Monday, January 31, 2011

[TRANS]110130 Alcohol by Jaejoong from JYJ Music Essay

Alcohol—Kim Jaejoong (JYJ Music Essay)

Intoxicated, like dragging a heavy bag
Standing in front of the entrance, pressing in the key code
But somehow, I cannot recall the key code that I have memorized by heart
Why did I drink so much to the point of being drunk?

Don’t know if you guys have ever done this before?
Don’t want to watch TV, don’t want to play the piano, don’t want to read any books
And don’t want to look at the people walking back and forth in that world beyond my window
I want to hide

In the end, I can only lie on the sofa motionlessly
Have no urge to move, only stare blankly at the cactus
As I was staring at the cactus I suddenly realized I was talking to myself, “Am I feeling a little bit lonely?”
The fate of a cactus is that if the heart of his core have been fiddled with, his life would be shortened
The cactus seems to say to me, “you are lonely, just like me”

Lonely, frustrated, depressed
There’s nowhere I can go to let out my feelings
At that time, the only friend I could find, was alcohol

But this thing
I would definitely despise it tomorrow
However, I think I would nonetheless continue to pursue it

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans: princessepiggy @ DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. lonely JJ back then... guess it's at the climax of the conflict with SME period... he can't meet all the members of TVXQ. I guess...

  2. This is sad... Jae please stop drinking...

  3. JJ, if you are really sad but physically able, go volunteer at a senior center or hospital to cheer up people. In the process of uplifting others, lossing ourselves, we find ourselves and we will feel more strength to love and go forth. Alcohol is a virus for the soul. Don't give alcohol any power over you.

  4. too much alcohol destroys the body. i don't want anything that will destroy you for you to keep pursuing it. because we really love and do care for you, i hope you'd take care of yourself more and love yourself more.
    and i just wish that there'd always be someone to be there physically for you, to comfort and to love you, and to keep you always grounded.
    I really pray to God for your health and happiness.
    please don't sound so depress jaejoong.

  5. I remember a while back, he got so drunk once and fans who were around saw him and called a cab for him so he could get home.

    I don't think he drinks for this reason anymore, I think that was just the climax of depression after the split. Even Yunho became a frequent drinker during those times...I honestly just hope that they're both better now.

    No more drinking, guys. You've destroyed too many brain cells already.

  6. i just really hope that he keeps his drinking in check. he can still drink but i dont want him to be so dependent upon alcohol and if it keeps going unchecked it might lead him to be an alcoholic. its a truly frightening thought. ={

  7. Please Jaejoong, alcohol is a crutch. You need help before it's too late. I'll pray for you

  8. This makes my heart break. Jaejoong, please don't continue to pursue alcohol. I worry for him. Hope he feels better these days.

  9. i know what you are feel. it's very painful

  10. em wonder how's condition of jj ri8 now..?
    is he feeling better than b4..?
    seems like he very into alcohol lately..
    "alcohol help me reduce prob"-jj will not settle ur prob..but it will double urs..huuu well huh..
    huuu eotokke?

  11. I've seen too many "lonely" and "frustrated" words coming from him these days. Not to mention the fact that he's been drinking so frequently. What to do to lessen all those heavy feelings and lighten up his mood? Alcohol is never the best way to hide from the harsh reality, and it'll only cause damage in the long term. I hope he'll get over this bad period of life soon and drink less. A depressed and restless Jaejoong makes my heart break. :(

  12. jae is good you wrote your pain
    I hope you're better now
    hurts both the hell happened
    is that still in a dark tunnel
    but many fans are on your side
    Count on our love
    keep your head up to much hate
    is that the final will win

  13. I think I'm gonna cry,,
    I really feel sorry for him.
    I knew it just by looking at the title..
    alcohol??man!!this is bad..
    I hope he'll doing just fine...

  14. What I don't understand is how is it he doesn't have anyone to talk to? What about Junsu and Micky? But On the other hand the person he could run and talk to was Yunho...I understand JJ alot because he is like me. Almost as if we were mirror images of each other. I guess that is why I think of him as a brother. A twin brother and I am his twin sister (except I am not korean and I mean our personalities are alike XD)

    I can really understand because I don't know what I would do if I lost my bestfriend or my sister. These are the two people in my life that understand me more than anyone. But for JJ to turn to drinking worries me a lot. But again like me sometimes it seems he is scared to tell anyone because the fear that everyone will worry too much and forget to just sit and listen and understand how he feels. I get that. But again with this drinking...No! Just stop. That is not a good way to deal with everything. If you need to talk then try to talk to your friends or family. Out of all the people he talks to there is one I know that will sit not worry and listen and understand

  15. I really wonder why there's no one he can mentally rely on.

    He is a warm-hearted guy who is always willing to listen to anyones's problems but why he can't tell his problems to others.

    Maybe he's been too much on his own since he was very young. I wish there's someone can help him and just don't let him keep on going like this.

  16. wow I can really feel the depression,lonliness, & restless frustration in this. Jaejoong do overcome this one day...

  17. o_o depression, it's only normal in his situation. I wish someone irl could help/comfort him. There is only so much fans can do.

  18. didnt one of the members gave him a cactus for his birthday? maybe its the same cactus..?

  19. JJ, don't drink please, you have a lot of love from Cassies! If you have painful, chat or Tweet with your fans, ok!

    Love you JJ

  20. Where are you, Yoochun and Yunsu? don't let our JJ alone please!

    Love JYJ

  21. gosh...he really need a girlfriend...FOR REAL...

  22. I'm realy worried about him, alcohol just gets the things worst, because the depression will only increase.He said he drinks to forget things, and this is a bad signal, because it means he is becaming an alcoholic.
    We really should do something.

  23. plis jj! find a girlfriend! i'll endure it, as long as u happy :)

  24. I am so sad.JJ be strong!!
    KFTC warn SME Unfairness in the exclusive contract and the court took jyj part But JYJ is spending hard time from SME.
    cassies PZ CHECK JYJ's part of Sisa Magazine '2580'
    cassies protected jyj from SME.
    Please sign petition for Protection JYJ’s Human Rights JYJ was discriminated with no reasonable reason! In hope that Korean Music Industry will be more concern on Human Right for their idols staffs coz K-Pop is very famous around the world. It is a face of a country!!

  25. Wow. Had to share this on facebook. Take care Jaejoong.

  26. OMG this is heartbreaking. Jaejoong stop drinking ;~; you're not alone, you have Junsu and Yoochun and many other people who love you. Stay strong, we'll always be by your side!!