Thursday, December 30, 2010

[PHOTOS] 101230 JYJ at Hongdae Filming Guerilla Dating

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[NEWS] 101230 JYJ Freezes Hongdae with their Guerilla Date

JYJ froze up a section of Hongdae on December 30th with their surprise fan guerilla date.

The trio set out on the streets with a reporter from KBS 2TV’s “Speedy Source” for a live interview. Although the guerilla date was originally scheduled for Myung-dong, the location was changed to Hongdae due to the sheer amount of fans who swarmed the area after catching wind of the news.

Despite the change in location, Hongdae was still packed with excited JYJ fans attempting to catch a glimpse of the trio in person.
The episode featuring their interview will be broadcast at a later date.

Source: OSEN via Nate
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[ADMIN POST] Yunho Project - Gift-Giving to Children

Inspired by Yunho's charitable acts, Yunho's Angels at presented a wonderful philanthropic project. This event was held on 27th of December in Cebu, Philippines.

Thank you ii mary ii for sharing this wonderful project with us. She really wanted to thank the fans and to show the world how Yunho inpires a lot of people. Her message:

The event was very short. I would have love to make it longer but something comes up
we have our family reunion as well, that's why my attention was divided, attending to
the project and attending to close relatives..

There were 73 children who participated.. Initially I
planned to list out 100 but looool... the money is not enough.. eh, the prices has gone so high in my yeah, have to reduced it...XD

The event is very small but what matters most is the thought, right Angels?
What matters is that the event was able to convey the message of being a giver...
one of the best characters that Yunho possesses..Yunho is not known to be rich,
I mean, financially ... but his heart is...the very reason why we loved him dearly..
and him being an inspiration to many...




MoMiS - You're such a great cyber mum! Yunho's Angels are so PROUD of you! :)
Tha, Nika, Nasha, Marielle, Carrie, Mary (Akuen), Zai, to other Yunho's Angels snd most especially to Mr. Jung Yunho, I LOVE YOU ALL! ^_^

[INFO] Japanese single cover for TVXQ's "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" revealed

TVXQ are preparing for a full scale comeback in both Korea and Japan. They have recently revealed the tracklist to their Korean album. Now the cover for their Japanese single has been disclosed to the public! Their 31st Japanese single is "Why (Keep Your Head Down)".

The single will come in a CD only version and CD+DVD version. Both versions will also be released as limited first presses. The single will include four tracks, one which will be the Japanese version of "Why (Keep Your Head Down)", and two instrumentals. The DVD will include the music video to the title track.

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[PHOTOS] 101230 JYJ - Guerilla Date Part 2

They moved from Myungdong to Hongdae^^

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[NEWS] “Paradise Ranch” reveals character sketches

On December 30th, the production team for SBS’s upcoming drama ‘Paradise Ranch‘ released character sketches for Lee Yeon Hee, Shim Changmin, and Joo Sang Wook.

For the drama, TVXQ’s Changmin transforms into a third-generation heir. Wearing a stylish suit with a serious look in his eyes, and exhibited a different charisma from his image on stage.

Contributing to Lee Yeon Hee’s obvious innocent and pure charms, she also has a positive attitude and a lively image.

The villain from ‘Giant‘ – Joo Sang Wook – transforms into a ‘warm guy’. In the still, he is seen sitting at the green ranch.

“Paradise Ranch” will air on January 24th.

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[PHOTOS] 101230 JYJ in MyungDong for Guerilla Date

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