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Fans of 'Kim Tak Goo' Yoon Shi Yoon and 'Young Master Seon Joon' Park Yoochun are drawing attention as they are locked in a subtle war of nerves for the Best Newcomer Award.

Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Yoochun, who were loved as Kim Tak Goo in 'Baking King, Kim Tak Goo' and Lee Seon Joon in 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' respectively, were both recognized for their work and have both been listed as nominees for the Best Newcomer Award at the 2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards. It seems the competition will be stiff because both of them were at the center of their dramas' popularity and had stable acting skills that shined. This is why the fans and 'Kim Tak Goo' and 'SKK Scandal' maniacs are already drawing up comparisons between the two stars and lighting a fire under the competition.

Both Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Yoochun deserve the Best Newcomer Award. Yoon Shi Yoon played the lead role of 'Kim Tak Goo' in the drama that had the highest viewer ratings this year. As his drama was the most popular drama of the year, KBS has been wondering whether they should place Yoon Shi Yoon under the Best Newcomer Award category or the Excellence in Acting Award category. One representative stated, "We were debating right up till the moment we finalized the nominees list, but in the end, we placed him under the Best Newcomer Award category as it has not been long since he debuted and as this is his first drama at KBS."

Park Yoochun's 'SKK Scandal' loses to 'Kim Tak Goo' in terms of ratings, but the actor has been singled out for the drama's continued popularity even though the drama has ended. Though this was his first attempt as an idol star at a traditional drama, he is being applauded for not once being swept in a controversy regarding his acting as it was very stable throughout the entire drama. The KBS Drama department should also be thankful that JYJ, of which Park Yoochun is a member, have chosen to have their TV debut at the 2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards.

This is why fans are on two sides that, "Park Yoochun should receive the Best Newcomer Award," and "Yoon Shi Yoon deserves it more," but there are many representatives in the entertainment industry predicting that both of them will win the award. One representative stated, "It is true that there are less instances of two people receiving the same award at the KBS Drama Acting Awards compared to other awards shows. However, the competition was fierce for the Excellence in Acting Award last year so Kim Seung Woo and Jung Joon Ho, and Goo Hae Sun and Kim Tae Hee became co-recipients of the award. So I believe it would be best if both actors receive the award this year."

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Hello everybody! I'm Choikang Changmin ^^

I went to watch the musical Trax's Young Duk hyung is taking part in - 'The Three Musketeers'.

Despite hearing of Jay hyung's extremely busy schedule what with filming his drama and participating in activities with SM The Ballad, I thought he looked extremely handsome, sang amazingly and had an outstanding performance today in the musical.

There were also many other talented musical actors who took the show very seriously and I found myself completely drawn into the musical.

Although the whole 'good always triumphs over evil' theme was really obvious, it was heartwarming to watch as truth and reason prevailed once again…

Even though I've been so busy recently that I'm really quite drained, seeing Jay hyung's wonderful stage and his charismatic acting today made me even more eager to take my place on stage again as soon as possible.

Jay hyung has been showing off good sides of himself in so many aspects lately and for some unknown reason, it's really excited me ^^ Hahaha

In the near future, I'll be stepping on stage once again. In order to show you all a charming image of myself, I seriously ought to prepare ^^

Please look forward to Dong Bang Shin Ki's return.

The reason I've been so busy recently is to show you all a better side of myself.
Also, I hope you'll support our Jay hyung~
Since he's so cool, I feel like becoming a fan of his.

Everyone, fighting!!~

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Friday, December 17, 2010

EMK Musical Company has revealed their extravagant 2011 line up which includes 'Mozart!' and 'Monte Christo'.


In May, the musical 'Mozart!', which brought the best musical actors together such as Lim Tae Gyung, Park Gun Hyung, Park Eun Tae, Kim Junsu, Seo Beom Seok, Min Young Ki, Bae Hae Sun and Jung Sun Ah, will be performed once more at the Seongnam Art Center.

As a production created by world-renowned playwright Michael Kunze and Grammy Award winner Sylvester Levay, it boasts the majesty and extravagant melodies of European music and was successful in approaching the public as it reinvented the appearance of the genius Mozart into a rockstar.

Domestically, 'Mozart!' proved its popularity by winning four awards at The Musical Awards in 2010, and four awards at the Korean Musical Awards. The 2011 performance will go from May 24th, 2011 to July 3rd, 2011.


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+) Junsu Set to Perform in the May~July Performances?

After completing the provincial performances of 'The Three Musketeers' next year, Min Young Ki is planning to reunite with Xiah Junsu in May through 'Mozart!'.


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Min Kyung is also Jaejoong's sister ^^

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Group TVXQ ranked second in Japan’s album and DVD sales rankings this year.

According to the ’2010 Artistes’ Total Sales Ranking’ (tallied up till November 22nd), released by Oricon Biz Online on the 6th, TVXQ ranked second behind popular Japanese group Arashi. By ranking higher than Japan’s representative groups such as AKB48, Ikimono-gakari, EXILE, Kat-tun and Koda Kumi, TVXQ maintained their pride as the only Korean group amongst the groups.

It was found that TVXQ raked in sales of 9,411,500,000 Yen through singles, albums and DVD releases this year, which amounts to approximately 129 billion Won.

Their accomplishments predicted such an achievement beginning with their single ‘Break Out’, which was released in January and sold over 250,000 copies in five days, making TVXQ the foreign artiste with the most singles ranked #1 on the weekly charts (7 times).

Also, their ‘Best Selection 2010′ album sold 413,000 copies in a week in February and their DVDs, such as their ‘TVXQ History in Japan Special’, were very popular as well.

TVXQ were able to prove that their popularity in Japan has not changed as they were able to achieve such feats although they have not been active due to YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu’s legal dispute with SM Entertainment.

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‘Xiah Soul’, a fan community dedicated to (Xiah) Junsu, who is currently working as a member of JYJ and a musical actor, has donated money to the ‘Finding Sound for Hearing-Impaired Children’ foundation for the third consecutive year.

As the fans wished to gift Junsu with a meaningful gift rather than a materialistic gift to celebrate his birthday, Xiah Soul made their first donation to the ‘Finding Sound for Hearing-Impaired Children’ foundation on Junsu’s birthday, December 15th, 2008.

The first child to receive the donation was hearing-impaired Kim Dan Hee (Grade 6 at the time). Xiah Soul donated enough money to cover her artificial snail surgery and speech therapy fees and since the successful surgery, Dan Hee has been receiving continuous speech therapy. Currently, she has improved greatly and is able to engage in every-day conversations with short sentences.

Xiah Soul was in the spotlight last December for donating money to Dan Hee’s sister Dan Ah, who was also hearing-impaired, and decided to make their third donation this year to Song Yoo Chan (3 year old boy) to celebrate Junsu’s birthday.

Junsu and his fans impressed many with both singer and fanclub donating to a good cause as Junsu donated treasured belongings to the Snails of Love’s 119 Event of Love Charity Bazaar in January for Xiah Soul, who had been doing charity work in his name, and for the rehabilitation of many more hearing-impaired persons.

The administrator of Xiah Soul stated, “We find it meaningful that our relationship with the ‘Sound Finding Journey’, which began with the hopes that those who couldn’t hear could be given the chance to be moved by Xiah Junsu’s music, has been going on for three years,” and “As Xiah Junsu and Xiah Soul are both very interested in the culture of giving, we wish to keep donating to the worthy cause as long as Xiah Soul is around.”

Xiah Soul’s continuous support for the cause became the stepping stone in changing people’s perspectives of pop culture and fan clubs. Xiah Soul is being used as a desirable example of a fanclub sending a positive message to the youth of Korea to be more active in society.

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After the first JYJ Concert in Seoul organized by Maps International (27 and 28 of November) I would like to express my gratitude to the fans who came to watch the show despite the cold weather.

In this concert the 3 members of JYJ wanted to release new songs because this was their first show, greeting Korean fans into the most beautiful concert hall using the installation on the roof prepared to withstand rainy weather or wind as a brilliant stage production with excellent sound system, we hoped you fans would make unforgettable memories.

However, by completely unexpected temperatures on the morning of the 27th with snow and freezing weather, snow piled on the side of the membrane and melt off the roof and caused unforeseen circumstances. This changes in the weather caused an emergency meeting to find anyone who could fix this disaster, and because of safety considerations we arrived to the conclusion that the first gig should be canceled. JYJ didn’t want to disappoint Korean and overseas fans who wanted to see their first concert in Korea, and even if they couldn’t offer you a lot of what was promised, it was determined to dismantle the roof membrane over five days so the show could be held.

Windy days then made delays in the process of dismantling of the roof, set seating, rehearsal schedules, etc. It all was delayed more than expected turning into the situation of late entry to the show and the starting time also delayed.

We wanted to create lasting memories for the fans who could join JYJ concert, but since the state of road surfaces was slippery it was judged to be dangerous, so the organizers of the event felt sorry to see there was no point to show the secondary stage.

So around 10 pm the show had to finish because of the rules of the stadium, we also apologize for even finishing the inevitable encore performances.

But to not disappoint the fans who came from afar, the organizers were ready to do our best performances rather than held a cancellation, so please feel free to send questions and quarries to understand a little bit more and be able to do a fantastic concert next time. Promising to meet the expectations of the fans, I would like to offer apologies once again.

We are grateful to the fans who weren’t stopped to come and watch the show even under the unexpected cold weather. Once again thank you fans, let’s continue cheering for JYJ.
Thank you.

December 15, 2010
Maps International CEO, Hwang Jong Ook

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Netizens have been very vocal in their requests for the appearance of JYJ on public broadcast programs.

Requests have consistently been made since the trio released their first album, “The Beginning“, this past October, and they’ve become even louder after KBS revealed that JYJ will perform in their year-end 2010 KBS Drama Awards ceremony on December 31st.

Moments after KBS revealed the announcement, the homepage board for SBS’s “Inkigayo” was bombarded with over 230 posts requesting the trio’s appearance. “JYJ is said to be appearing at KBS’s ‘Acting Awards.’ Isn’t it about time that SBS opened its doors too?“, wrote one fan.

There is no real reason as to why JYJ cannot appear on public broadcast programs, leading many to question the standards of certain shows.

Netizens expressed their concern by leaving comments such as, “Their song is good, their album sales are good, why are we not able to see them on public broadcasts?,” and “I hope that they are able to appear. Many viewers are wanting this, please reflect our opinions.

They only became more agitated after JYJ’s “Ayy Girl” mysteriously disappeared from Inkigayo’s “Take 7″ on December 15th.

It’s heavily speculated that official letters from the KFPCAI (which requested the restriction of JYJ appearances on public broadcast programs) were the reason behind JYJ’s exclusion from the chart.

Unfortunately, the situation remains at a standstill, as “Inkigayo” remains silent on the issue, despite the growing outcry from fans and netizens alike.

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Suk Jin is Jaejoong's sister ^^

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JYJ member Jaejoong’s popularity strikes again.

Recently Taiwan Entertainment Magazine Pop published their chosen 50 most popular idol from South Korea, Taiwan, HongKong, China, and United States. Jaejoong stands out as he was selected as Korean singer with the highest popularity.

Jaejoong has been active recently with his fellow TVXQ members Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu under group JYJ in South Korea, China, Japan, and even United States while they showed off high popularity in all those countries. JYJ first album that was released on October 14th ‘The Beginning’ broke another record with 520,000 copies sold during pre-sale orders and was featured as the Top 5 in Billboard Readers’ Choice Award this year. Meanwhile in Japan, he’s also involved in a drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ which became hot topic and garnered a great interests from local audiences. Jaejoong signed contract with East Asia Entertainment Hong Kong, a top rate agency that manages Chinese star Andy Lau, with his new unit JYJ and formed an active solid fan base ever since.

All those achievements put the singer at the top rank of the most popular idol. Meanwhile at the same vote HanKyung from Super Junior was attracted everyone’s attention as he’s chosen as the most popular Chinese idol.

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Telisha made a video to celebrate Junsu's birthday! Aww~

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

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