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Unable to engage in regular activities due to problems with their former agency
Their album will be released in the US early next year, followed by a world tour

They are honest and austere. The three members of JYJ, Jaejoong-Yoochun-Junsu, are passionate youths in their mid-20s, no different from their peers. When we asked Yoochun, who recently starred in the drama as the lead role, "We enjoyed your drama. Do you plan on taking on a non-historical, modern drama?" he gave us a taste of his 'lame humor' by saying "Hyundai Geuk (modern drama), Kia Geuk, Samsung Geuk..." Everyone burst out in laughter a beat late.

But when we brought up the topic of their legal dispute with SM Entertainment, the agency of their former group TVXQ, a shadow was cast on the three youths' faces. Last July, the three members filed an exclusive contract suspension injunction stating that, "13 years for the contract length is too long, and we have not been receiving just treatment with regards to things such as income distribution from album sales." The Courts ruled in favor of JYJ that, "Until the verdict on the lawsuit is made, SM cannot interfere with the trio's independent activities in the entertainment industry," and the lawsuit on the exclusive contract is currently underway. With regards to the reason of why they filed the lawsuit, Junsu stated, "It wasn't just because of the unjust nature of the contract," and "We were hurt and scarred by the agency in areas where we put our trust in them so we began to think about searching for a happy life."
Though JYJ released their first album in October, they have not been able to engage in regular activities due to many problems, including SM claiming that JYJ are locked in a 'dual contract'. The Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry sent an official document to broadcasting companies requesting that they refrain from giving JYJ appearances on their shows. Junsu stated, "It's a shame and it's frustrating that we don't have the freedom to appear on TV like other singers. Because our relationship with AVEX, who was in charge of our Japanese activities, no longer exists, our door to Japanese activities is blocked as well."

They are currently holding activities after signing on to an agent contract with CJeS Entertainment. What is different from before? "Everything that we thought was unjust has been fixed. We feel a greater sense of accomplishment because everything revolves around our opinions, no matter what it is. We've learned to be thankful of even the small things that we used to easily brush off before." (Junsu) "Each and every detail on the album, from the cover to the recording and mixing of the songs, was decided upon through discussions between the agency and the three of us. The thought that 'Doing things this way is really nice' was reinforced through the process." (Jaejoong)

"Back when we were TVXQ, there was too much work and no time to spare. When we were working on an album, the staff, excluding us and our composers, would hold discussions and just send us their decisions on everything." (Yoochun)

The trio decided to include songs composed by each of them in their album. Junsu stated, "We enjoy writing songs, but we won't insist on having to include songs composed by ourselves," and "What matters most is that we're singing good songs, regardless of whether it was us who wrote the songs or not." In their first concert on the 27th and 28th of last month, they sang Jaejoong's new composition 'Nine'. It is a song about the nine years the five members of TVXQ have spent together. "When I look back on the past nine years, there were times when we shined and there were times when things were rough... It's hard to express it all in one sentence. What I included in the song is only a small portion of what I feel." (Jaejoong) "If we were to express in song, everything that has happened till now, we'd need to compose at least 500 songs?" (Yoochun)

The trio still have a strong attachment to 'TVXQ'. When asked about their feelings on U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin's comeback as TVXQ next year, Jaejoong stated, "We support them and we hope all goes well for them." But he also added that, "But we do feel sad that they're using the name TVXQ. Because we think that TVXQ can only truly be TVXQ when the five members are together, we decided to use another name. TVXQ is a name that is as valuable to us as our lives." Yoochun added, "Though we are currently facing many difficulties, we are always open to the possibility of a TVXQ reunion," and "That would be like Utopia for us."

JYJ will be kicking off their US activities with the release of their album in the US early next year. Jaejoong stated, "While we're in the US, we'll be working on some music and holding a world tour." Junsu sounded bitter as he stated, "There is the aspect that due to the restrictions on our domestic activities, we've had to entirely focus our attention on overseas activities."

We asked them one final question. We asked them whether or not they felt sad that other singers were reaping the rewards of the hard work the members had put in to get the 'Kpop' wind blowing in Japan as JYJ are unable to perform there.

"Not at all. We were able to be loved in Japan thanks to BoA and Bae Yong Joon. If what we've done benefits our juniors, then that's something to feel good about. If our juniors to well and the Japanese market expands, we might be able to perform in Japan again." (Junsu)

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Standing alone is tough.

From leaving their agency to filing a lawsuit last July, the members of TVXQ became the hottest issue in Kpop last year. TVXQ members Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and YoungWoong Jaejoong have not stopped going since then. They changed their names to Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong to become the group JYJ and when asked about their schedules since then, they confessed that they've been doing nothing but concentrating on their work.

"We've been going back and forth from Korea to Japan to perform. We've had concerts in both Korea and Japan, and we've also had our individual activities. I think we worked hard to stay busy and succeed in our individual activities because we didn't want to think about other things." (Yoochun)

SM Entertainment, the agency they worked under as TVXQ, had been a tall fence for them. But last year, they decided to take a giant leap. They parted with their agency. Though the controversy is still alive, the three had to rely on only each other and hope for a brighter future as the lawsuit continued on. But they were not taking a break before they met their current management agency. For a while, they were able to perform in Japan as their Japanese agency AVEX was taking care of them.

"We're still in the same kind of situation now, but back then, we were cautious and sometimes had no chance to say certain things. This was when we were like a wandering rabble in Korea. But that didn't mean it was easy for us to meet up with reporters. It was a sensitive time when any and every comment was misunderstood or criticized. It was a time when anything we said could and would hurt a lot of people. We'll probably be able to talk about everything in the future, after the lawsuit is over." (Jaejoong)

JYJ, who released new albums in both Japan and then Korea, decided to name their album 'The Beginning' to signify their new beginning. Due to visa issues, they had to hold free showcases in the United States instead of charging people. But this misfortune became an opportunity for them.

"Never in our imagination did we think fans from so many different ethnicities would show up to watch our performances. The age range was quite large too, so a grand spectacle, one you could only see at a performance by a famous pop star like Michael Jackson, unfolded before us. There were some people who didn't know who we were so they stared at us blankly at first, but then they'd start moving to the music and get in the groove, and by the end, they were giving us a thumbs-up. They had quite a different aura to them compared to our Asian fans."

Thanks to the fact that the performance was free, the three were able to introduce their music to more people. Even the production for their first album was done in a global manner. The album attracted some of America's greatest star producers such as Kanye West and is composed of seven songs, including 'Ayyy Girl', 'Empty', 'Be My Girl' and compositions from the members, as well as three remix songs. JYJ sang the entire album in English as this is a worldwide album and it includes songs composed by the three members. They included one song from each member that the three had been writing since they were in their teens and these were Jaejoong's 'Still in Love', Yoochun's 'I Love You' and Junsu's 'I Can Soar'. Also, ex-SOLID member Jung Jae Yoon was in charge of the overall tuning and producing of the album.

"They're traditional pop pieces. This is the first time we're trying this genre out. But that doesn't mean we were trying to change it to suit our style. We wanted to return to the root of music. We visited the US in order to work with our producers. Back then, Yoochun was still filming for his drama so it must have been really hard on him." (Jaejoong)

These were words directed at Yoochun, who appeared in the recently-ended KBS2 hit drama 'SungKyunKwan Scandal'. After being cast in the drama, Yoochun focused intensively on rehearsing his part and surprised everyone with his acting skills. He was not swept in any acting skills controversies like most idol stars are when they first start out. He surely must have felt extremely stressed back then but continued to work on the album while filming. JYJ are now planning to focus more on their activities in America.

"Our album hasn't been officially released yet in the US and only our songs are being sold on iTunes, but I saw that our song had been chosen by Billboard readers as one of the Top 10 songs of 2010. Amazingly, we were 5th. Kanye West was 10th and Lady Ga Ga was 7th so we were surprised." (Junsu)

Junsu will be standing on stage next year on February 1st as he will be appearing in the musical production 'Tears of Heaven'. Like so, the trio are involved in individual activities, waiting to release their album in the US in mid-January, and planning their world tour. We threw a quite heavy question at JYJ, who will be up to their elbows in work with such a schedule, asking them, "What will you do about SM Entertainment or the remaining members of TVXQ, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit?" Though they were hesitant, they left a short but bold statement promising a future together as they said, "We are considering reconciliation. We don't know when that will happen though."

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(4th sister to 6th sister): It's been hard on you. Take good care of him tomorrow and let him eat yummy food, then take him to the hospital ^^
(6th sister to 4th sister): Did he eat something bad? I'll let him rest well today and go over to his place tomorrow to cook him some yummy food. I have some stuff I need to talk to him about. It must've been that he missed Jiji too much and became sick~~ Jiji also doesn't eat, so right now I'm chewing up the food to feed him. He's eating pretty well~~
(4th sister to Jaejoong): You have to go to the hospital tomorrow.
(4th sister to 6th sister): Call him later on and see. Ah, there's medicine at home right? Tell the youngest that compared to there being a miracle, it'd be better to go to the hospital keke.
(6th sister to 4th sister): Did he say that it hurt a lot? Is it an eye disease? He doesn't eat medicine. I'll call him and go over to take a look.
(4th sister to 6th sister): Take care of him and make sure he eats the medicine.
(6th sister to Jaejoong): Son, it's been tough on you in such cold days ^^ Does it hurt a lot? If it does then it's not good because it makes people worried.
(6th sister to 4th sister): Should I go over? I was worried that he would be too tired.
(4th sister to Jaejoong): Should I call you now?
(4th sister to Jaejoong): Right now I don't know yet, you?
(Jaejoong to 4th sister): Yeah, I just wish my eyes would get better quickly. I can only hope for a miracle. Noona, what are you planning to do for Christmas?
(4th sister to Jaejoong): You've worked hard today. Sleep well ^^

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With regards to the Best Newcomer Award for the 2010 KBS Drama Awards, there has already been talks about it “not losing out to the big awards.” This is because among the nominees are Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Won from “Baker King Kim Tak Goo,” which enjoyed ratings of nearly 50%, as well as Park Yoochun, who challenges acting in a drama for the first time in “SungKyunKwan Scandal.”

In comparison to “Baker King Kim Tak Goo,” “SungKyunKwan Scandal’s” ratings are not as high, but has a large following, and created a lot of buzz during its airing.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Park Yoochun, when asked if he was looking forward to winning the Best Newcomer Award, he said, “ I want to win it, and it would be good if I could,” however, “I think that Yoon Shi Yoon will probably win.”

“Actually, I am very surprised to even be nominated, because this is my first project. So far, I still don’t feel like my acting is good, so I would be rather embarrassed if I won the award.”

Listening in on one side, fellow JYJ member Kim Jaejoong said, “Junsu won the Best Newcomer Award at the 16th Korean Musical Awards with Mozart, so if Yoochun could win as well, it would be good.” He also said, “While others were concentrated on acting, Yoochun also had to focus on the showcase as well as concert.”

Aside from Kim Junsu, who will be working on “Tears of Heaven” following “Mozart,” Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun said, “If there is a chance, we hope to continue being active in the acting arena via dramas and movies.”

Also, JYJ will be performing “Chajatta” from the “SungKyunKwan Scandal” OST at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards Stage.

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Changmin's section was posted yesterday, but I've added it here as well, along with Yunho's answers.

Not long ago, Yunho and Changmin announced the restart of their promotions as Tohoshinki. Having been inactive for over a year, this can be seen as a warm up for their official return. The duo gave us an insight into their hearts during their first photoshoot in Japan. It is due to the timing that they are now able to speak of such issues and it is because of the present situation that these thoughts have come to mind.
Their rebirth begins here.

Q: How was this year as a whole?
YH: It's been quite a turbulent year. Through the musical, the drama and individual activities, I've gained a lot of new experiences and I've come to look back on the past. The most important thing is that I've really matured, it's a significant point in my life where I've really grown up. The biggest change is that, regardless of the situation, I always think to myself 'I have to do this'. Sometimes I barely get the chance for a laugh, yet despite being so focused on my work lately, I've found that it's given me the opportunity to stop and take in the things around me from a more objective standpoint.

Q: Your schedules have always been fully packed from the time of your debut and you've always been so focused on your music career. How did you feel when you were forced to leave this behind?
YH: In truth, it was my role in the drama 'Heading to the Ground' that gave me the moral support I needed during the most difficult times. If it'd been me during those times, I'd have given up, but having lived as Cha Bong Gun and endured the challenges he was faced with, his character was almost like my mentor. His courage gave me strength and I don't think I'd be exaggerating even if I were to say that he was the reason I worked so hard. Also, I was able to sing because of my role in the musical, so that was like a ray of hope for me.

CM: During the first half of the year, I worked extremely hard on my television drama, just like Yunho. It gave me a lot of time to reflect on myself and so I really gained a lot. TVXQ was basically my entire life from the day of our debut so there was a lot that I didn't put into consideration before. Now that I've had the opportunity to venture out as an individual, I've lived the year with the thought that I must do my very best as an artist on a scale of 1 to 10.

Q: Yunho took part in a musical, did Changmin also get the chance to sing?
CM: I've been attending singing classes and I've been to the karaoke with members of staff. To be perfectly honest, I have a lot of insecurities and worries. There are so many things that I want to do, but the truth is that they are completely unattainable in reality. I'm always under so much pressure, to the point where I feel like I have no way of controlling the anger and frustration in me, and it's not because I've made a mistake or anything, but more due to forces that I know I have no way of fighting. It's the fact that there are things that just cannot be solved. Even though the same things might remain stuck in my head from the moment I wake up, it seems as though I simply have no way of countering it, and it's been the same way from the beginning, so I've literally just exploded in the past. Throughout this time, I've had the chance to change this trait of mine. I've been like this for the past 20 years and even now, I'm far from perfect (laughs).

Q: How did you feel standing on stage as a duo?
YH: From the moment we made the decision to stand on stage as TVXQ, a name we'd set aside for so long, there was a lot of inner turmoil. To be honest, it was that first time we stepped on stage in Seoul and were received by the deafening cheers, when I was finally hit by the realization that there were people waiting for us. 'The only way I can truly live is by being on stage' that thought rushed through me then and once I'd grasped its meaning, I found that I was able to stand proud.

CM: Ecstatic, and I really enjoy it. As the day drew closer, I felt the panic creeping up on me and I downed an entire cup of coffee without realizing it one day. That was the first time I had been so nervous since the moment of birth. When the staff asked 'Will you be okay with just the two of you?' I couldn't understand what came over me, but I suddenly felt the internal conflict within me in full force. I still remember very clearly the moment when Yunho and I exchanged glances and the two of us shouted 'Go!' together.

YH: We encouraged each other while we were backstage. We said 'We have to show the world what TVXQ is made of. This is TVXQ, we have to let them see that we're not the same as the others. We're unique!'

Q: I heard that there was real chaos at the show and your segment had to be moved forward in the performance rundown (at SMTown) because the fans got so anxious about the two of you.
YH: The power and the support (the fans) was amazing and it was because of them that we gave it our all. That is the beauty of being a singer: even when we're gone, the name TVXQ will forever remain. We are TVXQ. I've held onto that belief since (SMTown). That day meant so much to us on many different levels and that is why we will never give up.

CM: Even as we were rehearsing, we kept saying to ourselves that it would be okay, even if some people had already lost faith in us, but as soon as I got on stage, I told myself 'it's okay, just let yourself go'. Of course, for the sake of our future endeavors, there's still a lot to do.

Q: You've matured so much, can we expect you to offer something new in the days to come?
YH: Yeah! Be it singing or dancing, Changmin will take from me what is uniquely mine and I will do the same. We'll learn from one another and keep progressing.

CM: Up till today, we've put an immense amount of effort into recording and rehearsing. There is nothing in this world that will ever be 100% satisfactory, and that's basically what we're going to keep in mind as we restart our activities as a duo. It's not that we're giving ourselves excuses… we hope to improve through projecting the joy of singing, undergoing a change in our style and doing our very best.

YH: The most important thing for us is singing in harmony. All along, we've held the highest and lowest parts and we questioned whether or not we'd be able to adopt to the change. Sometimes we'd get anxious over that. I'm working towards making my voice sound more masculine and Changmin is learning to refine his. Of course, it's not all that simple, but the outcome was better than we had expected.

CM: I've always thought that my voice went pretty well with Yunho's (laughs), we'll maintain the style TVXQ has always had whilst also bringing our fans something that belongs solely to the two of us! I can genuinely feel a sense of security.

YH: I think we proved that at SMTown. As long as you don't give up, you'll have the strength to overcome anything. Of course, messages like 'Fighting, we'll always wait for you' also motivated us. In order to repay our fans, we've reverted back to the mindset from when we first started out, we're going to face this like we're rookies and it's our debut.

Thank you for waiting for us.

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This is a video clip from the Japanese talk show called “License” with two hosts Fujiwara Kazuhiro and Takafumi Inomoto. They’re a semi regular cast of the popular Japanese talk show Gaki No Tsukai.

In this clip, Fujiwara san (the guy wearing the blue flannel shirt_=) is talking about how he recently got into Tohoshinki fever. He tells the story of how one day he was flipping through channels and then on one channel he saw that Tohoshinki was on it.

First Thought: Pfftt who cares.
Second Thought: Actually wait, let’s check it out and see why they’re so popular.
So he watches the the show and the boys were singing one of their songs (didn’t specify which one) and he talks about how one person sings, then the next, and the next, and so on and then they come together and sing altogether. So this was his reaction
1st person: Hm, okay. Good japanese.
2nd person: Wow okay pretty good.
3rd person: Okay wow this is pretty awesome huh.
4th person: Man these people are too good.
The song lasted about 5 minutes but it’s been about 3 minutes into the song
5th person: I LOVE THEM.*starry eyed* THEY’RE SO GOOD AT SINGING! I was shocked!

Takafumi (guy wearing the sweatshirt): So you have Tohoshinki fever now huh?

Fujiwara: No, I’m not that bad. It’s not like I’ve downloaded their songs into my iPod yet.

Takafumi: Yea right, you’re just trying to save face I bet you have.

Fujiwara: So shocking though, they are so so GOOD! (He wouldn’t stop saying how good they were xD) And just now before the show started, I saw there was poster of them in the studio.

Takafumi: Oh yea it’s because they filmed a commercial.

Fujiwara: Yea so I was looking at the poster and I thought to myself “Wow if you look really closely, Tohoshinki exists everywhere!” *starry eyes* I was shocked!

Takafumi: You’ve got Tohoshinki fever man.

Fujiwara: But really. You know with these groups singers, it’s not really necessary to be actually good at singing to get popular. But with them it’s amazing because they are ACTUALLY good at singing! And coming from overseas too. Popular in Korea and in Japan. You know (pauses for dramatic effect) They are gods rising from the east man, it’s amazing. (serious look on his face, pretty hilarious xD) They even had a concert at Dome. (Asks if anyone in the audience went to Dome concert and a couple people raised hands) They’re good right?So good. (Asks audience but answers himself xD)

Takafumi: I’ve never really seen Tohoshinki. Maybe I should… (haha he’s getting convinced too)

Fujiwara: You really should. And they’re funny too. They had filmed a commercial…they do HAH!(yells as he keeps his leg up and reaches for it.xPP He’s trying to do the action Yunho does at the end of the Pinky CM when he jumps out of the billboard)

Audience laughs, everyone’s laughing. So funny because it didn’t really look like what Yunho had done xPPP

Takafumi: Are you crazy??? They would never do anything like that!

Fujiwara: Yes they do they do!! (so determined to make him believe it’s true xD)

Takafumi: No way, Tohoshinki would refuse doing something stupid like that.

And then Fujiwara starts explaining what happens in the commercial. How each of the boys have a line in the cm except for Yunho, and they ask for a line for Yunho from the director and Yunho ends up having to jump out of the billboard. Trying to convince Takafumi it’s true but ends up making himself look stupid because he keeps doing the jumping thing but it’s quite a fail hahaha. =D

Takafumi: No way, Tohoshinki would do something cooler like Hah~(lifts leg to side)

Fujiwara: No believe me! They don’t just sing awesome, they’re funny too man!

Yup, and then the clip ends with the Tohoshinki’s CM for Pinky. All Japanese readers, I advice you to watch this clip ‘cause it’s really funny!!!
Never underestimate the power of Tohoshinki!! =D

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Turn on cc for subs~ ^^

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Day 2 of the fan meeting! ^^

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