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Q: You are undergoing a law suit with SM and I know that due to various circumstances, you are suffering many difficulties with regards to your activities. If you had just remained there (SM), even if it was short, you would have been able to carry out activities from the best place for a while. Why did you give up that glory?

YC: We made a resolution. It is correct to say that we gave up that glory. When we were there, we didn’t think of that and though we just thought that we wanted to do it for a long time, now, we want to work while raising our new, good family.

Q: There were many cynical remarks about why you are even acting. But recently, while looking at you, many people are feeling that you will be able to take on the role of an actor well and their anticipation seems to have increased. While searching for “Actor Park YooChun” at various places; it is like saying that the bar has been raised, isn’t it?

YC: Many drama and movie scenarios are being introduced, but I was unable to review every single one of them. Rather than aimlessly carrying out a project, I would like to consult with the people around me and decide on a good project together. I think all of these arose because SKK Scandal did well. (Laughs)

Q: As you are still new to acting, there are many points to be corrected with regards to acting. I think this is a process that you need to go through in order to become a splendid actor in the future. But there should be times where your anger surged because you did not know what to do about your own acting right?

YC: Of course there was. While filming SKK Scandal, I prepared many things, but during the actual filming, the director requested for more perfect acting. During those times, my mind really went blank. Though I wanted to show (the emotions), when I was unable to do it the way I wished, I got really angry at myself.

Q: After finishing your first drama project, what thoughts remained in your head?

YC: After filming ended, I was really very sick for 2 days. I was absent-mindedly staying still at home and till some time ago, I also could not really remember the studio which I had worked at. Around the time when I got better, I realized, “Ah! I have completed the drama”. Initially as I wanted to check the reactions with regards to the drama during that time on the internet, I turned on the computer, but because I was embarrassed, I immediately shut it off. If we talk about what remains in my mind… I looked back, thinking, “Weren’t there mistakes that I made in front of my seniors” “Perhaps there weren’t things which I did not do well” “Were there people whom I did not greet” etc. So I individually called those people I wasn’t able to take care of during the filming, and greeted them.

Q: How long do you think you will be able to remain in this profession until?

YC: After our most recent Japan concert, I suddenly had this thought, “Till when will I be able to this?” Firstly, I would like to continue doing this until my mom, younger brother, fans and the members (the people around me) will be satisfied. However in the future, if my mom is unable to move around freely anymore, I would like to be by her side and take care of her.

Q: It is not too much to say that you received these 3 awards because of the fans right? Don’t you have the desire to become a person whose acting skills are recognised and to get bigger awards?

YC: That is why I feel a bigger responsibility. I also feel embarrassed. Though of course I felt happy, it made think if I deserved to receive the awards. Receiving these awards has actually become a good stimulation for me.
And while observing the award ceremonies every year and looking at the actors who take part in flourishing projects and with one project each year, winning big awards, I thought that I would like to be a little different. I do not want to get a big award though just one project in a year, but I want to receive recognition for my acting skills through many projects.

Q: Though it is a blatant question like asking “Do you like your mother or do you like your father more”, after carrying out activities as a singer and an actor, which do you think suits you more?

YC: I like music and acting. I don’t think I like being a singer or actor. Since middle school, though I tried composing songs.. even now, before I sleep, even if I don’t end up writing songs, I will try to play the piano. That is why I thought I really do like music. After that, I will try to take a pill and write songs too. (Laughs) Acting too.. While reading the script, though I feel a sense of burden, during the actual filming, when I look at my absorbed appearance, I feel that, “Ah, I am enjoying this”. I really like both, and they are really enjoyable. When I feel a sense of accomplishment, I feel that that is even more true.

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SM Entertainment and Mnet Media have declared that they’ve resolved the kinks in their relationship by announcing that TVXQ will be making an appearance on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on January 20th!

It’s been two years and two months since an SME artist last appeared on Mnet’s music show. SM had boycotted the company and all their music projects due to various controversies surrounding the company’s standards.

TVXQ will be performing “Keep Your Head Down,” “How Can I,” and “Maximum.”

Producers of “M. Countdown” spoke on January 17th and commented, “As it is TVXQ’s first stage on the show in nearly two years, we are paying extra attention to it. We’ll be preparing something extravagant enough to maximize the duo’s charms as a big present for the fans who have waited for them.”

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TVXQ will be releasing the Japanese version of their title tracks Keep Your Head Down and Maximum on the January 26th. Ranking highly on many major music charts with their comeback, their lined up events are under much anticipation.

After placing first on KBS2 Music Bank on January 14th, the group will also be starting a round of events in South Korea. Not only supported and anticipated by Korean fans, TVXQ’s comeback has under many of their Japanese fans’ attention.

Topping the charts as fast as their comeback, the released ringtone was first place for Japan’s largest music site Mo-Mu and Recochoku Ringtone‘s charts. Not only that, Japan’s FujiTV drama Beautiful Neighbor has chosen Keep Your Head Down as their theme song.

Stay tuned at KpopLive for more news updates of TVXQ and other Kpop and Kpop Music News!

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To top off their great week with their ‘K-Chart‘ and ‘Mutizen‘ wins for ‘Keep Your Head Down‘, TVXQ unveiled their new MV for their ballad track, “How Can I“!

It’s not so much of an MV as it is a slideshow of their album concept photos, unfortunately. But check it out below!

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Park Yoochun revealed that he would definitely be up for “Sungkyunkwan Scandal 2“, if it ever came to be.

The star confessed in a recent interview, “I would totally be up for it. I wish the four of us could star together.” He expressed that he’d love to work once more with the ‘SSK dream team’ Park Min Young, Yoo Ah In, and Song Joong Ki.

Yoochun also mused that if he had to change his role in the drama, he’d like to try ‘Seol Go Bong’.

He then moved on to share his thoughts about winning the ‘Rookie Awards’ as an actor. “I was really embarrassed and nervous because there were so many sunbaes sitting in front of me. I was really surprised. “

Naturally, an interview with a JYJ member would bring up a question about TVXQ. Reflecting on the possibility of reuniting, Yoochun said, “I want us to reunite more than anybody else, but it’s a matter that will take a lot of time. I really wish the members could all just get together and have a drink.”

He wrapped up, “In the first half of the year, JYJ will do some promotions in the U.S. and plan a world tour. I also want to come back in a good drama in the second half of the year. I would love to play a killer or a psycho, and try out a romantic comedy as well.”

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Seoul (The Korea Herald/ANN) - Expect a fierce rivalry on the Korean music scene this year, as top boy bands are ready to make a comeback.

Until now, the Korean music channels were mostly dominated by popular girl groups or singers like the Girls Generation, but this year the boys are expected to take the lead.

Even before the release of their albums, the long-waited returns of TVXQ and Big Bang have generated heat among K-Pop fans.

In 2011 boy bands, which usually consists of three to six members, will start performing in pairs.

In Japan, this marketing strategy known as "unit" is already being used to show each member's talents and individual qualities by performing in smaller numbers than the original group.

During the end of last year, G-Dragon and T.O.P of Big Bang released the album "GD & TOP," while U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin of TVXQ released "Keep Your Head Down."

Now that the two major music industries in Korea, SM Entertainment for TVXQ and YG Entertainment for Big Bang have released duet albums, there is a growing interest in the changing music scenes for boy bands in Korea.

Internet sites and YouTube have already recorded a high number of viewers, as music fans are ecstatic over the duet performances.

The special edition of TVXQ, "Keep Your Head Down" was released on Jan 5, and within a day the duo had racked up an impressive sales amount of 15,000 copies. U-Know and Max will perform in Japan on the 26th to promote their new album.

For Big Bang and TVXQ it has already been over two years since their last album was released.

Their new music shows a major transition from their previous albums. The new album "GD&TOP," is more of a mixture between electronica and hip-hop, with thumping house beats.

On Dec. 23, the boys of the group BEAST divided into three units of two members for duets for the popular Korean music program, Mnet Countdown.

The hip-hop duet "Thanks To" was performed by Yo-seop and Jun-hyung, the R&B "Let It Snow" by Hyun-seung and Gi-Kwang and the ballad "When the Door Closes" by Du-jun and Dong-woon.

"When six members perform together, what each individual performer can show is limited," their agency said.

The agency further commented that the benefit of performing in duos is that the members can emphasize on their individuality and further reveal their talents such as their singing voice.

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JYJ’s Park YooChun who has risen after overcoming an ordeal is “happy”.
Now I want to date… In order to get married…

Even when JYJ’s Park Yoochun started acting, the public’s consensus was “What kind of acting can a singer do?” and there was a lot of skepticism regarding him acting in a drama. However Park YooChun’s challenge unexpectedly bore high results. Through last year’s KBS Drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal” which he acted in, he won the Best Newcomer Award, as well as the Netizen award, a total of 3 awards at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards, causing everyone to again focus their interest on his marketing value.

He also attracted attention when he acted in Japan’s Bee TV’s drama. However though his life seems comfortable and he doesn’t have the need to envy others, he encountered trials. The dispute with their former agency SM Entertainment over their contract was started. That is not all. Though he formed JYJ together with the other members Junsu and JaeJoong, they were prevented from appearing in broadcasting activities. In order to make a comeback, this is how scary it will be from the very first step.

However, did he eat some herb of eternal youth? Disregarding such unfavorable viewpoints, Park YooChun exercised his own abilities and expanded his activities. He has been appearing here and there on TV recently, garnering lots of attention and this makes him happy. Like the laborious motion of a salmon that is rising up against the currents, in order to take another leap again, Park YooChun is working hard to advance. This is the YooChun we met.

Q: The first time I met you was in 2004, during DBSK’s debut song “Hug”. Without knowing it, 7 years has passed by. You were really polite and sincere. Do you still hear that about yourself often?

YC: If like now I could meet those people whom I met in the past and have them say that of me again, I would be happy. When debuting as a singer, the most worrisome thing was confusing self-pride with ego. Now too, I am working hard to be pure and to well-mannered and to be always able to hear such good things everywhere.

Q: Congratulations. You won 3 awards at the KBS Drama Awards. Seeing that you were able to achieve such results with just a single work, you are basking in great popularity from the citizens that is beyond expectations. Music and acting; you are gaining love in all fields, what do you think is your secret?

YC: This is a very embarrassing question. (Laughs) Frankly, I have not thought of that before, but this project took place very well. As many singers go into acting too, in order to overcome the burden that I felt, I worked harder. As I did not think of success, my concentration on work was high. The secret to popularity… erm… I tried thinking of myself as a whiteboard. Though frankly, it wasn’t always clean, when needed, I added in things, and removed some things. Thus, I think I was able to create what I wanted to achieve.

Q: As the trend of the entertainment industry is rapidly changing, we are able to see that the instances of doing singing and acting at the same time is abundant. Of course you are in the same situation as other singers, but what is the real goal of doing acting? What caused you to decide to become an actor?

YC: Acting is a field that singers really want to try out after they debut. Formally receiving acting lessons, and also wanting to do it. When I started doing SKK Scandal, there were many people who asked “Why are you doing acting now”. Actually, I think that even now, it will be too soon (to go into acting). The reason why I act. I think it is because I really wanted to do it and so I ended up acting.

Q: Through the recently broadcasted KBS Drama Awards, you stood on the stage again after a long time. The fans were full of anticipation and watched over you. Since you only sang the one song from your drama’s OST, I think it was a real pity. Since it was a stage where JYJ met the fans for the first time in a long while, you should have been full of anticipation too. Didn’t it leave behind a sense of regret?

YC: Though we wanted to show more performances, it didn’t go the way we wanted. However, just being able to sing made me happy and though we wanted to only sing our songs, standing on the stage was really great. As it was after a long time, even not knowing that, we were able to comfortably enjoy the stage. I think that regret was, frankly, what the fans who were watching, as well as the viewers, and us were all feeling together. I want to show a better side of me this year.

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Dear Hot Child, Good night to you too♥
(Jaejoong) Tada, have a good night ♠ (2:41am KST)

Woah, a ShanexJaejoong convo... the first one in a while
(Shane) @mjjeje Jaejoong, are you well? (2:50am KST)
(Jaejoong) @shaneyoon I'm doing well. Are you doing well hyung? I'm going to bed now ^^ (2:56am KST)
(Shane) @mjjeje I'm doing fine too. Don't listen to other people and keep working hard, never lose hope in your dream..... have a good night! (3:08am KST)
(Jaejoong) @shaneyoon Thank you.. because I am thankful even just for being heard and thought of.. Have an awesome, awesome day ^^ (3:14am KST)

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When JYJ member Park Yoochun first accepted his acting role, many people asked questions such as, “Why is a singer acting?” But Park Yoochun’s challenge has gained him high acclaim. Acting in last year’s KBS drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” and in the 2010 KBS Drama Awards, he won the Best Newcomer Award and Netizen Award, getting 3 awards in total, gaining public attention once again for his market value.

The perfect “gentleman,” Park Yoochun, during his time in TVXQ, was known for both his talents and looks, and was a star with limitless potential.

In Japan, he gained attention for participating in the Japanese mobile television BeeTV’s drama. His entertainment career was one that people would be envious of, but at this time, his life was suddenly faced with a big challenge, which is the lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Furthermore, he and the other 2 members Jaejoong and Junsu, after leaving their original group, formed JYJ, but their performing activities faced various obstacles, not allowing them to move forward.

But, did he eat some elixir of youth? Park Yoochun’s talents are still actively exhibited in front of everybody. Recently, he has been fortunate enough to have a mountain of projects to pick from. Like a carp swimming against the rushing currents, he is pushing forward for the sake of challenging himself. This is the Park Yoochun that I see.

When I first saw you, it was in 2004 during TVXQ’s debut song “HUG.” 7 years have passed in a flash. During that time, you looked really polite and sincere, do you still hear such words now?

Just like now, to meet people that I had met previously, and still being able to hear such compliments, I’m really feeling good! I started off as a singer, so what I worry about the most is whether I would mix confidence and arrogance up. Even now, no matter where I go, I still maintain the same type of humility as before, and hope to leave a good impression on people.

Congratulations on winning 3 awards at the KBS Drama Awards. You only did one project, and you managed to achieve such results, this goes to show that you are really popular! To be successful in both music and acting industries, what is your secret?”

This is an embarrassing question for me. (Laughs) I’ve never thought of this, I feel that this project just fell nicely into place. (Not only was it successful, but successful three times over.) Many singers choose to go into acting, and to overcome the burden I had during that time, I worked even harder, and I didn’t think too much about the success or failure. This is how I managed to concentrate on acting, and commit myself to the role. The secret of popularity…hmm…I wonder if this is the same logic as being a whiteboard? Honestly speaking, although it is not always in a state of total cleanliness, but when required, it will be filled, yet it can be erased, so that I can continue to plan whatever I want on it.

Recently, the trend of entertainment industry has been changing rapidly, so it is common for singers to do acting as well. Your situation is the same as other artists, but I want to know, what is your true aim in wanting to act? Was it some opportunity, that made you want to be an actor?

After I started out as an actor, I really wanted to try acting. I really wanted to study acting properly. During Sungkyunkwan Scandal, a lot of people asked me: “(You’ve been in the entertainment industry,) why are you only starting to act now?” But I feel that even starting to act now may be a little early! The reason I wanted to act…is because I really wanted to act.

Recently, via the KBS Drama Awards, you finally managed to get perform on stage after a long time. The fans were also anticipating your performance, but you only managed to sing one drama theme song, and the fans did somewhat feel like it was a pity, since it is JYJ’s stage in front of the fans after all. Did you feel any regret?

Actually, I too would like to perform more for everyone, but circumstances didn’t allow it. Even though it was just one song, we were still very happy. We, too want to sing our own songs, but just the feeling of standing on stage, it’s really very good. Maybe it’s been too long since we’ve been of stage, so we were really able to enjoy the stage comfortably. As for regrets… it’s not just us, but the fans present as well as the viewers on stage were all able to feel it. I hope that this year, we will be able to have better performances for everyone to see.


You are currently in the midst of the lawsuit with SME. Due to various circumstances, your appearances and activities have been limited. If you had stayed in your original place, you wouldn’t be in such a difficult situation now, and you would still be standing on the stage in an untouchable position. It was such a level of glory, why did you give it up?

We had already decided to do it. I don’t deny that we gave up the glory. Standing at the top position, we never thought about such problems, we just want to continue performing for a longer time. (Not wanting the glory, just wanting to stay in this line for a longer time). Now, we just want to form a new family, while working.

Upon hearing that you would be acting, many people mocked, “Why are you even acting?” but now, everyone is looking forward to your next project. The anticipation towards “Actor Park Yoochun” has increased.

I’ve received a lot of drama and movie scripts, but I’ve not had the time to look through every book. I will not pick a project on impulse, but discuss the good projects with people around me before making a decision. This situation arose because of the popularity of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” (laughs)

You are still a newcomer at the moment, so it’s inevitable that people are more critical about your acting. I think that this necessary in your path to becoming a good actor. But towards your own acting, were there times that you got really mad?

Of course there were. While shooting “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” I prepared a lot, but the director said that my acting skills were not up to par. Every time this happened, my mind would blank out. I really wanted to do well in front of the director, but when things did not go my way, I got really angry at myself.

After filming was completed, what was going through your mind?

Two days after completion, I was really unwell. For those two days, I stayed at home doing nothing, and I couldn’t even remember anything about the filming location. After I got better, it dawned on me, “Ah! My drama is over.” Initially, I wanted to know everyone’s reactions to my acting, so I switched on the computer and went online to look around, but it got a bit embarrassing so I shut it down. Other than that..Did I make any mistakes in front of the seniors? Or did I do anything wrong? Did I forget to bow to anybody? Things like that, I keep thinking back to the time when we were shooting, the people that I did not manage to extend courtesies to, I called them one by one to do so.

In this line, how long do you think you will work for?

During our concert in Japan, I suddenly asked myself, “How long can I hold on for?” Firstly, I thought about making my mom, brother, fans, members, and everyone else around me happy, and I want to do this until everyone is satisfied. But, a long time from now, when my mom is old and may even have difficulty walking, during then, I want to be by her side, taking care of her.”

You were able to win 3 awards, and this shows the power of your fans! But have you thought of the future, when your acting becomes recognized, will you be seeking even higher accolades?

This is why my burden is even heavier, and I feel sorry. During that time, I really felt really good, but I was really doubting if I won that award. Winning this award is a positive motivation for me.

Also, thinking back to the annual award shows, I realized that actors participating in popular projects win the big awards by doing only one project a year. However, I don’t think this way. I feel that since you win a big award, you should try to gain recognition by participating in various projects.

Being an actor or a singer, which do you think suits you more?

I like music and acting, not the profession of Actor or Singer. I started composing from middle school, and recently, even if I am not able to compose every night, I will still try to play the piano for a while. I recognize that I really love music. Once inspiration hits, I will start writing the tune out immediately. (Laughs.) With regards to acting, reading the script is a big burden, but once shooting begins, I immerse myself in it. Ah, I’m actually very interested (in acting.) I like both music and acting, and am interested in both, because they give me a sense of accomplishment.


We want to know what your plans are for this year

For the early part of the year, the worldwide album is to be released in US, and we plan to promote the album, and are also planning a concert world tour. During this time, I plan to pick a good project, and to prepare for a shoot, go for more acting classes, and meet the viewers via a television drama at the second half of the year. At the moment, Junsu is working on the musical “Tears of Heaven” and JYJ overseas activities, and Jaejoong also has plans to do a drama for the second half of the year.

Are you happy recently?

Will what I say be considered boring? But recently, I have been living an interesting life. I cherish every little thing, and I am very happy.

“I really want a girlfriend.”

JYJ member Park Yoochun’s new year wish : “I want to fall in love!”

Park Yoochun, with blood type O, had girlfriends with blood type O and blood type A before, and each relationship lasted for 3 years, and there was good understanding. Now, he wants to find a girlfriend that he can marry.

On the afternoon of the 13th, in an interview with, he mentioned, “My father’s health has not been good, and so far, I have never brought a girlfriend home to my parents. If I have a chance, before his condition worsens, I want to introduce (my girlfriend) to him.”

When asked about his ideal type, he said, “I want someone with a kind face, a person that gives a feeling of sunshine. Someone who loves the people around us, a family type, who can get along well with the relatives.

Recently, Park Yoochun has been rumored to be dating Sungkyunkwan Scandal co-star Park Minyoung. To this, Yoochun replied, “Truthfully, this is just a rumour.”

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(Ji Won Kim) Today, I worked with Junsu for the first time in a while~~ And he himself directed his own recording session... My heart felt warm seeing him more mature and proud than before (11:09pm KST)

(Ji Won Kim) There are so many people who are curious about that picture... We recorded two songs from Mozart that are going to be used for the bonus making film section of the Musical Concert DVD~^^* After consulting with Junsu on the two songs he really wanted to record, I was able to experience once more the amazing match made in heaven between Levay's music and Junsu. (12:03am KST)
(Kyong Seon Yi) @Sophykimm Even though it's only two songs, we'll be able to listen to the clean recorded version of Xiahzart's songs!! I'm glad ^_^ ..Around when will the DVD be released~? (12:30am KST)
(Ji Won Kim) @saylife We have been putting a lot of care into this DVD as it is our first, so this project has been going on for much longer than we expected~ It will need to be examined at Vienna first, but I believe it will be released around late-February^^ Please anticipate it (12:37am KST)

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Singers should be able to sing well. But now, stars who not only can sing well but who also have good acting skills have been gaining a lot of attention.

Recently, many idol stars have challenged their acting skills apart from being a singer.

JYJ member Park YooChun has strongly confirmed through the drama 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' that he has met the requirements to be an actor. 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' is his debut work, and this is not an exaggeration.

His role-playing in 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' as Lee Seon Jun could be considered as a perfect transition. It being a historical drama, (he) originally had expected to experience some difficulties, for example the difficulties of playing the handsome Lee Seon Jun who has a different feel from him but since (he) has already chosen it, (he) hoped to receive comments on his acting through the drama.

Kim JunSu has also challenged musicals yet again.

Through 'Mozart!’ he had no regrets showing off his singing prowess and strong acting skills. On the day of the launch of the ticket sales, all the seats had been sold out, showing a side of his ticketing power. Even the tickets for the musical 'Tears of Heaven' that he is participating in which will commence on February 1st were sold out in just five minutes after the ticket sales started, receiving hot responses from the public.

The high parts in 'Mozart!' cannot be easily done by most musical actors but he had transitioned into 'Mozart!' well.

With 'Mozart!' being a success, it has been implied that 'Tears of Heaven' would also be just as successful.

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TVXQ, with their perfect vocals and performances, swept across the major domestic (Korean) music charts and rankings, and it has been pointed out that Japan will also be swept up in the storm, following closely behind Korea.

On the 26th of January, the Japanese version of TVXQ's 'Why?' and the recorded Japanese version of the single 'Maximum' will be released in Japan. Recently, on the 12th of January, TVXQ has already released an iPhone application for 'Why?'.

The song has had a strong response. On Japan's most famous music site Mu-mo's ringtones ranking, (the song 'Why?') has maintained its first spot. In addition to Mu-mo, it has also been ranked at the top few positions on Japan's largest mobile phone service website.

On the 11th of January, 'Why?', which has become the theme song for the Japanese drama 'Beautiful Neighbour' will have its first broadcast there. The new song will highly be paid attention to, and it will be anticipated in Japan, with TVXQ setting off with a boom.

On the other hand, TVXQ has used only a week's time and they have won the first place on KBS's Music Bank on the 14th of January, setting a record. They will be appearing on all music shows and will have frequent activities.

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TVXQ member Choikang Changmin’s show of muscles has incited a big reaction from the fans.

TVXQ did a live performance of MBC’s Music Core on 15 January for the title track of their new album “Why (Keep Your Head Down),” putting up a surreal, powerful stage.

This day, TVXQ members used their exceptional vocals and showed a charismatic, luxurious performance, exuding various charms. This was especially so for member Choikang Changmin, whose Jacket Size showed off his chest muscles, inciting cheers from the female fans.

The manly U-know Yunho also showed off a powerful charm that is uniquely TVXQ.

Title track “Why” is a song with has powerful, masculine charm, and 3 days after release, took over the CD, digital music, MV and various charts, gaining a lot of love.

Also, TVXQ took the No. 1 spot at “Music Bank,” and cried tears of joy.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Having made a strong comeback last week, the boys of TVXQ are back on “Inkigayo” with yet another dominating performance of “Keep Your Head Down“.

Strengthened by their fans, Yunho and Changmin definitely gave their all for this hot stage.

Check it out below!

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JYJ’s Junsu revealed his honest thoughts regarding his kiss scene with Davichi’s Lee Haeri for their musical “Tears of Heaven.”

Junsu had unveiled his kiss scene with Lee Haeri during their “Tears of Heaven” practice on January 10th.

Junsu had also stated, “I think it’s hard showing an affectionate scene. I think an affectionate scene is the hardest for both genders.”

On this day, Junsu had only imitated a kiss, but he said that he will do his best for the actual kiss scene during the musical.

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Jaejoong from the male group JYJ said that he won a prize in a science competition during high school, and he’s proud of it.

At 11AM on 13 January, JYJ attended the ambassadors’ investiture for the robot competition held by FLL KOREA. After the ceremony, Jaejoong said, “When I heard that we were going to be the PR ambassadors, I was very concerned because this is something that all 3 members have been interested in since we were young.”

Later on, Jaejoong also expressed, “Although I’m not sure whether I should be proud of it, but I took part in a science competition during high school and won a prize for putting together a helicopter. FLL has reached this status today because of their work with the youths.”

When asked whether he has plans in participating, Jaejoong replied, “Now I’m already 26, 27 years old. If it were 10 years ago while I’m still a high school student, then I would want to participate and try but as it is now, isn’t it too hard? I already hear that there are a lot of creative youths so I’ll have doubts about whether I can compete with that,” drawing laughter from everyone.

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[artnews] In the new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Paradise Meadow’, Shim Changmin, who acts as the third generation in a powerful conglomerate family, reveals his “set of 3″ method in capturing women’s hearts, setting all the female hearts a-flutter.

Shim Changmin (Choikang Changmin), who plays Han Dong Joo, re-encounters Lee Da Ji (Lee Yeonhee), his first love, ex-wife, as well as ex-lover who loved then left him, and they begin living together again.

No matter how much he tells himself that he no longer has feelings for her, the situation still triggers memories of their love and against Lee Yeonhee, he started on a mission to “capture a woman’s heart”.

“Guardian angel” Shim Changmin’s first scene shows him “helping to wash hair”. He uses a water hose to wash off the head full of soapsuds on Lee Yeonhee, that she was unable to wash it off. In a situation where they live together with countless run-ins with each other, he doesn’t realize that (despite it all) all that is left is a warm and loving heart.

Although he looks at Lee Yeonhee with an expressionless face, his eyes conceal his smile, making the beautiful picture even more perfect.

Following that is the “bicycle date”. With the broad pavements along the shores of Jeju Island as the background, the way he looks as he rides the couple bicycle is definitely the image of a “guardian angle” in the eyes of every woman. Looking at Lee Yeonhee’s blissful smile and the expression on Shim Changmin’s face as he slowly falls in love, will make one smile unknowingly.

The third is to “play the guitar and sing only for her”. Particularly because he is now restarting his activities in the music scene as TVXQ, a lot more attention is being focused on Shim Changmin and this makes it even more worth anticipating his scene where he personally plays the guitar and sings.

Shim Changmin’s “capturing women’s hearts set of 3″ is the ideal model of a “guardian angle” to any woman. It stirs the hearts of those watching and makes one fall even deeper into the emotions of the drama. His first challenge in a drama, Shim Changmin’s charm is strongly displayed in ‘Paradise Meadow’, greatly increasing the anticipation for this drama.

‘Paradise Meadow’ is one of the less common Korean dramas as it was filmed completely before airing. 6 months was spent filming it, from 17 December 2009 until 26 May 2010, and this was subsequently followed by another 6 months of post-production work before final completion.

The first episode is set to air on 24 January at 8.50pm (KST).

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