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Which one of you is more competitive?
Yunho: I am.
Changmin: I think I'm less competitive. When it comes to things that I'm not particularly interested in, I don't really mind losing because I don't approach it with the mindset of having to do my very best (laughs)'
Yunho: Even when there are no results. Things you can and can't do. Things you can and can't win. Even if there's none of that, I'll still try my hardest.

Can you tell us the secret to achieving your goals?
Yunho: Have confidence. Even if it's a perilous road, one day you will reach your goal. Even when you're feeling dejected, don't avoid the problem, confront it. That way you'll eventually realize that your dreams are in fact attainable.
Changmin: (Clapping/speechless) There are so many things that I'd like to learn from super star Yunho!
Yunho: Liar! (Laughs) Well said!

In what areas would you never lose to one another?
Yunho: Changmin always wins when we play the football game 'Winning Eleven' (sighs)
Changmin: How about comparing the number of books we've read?
Yunho: Both of us really enjoy reading but when it comes to who's read more… Well at the moment I'm reading a book called 'The Secret'
Changmin: Isn't that the one that you just sit and stare blankly at? (laughs)

What do you do to make up for each other's weaknesses?
Yunho: Conversation isn't really necessary, we just make use of the natural atmosphere to help one another. We don't really make any plans (laughs) because we've lived together for so long that we're able to understand one another.
Changmin: Don't have to worry about Yunho at all! He's the perfect leader!!
Yunho: Oh no (laughs)!! I'm not perfect.

Which one of you is luckier?
Yunho: I don't believe in luck. There are things that you have to work hard for. TVXQ did not have much luck when we first started out, but over time we got luckier. That is the mindset I've always maintained. When I was in 'Goong', I didn't have a lot of time for rehearsals and so I'd practice in my own time to make up for it.

To this day, which have been the most pivotal moments?
Yunho: When we first debuted. After that, it was Kohaku. It was an opportunity to showcase our powerful stage performances to those who'd only heard our songs. That was the thought I had in mind as I danced my heart out! Even though I was so nervous, I felt blessed. It was like I had cast a spell on myself 'My dream is coming true right this moment'
Changmin: The first time the two of us stepped on stage as TVXQ in our live performance at SM Town. That was the most nerve-racking moment ever.

Please talk to us about your way of dealing with hardships.
Yunho: Enjoy it while you're enduring it. Don't run from it. It does not only concern me as an individual, it also has an impact on the happiness of those around me.
Changmin: I allow time to past by and try as best as I can to face them.

Which one of you talks about love tactics?
Yunho: I don't.
Changmin: We don't do it because we can't. It's the same for both of us.
Yunho: They're not really tactics. Really… (I) don't know them (laughs)!
Changmin: That person will become the only one I see. Wherever love and romance is concerned, my brain doesn't really function
Yunho: Changmin and I are both rather simple-minded towards love. We rely on our instincts so whenever Changmin is in love, I can tell without him saying.
Changmin Me too! (laughs)

Do you have lucky charms of any sort?
Yunho: Instead of physical objects, (in order to have faith in myself) I have my personal mottos/charms to keep myself motivated and then I smack my chest.
Changmin: You have to hit it till it hurts!
Yunho: No no, just two or three times (laughs)
Changmin: I don't believe in bad luck so I haven't really thought about that kind of thing. I've always believed in myself and being with Yunho makes everything okay.
Yunho: Wow!
Changmin: I feel really good when I'm around Yunho
Yunho: That's because you know me so well

What would you like to achieve as an artist?
Yunho: I want to work hard enough so that people will look at me and say 'No wonder they're Tohoshinki'. I've really matured in a lot of aspects and I hope people will see that.
Changmin: Now that there are only 2 of us instead of 5, whether we're in photo of PV shoots or anything else, it will always be just the two of us. We have to perform better than we are doing now so that we can exceed people's expectations.

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Through an assembly meeting held on January 20th, the Korean Entertainment Producers’ Association (KEPA) expressed their concerns about the effects of JYJ and Hangeng filing for the termination of their contracts.

KEPA stated, “The KEPA and its members would like to express our concerns over a portion of the members of TVXQ filing to terminate their contracts with SM Entertainment. In pursuit of their own personal monetary profit, they used the wrongful claim of ’slave contracts’ against the public. Should the lawsuit be judged in the three members’ favor, a countless number of celebrities will abuse the results in the future to sue their own agencies.”

(omitted Hangeng's parts)

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You can read Hangeng's parts here: link

Mel's opinion: In my opinion this is a very biased statement and you can clearly tell which side they are on. It's really unnecessary for them to say such things and even though they do have a point, why can't the boys fight for something they want? when it's flippantly obvious that they are telling the truth. KEPA is biased and only seeks attention. Bad Attention. Let's be strong, Cassiopeia. Things likes this won't bring us down.

paradise_dongju is changmin's character's twitter

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The fans of group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have been involved in fund raising activities and ever since the project was launched in only 4 days the donation already surpasses 100 million won, showing the strength of the group’s fandom.

JYJ fans who want to cheer for JYJ’s future activities started a fund raising activity since January 14th to put ads showing their support message on the body of buses in town.

At the launch of the project, the routes and bus in target had been determined and the length of advertising line that will be placed on the bus’ exterior depends on the size of the bus and will include a phrase ‘We support your youth’ as well as names of the three members.

The fund raising account is jointly managed by JYJ Fan Coalition, they also published two scans of the project’s deposit account at their official blog for transparency purpose.

Since last January 14th midnight to January 18th, the project has collected a top notch amount of 100 million won. While due to requests from overseas fans, the fund raising period was extended and finally on January 20th the amount turns to 140 million won.

Having a charity activity that creates 100 million won in only 4 days, it shows the enormous fanbase of the group that even surprised entertainment officials. Fans were planning and managing this project all by themselves, even JYJ agency official was amused to hear about this news.

JYJ fans have also prepared to broadcast their own internet broadcasting station. Due to conflict with the group’s former agency (SM Entertainment) that disrupt all JYJ’s promotional activities, this action was taken to fight back as fans present a private broadcaster dedicated to specially air JYJ’s songs. Another fans’ bus ad project is currently in progress, and will be launched on March 3rd.

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JYJ's Jaejoong participated in the broadcast of the SBS talk show "Good Morning" this morning (19 January) and explained that he relieves stress by drinking alcohol.

Jaejoong's comments were made when the host of the talk show posed the sudden question, "Everyone, do you drink frequently?" Yoochun gave his honest answer of "I love it" and Jaejoong continued from this, showing his agreement, and said, "I need alcohol to relieve stress." To the question "What other methods do you have to release stress?", Jaejoong replied, "Alcohol, alcohol, nothing but alcohol," and received laughter all around the studio.

Also, Jaejoong was chosen as the member who cries the most. Junsu revealed, "Last year, during the after party for our solo concert, while saying 'Thank you', he kept crying continuously." Here, Jaejoong explained, "I express my emotions more intensely when I drink. At the point in time, after we completed big performances like the American showcases, all kinds of worries and thoughts would explode all at once." During Jaejoong's explanation, Yoochun chimed in, "He's just a drunkard," causing the members to laugh.

Jaejoong said, "Back then, it would have been really difficult if I had been alone, so when I saw these 2 who have been by my side, the tears just came. This period of time that has passed was really difficult because as the oldest hyung, I endured it all in my heart. It was really tiring." He continued to comment, "The time that Junsu and Yoochun have spent together has exceeded 10 years. But even now, they are still 'difficult friends'. There are also a lot of times when these two don't talk because of mistakes they made. On the contrary, I get angry."

Today's broadcast comes after their guest appearance at KBS's Drama Awards last year, during which a lot of interest had been brewing to see if they will continue to be seen on other broadcasting stations. However, this episode was not broadcasted on the original date and when the confirmation of the broadcast schedule was not decided after quite some time, fans were worried that they would never see this day come.

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It has been decided that 「Musical Goong」, which became a hot topic after Tohoshinki's Yunho was casted in it, will hold its performance in Minami-za, Japan, this coming June.

The Korean drama about romance in the imperial house, 「宮~Love in Palace」, was a big hit as it created a social phenomenon across 23 countries, and it was turned into a musical last year. In its first performance in Seoul, Tohoshinki's Yunho performed the lead role of the Crown Prince Shin, drawing in more than 5000 Japanese audience. With the development of a comical story and splendid costumes that utilizes traditional beauty, there was also a hip-hop dance battle that drew a lot of interest.

The 「Musical Goong」, which was also recognized as one of the most original works in the Korean musical industry, will "power-up" with a brand new cast, stage direction and stage design, and show it off in Japan.

Information on the cast as well as ticket release dates will be announced on the 「Musical Goong」 official home page (

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TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin is challenging his first TV drama and he expressed his wishes with regards to the drama ratings.

On the afternoon of the 18th, Shim Changmin attended the press conference for the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Paradise Meadow”.

Shim Changmin expressed, “Before the filming for the drama, I spoke a lot with the acting seniors in our company and knew that I had to maintain a calm mentality” and “since it’s my first time challenging acting, there definitely would be areas where I’m lacking, so what I wanted to do was to listen to advise modestly and do my utmost best to complete it”.

With regards to the ratings for “Paradise Meadow”, he expressed, “For the viewership ratings for my first piece of work, although it’s a little embarrassing to say this, but I hope that it will exceed the ratings for the news programme in the same time slot.”

-omitted drama synopsis-

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin transforms as an actor and debuts as Shim Changmin. From the short clip revealed during the press conference, it was unbelievable that it was his first time taking on acting. His voice and pronunciation was mature, his expressions were on point, and we look forward to the day when we see his name on the list of “great actors”.

“Paradise Meadow”, which stars Shim Changmin, Lee Yeonhee, Joo Sang Wook and Yoo Hana, will be the follow up drama for “It’s OK, Daddy’s Girl” and will air at 8.50pm on the 24th of this month.

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"To have been able to meet you, is already one kind of blessing!"
"As long as you're there...."
"When a woman reaches 40 years of age, are there still things that will move her heart?"

(Seoul=Yonhap News) If we have to choose an "auntie fanclub" that is currently the most passionate, it has to be the online fanclub "Blessing Yoochun".

This club, which was formed in order to support Park Yoochun, the lead actor of the drama "SungKyunKwan Scandal", is where 5000 30-60 year old women who are "doing fanclub activities for the first time in their lives" do the fan activities.

There are more than 100 new threads created in the club daily, with thousands of new replies, and there are small groups who meet up at different locations, deeply into the "Yoochun sickness".

In the past, these women who used to like Shin Seunghun and Seo Taiji and Kids, they were simply content to buy the music they liked back then.

So what was it that set their hearts aflame?

On the 11th of this month, in order to hear their "love song", this reporter met up with Blessing Yoochun members Kwon Dae Hyan (40, primary school nutritionist), Kim Eun Hee (42, housewife), Yoo Soo Yeon (42, businesswoman), Lee Myeong Sook (48, school learning department), Lee Mi Young (43, housewife), Na Gyeong Ee (42, housewife) and Hon In Ha (38, researcher).

◇Have you ever had any experience doing fan activities?

▲Yoo Soo Yeon=Participating in fanclub activities; this is a first! During university, I liked Seo Taiji and Kids for a short while. They were the leading cultural icon then.

▲Lee Myeong Sook=This is also my first time participating in fanclub activities. During university I liked Byung Jin Sop so I would watch his concerts. But for fanclub activities, this is a first.

▲Lee Mi Young=I had that sort of experience in the past. Bae Yong Joon started out in 2001 with Hotelier. I guess Hotelier can be said to be where the auntie fans originated from! Hotelier was Bae Yong Joon's comeback work after 2 years and at time my impression of him was "Who is he? He's really smart, not bad." That's how I fell in love with Bae Yong Joon. At that time, the Internet was not as developed as it is now and I even got my husband to teach me how to get into MBC's forum. Then, there were already cafes on Daum (t/n: cafes = fanclubs) and for the first time, auntie fans gathered and Japanese fans also joined, so that's how it grew.

▲Kwon Dae Hyan=It's the first time for me. While schooling, I've never once liked any actor, singer; I didn't even have a crush on any male teacher. I've only ever loved my husband, but after watching "SungKyunKwan Scandal", his elegant looks and way of speaking and the way he faces reality, made me fall. Then from "SungKyunKwan Scandal", I slowly got to know about JYJ, TVXQ. I see the way these children are facing the realities of their situation and a strong sense of justice comes pouring forth from my heart.

▲Na Gyeong Ee=This is the first time I've liked an artist so much. During Junior High and High School, I liked Duran Duran. Then, there wasn't any web culture, so there was no way I could actively seek to collect information. At that time my hobby was to collect foreign magazines and that's how I spent my youth. However, to let me understand a star through a TV drama and fall so helplessly, this is really a first. At the beginning I couldn't really accept that I had such a side to me and I needed a little time to get used to this mentality. But by the time I've slowly adjusted, my heart is comfortable with it and I spend each day happily.

▲Hon In Ha=It's also my first time participating in fan activities. I love listening to music and for my generation, that's when Shin Seung Hun and Kim Gunmo were active, but I only bought their music to support them. Actually, I was really hesitant in the beginning, but as my liking grew bigger, I placed this liking and words of support onto the online forums. Nearing my 40s, for the past 10 years, my life revolved only around my job and my family and I rarely meet my friends. Through Yoochun, I could now express from this previously repressed heart and I even discussed my fan activities with my husband, which helped to dissolve the knots of misunderstanding that had formed between us over the years. It increased my confidence manifold!

▲Kim Eun Hee=It's my first time too. It was also the first time I entered KBS' forum, then I got to know about cafes. In the beginning I didn't join, I just surfed, but in the end, I couldn't curb my curiosity and joined the fanclub. Even until now, I'll check it everyday. However, I have children so I can't spend long periods of time in the club, but I'll check it at least 2 to 3 times daily!

◇The reason you like Park Yoochun?

▲Lee Mi Young=Park Yoochun's portrayal of the character "Lee Seonjoon" gave me this thought: "How should I pass my youthful days?" The reason why the aunties can fall so deeply for "SungKyunKwan Scandal" is because youth has become a thing of the past, and there are some parts of ourselves that have been forgotten because we have been constantly living out our lives in the role of an auntie, or losing our sense of self as someone's wife, or regretting the wasted years spent in motherhood. Seeing such a bright youth like Seonjoon, we'll have regretful thoughts like, "I had times like these too, I used to have dreams too..." This is why we want to protect Yoochun; so that he can fulfill his dreams. Don't you think it's a really difficult thing to move the heart of a 40 year old woman? Our passion for marriage life and other activities had already cooled down. But now, this passion has returned to our hearts, so we want to look for things that we can do for him because that makes us feel happy.

▲Yoo Soo Yeon=The people in their 40s (t/n: referring to her generation) have lived their entire lives constantly running forward. My mother always used to tell me "Don't live a such hard life." At that time, I didn't really understand what she meant by that. I accidentally came across the scene where the lead of the drama placed his hands on his chest and felt his heartbeat. That action of his; I unknowingly mimicked him. At that time, I suddenly felt "It's time to rest a little." Actually, this thing called life is merely this, yet I made myself so crazily busy. It's also time that I gave myself time to listen to the sounds of my heart. Because of the drama and its lead, I managed to change myself and I really think I'm fortunate for that!

◇The reason you joined the fan club?

▲Yoo Soo Yeon=To be honest, there's really nothing that the aunties of Korea can't do. For 20 years, the real estate market was immovable and even though the government raised the bar for the entrance test, they ignored it and inflated the private education market. Is there anything the aunties of Korea can't do if they're together? It's just as well, we can use this opportunity to make changes to the cultural market and satisfy your eyes, so that you can constantly see the people you wish to see. Our interest in real estate and higher education has already gone stale, so let the aunties gather to do this. It so happens that the highly educated aunties have nowhere to go so isn't it a win-win situation if we can help each other out? I keep thinking of these things that will give purpose to life.

▲Na Gyeong Ee=This is the strength that Yoochun gave to us. During this time, it's not that we didn't do such things because we didn't know how to, but it's because there was nothing that could excite us into doing it.

▲Kwon Dae Hyan=Because we're all mothers, that's why we have such a thinking. Now, the dream for majority of our youths is to become superstars. We're not just doing it for these children (t/n: JYJ), but we're also building the foundation for "our children" (t/n: of society) who will eventually become artists, so that they can do their activities in the entertainment world under healthy conditions.

◇Are there any interesting episodes?

▲Lee Mi Young=I'm an operator for the fanclub. I once started a thread "Who got tickets to the Drama Awards?" and at that time a lot of people raised their hands. People in their 40s are active in all walks of lives in society, so it's easier to get tickets. At that time there was a rumour that said that it was especially hard to get entrance tickets to the awards. In the end, 50 seats out of the 300 seats were filled with our members - that's a big difference!!!

▲Na Gyeong Ee=Even Park Yoochun's mother only got standing tickets but I heard that someone from Blessing Yoochun had 2 tickets so I gave one to her.

▲Kwon Dae Hyan=The concert date and the season to make kimchi coincided. We went to so much trouble to get the tickets but my relatives and in-laws kept making plans to make kimchi and as wives and daughters, we had to go. We had no choice but to give our tickets to the younger fans. This is why our members all have such troubles. (Every winter in Korea, the people will make kimchi in huge batches, enough for them to eat one whole winter, so it's a big process.)

▲Yoo Soo Yeon=It was also really difficult for me to get my ticket from someone. The person who gave me my ticket said - The tickets for the Drama Awards were mostly grabbed up by Park Yoochun's fans. In addition, the fervor of their support was really strong, so it was very surprising. Bae Yong Joon and Lee Byung Hun also have very high popularity in Japan, but to witness such a strong auntie fanclub, this was a first. - When I heard words like this I felt really content.

▲Kim Eun Hee=Every year, during the end of the year, I would never watch the award shows. But I really wanted to see the Drama Awards for myself. So I asked for a favour from someone I know and I called her everyday asking "Did you get a ticket?" I even got a scolding from her husband (laugh). So I said, "I'm doing this for my daughter" but I still got caught in the end. When I got the ticket, unfortunately, my husband caught a cold. I had to run to the supermarket at night to buy pear, ginger and honey and return home to sincerely cook it before serving it to my husband who was sleeping. In my heart I was secretly cursing, "Hurry up and get better!" I was shocked by my own actions (laugh).

▲Na Gyeong Ee=During the period of time when the Yeong Pyeong Island incident took place, I went to watch JYJ's concert. On the first day, the opening was delayed for an hour, so I just stood there in the cutting cold, waiting. In front of me were two Japanese fans and behind me were two Malaysian fans and the people around me knew some Japanese and English so we spent our time chatting with these international fans. If it were not for JYJ, we would not have had any common topics. We chatted really happily. A few days ago, the Malaysian friend even gave me a long distance call, asking me if I had any latest news. I made an international friend! At the time of the concert, things were a little unstable because of the Yeong Pyeong incident but these foreign friends didn't mind all that and came to watch the concert; I really admire them.

T/N: Examples of work Blessing Yoochun has done (1) (2)

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Right as they reached their peak, Tohoshinki's activities were suspended. This January, Leader Yunho and magnae Changmin are making their comeback as the new Tohoshinki, marking the restart of their activities.

Yunho: (I'm) Working with Changmin in our comeback as Tohoshinki. (I'm) Really happy, it's been a while since we've been active in Japan but I feel quite relaxed.

Changmin: I learnt a lot when we were carrying out our individual activities, but I was always alone from beginning to end. When I'm with Yunho, we encourage one another and we split tasks between the two of us. Of course, it's the same when dealing with pressure and anxiety.

Making an appearance as 2-membered Tohoshinki for the first time in Seoul last summer for their agency's 'SM Town Concert Tour' became a significant turning point for the two members.

Changmin: That was the most nerve-racking moment I'd experienced since our debut.

Yunho: It was the same for me! (I was) Very nervous!!

Changmin: Right before we went on stage, I drank a lot of coffee (laughs)!! To be honest, all the staff and fans were probably wondering what it would be like with the two of us on stage. Despite the anticipation, I think it was probably a little unsettling for everyone.

Yunho: After walking on stage and hearing everyone's cheers, (I) was really happy. At that moment, I realized for the first time how amazing Changmin is at dancing.

Changmin: I'm really glad to hear a compliment from the great super star Yunho (laughs).

Yunho: For me, I always worked the hardest on dancing. Thinking back, I probably had quite an easy time all along. In Changmin's case, he's handsome and he's good at everything, it's amazing.

Changmin: Aish, I'm still not working hard enough, I still cannot compare to the super star Yunho!

Yunho: This child, he teases me every time (laughs)

With the restart of their activities, the group also released their highly anticipated new single.

Yunho: It's a song that drives people crazy and really suits the style of Tohoshinki.

Changmin: Please look forward to our performances.

Seems like it will be a very fitting song for their comeback.

Yunho: Rather than saying that this was the moment we had all been waiting for, (I) see this as an opportunity to show people the result of our individual progress and development. As a leader watching my members carrying out their activities, I feel like I'd like to do the same things.

Changmin: I think it's an interdependent relationship. Right now, Yunho is still very useful as a leader, he's gotten older again! I wouldn't be able to take on the role of a leader. If I were to be the leader, I'm sure everybody would have a very hard time and feel extremely pressured (laughs).

Yunho: I do get pressured (by Changmin). Since I am the leader, I wouldn't call it pressure, but if I feel like I can offer advice, then I would. Where other things are concerned, I'll just protect (them) like I've been doing recently.

Changmin: In the past, (I) worked really hard each and every day and there was never really time for self-reflection. Personally, I've never been the type to look into the future, but over the past year, I've learnt to self-evaluate with a more calm and composed mindset and I've come to realize my inner potential. Nowadays I'm always full of hope.

In Korea, the two members still live together. With regard to their own rooms, the two have differing views.

Changmin: Since we moved, I now have my own room. I have a really big TV and a stereo set. It's great playing PS3 with those. I also bought a mni-fridge.

Yunho: My room is quite simple. In order to help sooth my mood, I bought some pale coloured curtains recently as well as a portable cupboard.

Changmin: I don't have that in my room...

Yunho: Because I won when we were playing hand games.

Changmin: But that's all I want/need.

Yunho: My room is small (laughs).

Changmin: When we used to live together, we didn't really spend much time together because both prioritized our individual activities and there really were a lot of them. We made a deal to never make a mess in the house. We don't have that anymore.

Yunho: Also, going out to talk on the phone.

Changmin: Yunho likes to lie on his bed and talk on the phone before going to sleep. I really couldn't stand that when the two of us used to share a room!

Yunho: That's because it's my favourite time of the day. Sorry sorry (laughs).

To conclude, the two of them left us a message…

Yunho: Basically (I'm) really happy to be pursuing my dream once again with a new state of mind.

Changmin: 'Freedom' has many meanings. I want to become someone who is able to convey those meanings. Please watch over me and I'll try hard to communicate in Japanese!

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