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JYJ's cute photos of them posing in casual clothes were released recently.

After the pictures of JYJ members wearing shirts and jackets and posing like models were released, they immediately drew the cheers of the fans. Especially with Kim Junsu, who wore a yellow baseball jacket, it made one think of yellow baby chicks. His spaced out expression left a deep impression.

The fans who saw these pictures responded enthusiastically and left messages such as, "Junsu is too cute!", "As expected, the key to fashion is in the face", "They really do look good in anything", "I really can't wait to see the final photos", "Give us more pictures" and more.

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Junsu, who will be in “Tears of Heaven” musical, expressed thanks to Jaejoong and Yoochun

Before the actual performance for the musical “Tears of Heaven”, Junsu expressed his thanks to fellow JYJ members Jaejoong and Yoochun.

On the afternoon of 10th January, Junsu was interviewed in “Tears of Heaven” rehearsal room of Seoul Namsan Arts Center with the question, “There are a lot of troublesome matters recently. Who gave you the strength and motivation?”. His reply was “The JYJ members and fans gave me a lot of strength. The intensive schedule of Tears of Heaven’s rehearsals helped me to overcome the difficulties as well.” Recently, Junsu hinted his unhappiness towards the two-membered TVXQ through his Twitter account.

“Tears of Heaven” will be premiering on the 1st of February at the National Theatre of Korea. “Tears of Heaven”, a musical based on the Vietnam War, is about the love triangle between a Korean soldier Jun (played by Kim Junsu), a US Army Colonel Grayson (played by Brad Little) and a Vietnam singer Lynn (played by Lee Haeri). Junsu portrays the character Jun who struggles with his love, enduring sufferings.

Junsu said that the musical “Mozart” is a work presenting an era of the past while this time, “Tears of Heaven” is a story of reality and this sense of reality posed a difficulty that has to be presented.

Fellow co-star Brad Little appraised Junsu, saying, “Junsu is similar to American singer Cher. Cher, due to her performance in a musical, won an Oscar and thus became famous. Also, Junsu has a talent in creating good interactions and rapport with the audience.”

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it's the ending theme of a Japanese drama

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TVXQ has just kicked off their comeback activities, and as expected, their schedule is full to the bursting point. To stay on top of his numerous activities, it’s been revealed that Yunho has been receiving IV shots.

Yunho mentioned before that he had a fever, which was why he wasn’t able to perform 100%. He’s reported more than once that he was suffering from a cold that affected his throat and nose, and it’s gotten to the point where it’s difficult for him to even speak. Despite it all, Yunho impressed his staff members by performing live for the majority of their comeback.

On top of his musical activities, he’s also begun filming for his drama, “Poseidon“.

His dedication and drive demonstrates that Yunho has returned to his ‘rookie mindset’, as he wants to throw in 300% of his efforts into his work, despite his poor condition.

Take care of yourself, Yunho!

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The preview of "Journey" was released just a little over an hour ago. Now the full version is now available on online websites such as Bugs and Melon. "Journey" features Seohyun of SNSD, whose voice compliments well with the bass and tenor voice of U-know Yunho and Max Changmin of TVXQ.

The songs speaks of a couple who go on a trip together and go on a "journey". This track has been highly anticipated by fans as it gives a fresh look at TVXQ not found in the special version of the album.

"Journey" will also be used as the OST song for Max Changmin's upcoming drama "Paradise Ranch".

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According to Korean media reports, the normal version of TVXQ's new ablum 「Keep Your Head Down」, to be released on the 12th, will reveal a new song which features SNSD's Seohyun.

On the 5th of this month, TVXQ released a special version which includes a 100 page photo collection, and this new song will be included on the normal version that is to be released on the 12th. The additional song is "JOURNEY". A song which shows the "throbbing" of a loving couple who go on a trip together, it's a song that showcases the soft vocals of the TVXQ members.

With SNSD's member Seohyun featuring in this song, a "dream collaboration" with TVXQ has been realized. There has also been gathering interest for the fresh look of the TVXQ members which is not seen in the special version.

TVXQ will be promoting on various broadcast music shows - KBS Music Bank on the 14th, MBC Show! Music Core on the 15th, SBS Inkigayo on the 16th - and plans are being made for them to restart their activities.

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Haha, look at Minho getting into it XD

I believe this is at the recording at Music Countdown...?
i see handsome men *__*

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110107 KBS Music Bank

110108 MBC Music Core

110109 SBS Inkigayo

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Q: How will you change when you fall in love?

Though I will be a friend without limits to my girlfriend, I am the kind who would also like to know more about the person who also possesses interests and hobbies. That’s why after I have become aware of it, I will end up matching my hobbies and things that I like to be the same as that person. After we have found the things that we have in common and are together, it will become enjoyable. For love too… the thoughts of liking each other will grow to the extent of the many common values that are present.

Q: Why do guys give priority to their friends over their girlfriends?

For guys, their friends and girlfriends play different roles. Guys talk to their senpais about work, life, and their girlfriends (Boys Talk). But when their girlfriends are in front of them, because they want to be more manly, they do not wish to show their weak and stupid side. I guess they want to appear cool?

Q: What if you end up liking the same person as your friend?

If my friend were someone as close as ChangMin, I would give up. Because I do not want to quarrel with my friend, I am a good guy who wishes that that person will achieve happiness in the end! If it is ChangMin, since compared to me, he has a cooler face, and he is taller, I will surrender. (Laughs)

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Q: How would you approach the person that you like?

I will probably use my friends to make all the necessary arrangements. (Laughs)
Because I am poor at attacking methods which can be found out easily, I will get the people around me involved and will invite everyone out for a meal. On the other hand, if a girl were to approach me in that way I would be happy. Because the pressure will be low, we can naturally get comfortable with each other.

Q: What kind of special signs do you send to the person you like?

I think that for guys, there are 2 types. The type who positively sends out signs which show that they like the person and the type who searches for the other person’s feelings. For me, the type who thinks that it is a minus when you fall in love, I am the latter. In order to enquire about the other person’s attitude, I coldly return them back their mails. In order to attract my girlfriend’s attention, I send out signs which mean the opposite of what I feel. As I think that there are also perverse people like me, when the girl also does not just wait, I want to push them. (laughs)

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And in gorgeous high quality too! ^^

The musical Tears of Heaven, which will be unveiled on the 1st of next month at the Haeorum Theatre of the National Theatre of Korea, is the most anticipated thing of 2011. It took 3 years just to plan it. The cost of production is also over 5 hundred million won. Frank Wildhorn is the composer, directors include Gabriel Berry as well as other creators who are the cream of the crop in the Broadway world. Going back and forth between 5 countries (America, England, Czech Republic etc.), it is also no easy feat for the team and the creative team to adjust to each other.

The story for “Tears of Heaven” takes place in Vietnam. It is about a love triangle between a Vietnamese woman, a Korean soldier and an American colonel. Since the planning stages, they have been intending to expand this musical to the rest of the world.

It is also exceptional that the OST was released before the performance is opened. Compared to everything else, the fact that top talents musical actor Brad Little (47) and Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu, 24), who is gaining popularity as a musical actor, will be standing on the same stage together has become a big conversational topic.

“I am jealous of Kim Junsu.” = A foreigner is appearing in a Korean Musical? That is another point worth noting about Tears of Heaven. Brad Little is handling the role of an American colonel. It is so that it will be as realistic as possible. Because Brad Little will be the actor, there was no objection about that decision.

Brad Little has played the lead in the Phantom of the Opera 2200 times and is a prominent figure in the Broadway world as an actor with the best ability. His bountiful volume and thick vocal color which attracts the audience makes one’s heart tremble. He was also in Korea while performing “The Phantom of the Opera” in 2005 and “Jekyll and Hyde” in 2009, and has secured a faithful fan base.

The interview of Little and Kim Junsu took place on the 10th at Seoul’s Namsan Art Centre. The first question was, “Because of the differences in the language, were there any difficulties faced during communications?”

Kim Junsu said, “I don’t think that a Korean soldier who has been dispatched to Vietnam will be able to speak English well. It seems that it would be more natural if I were lacking in that aspect and so I just did it with a comfortable attitude, without trying too hard.”
Brad Little said, “Within the work (script) itself, there are no problems. But to be honest, while working, there are various inconvenient areas. However, the tension due to the differences in language and culture makes me excited. It is also interesting to know random “Konglish”. I would like to take part in Korean musicals again in the future.”

Debuting in 1988 with “Anything Goes”, Little is a veteran with 23 years of experience. On the other hand, Kim Junsu has enjoyed great popularity in Asia as DBSK, but through participating in the musical “Mozart!” last year, this is his second musical as a newcomer. Wouldn’t there be a sense of difference?

Little confessed, “(Kim Junsu) acts with so much passion that I am jealous of him.” He added, “The parts about him which attract women are really good to the extent that I would like to be like him.”

Kim Junsu said, “It is a real honour for me to be able to stand on the same stage with Little, whom I was only able to watch on videos. Even when acting trivial parts, (Little) is very sincere about even the small sections. When he acts angry, even the rehearsal room becomes icily cold. He releases intense energy and I feel like I am sucked into that acting. I would like to emulate his voice, his ability to connect with the other actors, the way he takes care of his health etc.”

“I want to guide that genuineness”= Little seems to have become half Korean. “Kimbab, Kimchi Pancake and bulgogi are really delicious.” He is aware that his nickname is “Bread Ahjusshi” as his name sounds similar to the English word for Bread.

As expected, everyone is curious about the secret to singing well.
Little said, “I try to read the lyrics repeatedly many times. Then a distinctive rhythm will arise. That is what I use to support the melody. It is not about asking how coolly you should sing it, but it is through asking how you will be able to deliver it (to the audience) that the magic of the songs of the musical is manifested.” He also suggested that he would like the take part in “The Man of La Mancha” next.

Kim Junsu has already sold out 45000 tickets through his 15 performances of “Mozart!”. His ability to sell tickets this time remains unchanged. At the end of last year, during the first round of ticket sales, 10,000 tickets were sold in 5 minutes, setting a record. He seems to be absorbed in Musicals.

“The energy, strength and joy that the musical exudes is overflowing in my heart. Not being myself, but transforming into some other kind of role, and that is not just acting, but also dancing with, moving to and behaving towards the songs, and through that I think the musical is filled with all aspects of the arts.”

Junsu also clearly replied about the differences between this and singing as a singer, “In the past, when I was singing, I did it merely to show my ability. But while doing the musical, I have learnt how important a virtue “self-control” is.”

Junsu also did not hide that he feels burdened with regards to the star casting and the high pay. “Even though I am a musical actor… if a young person who has never done musicals before were to come suddenly and become the main character, then I don’t think that would look nice. But that is not the problem of how I will be able to do it, isn’t it. When I am rehearsing, when I am standing on the stage, it is not about just going through it briefly once, but I really show that I try my best. And other then giving my reply through showing that, I don’t think there is another way.”

Kim Junsu used the word “sincerity” many times. “Since young, I have dreamt of becoming a musical actor. Even though I am still lacking, I would like to be acknowledged as a proper musical actor. While possessing sincerity and attachment towards it, I am focusing on the musical. I will show that I am taking a big step.”

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