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During the Hero Festival held on January 23rd, Jaejoong was asked "So similar to the Korean Drama, Secret Garden's bubble kiss, what kind of kiss does Jaejoong want?" In response, Jaejoong said, "Ah, it's a little bit perverted...I want to smear icing on her chin, and then kiss it, and then on her nose, her forehead...and continue the trail of kisses upward...haha"

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The Director asked, “During the press conference of the SSK scandal, the Director mentioned to the others that if you can attain Yoochun’s ability, you can attract any woman. Is Yoochun a bad boy?”

Jaejoong answered, “Yoochun is the ideal bad boy!”

In response, Yoochun said rather embarrassingly, “I will try my best to be a bad boy.”

In today’s show, they were asked after the SKK scandal, have they noticed any changes? Yoochun laughingly answered, “Fans who are older women and small children all manage to recognize me now.”

Meanwhile, JYJ’s latest release of the “Music Essays” has been receiving popular response from all major bookstores. However, at the moment, they will be busy promoting their worldwide album.

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Despite the immense popularity of SBS’s “Secret Garden” this year, KBS’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“ was chosen to be the number one drama people hoped to see a sequel for.

From January 18th to the 25th, community portal site DC Inside held a poll asking the question, “Please release a season 2, the anticipation has made me dizzy. What is the drama you would like to see a season 2 of?”

The results of the survey showed that “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” took 1st place with 25.9% of the votes. As expected, the romantic comedy drama “Secret Garden” followed closely behind with 23.2%.

Meanwhile, other dramas that also made the list include MBC’s “Beethoven Virus“, SBS’s “You’re Beautiful“, KBS’s “Chuno“, and MBC’s “New Heart“.

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JYJ’s Jaejoong celebrated his 26th birthday on January 26th, and his groupmate Park Yoochun gave him a rather unique birthday present.

Since Jaejoong is a fan of long hairstyles, Yoochun promised him that he would grow his hair until his own birthday. Considering how Yoochun’s birthday is on June 4th, it would mean that his hair would grow unchecked for at least 4 months.

Junsu, who was there for the whole scene, expressed that Yoochun’s present was something he couldn’t bear to see happen. Fortunately, Jaejoong was stated to be very touched and satisfied with his gift.

It’ll definitely be an interesting couple of months, as Yoochun tries to fulfill his promise to Jaejoong. What do you guys think? Would Yoochun look better with longer or shorter hair?

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Do you guys know where is this from and who's that man with them?

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Q: What was the period in your life that you felt was a battle?
Yunho: When we debuted. And also the first time we performed on Kouhaku Utagassen! For the people that only knew about Tohoshinki’s songs, I also wanted to show that our dance performances were also great! So I put all my efforts into dancing as best as I could! I was extremely nervous but also incredibly happy. I put on a spell on myself, that now I would achieve this dream.
Changmin: For me it was standing on the stage for the SM Town live after starting Tohoshinki as two members. Ever since debuting, this was the first time I had been that nervous.

Q: Tell us how you overcame these hurdles.
Yunho: I enjoyed myself. Never ran away. Because it’s not only about me but for the happiness of the people around me.
Changmin: I surrendered to my body. If my body was able to do it, I would be able to face and stand up to any hurdle.

Q: What are you tricks with romance? (T/N: like pick up lines, etc)
Yunho: Don’t really do that kind of thing~.
Changmin: It’s more that we aren’t able to do, rather that simply not do.
Yunho: It’s not possible to do any such tricks. I’d be too much in a daze. (laugh) (T/N: as in he’d be too distracted by the girl to do anything xP)
Changmin: I wouldn’t be able to see anyone except her. In respect to romance, I’m not that type that uses his head very well.
Yunho: For both Changmin and I, we are both simple when it comes to romance. We become instinctive. That’s why if ever someone is loved by Changmin, they will definitely realise without it being said!
Changmin: I will realise it too then. (laugh)

Q: Do you have anything to help you through difficult times?
Yunho: More than an item, it’s more like I cast a spell on myself so that I believe in myself. And then I pound myself on the chest.
Changmin: He does it until it hurts!
Yunho: No no, ahh it’s more like 2 or 3 times. (laugh)
Changmin: I don’t believe in things like jinxes or anything. I’ve never thought about stuff like that up until now. I always believe in myself and as long as I’m with Yunho I’ll be fine.
Yunho: Wow!!
Changmin: I gain strength when we’re together.
Yunho: That’s cause your always teasing me!

Q: As artists, what kind of things do you want to accomplish in the future?
Yunho: I want to work hard so that people can see us and think, “Even after a long time, it’s expected from Tohoshinki right?”. There have been various incidents, and slowly, I want to show the special points that have matured in us.
Changmin: Becoming from 5 people to 2, during the photo shoot and the PV shooting, I realized that there will be more things in the future that I will have to face with just the two of us. This means we will have to evolve more, and become the “us” that people are waiting for.

Q: Who’s more competitive from the two of you?
Yunho: I’m competitive!
Changmin: I don’t think I’m very competitive. I myself am not that interested in these things so I don’t mind if I lose. My thinking is more like, “Any result is fine with me”. (laugh)
Yunho: Maybe it’s not the result that’s important. What’s more important to me is putting all my strength into the goal and working hard for it.

Q: Give us some tips in making our dreams come true.
Yunho: Believe in yourself. Even if it is a difficult road, someday you will attain the desired result. Even if you feel like turning back at times, don’t run away from it and little by little you will get closer to achieving your dream.
Changmin(applauded silently):I think for me it’s because I’m being mentored by the Star Young. It’s because Young has been with me all this time that I was able to make it this far.
Yunho: Liar!(laughs loud) Yeah, right! (T/N: a sarcastic tone. Implies that Changmin is teasing him ^_^)

Q: Speaking about the other, what are some areas that they would never lose at?
Yunho: Changmin always win a the soccer game “Winning Eleven” …(sigh)
Changmin: I wonder how many books each of us has read up till now?
Yunho: Both of u like reading books, but I’m not sure who’s read more. On another note, right now I’m reading a book called “The Secret”.
Changmin: Aren’t you just looking at it instead of reading it? (laugh)

Q: How do you follow up each other’s weaknesses?
Yunho: It’s not with words but with the atmosphere. By reading the atmosphere we help each other out. For us, specific strategies never work. (laugh) Until now we’ve been living together for a long time and living our lives together so even without telling each other explicitly we understand.
Changmin: There are never any situations where I have to help out Young! He’s the perfect leader!!
Yunho: Oh no~(laugh) (T/N: yunho said this in english) I’m not perfect~.

Q: Who has better luck from the two of you?
Yunho: I don’t believe in luck. I think you attain things through hard work. Even from the beginning with Tohoshinki started, I don’t think it was luck but the continuous hard work that we put in has changed into luck now. For example recently I was in the musical “Goong”, and we weren’t given much rehearsal hours. But after they saw me practicing continously by myself, they gave me more rehearsal time at the studio!

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Hoya from the idol group, Infinite, has been attracting attention because of his similar looks to JYJ’s Junsu.

Hoya posted a selca picture on the 19th, at around 11 PM, on his Twitter saying “At the awards ceremony!”. In the picture, you can see Hoya brightly smiling while showing a V-sign. His clear skin on the white background and vivid eyes make him stand out.

Netizens who saw the picture all said, “In this picture, Hoya looks exactly like JYJ’s Junsu”. Following this, reactions formed such as, “Hoya’s eye line and the shape of his mouth looks exactly like Junsu’s. And the hairstyle’s similar too”, “He looks like Junsu’s younger twin”, and, “Junsu and Hoya are both cute”.

On the other hand, Infinite revealed ‘BTD’ on the 6th, and are planning to open a showcase at Japan in April.

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Surprising but hence more charming
Written by Yeo Joon Young

The kind father, the friendly CEO.
Yeo Joong Young, CEO of Prain who is in charge of JYJ’s public relations.
We found our courage and interviewed this special person who exclusively followed only Jaejoong on Twitter.

[ What was CEO Yeo's impression of our Jaejoong? ]


That was the first showcase at Hwaseong Tiger Dome and I went due to the reason that all related personnels have to attend. There was some inconvenience caused and I went sitting on an empty seat on the second floor, watching the show.

That day, I was shocked. Including the days in TVXQ, that was the first time I heard them sang. They really sang very well. After the showcase concluded in daytime, the staffs from our company went to greet JYJ. Felt a bit embarrassed, thus did not said anything special. I tried not to disturb them during their rest time thus I avoided them. But unknowingly, I was being pulled into their room.
When the door to their room opened, the three of them were sitting there.

Jaejoong was about to take off his top when I walked in. After the staff introduced me, he immediately stood up and apologized. After which he put on his clothes hurriedly. The other two members also quickly stood and greeted me too. The flustered look when they apologized was very polite.

That place was supposed to be their resting room as a host and I am the one who interrupted their rest. Very sorry, I didnt say hello. “No, It’s me who interrupted your rest. I watched the showcase well. See you next time.” I left the room quickly after saying these. The whole process of going into the room and coming out was no longer than 30 seconds.

That was the world’s most popular idol, thus I was surprised. (I thought I would be meeting a top star who’s waiting in the room with his feet up and a look of ‘Just who are you?’ )


It was a day in December when I met them again at a cafe on the ground level of our office.
The second meeting makes me feel that Jaejoong is a person full of curiosity of the surrounding environment. That was how I had my first conversation with Jaejoon.
Junsu goon and Yoochun goon were immersed in the movies that I’ve placed there. Jaejoong goon looked at my audio system and asked, “Wow, what is this? This is great.”
Therefore I walked to his side and explained to him about the audio system. Next he went towards the book shelves and starts to browse through the various books there. I said to him, if there’s any books that you like, just take it.
Usually, anyone who heard this would be happily choosing the books away, but he jokingly took out all the books about love and said, “It’s a mandatory to read this kind of books. In this way, (I) will be able to get a girlfriend.”

Upon seeing alcohol, he said “I like this kind of alcohol.”
Upon seeing interesting furnitures, he’d say “I shall seek your advice when I want to renovate my place in future.”
Concerned about this and that, we happily chatted.

Although it was a short period of time, but during the time when I chatted with him, the truth is I have forgotten that I am talking to the world’s most popular idol. He is such an amicable friend who is easy to get along with.

I’m not sure if this is an appropriate metaphor to use but it’s just this kind of feeling.
Surprisingly alike to a gracious Korean woman who likes horse carriages.
Surprisingly alike to a tough guy who loves to cook.
Surprisingly alike to a conglomerate president who happily enjoyed his meal of 3000won.

Surprising but hence charming.

Many people asked me, “The reason on why do I ‘followed’ Jaejoong in particular”.
It was also due to an incident that day.
When we were chatting, I asked him, “Jaejoong was not able to read all of the messages that fans send to you on Twitter, right? There must be thousands of new tweets accumulated in a day…”
But Jaejoong said, “If there are just a few thousands, I will be able to read them all. But there’s once, I switched on my computer and left it running. By evening when I got back home, there are tens of thousands of tweets. There are even hundred thousands at times. No matter what, it is a huge amount.”
Yoochun who was sitting beside, exclaimed, “Wow, really?”
I was astonished too and thus asked, “In that case, if I were to tell you something, you would not be able to find it right?”
I casually asked.
But Jaejoong said, “As long as I can find CEO and followed you, I will be able to see the tweets from CEO. What’s your id?”
I thought he must have said this unintentionally.
But the next day, a JYJ fan sent me a tweet, “Mr. CEO, Jaejoong oppa followed you. How envious.”
When I took a look at Jaejoong’s twitter, he really remembered the joking conversation that we had.
He found me and followed me.
To compare with those kids these days, it is really… (Sighs).

I am not sure if this can be said.
But that day after they left the cafe, they still had a schedule with Chosun. (That day was the day where all the media interviews took place.)
Upon reaching home, with a exhaused body, he suddenly remembered the words he said in the daytime and followed the seemingly-stranger me.
This is really unbelievable.

Everyone knows that the number of followers I had is about 4000 and I never ‘followed’ anyone.
The reason I gave was that I do not want to let the others know who do I like or dislike. If I ‘followed’ somone, the ones that I did not ‘follow’ will be feeling disappointed.
Thus I chose not to ‘follow’ anyone.

Therefore this is the principle of why I had a ‘following’ of 0.
The heavenly Jaejoong ‘followed’ me first thus I only ‘followed’ Jaejoong.
I just want to be one of the fans who stood from afar, wishing the three well.
Although I cannot be at the frontline straightforwardly, my staffs would be working for the three of them.
If there is a need, I would give them my best support with my position.

Jaejoong, Happy Birthday.
Last time on Twitter I said, “How about sending you a huge elephant?”.
You haven’t to reply me, it is still valid now~~ ^^

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On January 25, I went to SM Town Tokyo.

At the beginning of the concert, the opening midsummer video was on screen. Every time when Yunho and Changmin appeared on the video, there were very big cheers and squeals. Since it was SM Town, there were a lot of fans of different artists, but it was clear that the majority were Tohoshinki fans.

The opening song was 72 (Natsu)-san’s "Kowakunai". This was the song Yunho introduced at Bigeastation140 in autumn, 2009. (You can check the song here.) The lyrics "I am not afraid, I am not alone, I am not afraid, I am not alone, I am not afraid, The clouds change their shapes in a blink of an eye. I am left alone again, today." were so painful to hear at that time. Hearing the song, I thought that so many months have passed, with so many changes…

Tohoshinki appeared on stage in the latter part of the total 4 hours’ concert.
There was of course, “The gods descend to earth”! This time, the gods appeared from under floor of the center stage (in the middle of the arena), went straight upwards towards the ceiling, and stayed high up in the air during their move to the front stage. Their costumes were the ones that they wore at MBC, Jan 22, the grayish one with the mysterious pattern. Changmin was wearing a tie, that leaves Yunho to show his broad chest~~kya~~kya~~! Oh, Yunho was wearing that strange black fur on his back again(lol). For their hair styles, Yunho had his bangs up, and Changmin had them down.

The first song was MAXIMUM. It was the Japanese version! They were perfect in singing the Japanese lyrics. Of course, their dancing was powerful and cool, as always. They were so busy in January in Korea, but they sang the song in Japanese perfectly. I was soooooooooooo impressed.

Next was the MC, which we had waited for so long! (Since I was excited, the words may slightly differ, and it may be in random order.)

Yunho: Everyone, good evening!
Yunho& Changmin: We are Tohoshinki!!
Audience: kya~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Yunho: Everyone, were you OK?
Audience: kya~~~~~~~
Yunho: Did you want to meet us?
Audience: kyaa~~~~~~~~
Yunho: I am so glad that the long-awaited Japanese activities are starting, in this SM Town Tokyo!

Changmin: Good evening, this is Changmin! I was so nervous since this was a live stage in Japan after such a long time, but I was relieved hearing all of your cheers.
Audience: kya~~~~~~
Changmin: It is really by chance, but our single album will be released on Jan 26. We haven’t arranged it on purpose…
Audience: (lol)
Changmin: I am embarrassed to say it by myself, but, everyone, please hear “Why?” many times. So the next song is
Audience: Oh, no~~~~~~~~~
Changmin: Everyone, there is a flow of time in live concerts…
Audience: No~~~~~~~~~~~
Yunho(?): Everyone, we will have many more activities in Japan in the future…
Audience: No~~~~~~~~~
Changmin: In a few more hours, the football game between Japan and Korea will start!
So the next song, we will sing “Mitgi silheun iyagi” from our Korea album.

I was so delighted to hear of Changmin’s firm words, he hasn’t changed a bit! During all that time, Yunho was smiling, full of love and kindness. Oh, the two spoke perfect Japanese. Yunho and Changmin, thank you very much~~you haven’t forgotten your Japanese!

And, we were able to hear the lovely ballad “How Can I”. The two singing the ballad was so beautiful. Changmin’s clear voice was ringing throughout the venue, it was so enchanting. At the place Yunho raises his voice, his voice was very clear and strong. I did not realize, but a friend sitting in the very front said that she saw that Yunho eyes were full of tears… of course, my eyes were full of tears, too.

The next was the TVXQ medley. The pattern of the songs were the same as the other SM Town performances, all sung in Korean. This time, I think that the two were singing just by themselves. I was so happy that I could see my favorite piece, Yunho dancing Mirotic.

The last song was “Why”. The two were saying that it was their first time to sing it live in Japanese, and to be honest, I had first felt some kind of strangeness listening to their Japanese vocals a few days before. (I am a native Japanese.) But, looking at their actual live performance, I was completely carried away. “Nande nande nande” (T/N: Why, why, why), which I first thought was cute and funny, may become an important cheering word in the future (lol).

As the time passed, Changmin’s face (head?) was full of sweat~~ that reminded me of the good old days.

The two went backstage. During all this time, they did not change their costumes.

Afterwards, SHINee, SNSD, and Super Junior sung their last song, one song for each group. Then, Yunho and Changmin again appeared on the front stage, the two wearing different clothing. Yunho was wearing a dark blue jacket and white trousers, and Changmin was total white, I think. Sorry, I do not remember very well, since the introduction of a song which we all remember so well from Tohoshinki’s live stages were heard. All at once, the audience went uproar, we were so excited! Yes, “Somebody to Love”, which were sung at all the live concerts (including Mirotic Concert held in Seoul) began! Yunho’s “Everybody jump!” and “Thank you!”, Changmin starting his solo part after the jumps, Yunho’s very strong “TOKYO!!!”
The two were running all around the place, going to the center and side stages. I was so happy, I was in tears. I did not imagine that I will be able to hear and jump with the song “Somebody to Love” at this concert, the song which I love so much.

All of their performances were powerful and full of charismatic charms. I truly knew that their home place was on stage, all of their performance was so wonderful. I hope I have enough English vocabulary to express their magnificence, but I think no words can express all the excitement and the perfectness of their live concerts.

During the SM Town ending song, Yunho and Changmin were wearing the gray SM Town T shirts. The two were far away from each other. Yunho seemed to be enjoying himself so much, he was playing “keep your head down” with some of the other artists. Changmin, I did not see you so much during the time, sorry, my love is for Yunho, lol. But I realized Changmin’s scream vocal during the song, and Yunho immediately responded by shouting “Changmin!” In the very last, all the SM artists bowed so low, hands in hands.

Yunho and Changmin, thank you for the lovely evening! I was so happy, it was like “A Midwinter Night’s Dream. “ I will support you, forever and ever.

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As many of you Cassies know, it’s Jaejoong’s birthday in Korea today!

To commemorate this special day, many of Jaejoong’s fans attended a ‘Hero Festival’ party in his honor on January 23rd. Located in Seoul, the event gave fans the opportunity to mingle and share their love for this handsome star (who’s now 26 years old).

To his fans’ delight, Jaejoong sent in a homemade video of himself exercising his chest muscles. A lot of his fans entertained devilish thoughts, as they took the exercising of his “chest” muscles in the wrong way…

The video then continued, as it showed an embarrassed Jaejoong telling the audience to not take what he’s saying in the wrong way. Hilariously, he tries to dispel his embarrassment by doing a short exercise routine with his cat, JiJi.

Check out the video (and happy 26th birthday to Jaejoong!)

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How Can I

Keep Your Head Down

singing their old songs:

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Outside the venue. We're still waiting for HQ pictures from the concert itself! ^^

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