Sunday, December 5, 2010

[TRANS] 101205 Radio 21 Announcement

Radio 21, which played JYJ/TVXQ songs for hours last night til this morning, and is one Jaejoong and Junsu personally thanked to earlier today through their twitter, had made an announcement on its website.
Below is translation from Japanese:

2010-12-05 02:19:43

Soar JYJ, we will become your wings!

We will be playing JYJ full songs for the fans.
Between 2:20 am and 10am, we will officially broadcast JYJ’s music that is now unable to be played on regular broadcasting networks.

Of course, both sides have problems… there are a lot of things they ought to say to each other.
However, for SM which has a representative Mr. Lee Soo Man, who was once a singer himself, to block songs of members that it has raised itself, no matter what the reason is, we see a huge problem with such action.

As once a singer himself, he ought to know music more than anyone, so for him to behave like this, we find it very hard to comprehend. On top of that he also in a position as a senior and a parent.

As such, Radio 21 will present to you unlimited repeat of JYJ songs, that have not been able to be played officially before, until 10 o’clock in the morning.

Also from now on, we promise that as long as there are requests from listeners, we will play JYJ songs in all our programs at anytime.

Participating in this activity itself is giving power.

And we have made a new category for this. Fans please make a title for the category. … for now, we are temporarily calling it “with JYJ”.

Radio 21 has until now did our best to minimize broadcasting J-Pop.
However JYJ’s J-Pop is something to be proud of.
Sure enough we want to always present to you JYJ’s J-Pop.
Though we are inadequate, from here onwards Radio21 wants to be of assistance to help guarding everyone’s JYJ.

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[PHOTOS]101204 Yunho Goong Musical Part 2

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[TRANS] 101201 Moon Hee Joon "Why Can't YoungWoong Jaejoong Be Confident Like Moon Geun Young?"

Moon Hee Joon showed his gratitude towards actress Moon Geun Young.

On SBS' 'Strong Heart'(MC Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi) on November 30th, Moon Hee Joon seemed excited as he said, "This is the first time in 15 years that Moon Geun Young said she is a fan of mine. I'm so thankful."

Moon Hee Joon also said, "Some of my fans are also stars with immense popularity who might surprise you all. For example, TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong was a fan of mine who really liked me," and "Every concert, he'd be the handsome guy holding a white balloon in the crowd."

He continued to say, "Everytime YoungWoong Jaejoong was asked who his idol was, I'd listen intently just in case he said my name, but he would list only foreign artistes. Why can't he confidently say that he's a fan of mine like Moon Geun Young?" He elicited laughter from the audience when he added, "Moon Geun Young brings honor to the Moon family lineage. She is a small but great person."

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[TRANS] 101205 Jo Sung Ha praises Yoochun’s acting skills in an interview

Q: From your point of view as a senior actor, among the four main leads in the drama (SungKyunKwan Scandal) whose acting skills has improved the most?

A: Yoochun is the one whose acting skills has improved the most. This is the first time for Yoochun to act in a drama, in fact he started his career as a singer but not as an actor. Whenever I chat with him, I found out that he has a lot of ideas about acting. His attitude is like that too. Besides that, he shows keen interest in film industry. It is totally different when being an actor and a singer. I think his appearance alongside with his potential in acting, he will become an actor with real abilities in the future. In addition, he has improved a lot in the end. The gaze I perceived from him is totally different from the time when I first acted with him and the last time we acted together. It is not easy to achieve that.

(T/N: Jo Sung Ha plays the role of King Jeongjo in SungKyunKwan Scandal)

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[PHOTOS[ 101204 Yunho - Goong Musical Part 10

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[PHOTOS] 101204 Yoochun - Sung Pil and Gun Young's Twitter Update

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[TRANS] Akio Iwama Talks about Kim Jaejoong

Akio Iwama is a good friend of Jaejoong and always call him ‘Prince’. He works in accessory company in Tokyo.
Below is compilation of his tweets, but I managed them to be like a blog entry.

I like positive people. Prince is a really positive person. So when I talk to him, I feel good. It’s really fun.

They say “Hasn’t prince got to be so skinny??”, but when I think of what he faced on the hard schedule and all those pressure, I guess he couldn’t help it.

Huh? My first impression of him? Well, I already told him too about this. I thought he was a foreign student. A university student. He looked like an international student from South Korea (laughs) Probably because his casual outfit. When it comes to the same-sex, I will not deeply observe on the face look. Seriously. He dressed just simple and casually, if I’m not mistaken, he was wearing washed jeans and T-shirt. He also didn’t cover his face with cap or sunglasses.

(to help you imagine the Uni student figure of Jaejoong XD)

Perhaps it was 3~4 years ago (T/N: when he first met Jaejoong). But then, my memory is really uncertain. I was impressed with his broken and short Japanese.

(kibounhikari)@akionosuke have you seen prince in private time?
(akionosuke)@kibounhikari He treats me like a very close friend. And I’m thankful about it.

(TVXQ0414)@akionosuke I guess Jaejoong first met you when he went on a shopping at your accessories store, how is my idea?
(akionosuke)@TVXQ0414 It is like that.

(kun4114)@akionosuke When I checked people whom Jaejoong followed, you are the only man who is Japanese, so you are pretty conspicuous.
(@akionosuke)@kun4114 Oh, Prince! He must knew that.(XD)

The fact that I’m able to talk to thousand of his fans in this short period of time, I think it’s really great too. I received my full energy from you guys (laughs). When finally we met each other after a long time, I told him, “You’re just too popular, aren’t you?” (T/N: in which Jaejoong replied) “What? Ahahaha! There’s no such a thing (laughs)” I’m impressed with his shy smile.

By the way, that was a 30cm♡ distance conversation. Since it was a 30cm, and we’re just too close, there’s nothing I can see but his eyes.

Why there are a lot of smell fetish around here! Eh well, but I don’t think he put any perfume. He smelled like a freshly washed shirt. I’m sure because I have a good nose. His smell is just refreshing, in my opinion. When I looked closely to him, my only saying was “Contact lenses?” It was ♡

From what I see, I think he’s someone who concern about care treatment to himself. Yet he’s still very natural. I have quite mysterious image about him.
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