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[SCANS] 101225 HoMin - Popteen February 2011

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[NEWS] TVXQ to leave a message on official homepage for 7th anniversary

As many Cassies know, December 27th (TVXQ'S REAL DEBUT DATE IS DECEMBER 26) will mark TVXQ’s 7th anniversary!

To commemorate the occasion, TVXQ will leave a special message for their fans through their official homepage. The message will contain words of gratitude for the fans who have given them endless support and love.

TVXQ has also announced that they reveal a ballad clip from their upcoming album on this day.

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[NEWS] Is JYJ Yoochun’s brother going to debut in the industry?

JYJ’s Yoochun posted a new tweet that’s become the center of hot attention. A shoutout to his younger brother, Yoohwan, seems innocuous enough, but netizens believe that it hints at greater things.

On December 25th, he wrote, “Yoohwan, whom I love!!!! ^^ Do well from now on.”

The picture uploaded with the tweet shows off his brother’s masculine charisma, which stands in contrast to Yoochun’s characteristic ‘flowerboy image’.

The ‘Do well from now on‘ line has led to speculations that Yoohwan could be debuting in the music industry.

Netizens commented, “This is the first time that I am seeing a clear face of him,” and “Is he debuting in the industry soon?”

Source: TV Daily via Nate
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[PHOTOS+TRANS] TVXQ writes Christmas messages to Japanese fans

TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin wrote messages to Japanese fans on the official Tohoshinki website. They doodled Christmas pictures and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. The two of them recently wrote messages to their Korean fans on the official DBSK SMTown Board.

Yunho included an image of a Christmas tree and a present box with his message. He wrote:
To: Everybody~
Merry Christmas,
Please create great memories with the people you love~
- U-Know -

Changmin, on the other hand, drew a fat Santa carrying a bag full of gifts. A reindeer and two present boxes are placed nearby. A moon and five stars hang in the sky as snow falls down. His message says:
Let’s create great Christmas memories together~
- Changmin -

TVXQ's comeback album is set to be released on January 5th.

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[PHOTOS] 101224 JYJ - Twitter Update




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[TRANS] 101224 What is The ‘Expensive’ Gift JYJ Kim Junsu Received?

JYJ Kim Junsu wearing a cartoon character ring?

JYJ Kim Junsu wearing a cute cartoon character ring has been attracting a lot of attention. During an autograph event that was held just recently, Kim Junsu appeared wearing a cartoon character ‘Pororo’ ring. The ring that became center of the issue was finally known to be a gift presented by a fan directly on the spot.

After the pictures of him wearing the ring were released through on-line site, Kim Junsu’s fans’ reaction was hot as they left comments such as “Kim Junsu who received such an expensive (?) gift is enviable.”, “I’ll buy the same ring.”, and “It’s nice to see how Xiah Junsu cherished the gift he received from fans.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will be standing at the musical stage once again as the main male cast of musical ‘Tears of Heaven’. Musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ will kick the first stage on February 1st next year at the National Theater in Seoul

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[INFO] Tohoshinki’s ‘Why? (Keep Your Head Down)’ Tracklist

TVXQ Comeback that Has Been Long-Awaited Throughout Asia!
2011.1.26 on sale

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1. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
3. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)-Less Vocal-
4. MAXIMUM-Less Vocal-

Why? (Keep your head down)-Video Clip-
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1. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
3. Why?(Keep Your Head Down)
-Night Rod man Regeneration Mix
4. Why? -Less Vocal-
5. MAXIMUM -Less Vocal-

【Limited Edition Benefits】

Jacket-sized Card (1 random out of 6 species)
Deluxe 12p booklet

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