Sunday, December 26, 2010

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This is a video made by a fan to wish all the Cassiopeias in the world and of course our beloved TVXQ Happy Anniversary!

Thanks to Beanutts for making this video!

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An Indonesian Cassie left us today. She said 'Happy 7th Anniversary TVXQ' before she passed away. May you rest in peace Aizy, your wish will come true one day.

"Happy 7th Annivesary TVXQ. Hopefully you guys can come together again and become TVXQ as ever. I dont know anything about you because this is my sister's last wish. AKTF! She will always support you from heaven. "

Keeping the faith until the very end.

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Be prepared for extreme blood loss.
Brb, going to calm myself down *_*

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*Support for Children affected by the Haiti Earthquake

We thank you for the interest and love you have sent to these children. Your donation will be a great help in protecting the lives and health of these children as well as bettering their future. UNICEF wishes to help the children of the world suffering from poverty and disease with the help of you, the patrons of the world who love children. We hope you continue to support UNICEF and its work in the future. And we notify the confirmation of your donation below.

UNICEF Korean Committee Chairman Hyeon Seung Jong

Donation Payment Receipt
by International TVXQ Fans
Amount: 2,118,810 Won
Date: 2010-12-10

The above donation has been received.

PROJECT I:LOVE - International fans: Looking Over TVXQ Eternally


26 December 2010, South Korea - When the devastating earthquake of 12 January hit Haiti eleven months ago, international TVXQ fan communities banded together to make a difference for the wounded, the sick and the homeless child survivors of the disaster. Thanks to the generosity of TVXQ fans around the world, we have successfully raised KRW2,118,810 and donated it to UNICEF Korea, who will use it to better the lives of these children.

Since their debut 7 years ago, the members of TVXQ have been role models of generosity and love to us fans, inspiring us to follow their lead and lend a hand to those in need. Reaching out through every Internet platform - blogs, forums, social networking sites - hundreds and thousands of fans connected and came together for the Haiti cause.

Eleven months on from the disaster, international humanitarian organizations have reported that despite the tangible signs of recovery in Haiti, there is a continued need for basic humanitarian assistance to counter issues like water deprivation, starvation, health and sanitation, as well as livelihood recovery. The expected time frame for Haiti's full recovery from this crisis is estimated to be between 7 to 10 years.

As such, we hope that this money donated by the TVXQ fans will be put to good use in aiding the children in Haiti, as well as encourage more people to support all the courageous survivors of this disaster. For more information on how the project came about, please visit this site: or contact us at:

Jeesoo Lim
Staff, Korean Translator
Tohosomnia Forums

프로젝트 I:LOVE - International fans: Looking Over TVXQ Eternally
국제팬: 영원히 동방신기를 지켜보다

2010년 12월 26일까지 보류된 프로젝트

2010년 12월 26일 - 11달 전, 1월 12일의 파괴적인 강진이 아이티를 덮쳤을때, 동방신기의 국제 팬커뮤니티들이 재난 지역에 있는 아프고 집을 잃은 아이들을 돕기 위해 모였었습니다. 지구 곳곳에 있는 동방신기 팬들의 마음 덕분에, 저희는 성공적으로 2,118,810원을 모은 후 이 아이들을 도울 수 있는 UNICEF Korea에 기부했습니다.

7년전의 대뷔일부터 지금까지, 동방신기 멤버들은 팬들에게 모범적인 사랑과 기부 정신을 보여주었고, 우리는 이들을 따라 여러움을 겪고 있는 사람들을 도우려 나섰습니다. 블로그, 펜페이지, 소셜네트워크 사이트 등, 사용할 수 있는 모든 인터넷 통신방법을 통해 수천명의 팬들을 연결하여, 아이티를 위해 모였었습니다.

11달이 지난 지금, 아이티가 회복하고 있다는 유형의 증거가 있음을 불구하고, 국제기관들은 물부족, 굶주림, 건강과 위생시설, 생계수단 회복과 같은 문제를 해결하기 위해선 지속적인 인도적 지원이 필요하다고 전합니다. 아이티가 완전히 회복하려면 7년에서 10년까지 걸릴 수 있다고 합니다.

이러기에, 동방신기 팬들이 기부한 돈이 아이티에 있는 아이들을 도우는데 잘 쓰여지길 바라며, 저희 기부로 인해 강진의 생존자들을 향한 응원이 더 뜨거워지길 바랍니다. 이번 프로젝트에 대해 더 알고 싶으시면 저희 사이트( )로 오시거나 아래에 기재된 이메일을 연락하시면 됩니다.

스태프, 한국어 번역가
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The person who wrote this is a fan of BEAST.
She met Yoochun on the day of Daegu's Fansign.

After watching movie with my friend, I suddenly craved for sausage, so we went to a nearby store.

While we were eating, two guys with strong physique and a man with tiny face suddenly entered the store and sat somewhere opposite me.

When I saw the man with tiny face, I thought he looked like Kang Dong Won, however...... oh... This guy resembled Park Yoochun... He really was Park Yoochun!

His face was really small, and had exquisite facial features. His smile was beautiful.
When he entered the store, he chuckled as he looked at the TV, then he called someone, 'I'm in Daegu eating sausage...'

My friend and I felt suprised, so our eyes were fixed on Yoochun. I even exchanged glances with him, then I greeted him 'Hello'. He smiled to me.

A lady, two strong men, and Yoochun, four of them had come together to have sausage. I've never thought of artist will come to eat sausage too~~

An old lady entered the shop to sell chewing gums and candies. She first came to my place, and I bought chewing gum from her. Then she went over to Yoochun's place...
Yoochun greeted the old lady first, '(with a bright smile) Hello!'
Old lady, '¥%……&**' (T/N: LOL. I think the author couldn't hear clearly what the old lady said)
The first strong man paid her 10 thousand won, the second man took a candy and put it on the table.
Yoochun who was clueless took another candy from the old lady, so the first guy didn't take back the change.

When the old lady was about to leave, Yoochun said to her, 'May you have good health!' (How polite Yoochun was!)

Credits: TVXQBaidu + Micky Bar
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
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To: Haroo (one day)~

It is near the end of my performance, having to trouble you guys till the end, and prepare the presents for me, I really appreciate it. The staff and actors, I also feel thankful to them! Always support and help me till the end, it is great! and so~ Merry Christmas!

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Ai Fukuhara who is famous in Japan is obsessed with Korean idols recently. She can tell every name of TVXQ, futhermore, she said 'Dong Bang Shin Ki Chang Min' in Korean clearly during the interview. The reporter who knew she has no problem in using mandarin during interview, as she stays in China for a long time, teased her, 'You speaks so fluently when you said "Dong Bang Shin Ki Chang Min", as if you are speaking mandarin.' After hearing that, she answered the reporter wisely, 'Let's use Korean next time during interview.'

T/N: Ai Fukuhara is a popular Japanese table tennis player

D.O.B: 01.11.1988
Height: 155cm
Weight: 48kg
Nationality: Japan
Year of Debut: 1998
World rankings position: #9
Nickname: ceramic doll
Player whom she respects: Nan Wang
Ideal type: Choikang Changmin from TVXQ

Credits: TVXQBaidu
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Here is a subbed video of our boys debut stage on December 26th, 2003. Changmin was only 15 years old, can you believe it? Yunho still had his goofy rabbit teeth~ Junsu's powerful voice is still the same~ They were all so young and cute! Hahaha~ ^^

We at DBSKnights would like to wish you a very
We hope you are enjoying your holiday and wish you the best of health!

The DBSKnights Team
Happy 7th Anniversary, DBSK!
Please keep looking at me with the same eyes...always and forever like this.

DBSK Photo Spam (200 photos each part)
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Total of 2555 photos
Celebrating TVXQ's 2555th day ^^

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I am going to sleep now^^ Wrote lyrics with the piano^^ And alcohol!! It was fun for a while!! When I wake up, I should be spending the whole day at home alone~ don't even have someone to meet~like a girlfriend~hahaha~ it is just comfortable being alone!!^^ It is comfortable being alone^^
[KST 9:22am]

[KST 2.22pm]

I was at the ski resort~^^ But it seems that it has been almost 13 years since I last went to this ski resort to play...hahaha;;
[KST 2.26pm]

Are you people in Japan having a good day?
[KST 11.30pm]

I was alone at home today so there wasn't anyone to help take photos of me~ Sorry~
[KST 11.35pm]

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