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The signed polaroid is released!

Hello, this is Clay from Smart magazine editorial department!

Thank you very much for all those readers who are reading our blog on a Saturday too!

Because of reading all your comments, I don’t even feel tired about working on the weekend anymore!

I also want to deliver the messages from everyone to Tohoshinki, who will be having a concert later this week.

I will consult with Avex and see what I can do.

On another note, I am publishing a special photo for all the readers out there!
It’s a picture of the signed polaroid picture that the winners of the lucky draw will receive!

(Sorry that it’s such a small picture…)
Changmin’s relaxed facial expression and his carefully written signature! This is the genuine and real signed polaroid!

For everyone thats thinking, “I want that signed polaroid!”, please purchase this edition of Smart and send in your application!

Time is running out now, so that’s all for now! Sorry for writing so little!
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JYJ’s latest release, “Their Rooms, Our Story” has ranked in as a best-seller moments after its release, as it recorded 150,000 copies in pre-orders alone.

The album features six tracks that were all self-written and composed, along with a photobook that gives fans a unique glimpse into the day-to-day lives of the trio.

JYJ commented, “The tracks included in the essay have a lot more meaning to us since they’re created in Korean. It was a joyful production, as we were able to fill it with our honest thoughts. It contains what we’ve been wanting to say through music, and although all of the songs contain our story, this album is our genuine honesty towards our fans.”

CJES Entertainment further added, “Although it’s disappointing that they haven’t been able to show off their songs to their fans through broadcast appearances, we’re glad that we were able to create better content for them instead. Since their schedules are not filled to the brim, they’re able to deliver better quality in their performances and music activities, which is why we’re satisfied with the album’s release.”

The trio will also be holding a fan meeting in celebration of the album’s release on January 28th.

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It doesn't matter how many people wishes to bring them down because Cassiopeia is here to protect them. Another feat, Cassies!

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They look fine! *drools*

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JYJ’s newest CD and music essay book, Their Rooms, has debuted at #1 on the Hanteo Real Time Charts after being released today.
All of the songs were composed, produced and directed by the trio and the lyrics were written by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu as well.
JYJ originally created this for their fans as a gift and it appears to have even made a huge impact in the publishing industry — it’s been compared to the Harry Potter books in terms of popularity.
Also included in the album and essay book are handwritten messages and photos from their everyday life.

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Weekly Ranking Chart for Expectation Value
(As of Jan 21, 2011)

1.Expectation point: 182.30
Why?(Keep Your Head Down)
Release Date: Jan 26, 2011

2.Expectation point: 162.20
Tomomi Itano (T/N: member of AKB48)
Dear J
Release Date: Jan 26, 2011

(others omitted)

[Expectation Rate]
Expectation rate survey is carried on within Oricon monitoring research members (approx 87 thousand), randomly selecting 400 members. The rate is the indexation of summarizing the questionnaires such as interest rate and purchase plans. 50 male & female answerers from 10’s – 40’s.

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Out of the three members in JYJ, Junsu is known as the ‘quiet one’ in the group. In interviews or press conferences, Junsu always maintained an image of mystery, as he usually gave short and sparse answers.

Recently, reporters of Sports Chosun received the opportunity to spend 24 hours in what they called his ‘rare presence’. The star has been juggling a bevy of individual activities (such as rehearsing for his musical, “Tears of Heaven“), in addition to his efforts for JYJ.

In tailing Junsu for 24 hours, the reporters sought to lessen the gap between his true, friendly image and his Hallyu star image.

▶ Kim Junsu enjoys the computer?

Junsu’s day starts at 10:45 AM. The minute he wakes up, he heads over to the Red Carpet Hair Salon, located in Apgujung. He’s been a frequent client of the salon ever since TVXQ began using it in 2004, and is on friendly terms with the stylist and staff members.

No matter where he goes, one could always find the script for “Tears of Heaven” in his hands. Junsu explains, “Sitting on a chair in the salon can sometimes be a waste of precious time, so I try to make use of it lately by reading over my script.”

With just a single glance, it’s easy to see that he’s been practicing hard, as the script already looks worn out. Junsu commented, “The script changes often. They said that the script for our next rehearsal changed a lot too. I sometimes sing the wrong lyrics since we have to go through sudden changes when we’ve been practicing something else for days already.”

▶ “Son Ye Jin is really pretty…”

At 1:45 PM, he heads to a restaurant for a late brunch. Judging by his physical appearance alone, you’d think that he’d enjoy a morning coffee with fresh fruits and toast – but as it turns out, his tastes are all Korean. “I’m not picky with what I eat. Potato stew, kimchi stew, and rice noodles are my favorite dishes.” The restaurant he’s visiting today is ‘Samwoojung‘, which is located in Yeoksam-dong. “This place has the best kimchi stew,” he claims with a thumbs-up. He also ordered an extra side dish of rolled eggs.

At the mention of some of the reporters wanting a nice glass of soju, Junsu declines and explained: “I can’t even put alcohol close to my lips. When I sometimes want to enjoy the atmosphere, I’ll order virgin, gold medalist, or pina colada drinks with no alcohol at the bar.”

He also reveals that although he doesn’t enjoy drinking, he’ll pay for the entire meal himself, as his personality just naturally wants to take care of others. “I just think it’s great having fun with everyone.”

One friend of his reveals, “He doesn’t even buy his own clothes, he really spends nothing on himself. But he doesn’t hesitate for even a moment in buying luxury goods for his close friends.” Unlike Jaejoong and Yoochun, who both enjoy shopping at the malls near their dorm in Kangnam, Junsu claims that he detests shopping.

On the topic of flirting, he reveals, “I look at personality. It’s difficult to decide on an ideal woman with just her physical appearance. First of all, I hate women who smoke. Drinking is okay.” There’s an exception, though, as he claims that he’ll eliminate a woman that is too good at drinking.

"When I once visited France, I saw little blonde girls calling out 'papa,' which I thought was so cute that it even made me dream of interracial marriage. As opposed to physical appearances, I'm more attracted to their speech or actions."

But does he really not look at physical appearance?

"The only person I thought was particularly attractive was Son Ye Kin and Han Ye Seul. They both have different charms, since Son ye Jin is pretty like a puppy, while Han Ye Seul is cute like a cat..."

▶ Ping Pong King Kim Junsu?

After completing his meal at 3:30 PM, he stops by Caffe Bene in Nonhyun-dong for a five-grain latte. He’s only been wearing a thin leather jacket this whole time, and he finally notices the blistering cold as he heads straight back to his office.

The minute he walks inside, he heads over to a ping-pong table and begins to play a match.

Normally an avid fan of soccer and bowling, he claims to have fallen in love with the fun of ping pong. The reporter suggests a death match on the spot, to which Junsu responds by taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves for the impending battle of pride.

Throughout the match, he cocks his head to one side while explaining that his spin isn’t working as well as it usually does. “On my last birthday, Jaejoong and Yoochun-hyung bought me a really good ping pong table. They ordered the best no matter what and set it up in the living room after getting rid of the dresser, running machine, and sofa.”

He quickly gets back into the game, and like his title of ‘#1 Ping Pong Player of CJES Entertainment,’ he wins with a score of 21 to 17.

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TVXQ will be performing in Japan for the first time since their comeback!

According to a report by Japan’s Sankei Sports on January 24th, “Yunho and Changmin, two members of TVXQ, will be performing on the January 28th episode of ‘MUSIC STATION.’ This will be the first time they’ll be appearing on a Japanese music program since their comeback.”

The report continued, “It’s been a year and a month since their last appearance on ‘MUSIC STATION.’ The duo will be performing their latest track, ‘Keep Your Head Down,’ which is scheduled for release on the 26th.”

TVXQ also commented, “Our Japanese fans, sorry for making you wait for so long. We have returned to ‘MUSIC STATION,’ so please look forward to our new songs.”

SNSD will also be making an appearance on the same episode of ‘MUSIC STATION’ with the Japanese version of their hit track, “Run Devil Run.”

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Tohoshinki at Music Station is officially confirmed!

Please read from bottom to top

Thank you for your so many tweets concerning Tohoshinki’s appearance! We will convey to them of this great feedback together with the fact that the number of followers have jumped upψ(`∇´)ψ
26 minutes ago

Additional announcement, Tohoshinki-san, SNSD-san, and, Avril. This week, we have 3 guest from abroad ψ(`∇´)ψ

@xxxxx at last, Changmin VS Yangming! A must watchψ(`∇´)ψ
3 hours ago

This week’s guest, additional announcement! Tohoshinki-sanψ(`∇´)ψ
We will hold a meeting with them today. Please look forward!
3 hours ago

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“When you need us, we’re family, but when we need you, we’re strangers.”

JYJ’s latest album,”Their Rooms, Our Story,” was finally released today, and as many predicted, lyrics from a particular song has been causing some buzz in the media due to its negative portrayal of SM Entertainment.

Titled ‘Untitled Song Part 1,’ the song was self-written and composed by member Yoochun. According to Korean media outlet, Kuki News, the lyrics state:

“After finally being met with jackpot success overseas and finding out that we had created unimaginable results, I headed to the company on the day of our pay with light steps. But on the statement of accounts that I received that day, the results were a minus. I thought maybe I read wrong and checked again, but everything was written as an expense. Damn, all that money was written off as expense. Exactly what kind of expense was it that all that money disappeared? I still can’t forget the higher representative’s words that told me that it would be difficult if I left the company. What the seniors said were right: Would you want to keep the ones that still willingly want to make money for you?“

It continues, “This is never our efforts as a product. The day I die as a human being. It’s an effort made because I don’t want to be left with regrets.”

The album is currently ranking in on the ‘Top 5′ of weekly best seller charts.

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Back on January 7th, Yunho and Changmin had their comeback on Music Bank and during the waiting room interview, they showed a piece of fanart. (Watch the video HERE). The winner of KBS's fanart contest was Magdelena of Poland.

Magda was kind enough to share the winning drawing with DBSKnights:

Isn't it great? :D
Magda also adds:
I always dreamed about Changmin, or any other member, showing my drawing on TV and saying my name. But I was pretty sure that it will never happen. But luckily, thanks to my friend Vede, my dream came true. So... If you have a dream, even those ones, which can't be fulfilled, never stop dreaming!

Thank you for sharing, Magdelena and congratulations again!
If you want to see more of Magda's work, please visit her deviantart gallery HERE.

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TVXQ's U-know Yunho and actor Song Joongki have evoked a lot of laughter on SBS "Running Man" due to their drawing skills. The members of "Running Man" were split into two teams and played a game where one needed to describe a word through a drawing and relay it to the last person. The last person in line would then have to guess what the drawing is.

U-know Yunho and Song Joongki's drawing skills were revealed when they attempted to draw a rhino and a robot, respectively. Song Joongki's drawing drew laughter from everyone as his drawing looked more like a toilet than a robot. One of U-know Yunho's first attempts was to draw a ginseng, but the drawing ended up looking like a radish instead. His rhino drawing was also completely unrecognizable by other players.

On the same episode of running man, TVXQ succeeded in their mission and the "Running Man" team were punished for the first time. In addition, TVXQ also danced to SNSD's "Gee" and ABBA's "Dancing Queen".

What do you think about their drawing skills?

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I think they mistakenly put toilet as a robot. I watched the show and in Joong Ki's team, it was a toilet not a robot^^
Soribada, a popular Korean music downloading site, recently started up a new beta website specifically designed for foreign Kpop fans. Everything is in English and it's very easy to navigate! Not only is the music cheap, but it's LEGAL and it counts on the Korean charts.

And best of all, Soribada is now having a special offer. Sign-up now and you can download ten songs for FREE during your 7-day trial. Not sure how long this offer will last, so grab it now while you can!

TVXQ's Korean collection - studio albums, live concert albums and more - is available for download HERE. JYJ's album "The Beginning" is also available HERE, so if you havn't already gotten it from iTunes, now's your chance!

Happy downloading, everyone!

EDIT: I just signed up and I'm happy to report that sign-up wasn't too hard. They require you to have a PayPal account and luckily I already have one. I didn't realize that by signing up, you are set up with an automatic payment of 5.99 a month, but I'm okay with it. It's only 5.99 USD for 40 Kpop downloads - very reasonable! Overall, I'd say I'm pleased. :)
Reviews from other Cassies?

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Hello friends,
Will you listen to our story?

We were children with many dreams
We really loved songs
While really singing,
We wanted to meet many friends.

As the days of sweating while practicing and staying up late in the recording studio passed by,
At some point, we had a family who suffered together with us at our side
And had many friends.

Finally, the results we achieved through our blood and sweat,
We were able to verify with our eyes, and feel with our hands.

Because we thought that perhaps our actions might hurt our family,
We acted even more cautiously and followed our family’s words unconditionally.

Our family always told us this
Don’t look outside the world, Block your ears from the sounds you hear
Everything is something that is trying to come between us, Everything is a lie.

But one day,
We found out too many truths.
We, who were just children with big bodies,
Were thrown into chaos by those truths
We were unable to contain our anger.

Before we knew it, we became adults.
Even though they told us not to look at the world, we ended up looking, Even though they said not to listen, we ended up listening.
We reached an age where we were able to differentiate between what was real and what was false.

The family which we knew during then,
They were not the family we thought they were,
Our hearts were bruised and we felt sick.
We were unable to believe anyone
And we ended up in a situation which was beyond our imagination.

We transformed, and lost our dreams,
As we look at our ownselves, we gradually became aware.

This is not the place where we should be,
There is a wider and brighter world,
If such a place does not exist, we will create it with our own songs.

We got out from the fence of the family which “was not our family”
And built a new nest.
Our dreams,
And our souls which were wounded, A nest which would be able to heal them.

We are now building our own nest,
Our friends have become our family,
Many new family members have arised.

Despite the interference of the people who used to be family,
With the help of our new family,
We are now able to sing again.

On the day when we first started to sing again,
We could not stop our tears.

We wanted to sing again and wanted to create songs again,
Though now, we are only able to meet our family on the stage,
We are really loving the way we want to.

Now, I know,
In this world, those who love people, and trust people,
Will be able to have dreams and hope.

Our family will always be filled with love and trust,
Our story will continue on in the future too.

You will always listen to our story right!

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