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When the interview was coming to an end, we asked JYJ to participate in Sports Chosun’s ‘Star&Handwritten Message’ special corner. Though we provided them with pens of every color, the three members all chose black to write their messages. They wrote ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘We hope the last month of this year is a happy one for you’ and ‘Be happy in 2011!’ What are JYJ’s plans for the end of this year and the beginning of next year?
Junsu is planning to solidify his position as a musical actor with his participation in the musical ‘Tears of Heaven’. He stated, “I have to do well. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like falling behind others, no matter what is given to me.” He wants to be able to end it without feeling unsatisfied, and certainly with no regrets, and he hopes his efforts will fill his pride a little.

Yoochun will be prioritizing his work as JYJ but is thinking of continuing his work as an actor through a drama or a movie.

The same goes for Jaejoong, who was a hit in the Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’. Because both have put JYJ activities as their priority, they will have to concede to each other.

To be honest, 2010 was not a smooth year for JYJ. There wasn’t a single thing that was easily accessible to JYJ due to various events such as natural disaster that made what used to be easily attainable the unattainable. But they had to work hard in order to not disgrace the name of TVXQ and the members. Each time an adversity faced them, the members stuck together and brought about amazing results. Junsu stated, “At first, we weren’t expecting much and it felt like we were walking down a narrow path but I believe the year ended well. I think what happened this year will give us the energy to work harder in the future.”

JYJ will be officially releasing their album in the US in mid-January. Afterwards, they plan on holding an Asia tour in countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong. Though they’ve had many overseas schedules already from their days as TVXQ, so many that they’ve renewed their passports three times, they still enjoy riding airplanes and they’ve vowed to continue to work hard on scheduling more domestic activities. Jaejoong stated, “We have to be loved by our mother country. I do hear that I’m popular overseas, and there are times when the other members are envious of my popularity. But Yoochun and Junsu both were a hit through their drama and musical. Though international fans are important, I want to be loved by my home country.“

JYJ’s New Year’s Resolution was quite simple. Becoming happier and straightening things out a little. Jaejoong said, “In the end, things have worked out well but there was much sorrow in the process. And there were mistakes that could be called failures. As this is just the process of building the strong foundation for this new road we’re walking on, we won’t be expecting much success and we won’t be greedy.”

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Part 1 is here. The first few paragraphs have been overlapped because Changmin's answer follows on from Yunho's response where Part 1 ended.

Q: You've matured so much, can we expect you to offer something new in the days to come?
YH: Yeah! Be it singing or dancing, Changmin will take from me what is uniquely mine and I will do the same. We'll learn from one another and keep progressing.

CM: Up till today, we've put an immense amount of effort into recording and rehearsing. There is nothing in this world that will ever be 100% satisfactory, and that's basically what we're going to keep in mind as we restart our activities as a duo. It's not that we're giving ourselves excuses… we hope to improve through projecting the joy of singing, undergoing a change in our style and doing our very best.

YH: The most important thing for us is singing in harmony. All along, we've held the highest and lowest parts and we questioned whether or not we'd be able to adopt to the change. Sometimes we'd get anxious over that. I'm working towards making my voice sound more masculine and Changmin is learning to refine his. Of course, it's not all that simple, but the outcome was better than we had expected.

CM: I've always thought that my voice went pretty well with Yunho's (laughs), we'll maintain the style TVXQ has always had whilst also bringing our fans something that belongs solely to the two of us! I can genuinely feel a sense of security.

YH: I think we proved that at SMTown. As long as you don't give up, you'll have the strength to overcome anything. Of course, messages like 'Fighting, we'll always wait for you' also motivated us. In order to repay our fans, we've reverted back to the mindset from when we first started out, we're going to face this like we're rookies and it's our debut.


CM: I used to always be the youngest one, but recently I've been working with people who are even younger than me. On top of that, there are now some members of staff who follow me when I'm working on my individual activities. Since I have new responsibilities, I hope to share some of Yunho's responsibility besides simply being a member of TVXQ.

YH: Changmin has really begun to exude the aura of a leader recently… sometimes he acts more like the hyung than I do (laughs). Changmin is an adult now and we're equal, as long as it's his decision, I won't have a problem with it. This means that I now have more time and there's a new type of atmosphere between the two of us. It makes me really happy.

Q: So Changmin's days as the maknae are over?
CM: I'm not bragging in any way. Age and experience go hand in hand and so Yunho will always be better. I don't think 2 or 3 years is enough for an artist to really develop. It's a continuous process and you'll get better over time. Right now, I have to really focus and give my 100%, I think I can do that.

Q: Given the circumstances, is there any aspect where you feel you could make a breakthrough?
CM: Be it singing or acting, as a 22 year old male, I want to further express the sentiments of romantic love. Even though it sounds so mature, it's just something I've had on my mind. Whether it is love I'm experiencing now or emotions from past relationships, I think what I need to do now is to fully express it, that's something I didn't used to do.

Q: Ah. When have you been in a relationship in the past? Are you in one now?
CM: Haha, it's a shame. It's been so cold this winter… I feel myself being chilled to the bone (laughs).

Q: I see that learning to dodge the question is another sign of you maturing
CM: Well, Yunho will be taking part in his musical this Christmas, I hope I'll have something to do too.

Q: I heard that the two of you are still living together?
YH: Yeah, we're like brothers (laughs). We used to sleep in the same room, but now we've separated. We'll eat together whenever we have time and play video games that we take from the staff, or we'll watch DVDs and sports programmes, and argue with one another.

Q: Haven't you ever thought of dating?
YH: I don't have that kind of luck! But I really want to get married, if I ever meet the right person, I'd definitely confess. Like I said, this year was like a turning point. Next year will mark the beginning of our activities; it'll be an important year for myself and for TVXQ and it'll give us the opportunity to further ourselves.

Q: Seeing as it's a time of adjustment, is there anything you'd like to say?
YH: Rather than saying it's been a difficult year, more than anything, it's been lonely. There's no real reason for it other than the simple fact that there are some things that only we ourselves would know and understand. I think Changmin feels the same. I promised myself that 'I'll continue to work hard from now on. In order to repay all the people who have continued to support us, we must come back.'

CM: None of the smiles you see are genuine, it's because I have no choice; it's the only thing I can do.* I'll bring myself to the next level and I'll learn to spread my wings and fly. My dream has always been and will always be the same, as part of TVXQ, I hope to produce music that will go down in history. That's how Yunho and I feel.

* Putting a smile on my face like this is no easy feat, without absolute focus, one could not possibly hope to accomplish anything.
(A/N: Please bear in mind that I translated this interview from the Chinese version, not the original Japanese. I've checked 3 different translations of this same article, and all of them state the above (what I wrote originally) but in case of any misunderstandings, I've added an alternate interpretation. (credits: Uknowbar) Hope this doesn't confuse anyone.)

YH: Once you've climbed a mountain, you have to come down eventually, but it's because you've done it once that you know you can always reach higher. It is because of our descent that we are ascending once again. That day, when the two of us stood on the stage of SMTown, we found ourselves the next peak to conquer and now we're making our way towards it, one step at a time.

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Chunnie was in Daegu fanmeet while Junsu was in the Incheon fanmeet.

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TVXQ U-Know Yunho or Choikang Changmin, who is the leader in fashion magazine area? Up til now, a lot of experts seemingly will choose at U-Know Yunho’s side.

Recently TVXQ had unveiled a collection of stunning pictures for a fashion magazine. It’s the female magazine ‘Marie Claire’ January issue which began to sale on last December 19th and contains pictorial of the members!!

Through the pictorial, you can feel the cold yet sad lingering atmosphere of TVXQ that was absorbed well by a series of black chic costumes and dark make ups, one who stood out was especially TVXQ U-Know Yunho whose acts and eyes were shinning in this pictorial.
TVXQ member Choikang Changmin is also an experienced fashion magazine model, however U-Know Yunho still has the more glamorous career.

In the month of June this year U-Know Yunho was chosen as model for global fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’ Asia, and he’s able to show his chic and unique sophisticated charm without fail. In particular, he even have appeared on the cover of August edition of Marie Claire that was sold specially for Thailand fans.

Meanwhile, Choikang Changmin’s peculiarity which is his tall figure was supported well with the black suits he’s wearing in the pictorial, showing off his soft masculinity perfectly.

In another fashion magazine released in August this year, ‘W Korea’, U-Know Yunho also successfully featured his cool aura to public. Having drawn with tattoos in Greek mythology pattern, U-Know Yunho tried a shocking concept which he’d never experienced before. An official at the photoshoot praised the singer, “U-Know Yunho was really excited with the unique concept of the photoshoot, his commitment to his work is definitely impressive.”

Not only those two magazines. In October, fashion magazine ‘High-Cut’ chose U-Know Yunho as its pictorial model and left the autumn concept to him.

‘High-Cut’ shoot was said to be taken in United States with famous designer Scott Sternberg. After the shooting, when Scott was asked about his impression on U-Know Yunho, he soon answered, “So cute.”

TVXQ will make a comeback on the upcoming January 5th.

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Junsu in Incheon

Yoochun is in Daegu

Jaejoong is in Busan.

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