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Is this like the behind the scenes from Vogue?

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Jaejoong conversed with his cat Jiji on Twitter, “Come out now,I’ll starve you.”

The Twitter account entrance of Jaejoong’s cat Jiji has attracted the attention of fans. Although Jiji truly is a pet of Jaejoong, the Twitter account is created by a fan. Jaejoong who has been communicating with fans through Twitter, frequently reveals Jiji’s daily life and photos. Thus Jiji has been very famous within the fans.

In the fanmade Twitter, Jiji called his owner as ‘Butler Kim’ and uploaded a photo of Jaejoong, along with the messages, “My butler seems to fit the description of Vampire very well.”, “My butler doesn’t gives me massages. I’m angry about it again.”, “My butler simply threw the laundry that needs to be hand-washed into the washing machine. This home needs a woman after all.” etc, arousing laughters.

It was especially when Jaejoong starts to ‘follow’ the Jiji’s account that attracted everyone’s attention: “Jiji ah, where are you? Come out now.”, “I’ll starve you.”

The virtual Jiji account has 8000+ followers at the moment and still maintaining its high popularity. Fans who saw the interactions between Jaejoong and Jiji has left comments such as, “Totally in envy of the fan who created the Jiji account”, “This is the most envious thing in the world.”, “Creative person will succeed.”, “Jiji, you are just a cat.” etc. including envy and jealousy reactions.

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We want to enjoy the year 2011 with our activities!

In 2009, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu left SM Entertainment which shocked people all over the world. While the fans were worried about what will happen Dong Bang Shin Gi, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu formed a new group in 2010 and started walking on the path of JYJ. During this interview, they were able to tell us stories about their current situation, what enthusiasm they had from now on, how they felt currently, etc etc.

1. So you activities as JYJ has started right? Are there any points that are different from activities that you had before?
Regarding contractual areas, it has improved for the better. It has changed in the sense that the company and the artist can work together as equals. We are able to decide form the beginning to end what we want to do and we can control the decisions that are being made, so we think that this is one of the good points. A weak point may be that the company that JYJ works with is much newer compared to SM Entertainment, so the system is a little bit weaker. But it’s becoming stronger so we don’t consider it as a disadvantage.

2. You had a concert in Tokyo Dome last June and a concert in Korea last November. How were these concerts?
The songs we sang during that concert were messages that reflected the situation we were in at that time. During the Tokyo Dome concert, it was right after we left the company and it really moved our hearts. All our fans had been worried about us, and it felt like all our feelings were suffocating us when were standing on stage. That concert was in the form of both a concert and a fan meeting so we think that we were able to put all our emotions into our messages so our fans could feel our emotions too. For the concert in Korea, due to bad weather the roof that was supposed to cover the stadium didn’t hold, so we were not able to show the perfect performance we wanted to so that was very difficult for us. The people around us comforted us by saying that these kinds of things happen to the most professional singers but that we were still able to perform well even with these circumstances was great. On top of that, the fans cheered us the whole time which made very happy. It must have been really difficult for the fans too with the bad weather but they still waited and believed in us. On the first day we were very much overcome with emotions so it was hard for us to get our words out, but on the second day we tried to show a more mature side of us and the reactions of our fans kept us going.

3. How did you feel at the end of your concert in Korea?
The concert really felt like we were in a movie. We had a lot of expectations for this concert, and we were disheartened on the first day with the bad weather. Due to the weather there were three or four performances that we couldn’t show to the fans so it felt like we had broken a promise we had made with the fans. But still we were able to perform the songs we had recorded in America and some of our other new songs, and we were just really happy that the fans were there for us. After it finished all three of us cried and cried. We worked very hard for this concert and there were a few setbacks but we were just happy that we were able to show everything we wanted to show to our fans.

4. So Yunho and Changmin have started their activities with the name Tohoshinki right?
We wish them all their best and hope it goes well. But to be honest, we feel a bit sad that they are using the name Tohoshinki. The reason for this is probably because it’s true that they are Tohoshinki but now it feels that we have become two separate entities. But before there was JYJ we were Tohoshinki. We feel that Tohoshinki came into existence when the five members were doing activities together and we feel that name has meaning when all five of us are one. When we came up with JYJ we decided to use the initials for our name, and that is because we didn’t want to change the name Tohoshinki. So it is a little bit upsetting for us.

5. JYJ “The Beginning” is an English album, but what were you reasons in releasing a worldwide album?
The reason we decided to record an English album is because we have fans not just in Korea or in Asia, but all over the world so we thought that a worldwide album would be good. Also in the production of this album, we were able to meet producers who are successful worldwide so we greatly appreciated that.

6. What was the experience like to work with famous artists like Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins?
Before meeting them, we knew they were really famous so we felt quite nervous and pressured. But after meeting them, we realized that we felt at ease around them and they were really nice people. In our hearts we felt that there was distance between us, but after time we realized they were the same human beings like us. It was a good experience and we were able to learn a lot from them.

7. Recently the three of you have started composing your own songs, and it has become quite the topic. Especially the lyrics of “Pierrot”, what were your thoughts when writing this?
We didn’t think we had to compose songs because we were musicians, but rather we compose because we like music and we enjoy composing songs. And recently we thought that we should compose some songs just for our fans. We especially wanted our fans to listen to our korean songs so we composed them with korean lyrics. We think the reactions to the songs were good so we decided to release them in a album in a form of a diary, which is now midst preparations. The songs that were composed this time, such as “Nine”, have lyrics that make you feel like you’re floating in old memories. For “Pierrot”, we wanted to write a song about the time when we were still rookies as singers, and there was a lot of social criticism going on so we tried to put in the story of a imprisoned school student.

8. Broadcasting activities have been difficult for you, what are your thoughts on this?
Yes, it had been difficult but this was something we had been prepared for from the beginning. We wouldn’t have been able to decide to leave SM if we also had not prepared for even the result that we would never be able to do activities as singers again. We still won’t give up though. Thanks to our manager and our fans, I think we have reached a good result. The three of us will continue to walk down this path.

9. The company that you work with now is C-Jes Entertainment right? What kind of contract have you signed with them?
C-Jes is not our company but it is the management company that we work with. We are trying to bring in both american and japanese systems to work together with this korean company. We know that there might not be many affiliated companies that we will have a place with. But there are a lot of people who are watching over us which gives us a sense of duty and purpose, so that makes us work harder. More than anything, C-Jes helped us become artists again and helped us reach good results. They have really been fulfilling their duties in supporting and assisting us.

10. What are your plans for activities in Japan?
That’s one of the most difficult problems. We are currently trying hard to find a solution to this problem.

11. Junsu, you’ve become a huge star by being in musicals. What are your thoughts in regards to these musical performances?
I was really thankful to be chosen for this musical by the director. If I had to sum up in one word how I feel about this musical, it would be “honor”. I had been doing activities as a singer for about 7 years now but I was new as a musical performer. So just being chosen by such a well known director was such an honor by itself, but there was also more pressure to perform well. I’ve never said this before but someday I want to stand on the same stage with Mr.Cho (the director). “Jekyll and Hyde” is a performance that I definitely want to be part of one day.

12. Have you thought about being in a drama?
That’s an area I still haven’t experienced, it’s quite scary isn’t it? I watched Yoochun’s drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and I have a feeling that I wouldn’t be able to act like he did. The close up shots are especially scary. (laugh)

13. Yoochun, you debuted as an actor with the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. How was it?
When standing on stage and singing, we don’t sing all at once but slowly so you can express your voice clearly and bring out the emotions you have inside you, but this is what’s different in acting. I had to portray the character who’s name was Lee Seon Joon, and this character had never been a part of me. So it was stressful to bring out this character from myself.

14. There were rumours going around between you and the female lead…
I first heard from the staff that there were such rumours going on. When I first heard it I just thought to myself that it’s nothing but then slowly there were more articles appearing about it. There was also a kiss scene in the drama too so this seemed to encourage the rumours. But on the contrary after these rumours came, we became more close and comfortable around each other.

15. Performing on stage probably results in a lot of stress build up. What do you do for stress relief?
I like going on drives and also going to small creeks. (Junsu)

16. With who?
With other members. Whenever we go to creeks, Jaejoong likes to throw rocks in it (laugh). Actually I also like going for a drive to an unknown destination while eating something yummy. (Junsu)
It’s not that Junsu can’t drink alcohol, of course he can. It’s just that his body doesn’t handle it as well as mine and Jaejoong’s. When Jaejoong and I drink, our face colour doesn’t change at all. We’re strong like vampires (laugh..haahhahahaa..xPP) (Yoochun)

17. What are your plans for Christmas? (this was for 2010’s Christmas)
(Pretends to cry) It’s a very lonely Christmas… Please introduce me to a girlfriend! I think the lonely three of us will be spending Christmas together. We’ll probably be entertained with Jaejoong’s expressions of love; he gets very affectionate when he drinks. (Yoochun)
So it seems we’ll be spending it with the company of drinks. The women around us seem so beautiful. I think they look even more beautiful because its winter time (laughs) (T/N:Wahh come to mee~) (Jaejoong)

18. How did you guys come to using Twitter?
It wasn’t anything special. Yoochun had already started using it so we decided to use it too. (Junsu)
During the filming of the drama, all of the staff was using it. It seemed like other celebrities used it to get closer to the fans so we started using it too. We first made it clear to the fans that other twitter accounts with our names were fake but this was real. It’s really fun. We can show our fans a natural and fun side of us so it’s great. (Yoochun)

19. What were your feeling when you performed on KBS?
It felt like we were given a gift. With the situation that we are in right now, we really feel grateful to the fans who have been waiting for us, KBS show for having us perform with them, and we were thankful that Yoochun won awards for his drama. We were able to feel appreciation for being broadcasted during that show and it felt like we were rookie singers that finally got to go back home.

Would you please say a message to the fans.
Yoochun: It’s almost 2011. There were many difficulties this year. We as JYJ will work and try harder than ever. I’m really glad that we have finally gotten to a point where we can speak directly to the fans. I truly want to 2011 to be a good year.

Jaejoong: Me too. (T/N: He actually said this in English) There are so many things I want to say but I don’t know where to start. I will be more honest from now on. For myself, it feels like I’ve fought through strong waves in order to get to the fans and maybe it feels the same way for the fans too, which is maybe a good thing but I can’t figure it out myself. Even though it is only through Twitter, I am glad that there is a way for me to express my feelings to the fans. Summits for me just thinking about the fans brings tears to my eyes. I know 2010 was difficult but I know that 2011won’t have difficult days like that. For both myself and the fans, I will work harder with all my heart.

Junsu: It has been a great effort to get to this point. And what made it possible for me to have this are the fans. I thank all the fans from the bottom of my heart. And also my other two members!! Thanks to my members too I have been able to reach this point in life. While I can, I want to continue to put my strength and work harder.

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Just in case you guys can't watch the youku video!
Yuchun plays the piano while JeJung sings and Junsu raps. "Geum dong ji sa" is also included in the rap. Sound familiar??

Yuchun hits Junsu's duckbutt

Junsu got cut off mid-rap

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This is from the showcase held in Malaysia back in October. The VIP ticket holders just recently received this.

PS: I know the camera angle is bad. I pasted the poster too high!!

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Thanks to Beanutts for making this video!

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*does anyone know what magazine is this?
anyways they looks gorgeous! *--*
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After numerous delays, JYJ’s segment on SBS’s talk show, “Good Morning,” finally aired on January 19th. Fans got to see the boys discuss their recent activities, and even divulge some fun facts about each other while on the show.

Yoochun and Junsu opened up their segment by talking about Jaejoong‘s tears after JYJ completed their first Korean concert. “Jaejoong has a lot of tears. Whenever he cries, there’s no end; it’s as if a faucet was turned on!”

When asked to choose the team’s strongest member, Jaejoong chose Junsu and reasoned, “He’s strong, but also level-headed. He tries to see only the positive things, and quickly forgets the bad things. He’s the type that wants to advance forward.”

Moving onto Yoochun, Jaejoong continued, “Yoochun is a very honest person, so he expresses how he feels very well. Since Junsu only thinks of positive things, it’s up to me to handle the negative.”

Yoochun replied, “Since Jaejoong-hyung is the oldest, he tries to handle the stressful things on his own. As for me, whenever something sad comes up, I try to embrace it, even if it’s upsetting. I am pretty expressive of my emotions.” To the amusement of the studio, he added, “ Jaejoong relieves his stress by drinking.”

Jaejoong clarified, “I’m always worried about things since I have to prepare ourselves for the negative. While trying to find ways to relieve the stress, I realized that there’s nothing better than alcohol.”

The members ended their segment with their thoughts on becoming seniors in the industry. Junsu concluded, “There are a lot of idol groups with members who were born in 1990. It feels weird being seniors. ” Yoochun added, “At the time of our debut, we were the youngest teens in the industry. Our seniors would call us ‘baby’ and such, but now we’ve become the seniors.”

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