Sunday, January 23, 2011

[TRANS] Music Essay Version of YooChun's Nameless Song

Note: Music Essay Version and Song Version of YooChun's Nameless Song are different though they are written in the same structure~

Have I told you this kind of story before?

In 2003, we completed a few months of probation period, and we finished our first task with ease.
In 2004, we were employees of the month, and achieved many best results, but we couldn't be satisfied with those alone.

We weren't able to endure anymore and we started wishing for more things.
In 2005 we branched overseas, and we thought it would be easy like how it was in Korea.
For our first challenge, we recorded our worst results and from then on, our confidence dropped.

A languge we couldn’t even speak,
Everyday, we stayed at the place we were living at and our company
They said it was for our own sake and that that imprisonment was not an imprisonment.

Extreme loneliness, tears, rage; all of these made us united as one.
Even if anything were to happen by chance, we said that we would not leave each other...

While saying that we would only resemble each other’s good side,
We made up our minds and ran off.

Finally, one day, we achieved the best like how we had earnestly wished for.
We each took our handphones and contacted our family and friends.

That day was approaching,
From then on, everything started turning out well.

Selling tens of thousands of records and winning every award, we felt our results.
Even though tears flowed, it felt like they fell gently.

Because compared to any kind of sadness, we were happy.
Till the end, we do not give up and come running.
Strength greater than any other strength.
As expected, because we were one.

You who have already changed (I can’t always stay there.)
I will turn my back on you first (It wasn’t possible to just keep on crying.)
You, who are going further away from me gradually, I will just call your name. (Please fly me far away to that sky)

Running for a while,
Covered by a huge wall beyond imagination
The thought “Has it always been this dark” remained in my head for a while

Such a thing happened once
Business expenses which were increasing, Debts which kept increasing
Something that I couldn’t handle on my own

This is something our boss said to us in the past
If you need anything, just say it, since we will always be family.

Whatever you need, just say it
Those words gave me courage and I made a phone call to ask for a favour

Though I felt something strange, because he was someone I could rely on,
Because they were a family which would be together with us forever,

I gathered the courage to request the favour, but what I received was just a cold rejection.
Though I was very angry with his reply, I held it in and requested for the favour again.

He hung up.

I couldn’t stop the tears which flowed.
I was in a state of confusion over the thought that they weren’t the family that I had believed they were for that period.

When he needed us, we were family, When we needed him, we were strangers.

It felt that as time went by, more amazing things happened.
Hearing that we had finally created success overseas and achieved results which we never imagined we would,
I entered the office with light steps on our pay day.

We members looked at each other with excited gazes while facing each other.
We praised each other saying that we had worked hard.
But the accounts statement we received at that time recorded that we were at a deficit.

Thinking that I had seen wrongly, I tried verifying again,
Everything were expenses.
Damn, How could that huge amount have been solely used to cover the expenses?
What kind of expenses? Where did that huge sum of money fly to?

I couldn’t believe it at all so I requested that they show me the detailed statement of the accounts which I had never calculated before.
They said they understood and they would show it to me, but in the end, I never saw those pieces of paper and only worked.

As time went by, my curiosity grew.
The more we put our heads together to think about it, the more we got a headache.

Lastly, if I were to say just one more thing,
Those things which we did for the company,
Were they truly meant for the company?

Ok, Let’s just say that they were. We are kind and will overlook it.
For us and the company, who have been together for many years, we will forget it.
Even so, that wasn’t right. Those weren’t words you should be saying to us.

Did you really plan to disappoint us right till the very end?
From the calls I received, you talked behind the team member’s back. It was really hard to trust you.

It was exactly as what the seniors had said. Did you want to keep the people who make money for you?
He said the family which we talked about in the company would make things difficult for us if we were to leave to company.
Those words by that senior could not leave my head.

Though there is more that I want to say, when this song gets out,
There would be someone who would torment us. Thinking of this makes me frustrated and I don’t think I can continue.

In any case, though it is tough, we are working hard to live well.
Despite someone tormenting us, we are working hard to really smile.

This is definitely not an effort which we made just for a product.
This is an effort made because as a human, on the day that I die, I do not want to have any regrets.

Yes, in the end it is JYJ.

Yesterday and Today, though I thought for a whole day,
I am able to feel the difference between then and now at 25, my age.

Now I will put down my pen.
Even so, my heart is at ease.

Because I can feel the fans’ love…
I did it because I thought I would be able to empty the pile of burdens I had in my heart.
Though nothing is easy, I am at ease inside.
We are happy because we have a family which is you fans.
I am always thinking of you all…
I love you.

So, will you be able to believe in us till the end?
Will you be able to say that you love us?
Since we will work hard till forever, will you be able to be at our side.
Since, to us, you are still here,
And to you, we are here.

I promise, I will hang out everything and show it to you.

Yes, we are JYJ.

“You have raised the castle walls and closed the door firmly too.
They say that love is not an imprisonment.
Love is releasing someone to be free.
I don’t even wish for such things.
We, made by you, are not even half of half of half of that,
And will forever be frogs in a well.”
(Excerpt from Musical Mozart)

Though there are still many things I want to talk about,
I will stop here today.

Translated by christabel88@DBSKnights

Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. "Business expenses which were increasing, Debts which kept increasing"
    Thinking that I had seen wrongly, I tried verifying again,
    Everything were expenses.
    Damn, How could that huge amount have been solely used to cover the expenses?
    What kind of expenses? Where did that huge sum of money fly to"
    Unbelievebable, they a top star, 5 og them make company 50,60,70...MILIONS USA/PER YEAR, still have debts, They have to pay debts until... what? I speedless...You are real evil SM

  2. "Since, to us, you are still here,
    And to you, we are here."

    "This is an effort made because as a human, on the day that I die, I do not want to have any regrets."
    So scare but I so damn proud of you Chunnie!you have us love you!!!

  3. awww TT_____TT this made me cry :( am so glad yoochunnie said something out that he wanted to all this time.. am glad he felt at ease after writing the song.. of course we fans will always always be there and love them till the very very end.. in fact all this is making me love them even more now.. i just hope JYJ succeeds SO well that Lee soo man'll just burn and dieee >.< hope yunho and changmin leaves that hell that :( Yoochunnie saranghae~! <3 this music essay is definitely a must have for any fans.. Thank you Yoochunnie, for letting us fans know a bit about how u feel.. even when u haven't said much, we feel the pain already.. all we can do now is support you guys,, and hope everyday will be a happy day for you.. without worries.. without regrets.. JYJ hwaiting~!! i love all 5 members of tvxq and always will <3

  4. I'm glad Micky expressed his feelings & shared some basically happened to JYJ. What's even more sad is that SM is not sorry for their deeds and is even more brazen in their underhanded tactics to put blocks on their path.

  5. I'm glad Yuchun expressed his feeling finally. Even he knows this kind of essay will makes someone ( SM) angry, he still wrote it out! Daebak!!! I really hope that JYJ succeeds and proved to everyone who are in the right side. By the way, I dont think yunho and changmin have the same thought wif JYJ. They dont think SM is a hell, thats y they didnt leave with JYJ. So, if can, everyone should not have this kind of think again. Just let them do everything they like, support who you are like ( JYJ, Homin or 5 of them) .For me, Im sad of this kind of situation, but I still want to say ,JYJ fighting!!!!

  6. Wendy, I agree with you. SM is not sorry as you can see how they try to undermine everything JYJ are doing. Even when SuJu Hankyung won his case, SM said they will appeal the case. They will keep the boys in court and waste their money. I support all 5, but I am bias toward JYJ and it's because SM is behind Homin.

  7. burn! this just strengthens my support for them even more!
    voice out your pain boys!
    we will be here to accept and embrace it.

  8. *is crying endless tears as no words can suffice to comment on what he has said here*

  9. So JYJ have been suffering in this way even after their sales have hit their peaks. I cannot believe it. Where did the money goes to? After all these hardworks and good sales results, our boys are in debts. That why they are so hurt by "family members" they once believe in.

    Chunnie, no worries. Cassie will be support JYJ regardless of what happen. I remember one of the fans say this "If we need a mircle, then we will create it". I believe we can do it.

  10. See...... I knew it. Stick together Cassies. The boys need to know we have their support. The five will reunite. Try not to buy into anything SM has to say. Keep Writing Yoochun, we are listening!!!

  11. Haizz , He made this too clear this time . Why sudden??
    I belived in you, CHunnie. But I want to see in Homin's angle too. And I can't guess anything *__*

  12. "So, will you be able to believe in us till the end?
    Will you be able to say that you love us?
    Since we will work hard till forever, will you be able to be at our side.
    Since, to us, you are still here,
    And to you, we are here."

    always and forever~

  13. Chunnie just made it clearer, but most of the things we can guess.

    In court, the lawyer of them also questioned SM about the unreasonable debts that the boys have to endure many times.

  14. SM said that JaeChunSu filed because they did it for their " personal profit " . Hah , SM forgot that JaeChunSu - even HoMin are only human , they had to work very very hard for that hell company , not only DBSK , even all SM's artists . SM takes everything from them , make them nothing but money-producers , for SM'S BENEFIT , not for their own . How dare SM said that ??????? Anyone from SM's headquarter , including LEE SOO MAN are so DISGUSTING , they don't deserve to be human !!!!!!!!!!

  15. some antis or really extreme homin fans even dare point out that yoochun is talking about Homin betraying jyj. this whole song is SO FREAKING SM-ORIENTED.
    this is part one. perhaps part two comes after the result of the lawsuit?

  16. Thank you for translating.

    It's like reading an office politics thingie and wondering why Mr Park wrote this. I thought he's wise enough for not letting people know what is inside, but this what fans want..and I do understand.He's just giving what fans want and selling it.

    Again, this is about business, not a charity.

  17. @sassychicks

    There's a way to run your business and make money without abusing your power. It shouldn't be on TVXQ to take care of all of SME's expenses.

    As far as why he wrote the song, because he wants people to know the truth of what happened whether than us keep speculating. I think depending on what culture and country you are from, you will see this differently. Where I am from, we prefer transparency. We don't like shady shit!

  18. Keep Fighting and keep believing, you have your real fans and family... the burden JYJ endure now will be heal by your true family and fans... JYJ is really diferen now, you have a real smile now with your heart ..... so JYJ forever... we love you....

  19. How u live ur life, it could tell everything. So, make sure live well and be happy.