Sunday, January 23, 2011

[NEWS] TVXQ's Changmin reveals his dating history

TVXQ's Changmin recently appeared on the latest broadcast of KBS2TV's Entertainment Weekly. During the "Guerilla Date" segment, he revealed his previous dating experiences.

When the interviewer, Kim Seung Min, asked Changmin why he has never had a scandal, he replied, “To say that I’ve never dated with someone of the opposite gender after my debut would be a lie.” Changmin had actually been seeing someone while the five members of TVXQ were carrying out their activities together.

Changmin also added, "It would be nice if I had a girlfriend now. I feel that when one is able to experience the emotions of dating in their 20s, it will be an asset later on in life.”

Source: OneTVXQ
Credits: Koreaboo
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. well it's not really new... He said he had a girlfriend when he was 20.. He told that in Come to play... so we already knew he had one girlfriend...

  2. Wait... He said "Of the opposite gender"... does that mean he's been with the same gender before :DDDD

    Eh. Too much of a long shot for my fantasies to come true.. :<

  3. @kolockading hahahahaha; I was thinking that, too!

  4. @kolockading , uh, your fantasy is ...., but if we read many article or fanfic about yunjae... hehehe

  5. Of the opposite gender? O_o, Lol, i don't see why he added that in, that kids as straight as an arrow. Either way, I hope he gets to date more often. Hardworking nice guys like him should have a woman around to keep them happy and relaxed.