Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[INFO] Trainer's Choice - Male Idol Vocal Ranking BEST 17

EDIT: Seems that this ranking was made up by someone in DC Inside. View it however you will but take note that this 'ranking' might not be real.

The ranking was based on scores given by musicians/ trainers judged on five categories:

1) Voice,tone colour/timbre
2) Ability to reach the high vocal pitch
3) Vocal skills & techniques
4) Vocal range
5) Expressive power

Note: Yunho & Changmin's ranking added to the original translation

Source: Nate
Credits: JYJ3 + evy901
Translation by: 4ujyj
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. I looked at the original source, and LOL. Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. this must have been before mirotic days, since both changmin and yunho have improve a lot, besids changmin high picthes are amazing

  3. I find this ranking a little pointless and subjective ...

  4. for me all five of them always are in TOP5 in any vocal, dancing & looks rankings kekeke~~
    They are still the only group that all five members are capable of being solo singers with their vocal, dance & looks high level and there is no other boy group like that in whole world~!
    That is what Cass feel after hearing them sing for so many years so those polls/rankings are kind of silly for us xDDD

  5. This is one of few polls that actually rate Jaejoong in the top 5 and I am really happy about it. He is so underated. And the best part ...judged by musicians and trainers. If I recall correctly, Changmin, Yunho & Yoochun have also improved on their rankings from the poll a few months back. Junsu is still number 1.

  6. heeheh of course junsu OF COURSE<3

  7. Yoochun is good at high notes and his range isn't bad. Like in the Love In The Ice and Bolero lives. But YAY JUNSU!!! Of course he's #1!

  8. I agree with Anonymous 2:21. I am really thankful to this ranking that Jaejoong is finally up there. he's so underrated for his amazing voice. D8
    But yes, as expected Junsu will always remain #1.

    I felt bad for Yunho because he really did improve and got really good, but when I went to the original source and saw the people he was up against, I really approve of this ranking and it's great how all 5 DBSK members were able to get in this ranking along with all the lead singers from other groups. c: Our godly boys ~

  9. i'm agree with the list....but the voice isn't the only thing i like
    about them :)

  10. @Anonymous, 5:28 Agreed! I always thought Chunnie and Minnie were the ones who sand the REALLY REALLY high notes. (credit to Mickey in Love in the Ice and Bolero !) But my personal ranking of their vocal skills actually matches with this ranking. Junsu is the most amazing singer ever, and JJ is definitely up there with him. (: Yunho has worked so hard and it's okay to be last within DBDK, 'cause we all know he's the #1 dancer of all time!

    Wow. I just realized, Junsu is like the best idol singer (for males, at least if you wanna argue) and Yunho is like the best idol dancer... XDD

    Then there's Changmin, JJ, and Yoochun as some of the most attractive idols! ;P


  11. I don't know if this list is made up or not, but I think it's pretty accurate on the rankings. Except I think Yoochun's should have been up the list a bit. No suprise that Junsu is number 1 again. Junsu is ofcourse the best of the best. In every poll that has singing in it. Junsu will mostly likly be number one. I mean seriously the guy is freaking amazing. I love Junsu so much.

  12. Made up or not, I think this is VERY accurate. This is actually how I would rank them myself!
    Junsu and Jaejoong very close for first, but Junsu wins.
    Changmin third. Yoochun fourth. Yunho last. (For Yunho, it's quite obvious that his singing talent is lower than the other 4. But, his singing is probably just as good as the best of any other group. And he can dance hella fine ;) )

  13. if there's such a high possibility of this being made up, then I don't see the need to post it here, cuz then it just gives false information that people will take as facts despite the warnings.

    but I am glad that at least Jae is recognized for his vocal talent here and not just admired for his looks like he usually is...but I think that CM should've been higher and that YC and YH should've been at a closer range to one me, YC and YH have always been the weaker vocalists (perhaps cuz they're also the lower octaves) and they alternate in capability...I personaly don't think one is better than the other.

    overall tho, I think that all 5 members are good singers and no other group has all it's members being capable of being the lead singer...where they lack, they also make up for YC in his acting and YH in his dancing=)

  14. no matter what,they will be the top 5 in my heart..each of them can sing solo songs until so well...this poll is useless for one can compete with 5 of them even their dancing ability~!!

  15. This is exactly how i would rank them if i was asked to.
    I'm JJ lover but in this vocal case, i have to admit that JS's voice has touched my heart, he was really born to sing. But JJ is soooooo good too,listening to his voice melts me. XD

    For Yunho, though he's the lowest rank in this vocal ranking, but in dance and rap ranking, he obviously will be the 1st! ^^

    Anyway, they shine their own way, I love them the way they are! XD
    TV5XQ is the best!

  16. There is no doubt about our boys talent. By looking at all 17 ranking, they are the only group whose ALL MEMBERS are in this ranking. It shows TVXQ is the best.
    Other groups have only 1-2 members listed. Shinee are the 2nd to our boys (4 of them listed).
    I am very proud of our TV5XQ....

  17. @Gladiola So true!!Only TVXQ whose all members are in this ranking...and it's amazing~

  18. LOL XD the original source is daebak! LOL so hilarious..

  19. Most men tend to have baritone voices and for this reason the majority of men tend to prefer singing in the bass section of a choir (however, TRUE BASSES are even RARER than tenors). Some men are asked to sing tenor even if they lack the full range, and sometimes low altos are asked to sing the tenor part.Yunho is not that poor...youn just have to refer it from the REAL experts...

  20. I think it's made quite time ago. Changmin should have a bit more points at "Voice,tone colour/timbre" and improved at techniques too. :)