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On-Site Interview held at KST 8:16pm 110106

Park YooChun: “I am also curious why he wrote that? Why did he do that?”
Kim Junsu: “This year I will show a better image of myself.”

Kim Junsu expressed his feelings through twitter, using his words sparingly, showing caution.

On the 6th, at some place in Seoul, they intended to give New Year Greetings to the reporters due to their soon to be released Music Essay album. Today, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Kim JaeJoong with bright expressions said, “Happy New Year and Take care of us this year”.

But Kim Junsu did not give any reply to the question, “Why did you write those kind of things on Twitter?” which was asked by a reporter. And in response to the reporter which asked Junsu “What kind of feelings did you have when you were writing those tweets?”, Park YooChun who was beside Junsu also added in, asking Junsu, “I am also curious why you wrote that? Why did you do that?” Kim Junsu mustered a smile and with a stiff expression said, “I should go now”, and left his seat.

These are words, said after the greetings, with regards to the separate activities that the 3 members of JYJ and 2 members of DBSK are carrying out now. Kim Junsu said, “Last year, many bad things happened and it seems that there were also trials and errors. But this year, I will show a better image of myself.”
Kim JaeJoong said, “We should have kindled good disputes, I am sorry that we caused many bad disputes.”

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JYJ Xiah Junsu’s recent series of ambiguous tweets have alarmed fans, as they may have been directed at TVXQ’s leader Yunho.

On December 6th, Xiah Junsu wrote on his Twitter, “Until now, I kept believing that it wasn’t true, I believed that (it) was the enemy of all five of us, but I guess it wasn’t really the enemy of all. To see that (they) expressed their gratitude to something I thought was both our enemies.. I guess a lot of things happened in the time we weren’t together. This is so tiring.”

He continued, “I keep wanting to think, hear, and see only good things, but it’s very hard to do that today. Even though we’ve been apart, you know that wasn’t right, hyung. We thought the same. Why are you being like this.”

In TVXQ’s ‘Thanks to’ section of their new album, Yunho expressed his gratitude towards SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man. Yunho also wrote, “Lastly~ You’ve been waiting a long time, right? Our Cassiopeia! I’m really really thankful that you waited for us to spring back. I heard this somewhere, but I heard it’s best to rest a bit before climbing a wider and taller mountain! Everyone~ Should we all hold each others’ hands tightly and climb up together? I’m so thankful, and thankful once more~ Lastly Changmin-ah~ You’d know even if I don’t say it, right? I love you! I get so much strength when you’re next to me. Should we show them how much we’ve grown? Okay! TVXQ’s second coming starts now!”

Additionally, Jaejoong was noted to have also changed his Twitter profile description to, “You keep your head up and keep an open mind”, and he tweeted, “I’m just hoping to be. I close my eyes, ears.” Many are speculating that these words were in reference to TVXQ’s comeback title track, “Keep Your Head Down.

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YEAH!!! For JYJ and HoMin!!!

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A writer for MBC’s variety program, “Radio Star“, has become entangled in a controversy with JYJ fans over a series of tweets she wrote on her personal Twitter account.

She wrote, “Honestly, you guys really need to fail. That’s the only way the world can continue revolving around promises and loyalty. Your excuse stating, ‘They did not treat us like human beings,’ is only because you guys weren’t humans to begin with. Don’t act like you’re the victim, sociopaths. I hate you guys so much, I can’t even sleep! This is the first time in my life I’ve ever seen someone as disgusting as you guys.”

Netizens immediately criticized her tweets by leaving comments such as, “As a variety program writer, she should not be speaking as if she knows everything that is going on with the members. No matter how personal her thoughts are, it’s shared in a public environment online, and it’s extremely embarrassing to the JYJ members,” and “She also previously wrote, ‘I feel like throwing up, I feel disgusted even reading your lyrics. I’m miserable, my parents are watching the drama I hate the most (“Sungkyunkwan Scandal“), and I can’t even change the channel. It’s not like they know my anger.‘”

Livid fans flocked to the “Radio Star” message board and scolded the writer furiously, which led to a formal apology. “I’d like to apologize. It’s public, but I didn’t think that so many people would read my tweets. I really am pathetic. Since it was just a pathetic instance from a pathetic person, please be generous with your understanding. Since it’s the New Year now, let’s put this in the past. Have a Happy New Year.”

She has since deactivated her Twitter account.

No JYJ or HoMin bashings please~ TQ!!

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Jaejoong's recommendation - "Cry if you feel tired"

Junsu's recommendation - "A phrase that became the source of strength in my life"

Yoochun's recommendation - "Healing Photo"

t/n: This is from a Chinese trans , so titles of the books might not be exact.This is the rest of the post

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01/05 Album - TVXQ 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)'
01/07 Magazine - TVXQ 'K-pop Features 2011'
01/12 Magazine - TVXQ 'Elle Girl February Edition'
01/16 Magazine - JYJ Special Interview 'Hallyu TOP March Edition'
01/17 CD+Book - JYJ 'Their Rooms : JYJ Music Essay'
01/18 Magazine - TVXQ 'K★sta Press Vol.2'
01/19 DVD - Yunho 'Goong: The Musical Special Edition DVD'
01/20 Magazine - TVXQ 6-Page Spread ' March Edition'
01/21 Magazine - JYJ Cover + Special Edition 'KBOOM March Edition'
01/24 Magazine - TVXQ Cover + Special Edition ' GQ Japan March Edition'
01/25 Single Volume Edition Book - Park Yoochun 'The Life Of A SungKyunKwan Scandal Scholar (1) [The drama's original book]
1/26 Individual - TVXQ's new individual activities
2/16 Special Edition - Yunho 'Goong: The Musical VIP Program Guide'

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This is another batch of tweets I'm leaving up to you guys to interpret
(Junsu) Till now, I believed that.. it wasn't true.. it couldn't be true.. We all used to share the same thought that.. they are the enemy of all five of us ..It seems they were not the enemy to all of us.. To show thanks.. to that which we all once considered to be our enemy... Many things must have happened during the times we were not together.. I feel so worn out; (5:27pm KST)

(Junsu) I'm trying to think.. hear.. and see only good things.. I've been doing that till now.. But I'm finding that so hard to do today.. Though we are apart ..This isn't right hyung... We used to share the same thoughts.. Why.. Why.. Why are you doing this.. (5:30pm KST)

(Junsu) I must love everything.. I must embrace everything.. I must embrace all of that.. That's what I should do.. ^^ (6:40pm KST)

(Junsu) On our beautiful dream, all this is, is an ordeal we must face right now.. When the flowers fall, we will start again.. start again.. start again.. again.. we have to (6:42pm KST)

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This is hilarious! Who knew such stuff would appear on Korean National News! ^^ Lol~

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TVXQ releasing new song triggered outbreak of responses worldwide.

On the 3rd, the hit song Why (Keep Your Head Down) was first revealed on music websites such as Bugs, Dosirak, Ment, seeping first place. In addition, on the 4th, the MV is released in Korea, as the most clicked on, most responses, most viewed and other comments making it 1st in rankings.

At that same time for TVXQ, not only in Korea, but with Asia as the center, received fans’ support from around the world. In Japan, Taiwan, Hong kong, Canada, England, France, Spain, Russia and other countries around the world, Why MV was ranked first as the day’s most searched for video.

Especially today (the 5th) releasing TVXQ new album “WHY” special edition through online ranking system placing first in most searched and album sales, strengthening TVXQ’s prospects.

TVXQ will start their official activities through the 7th on KBS 2TV Music Bank ,8th MBC Music Core and 9th SBS-TV Inkigayo

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apologizes for a late reply. It took some time to verify the information. Since we unexpectedly aired the New Year special “Dr. Lee Seo Hyung’s 80 minute Miracle” on January 4th, we had to adjust all of our programs. We will let you know the airing date of our JYJ special as soon as we make a decision.

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파라에서 와인한잔을...
In Paris, a glass of wine...

오늘밤도 좋은 노래와...친구하세요
Tonight also, a good song with friends

1. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
2. Say Goodnight - Beth Nielsen Chapman
3. Questions - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
4. Breath ~想いの容量~ (Breath~소우이노 요우료우~) - Breath ~생각의 크기~ - 소웰루
5. Silly Lily, Funny Bunny - Maximilian Hecker
6. 정류장 - 패닉
7. 천국은 결코 멀지 않아요 - 팔로알토
8. Not Going Anywhere - Keren Ann
9. If No One Will Listen - Keri Noble
10. 가을로 - 타우
11. Fall in Love - Repair Shop
12. 아픔 - 러브홀릭스
13. 슬픈 인연 - 공일오비
14. 현관을 열면 - 배치기

I love Flightless Bird too!! Which song do you like??

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