Sunday, October 16, 2011

[VIDEO] Maximum - DB5K Version

Download audio rip here

Credits: fosho721 + PhoenixFanclub
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. This is just depressing. It makes me miss all 5 even more seeing how this song was supposed to be for all of them. Makes you wonder when they recording this and the fact HoMin had to re-record. But I'm kind of glad in the final recording we get to here more HoMin.

  2. Thank you so much for posting!

  3. Yunho & Changmin did it on purpose I know it! It's not a coincidence! For them to dance to OT5 Maximum when they already have Yun/Min version...
    It could not be more clear then this~! TT^TT I love all my five stars so muuuuch~!
    And the video came from Yunhoyah, a Yunho fan site so I am so thankful to them~! <33333
    Happy #MA5IMUM Day Cassiopeia ♥ (I am so glad I didn't go to sleep earlier).

  4. I can't stop crying.. THIS was supposed to be their song as 5.. they've sung this together and Homin had to sing as 2 without JYJ... my heart.

  5. I'm not dreaming?

    I did not mishear?

    I've heard the voice JYJ?

    why HoMin use TVXQ5 version DANCE?

    OMG!!!!!!! AKTF T_T

  6. Yea, Its really interesting to see them dancing to the intended version with all 5 of them singing this song instead of using the remake of the song...I mean...This must mean something...right? It shows that they do really think about the others. It gives me new hope.

  7. Guys, if I'm not wrong this vid was recorded in late2009/early2010, after the lawsuit happened. I think TVXQ5 recorded the song first and Yunho and Changmin used the version to practice as they haven't recorded their new version yet.

    That said, I love Homin's version, but I like this as well. I miss JYJ in TVXQ like crazy </3

  8. ^ New hope kind of crushed now ;__;

  9. I prefers Changmin and Yunho better than 5

  10. I prefers Changmin and Yunho better than 5

  11. I'm wondering how this dance clip got released? is it through SM or did it get leaked?...anyways, the fact that Homin chose to dance to the DBSK5 version rather than their own version says something....they could have easily re-taped themselves practicing to the new version, but they didn't...this version is interesting too...I do prefer HM's version cuz it sounds more hard hitting, but I'm just happy getting to listen to this one also=)

  12. waite.....*crying*
    maybe u'll not believe me...yesterday
    before i going to sleep i watched 2 vids about JYJ n2 vids about YunJae plus JYJ-stand by u
    than i cried tooo much ... felt pain in my heart
    n i pray all this situation is just bad dream..n i hoped it disappeared soon to comeback together

    in this morning when i see this vid...i felt like
    my pray starting to come true...
    i'm still don't beleive it
    i wonder how JYJ voices in the song???
    some say that the Maximum was song for DBSK as 5...that why theri voice on it...even it's hard to beleive it..but let say it is true..
    tha fact that Homin dance on this ver....make me sooo happy..
    i feel something very great gonna happen in the futuer....i hope i'm right
    alot like Homin ver...maybe cus we used to it
    but i love DB5K ver tooo...cus i miss their voice as 5 together....

    *still don't beleive it play it again n again*


  13. I love both versions!! :)
    i miss them but i can totally imagine them performing this song on stage together. :D
    would've been just as amazing. ;)
    but how hard would it have been for HoMin to record the song again. and to practice with this version knowing that they could be practicing with each other at that moment. *sigh*
    its been hard for both sides.
    overall tho, im very happy listening to this!! thanks for posting!!!! <3

  14. to tell the truth, i don't really care actually. but hey,with the harmonization of 5,it's.merrier.

  15. Yes, I also think that this video was recorded before their comeback and after the lawsuit. That's why you can hear the five of them! I think HoMin version wasn't recorded yet.
    To me there is no hope in this video, just an other sad truth. TVXQ5 will always be the best! I'll support them till the end T__T

  16. Yeah, HoMin ver is more powerful and energetic...
    But wait, isn't five got this kind of harmonization that I miss the most?! ^_^ Hah! Love Both~
    The harmonization of vocalization just PRICELESS.
    The fact which rarely to be found in other new dance group these days. =)

  17. during this period i've tried very very hard to ignore how people around me saying that dbsk has disbanded...i listen to jyj songs:nine, boy's letter, in heaven, get out, pierrot.........of course it sound good, it's our boys singing

    and then i listen to homin's songs:she, why?, before you go........seriously they have improved so so much and i'm really amazed by, in love with and proud of them, but then of course i would, it's our boys after all

    and no matter how the songs touched me, or how i tried to feel the songs, i still find them lacking in some way

    until i hear this, their voices together, only i realized it......i don't even have to try, i don't even have to listen to it again to get used to it.........

    it just reached me and as much as i like every single part of each of them, together as 5 they are incomparable...AKTF i know we can and we definitely will

  18. It's funny how ppl try to find excuses of why Yunho & Changmin practiced to the song with all five of them singing: "Coz it was after the lawsuit it was suppose to be DB5K come back song but yet they didn't record the Yun/Min version" *rolls eyes* LOL and how do You know that? The vid leaked just now but that not mean when they recorded this vid Yun/Min ver. pf maximum was not already recorded.

    I agree about this song being a DB5K come back song. Maximum was written by Yoo Young Jin in 2009,to be ORIGINALLY sung by 5! It was written for DB5K comeback ON 2009 FEBRUARY (Spring). If you want prove, you can look for YH's letter to JYJ to comeback with SM. There's written TVXQ will comeback in Spring, 2010.

    The "JaeSuChun can't sing powerful songs" argument is as stupid as the "HoMin can't sing ballads" argument. Obviously all 5 of them can sing any genre. And if all 5 weren't capable of singing powerful songs then explain Tri-angle, Rising Sun, O, Hey! Don't bring me down.. Etc. LOL

    At the end of my rant let me cite one smart person: “When DB5K comes back, I won’t give a damn about fan wars, it’ll be clear who has won.”

  19. OMG OMG OMG Thank youuuuuuuu!!
    1st i adooooore this audio vers ====> Download it nowww XDD!! aigoo this is just makig me miss them more and more!!
    PS: Yunho is so HOT oh gosh!!!!!! green color suits him Xp
    and my changminnie is just so sexy to words XDD!!
    Thank youuuuuuuuu <3

  20. @fiwudazebotpiye: ditto everything you said...*thumbs up*=)

  21. Anybody can tell me where is Uchun's voice I only can hear JJ"s and junsu's voice...please somebody.....lead me to Uchun's voice.....

  22. 0:37-0:48 JAEJOONG ❤ 0:48-0:54 CHANGMIN ❤ 0:54-0:59 YUCHUN CHORUS: JUNSU ❤ 1:36-1:47 YUNHO ... Till the end Have the 5 voices

  23. when listen to jyj, i felt lack of something, so do homin... but , with the 5's harmonization in one song, i can only then felt the perfect....

  24. I love to see how HoMin lips sync the other three voice even it just a second.

    Can I take this as one way of how HoMin wanted to send their unspoken message to the other three? Because since they had been stuck in this fiasco, the two only remain silence... it doesn't mean they didn't care what was happening around the other three, right? It's was too obvious to turn to be ignorance about your buddy, when they've been together about more than ten years... So, I'll take this as the way HoMin wanted to release their longing feeling. ^^ Just call me stupid. I DON'T CARE. -AKTF-

  25. i think they already had planned and recorded for a comeback before JYJ announced the lawsuit... maybe they already did a few songs before 5 of them got separated.

  26. I wish this version of the song was a bonus on the album. But considering, it wouldn't. *sigh*

    I've never heard this version, but it's just perfection. I already thought the one Yunho and Changmin do is enough, but this one just seals the deal. =,) Damn it. <3

    They're amazing guys with beautiful voices.

  27. this makes me sad, oh i miss them so much,it hurts my heart, i wish they can solve the things by the way, i love both versions!

  28. @hitomi2oo7

    The best comment ever.

  29. I love @hitomi2oo7 and @fiwudazebotpiye comments. sometimes i feel like giving up for everything. I heard too much 'fake' fans said "it's bullshit for them to come back together. that'll never happen. and I'll be more happy if they're just like this" as a REAL fans I'm upset. why did they think something like that?
    i love them equally, its hurting me very much when JaeChunSu fans or HoMin fans saying that words. whats wrong with keeping the faith? whats wrong with supporting all of them? whats wrong with my hope to see them together? I'm not force myself to keep believe that they'll be together again but i really want to. i don't know what to say. I hate JaeChunSu fans or HoMin fans. its hurts so much to people like me or people who thinks like me :'(((((

    when i watch this video for the first time i only think "this is supposed to be an energic song but why I'm crying?"

  30. i felt like crying..i miss dbsk so much. so much.
    it would been a lot better if they;ve sung this..i wanted to cry so bad when i heard jaes voice..
    this is kinda give me hope but its also gave me pain to hear this..i really miss them..i miss dongbangshinki so much. i cant wait for the day to see you smile together again.

  31. this is what i called "perfection"

    somehow, I prefer the five members version. I just love to hear all five members voice here. in my opinion jyj part is just perfectly and blended well with homin's part. it's just like they are filling the emptiness in each of their part

    everything is just perfect when they are five.

    i really miss five of them, I hope the time when they stage in the same stage will come soon

  32. I wanted to cry so bad when I saw this. I don't know if it should give me hope or not. I have always loved them as 5 for so long that it pains me to go back to seeing them laugh like they did in thier older videos.

    I tried to explain to my friend why it hurt and she just laughed at me. (She dosen't know them and only has heard "Are You a Good Girl" and loves it.)I told her these guys aren't like any other band out there. Also that when you see thier videos they have this feeling that just makes us (Real Cassies) happy.

    But whatever DBSK/JyJ decide, I have to accept it and support them.

    I hope they do, no matter what anyone else says. They looked the most happy when they were together as 5.

    1+1=2 2+1=3 2+3=5=1