochun have more CF deals..

perhaps because he wrote more songs too..

this proves that they weren't earning nothing in SM.....they earned alot too even when it was split amongst the 5 members....therefore, HM aren't "poor" like some ppl are claiming and JCS didn't leave SM because of the lack of money...their main objective was freedom to live their lives the way they wanted to....and I'm glad that YC is doing even better now than before....he deserves it...he came so far from where he was before and worked himself up...I'm not going to deny SM's contribution to this cuz that would just be foolish...I'm glad that YC is able to provide for his family now and be happy.

I'm surprised that JS isn't on the list too tho...cuz he did 2 large scale musicals that earned him alot for every single stage he performed.

^ I agree, they were not poor in SM
but, he's dramas, compositions of songs and cf deals as well as all he's tvxq and jyj activities does make him wealthiest member

It's kinda funny to watch this since they keep talking about how much DBSK made when even the members themselves don't have that information.

FYI, there is a BIG difference between how much an idol earns and how much they actually receive. Therefore the figures in this video can only be taken with a grain of salt. The courts are still waiting for SME to provide them with DBSK's financial statements. So how can TVN (that is known to overstate/embellish so much about Hallyu) know what the court doesn't?

earnings is this after all misc fees are taken out so this is the profit?

Anyway I thought that while under SME they handed over the copyrights to songs that they composed to SME so they didn't get full payment for those songs.

@Anonymous, November 7, 2011 3:34 PM:

yep...and that's why I said I'm glad he's doing better now than before....even tho before he was doing okay financially too=)

I'm glad I got out of the sm, are now rich and free, especially artistically is growing a lot and it rains money inertia

I wasn't really a DBSK(5) fan. I learned about them just recently; when I explored how JYJ went against the giant SM, I cannot not admire them. These guys got the guts and the talent; they deserve to succeed and get people's support.


Our musicians are working hard and don't deserve this. Let's show these music giants who's the boss (WE PEOPLE) by supporting great talents.

i love that they do article on YC but how come it all sounded like no pre-research is done? and it sounded very subjective. or is it the translation? for example 'announced his departure'. JYJ never stated departure, it was an unfinished lawsuit. More, 'SKK' become the most loved drama of all time. This is not true! Maybe in Cassies world yea, I'm also a Cassie but I don't think SKK stands as most loved drama of all time.

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