Saturday, January 29, 2011

As long as you can searching, anything can be found~
Today at the Lotte event I won a lottery. It was a present of Jaejoong’s personal belongings.
Seriously, it’s his own stuff.

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The artists you want to see the most on Kiss the Radio!
The artists widely recognized as the tallest in the industry!
Men who make you sigh in awe!

Monday 31st January

Finally, they are here.

The charismatic U-Know Yunho and the sexy Choikang Changmin join us as TVXQ!

1. Please leave your 'is this true?' and 'why?' questions for TVXQ
For example: It says that Choikang Changmin is currently 186cm tall. We've heard that he's still growing, is it true? Yunho likes to show aegyo but hasn't been doing it as often lately, why?

2. What would you like TVXQ to do?
Music/performances/role plays/imitations/phone calls/wake up calls etc.
Anything that can be done with their voices, come and contribute more.

You can also leave your messages for them in the 'TVXQ' thread.

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Compilation of accounts from yesterday's signing. All of them are about Yoochun.

Fan: Oppa are you sick?
Yoochun grinned and asked 'How is it that all the fans found out about me going to hospital?'
Fan: 'Of course, it was on the internet. Oppa is a top star!'
Yoochun: 'I'm feeling much better now'

There was a noona fan who said Yoochun looked really good and that his skin was very pale. When it was her turn to get her album signed, she said 'Add noona after the name!'
Yoochun: 'How old are you?'
Fan: 'xx years old'
Yoochun: 'Ah so your sign is xx?'
Fan: Yep
And then she wondered how he knew~

Fan: 'Are you feeling better now?'
Yoochun: 'Ah everyone knows about me going to hospital… I'm okay ^^' He looked at the fan in the eye
Fan: 'Has anything been confirmed for your drama?'
Yoochun: 'Not yet, but I think we will start filming in summer'
And then they shook hands
Yoochun also said that he (or they, not sure) wouldn't be in Korea in March

Today at the fan sign, Yoochun was teasing me TT______TT
Me: 'Oppa please eat more, you're too thin'
Yoochun: 'Hm? (she phrased whatever she said wrong) Are you asking if I've eaten?'
Me: 'No no, I said you should eat! (Was still saying it wrong)'
Yoochun: 'You're still saying it wrong~'
Me: 'Please eat more TT_____TT'
Yoochun: 'Ah this is right. Watch how you phrase your words~'
And then I shook his hand with my gloved hand as he continued to tease me

Originally we were told that JYJ wouldn't be writing 'To…' messages so they could save time, but Yoochun said 'How could we take away the fans' names?' And then wrote it anyway

Yoochun oppa, thank you~ Even though you kept going like 'aigoo aigoo' as you wrote my name, I could see how hard you were trying to write the name I asked for. And as you wrote you were asking me what it meant and why it was so long. Then I told you it was my web ID and you laughed. I know how full of curiosity you can be hehe. Also, thank you for putting down the pen and shaking my hand when I asked. Your hand was really warm, thank you~

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