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[Jaejoong] Elle Photoshoot

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Shim Changmin, who will be making his acting debut through the new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Paradise Meadow”, made a joke and expressed that before his kiss scenes, he would be so nervous that he would be unable to eat.

Shim Changmin attended the press conference for “Paradise Meadow”, which took place at 2pm on the 18th. He said, “For half a year I was at Jeju Island for filming and personally, this is my first challenge in acting, so I worked hard and completed it happily.”

With regards to the kiss scene with his label mate Lee Yeonhee, who is also of the same age, Shim Changmin shared his feelings, “I was very nervous about the kissing scenes and from the morning of the day of filming onwards, I wouldn’t be able to eat. I would just keep waiting like that and constantly used mouthwash.”

At this point, Lee Yeonhee joked, “Then before that, you wouldn’t even eat meat?” She also said, “Although I said it’s a kissing scene, it was actually just a cute bobo* scene. I wasn’t burdened by it and it was interesting to film it. I was really happy to watch Changmin being so nervous.”

Choikang Changmin also filmed a kissing scene with Yoo Hana. He expressed, “I was really really nervous. Yoo Hana who I was meeting for the first time and Lee Yeonhee who I saw everyday; I can’t say which filming of the kissing scene was better. Actually, Lee Yeonhee and I are label mates and to me, she’s also a senior in acting as well as a friend, so I learnt a lot from her and she also gave me a lot of advice. Thanks to Yeonhee, my burden while filming was lessened by a lot.”

“Compared to Yeonhee, I’m not that familiar with Yoo Hana, and we didn’t have a lot of time to interact so the result was a little stiff.”

After which Lee Yeonhee smiled and said, “But from what I see, that’s not it at all. While filming with someone so familiar like me, he was very shy. Watching the two of them act when they’re with me, even the looks of jealousy were hilarious. When (he’s) acting with me, he’s very introvert, but when he’s filming with Hana-unnie**, his face was full of smiles. It was only through the monitor that I could see Mr Shim Changmin taking the lead.”

In this TV drama, Shim Changmin’s role is a third generation chaebol’s*** son, 21 year old Han Dong Joo who met 19 year old Da Ji and fell into a passionate love, then got married only to divorce 6 months later. It will air on the 24th.

*bobo = peck on the lips
**unnie = how a female addresses an older female as “older sister”
***chaebol = South Korean privately owned business conglomerates

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I believe this award was for the artist that sold the most tickets for musicals. Can anyone confirm?

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Director Kim Chul Kyu of “Paradise Meadow” has not been stingy when it comes to praise for Shim Changmin, who is challenging acting for the first time.

On the afternoon of the 18th, a press conference was held for the new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Paradise Meadow”.

During the press conference, Director Kim Chul Kyu admitted that “in the beginning, there was a lot of worries”.

Kim Chul Kyu said, “Every night I would ask him to come to the office for one to one practice”, “acting skill isn’t something that just comes as you wish, there are people who still can’t grasp the feel of it even after 10 years”, and “because it is Changmin’s first time acting, there are also moments when he is at a loss for words, when he’s unfamiliar, and even clumsy”.

Director Kim Chul Kyu praised, “Thankfully Changmin has a lot of feel for acting and he was able to express himself naturally in a very short time”, “the character is calm on the outside and passionate on the inside; which is really similar to him” and “he absorbed (the feel of) the role well”.

Getting married at 19 followed by a lightening fast divorce; a love story about thick-skinned and rude youths, “Paradise Meadow” will air on the 24th as a follow up drama for “It’s OK, Daddy’s Girl”.

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On the 20th, Choikang Changmin and U-know Yunho will be recording the SBS variety programme “Strong Heart”.

TVXQ, who have been actively promoting recently, will make their first appearance on 23rd January on “Running Man”.

This episode (“Strong Heart”) will be aired on 8 February.

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As soon as the fansign began, Yunho's lips started moving and never stopped. He was constantly talking to the fans, regardless of where they were from. When it was my turn, he said hello to me in Korean and I replied in Chinese. Then he asked if I was from China and whether or not I spoke Korean. I told him I didn't know any Korean and told him my wish was for him to stay healthy (in Korean, I learnt this off someone else). Then he suddenly asked me 'How are you?' (Or more specifically, 'how is your body?) in Chinese. I was speechless… It seemed as though the boy's Chinese greetings had not improved at all over the years… I replied with the same question in Chinese and he nodded at me. After that I spoke in English, asking if he could sign his name in Chinese but he obviously didn't understand what I was saying… and then the security guards dragged me away…

The guards by Changmin's side were a lot friendlier in comparison, they even helped us flip over the pages… The security near Yunho was probably conscious of the fact that Yunho was always such a chatterbox, so they'd ask people to move away from time to time. Basically we moved from Changmin to Yunho… Changmin was really speedy whilst lots of people lingered around Yunho… Changmin really looks much better in person than on TV. Yunho, why is your face so small!??! How is that possible?!? Yeah… but he's still extremely good looking

There were three fanboys, 2 of them looked like brothers and everyone around screamed at the sight of them! Yunho, that biased man… he even pat the little boy's head… There was also a really handsome fanboy who seriously had the body of a model. He pulled his scarf all the way up to his eyes and the rest of his face was pretty much covered by his bangs… I seriously couldn't see anything… But when he got to Yunho, Yunho said something to him and he suddenly pulled down his scarf to reveal his face… All of a sudden people started screaming… Yunho, you…
He even took the initiative to shake the fanboy's hand T^T Getting all cosy with his fanboys… We wanted to shake his hand too but we were too afraid to do it T^T

Something that I have to mention is that we compared the autographs we got with the ones the Japanese fans received and noticed how good Changmin was at writing Kanji/Chinese. Yunho's handwriting… nevermind that…

Once Changmin was done signing, he sat back and stretched out his legs. We all laughed at that because his legs were so long that they extended all the way beyond the tablecloth… When he realized it himself, he immediately moved his legs back and we all burst out laughing again XD~~ Changmin was absolutely adorable when they took solo photos, he did the bunny ears and everything~~ When it was Yunho's turn, we all asked him to do it as well but he completely refused even when we started to shout in protest! Haha, you shy boy, you~

When all the signing was finally over, Changmin started talking (Yunho spoke as well but it was just a customary introductory speech sort of thing). He looked at the clock on the wall which read 7:40pm and said it was time for dinner (He really does put eating before all else). Then a fan suggested that they eat together and that she'd treat. Oh and I forgot, at the beginning, when they were saying hello, the screams in response to Changmin's greeting were much louder than to Yunho ==" Yunho was right, it really is all about Changmin these days~ Changmin the leader~~

Yunho ah, you must be suffering with Min… Don't be bitter hahaha… My friend and I both felt that Changmin really had the feel of a super star~~ Yunho was a little greasy… hahaha…

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The PD and cast members of SBS’s upcoming drama, “Paradise Ranch“, met with reporters at their press conference held on January 18th at the SBS building.

PD Kim Chul Kyu truthfully revealed, “I was quite worried about Changmin’s acting. Every night, I called him into my office and tutored him in acting. Even people who have acted for decades still find trouble with certain elements, and I figured since Changmin’s a rookie, there had to be something he lacked in.”

He continued, “Viewers will feel that his acting isn’t up to par in the beginning episodes of the drama. What’s fortunate is that his acting will quickly become a lot more natural. His role tends to joke around, and is sometimes even cranky, but there’s warmth inside his character. I think those characteristics fit well with Changmin.”

Changmin admitted, “Whenever I had a kiss scene, I wasn’t able to eat or sleep the night before. I think I gargled at least a dozen times. I still don’t know why I was so nervous.”

Actress Lee Yeon Hee, who had been listening to Changmin’s shy confession, commented, “I was a bit nervous because he treated Yoo Ha Na with more ease than me.”

When asked for his thoughts about the various judgments on his acting that will be made after the broadcast of the first episode, Changmin carefully replied, “There will definitely be some who will view my acting in a negative light. I’ll be taking those criticisms in order to learn from them, since I realize that I am still lacking in some aspects. As long as they’re constructive criticisms, I’m prepared to accept them.”

He continued, “However, I worked extremely hard these past six months, so I have no regrets. I’ll be monitoring the episodes every week, and I’m sure I’ll find parts I’d be upset with, but I definitely won’t be disappointed.”

Referring back to the kiss scene, Changmin confessed, “I was already stiff at the fact that I was acting, but the added kiss scene made me even more nervous.”

Lee Yeon Hee clarified, “It’s not so much a kiss scene as it is a light peck on the lips. We had fun filming without any pressure. I actually thought it was funny seeing Changmin so nervous.”

Changmin added, “Yeon Hee is my labelmate, as well as my acting senior. She helped by leading me in our kiss scenes, even though I’m the male (laughter).”

Lee Yeon Hee pouted, “I’m still disappointed about why Changmin would have more fun with Yoo Ha Na and even joke around with her, when he’s mostly silent around me.”

She continued, “Still, he did a great job despite it being his first time acting. It was surprising to see how fast he learned, as time went by. We worked extremely well together.”

Aside from Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee, “Paradise Ranch” also stars Ju Sang Wook and Yoo Ha Na in a story that uses the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island as a backdrop for love between four youths.

The drama began filming in December 2009, and wrapped up six months later in May of 2010. The drama will air in the time slot of “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter,” starting January 24th.

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The ongoing lawsuit between the members of JYJ and SM Entertainment has been delayed.

The 47th Seoul Central District Court held the third trial on January 18th at 3 PM, but due to the difference in opinions between both sides being unable to meet a compromise, the court decided for an additional hearing to be held on March 15th at 2 PM with one employee from SM as a witness.

JYJ’s lawyers requested for a quick announcement by the justice department by asking, “The promotional period of singers is short, so please give a quick judgment on at least the validity of their exclusive contracts.”

SM Entertainment’s lawyers retorted to JYJ’s lawyers by asking for a judgment to be made including all of the issues that are being disputed.

The justice department responded, “There’s a necessity in further discussing the legal problems before a portion of the announcement is made. There is plenty of time until the next appointed date of March 15th, so we ask for both sides to cooperate and investigate further evidence.”

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Boy band TVXQ are back to form as the duo's new album "Keep Your Head Down" has topped the Hanteo and Hot Track weekly charts since its release on Jan. 6.

The album also managed to place fourth on the United World Chart, behind releases by global pop celebrities Rihanna, the Black Eyed Peas and Michael Jackson.

The United World Chart is compiled by Media Traffic from the Billboard Chart in the U.S., Japan's Oricon and Britain's U.K. Chart.

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First, there was Heechul, then there was Shinee and now, we have Sungmin and Leeteuk. *kewl!*

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Upcoming drama Paradise Ranch stars Max Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee were chosen as the models for the February issue for the Korean and Chinese CeCi magazine.

Paradise Ranch was the theme for this photoshoot, and Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee exhibited various appearances together. They were able to digest many different concepts, earning praise from the staff.

A representative expressed, ‘This photoshoot will not only be viewed by fans in Korea, but also in China. Paradise Ranch is Changmin’s first challenge in acting, and it has received interest from fans all over Asia.‘

Paradise Ranch will air on January 24th on SBS.

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A project dedicated to the five boys of DBSK - Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho. Videos will be compiled and sent to them. Participate:

more details:

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Thanks Hajar Kim for sending us this video :)
This is the video that JaeJoong tweeted a few days ago. I decided to translate it as there were many people who wanted to know what it was about and I really like the lyrics~
The song used in the video is 守ってあげたい[Mamotte Agetai (I want to protect you)] , sung by Yuna Ito.
The fan made a "music video" with this song.
The person who made it has also made Junsu and YooChun's version.

'大丈夫' その一言でも 
"It's alright" Even with just those words
If I could embrace your uneasy nights
あなたが 眠りにつくまで 
Until the time you fall asleep
毛布になってこのまま 抱きしめてるよ
I will just become a blanket and hug you

From the time that humans are born 
Everyone would have used the same pair of small hands to cry
That's why it is fine to remain like that

あなたを守りたいから ずっと守りたいから
Because I want to protect you, because I want to keep protecting you
私はここにいる 信じてほしい
I am here, I would like you to believe that
泣きたいときは 泣けばいいから 
Because it is alright to cry when you feel like crying
It is ok to not pretend to be strong and to not endure.

あなたを守りたいから もっと守りたいから
Because I want to protect you, because I wnat to protect you even more
私にできること 教えてほしい
The things that I can do, I would like you to tell me
あなたがいつも 笑えるように 
In order for you to be able to smile at all times
I will prepare a warm place
Because I love you~

何度でも やり直せるはず 
You will be able to do it again, even for a few times
うまくいかないことを 恐れないでいて
Do not be afraid of the things which do not go smoothly
As much as the many times that you were hurt 
強くやさしい明日に 出會えるのでしょう
You will be able to strongly greet a gentle tomorrow
In order to take a trip during our life
There will also be times where we backtrack while losing our way
But the path has been found.

あなたを守りたいから ずっと守りたいから
Because I want to protect you, because I want to keep protecting you
私はここにいる 信じてほしい
I am here, I would like you to believe that
立ち止まっても 負けてもいいの 
It is ok even if you come to a stop, it is ok even if you lose
あなたへの氣持ち 變わらないよ
My feelings for you will not change

あなたを守りたいから 全部守りたいから
Because I want to protect you, because I want to protect all of you
私の淋しさも 支えてほしい
I would like you to support my loneliness too
忘れないでね 味方でいるよ 
Don't forget, I am here as your friend
Even on rainy days, even when we can't meet from far
Because I love you~

For the eclipsed moon to be full again
For the rainbow to appear when the rain has stopped
哀しみもいつかは 輝く星になる
Even sadness will someday become a shining star
希望に繫がってゆく shining star
We will be joint to hope, shining star

あなたを守りたいから ずっと守りたいから
Because I want to protect you, because I want to keep protecting you
私はここにいる 信じてほしい
I am here, I would like you to belive that
泣きたいときは 泣けばいいから 
Because it is alright to cry when you feel like crying
It is ok to not pretend to be strong and to not endure

あなたを守りたいから もっと守りたいから
Because I want to protect you, because I want to protect you even more
私にできること 教えてほしい
The things that I can do, I would like you to tell me
あなたがいつも 笑えるように 
In order for you to be able to smile at all times
I will prepare a warm place
baby you have all my love. どんなときでも
baby you have all my love. no matter when 
見つめ續けているよ 愛してるから
I will keep looking at you. Because I love you~

Junsu's version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDKY1L84_nQ&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

YooChun's version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-aOA9tcT3w

Translated by christabel88@DBSKnights
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Compared to anyone else, Park YooChun (25) has opened the door to 2011 most spiritedly. We met him on the 13th and his face looked extremely bright. Through “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, the drama in which he made his acting debut, Park Yoochun won a total of 3 awards (Best Newcomer Award, Best Couple Award, Netizen Award) at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards. The Music Essay album by JYJ, a group in which he is a member of, has caused a sensation in bookstores, and he is going through a busy period.

-Congratulations for receiving 3 awards. In particular, the competition for the Newcomer Award was really tough, the fact that you received this award independently has become a topic for discussion.

YC: I was really surprised. I thought that after my name was announced, they would be announcing someone else’s name too. As I did not have the confidence that I would 100% receive this award on my own, I felt burdened. It was different from when I received awards as a singer, and with so many seniors sitting in front of me, I was even more embarrassed and dazed.

-You chose a historical drama as your debut. What is surprising is that you easily passed the debate of your acting ability, a passage that needed to be overcome.

YC: I did not intentionally choose a historical drama; rather, I decided to do it because it was a good production. I just started it with the thought of only listening to encouraging things. I heard that it is rare for an actor who is actually a singer to debut with a historical drama. The production company also felt uneasy and thought that maybe I shouldn’t play the lead role Lee Seon Jun, and suggested looking for other roles for me. But the next day, I sent them a very long message, saying that I would really like to play this role.

-What did you like about Lee Seon Jun?

YC: I really like his character of possessing a tranquil pain on the inside. This is what I felt during filming. He has many parts which are similar to me in real life. Sitting quietly in a room to think or suppressing the pain in his heart. These areas are similar to me. Seon Jun is someone who firmly states what he feels, while I am someone who will hold it in for a long time and then let it all out at once in an outburst.

-I know that the dispute with SM Entertainment over the exclusive contract must have troubled you greatly. At the end of last year, you appeared on your first TV broadcast as JYJ. What are your feelings with regards to standing on the stage as JYJ, and not as the 5-membered DBSK?

YC: If I were to suddenly be put in this situation and made to stand on the stage like that, the impact should have been great. But as I have already thought of and decided on this for a long time, the impact was not as great as it should have been. Singing on the stage as 3 members is not a situation which you can describe using the feelings of “sadness and happiness”. I just felt a great sense of regret.

-The two members of DBSK have started activities again as a duo and recently revealed that they hope that you can resolve your dispute with the company and return to them. What is the possibility of reunification?

YC: When I was young, H.O.T. disbanded. After that, with regards to the question of reunification, the members said that although they really wanted to reunify, due to the relation with the company, it would be difficult. This is exactly how I feel. Compared to anyone else, I really want a reunification, but it is difficult and is a problem which will need a long time to resolve. I think it is important that both sides start to build a bridge which will make reunification a possibility.

-There is a heated debate going around on the internet regarding DBSK and JYJ.

YC: That is why I cut myself off from the internet and spent a period of time at a villa in Gyeonggi Chungpyung. I mostly receive news about it from Junsu and JaeJoong. Some time ago, I heard the song “Why” at a ski resort. The more I hear about that issue, the more I feel that I should work harder to accept it. I am unable to contact them by phone, but I think firstly, we should all gather together to have a drink.

-The atmosphere has gotten really heavy. Let’s try changing the topic. Did you originally have the desire to act?

YC: Since the past, I had wanted to do it, but I didn’t have the time. While passing through those times where I had nothing to do, my interest in acting manifested. I received a complete acting guide from Kim Ha Kyun, who appeared as the master of the school in “SungKyunKwan Scandal”. Kim Gap Su would at first seriously ask me “Have you looked at the script” and then teach me how to breath, use my eyes, and react. However, I am still embarrassed about the first four episodes, so I don’t think I can watch them properly. (Laughs)

-Do you have thoughts of taking part if Season 2 of SungKyunKwan Scandal were to be created?

YC: Of course. It would be great if all four of us were to act in it. If the roles had to be changed, I would want to play the part Seol Go Bong. He acted really tastefully and I was envious. I even tried imitating him in the bathroom.

-The poem “Thank You Park YooChun” which was written by a female poet has become a topic for discussion.

YC: I think she wrote it with the thought of writing to a son. I am really thankful. Though I am lacking in many ways, I feel honored that I am able to move their hearts a little. Actually, I have never thought of myself as someone who is handsome. After taking a shower and looking at the mirror, I thought to myself, “Ah. This really doesn’t look good.” I have even seriously considered having plastic surgery before. But I do need to thank my father for my long eyelashes. (Laughs)

-You seem to be brighter and livelier now compared to when you were carrying out activities as DBSK.

YC: Nowadays, I am leading an enjoyable life. Back then, I didn’t have the freedom to decide on issues about time and money. Working felt like an obligation. Now, with regards to work, I think it is something I am doing with vitality and desires of my own. Compared to anything else, as my parents are not working, I am happy that my mom does not have to worry about living expenses.

-What are your plans for the future?

YC: For the first half of the year, we are planning our promotions in America and also the world tour. For the second half of the year, I would like to act in a good drama. I would like to challenge myself to play the role of strong characters like a murderer or psychopath who looks kind. I was very nervous about the pressure during SungKyunKwan Scandal, but now, I think that I can even do well in Romantic Comedies.

Though Park YooChun is like a boy who is getting old, he is also like a mature older brother who gives advice. To his younger brother, YooHwan, who will be debuting as an actor next month, he said, “This is not something you decide on because you heard the cries at a concert or looked at just the outward appearances of the celebrities. Try thinking about it more.”
Not wanting to carry out superficial activities, YooChun has already grown to become a mature man from the boy we once knew.
Translated by christabel88@DBSKnights
Source: seoul.co.kr
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Overall ranking

#1 – JYJ
#5 – Yunho

Individual ranking

#3 – Yoochun
#4 – Jaejoong
#5 – Yunho
#10 – Junsu

Source: [DNBN + 东方神起中文网CB家族 + BaiduTVXQ]
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Who's excited for Junsu's musical?!

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Q: I am curious about your planned activities this year.

YC: In the first half of this year, when our worldwide album is released for sale in America, we will be doing promotions. We are also in the midst of planning for our World Tour. Other than that, I think I will choose a good project and while receiving acting lessons, prepare for acting, and around the second half of the year I think I will meet the viewers with a new drama. I think that Junsu will currently have to balance doing the “Tears of Heaven” musical and JYJ’s overseas activities at the same time. I think JaeJoong hyung will also be able to make his appearance in a drama during the second half of this year.

Q: Have you been happy recently?

YC: If I say such things, I don’t know if I will appear to be growing older… but these days, I have really been leading an enjoyable life. Every single thing is precious to me and fun. (Laughs)

“I really want to have a girlfriend”

JYJ member Park YooChun said, “Now I want to try dating.” revealing his wish for the new year.
Park YooChun, who is of blood type O, said, "I have dated a girlfriend of blood type O and a girlfriend of blood type A for 3 years each, and we really clicked with each other. Now I would like to try dating a good person with marriage in mind."

Park Yoochun had an interview with Chosun.com during the afternoon of the 13th and said, “My father is not well. Until now I have never introduced my girlfriends to my parents before, if I get the chance, I would definitely want to introduce her before his condition gets worse.”

With regards to his ideal type, Park YooChun said, “I would like to meet someone with a pretty face which doesn’t look fierce and looks bright. Should I say that she is a homely and likable person who will also like the people around her? Someone who will be able to get along amicably well with our relatives too. I would like to meet someone like that.”

With regards to the recent rumors of him having a relationship with SKK Scandal co-star Park MinYoung, he laughed, saying, “Honestly speaking, that is just a rumour.”

Translated by christabel88@DBSKnights
Source: Chosun
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Credits: mandasoh
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Q: You are undergoing a law suit with SM and I know that due to various circumstances, you are suffering many difficulties with regards to your activities. If you had just remained there (SM), even if it was short, you would have been able to carry out activities from the best place for a while. Why did you give up that glory?

YC: We made a resolution. It is correct to say that we gave up that glory. When we were there, we didn’t think of that and though we just thought that we wanted to do it for a long time, now, we want to work while raising our new, good family.

Q: There were many cynical remarks about why you are even acting. But recently, while looking at you, many people are feeling that you will be able to take on the role of an actor well and their anticipation seems to have increased. While searching for “Actor Park YooChun” at various places; it is like saying that the bar has been raised, isn’t it?

YC: Many drama and movie scenarios are being introduced, but I was unable to review every single one of them. Rather than aimlessly carrying out a project, I would like to consult with the people around me and decide on a good project together. I think all of these arose because SKK Scandal did well. (Laughs)

Q: As you are still new to acting, there are many points to be corrected with regards to acting. I think this is a process that you need to go through in order to become a splendid actor in the future. But there should be times where your anger surged because you did not know what to do about your own acting right?

YC: Of course there was. While filming SKK Scandal, I prepared many things, but during the actual filming, the director requested for more perfect acting. During those times, my mind really went blank. Though I wanted to show (the emotions), when I was unable to do it the way I wished, I got really angry at myself.

Q: After finishing your first drama project, what thoughts remained in your head?

YC: After filming ended, I was really very sick for 2 days. I was absent-mindedly staying still at home and till some time ago, I also could not really remember the studio which I had worked at. Around the time when I got better, I realized, “Ah! I have completed the drama”. Initially as I wanted to check the reactions with regards to the drama during that time on the internet, I turned on the computer, but because I was embarrassed, I immediately shut it off. If we talk about what remains in my mind… I looked back, thinking, “Weren’t there mistakes that I made in front of my seniors” “Perhaps there weren’t things which I did not do well” “Were there people whom I did not greet” etc. So I individually called those people I wasn’t able to take care of during the filming, and greeted them.

Q: How long do you think you will be able to remain in this profession until?

YC: After our most recent Japan concert, I suddenly had this thought, “Till when will I be able to this?” Firstly, I would like to continue doing this until my mom, younger brother, fans and the members (the people around me) will be satisfied. However in the future, if my mom is unable to move around freely anymore, I would like to be by her side and take care of her.

Q: It is not too much to say that you received these 3 awards because of the fans right? Don’t you have the desire to become a person whose acting skills are recognised and to get bigger awards?

YC: That is why I feel a bigger responsibility. I also feel embarrassed. Though of course I felt happy, it made think if I deserved to receive the awards. Receiving these awards has actually become a good stimulation for me.
And while observing the award ceremonies every year and looking at the actors who take part in flourishing projects and with one project each year, winning big awards, I thought that I would like to be a little different. I do not want to get a big award though just one project in a year, but I want to receive recognition for my acting skills through many projects.

Q: Though it is a blatant question like asking “Do you like your mother or do you like your father more”, after carrying out activities as a singer and an actor, which do you think suits you more?

YC: I like music and acting. I don’t think I like being a singer or actor. Since middle school, though I tried composing songs.. even now, before I sleep, even if I don’t end up writing songs, I will try to play the piano. That is why I thought I really do like music. After that, I will try to take a pill and write songs too. (Laughs) Acting too.. While reading the script, though I feel a sense of burden, during the actual filming, when I look at my absorbed appearance, I feel that, “Ah, I am enjoying this”. I really like both, and they are really enjoyable. When I feel a sense of accomplishment, I feel that that is even more true.

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