Saturday, December 11, 2010

[INFO] 101211 DBSK/TVXQ Symbaloo Webmix

Benny Luo has created a DBSK Symbaloo Webmix due to popular demand!

But he needs the help of Cassiopeia! He wants everybody to suggest what 2 links to place on the 2 remaining empty tiles at the bottom! It can be forums or blogs but please make sure that they are popular and well known!

You can suggest to Benny Luo on his Twitter ( or E-mail him.

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[TRANS] 101211 MASTER POST - JYJ Twitter Update

Junsu wants to celebrate Xiahday with fans, nawwww
(Junsu) @Xiahday Although I wont be attending, I'll always treasure your great love in my heart..^^ Thank you so much..and I love you all. (4:48pm KST)

lol Kim Junsu, you're an awesome brother *nudges*
(Junho) ^^This isn't the only kind of thing I do, all of a sudden, I find myself walking on the runway these days keke It still feels awkward... (4:38pm KST)
(Junsu) @iamzunoya Hyung~ What's this? Were you on the runway? (5:50pm KST)

(Junho) @0101xiahtic The thing I asked you to do for me.. what's happened to it..ㅜㅜ I want to believe that it's well under way!!! (6:00pm KST)
(Junsu) @iamzunoya I'm in the process of writing it.. so wait~ (7:12pm KST)

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