Thursday, October 27, 2011

[TRANS] 111026 Tohoshinki’s Changmin, Struggles Due To His First Time For Debut Starring Drama “Paradise Ranch”

From the ever-popular Tohoshinki, Changmin’s first challenge in a starring role, the hot topic love comedy “Paradise Ranch” DVD will be released on 2 November. For this release, Changmin will be personally recording the Japanese voice-over for his character in the drama, a first in the history of Korean dramas. Images of him during process has been taken, a must see for fans.

This is a story about a divorced couple who meet again after 6 years and are forced to live together, a quirky start to this romantic love comedy. Changmin plays a 3rd generation chaebol, Dong Joo who is cool and charming, with the heroine Da Ji played by actress Lee Yeon Hee, who became popular after dramas such as “East of Eden.” This drama is set to broadcast on Fuji TV’s “Hanryu α” starting November.

The DVD-BOX which will be released on 2 November will include special videos of Changmin personally challenging the voice-overs for the key scene of Dong Joo (Changmin) and Da Ji’s (Lee Yeon Hee) first meeting after their divorce, when the two were innocent newlyweds, and other famous scenes from the drama. There is also a making video of Changmin’s real face during his first challenge at dubbing. Although discouraged by his first attempt, Changmin said “It is definitely a difficult challenge, but it has to be done so I’ll try my best!” taking on the dubbing with strong enthusiasm. As expected, his actual performance was…?

The “Paradise Ranch” DVD-BOX I & II will be on sale from 2 November.

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  1. Changmin is smart cookie and he'll do his best to win over the fans heart with his sexy voice.