Thursday, November 11, 2010

[NEWS] 101111 Jae Joong's Twitter Post Causes Keyword Boost in Japan

JYJ member Jae Joong is causing waves in the Japanese Twittersphere. He tweeted yesterday, "I'm not forgetting Japanese so please study Korean hard as well."

It's reported that 20 minutes after his post, "Korean" became the #1 keyword on Twitter Japan while JaeJoong himself was second.

Netizens hearing the news commented, "JaeJoong's one statement made a huge effect," and "Hallyu star JaeJoong is impressive."

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[RANDOM] "Heart and Soul nebulae" in the Cassiopeia constellation

How appropriate is it that the HEART AND SOUL nebulae is in the Cassiopeia constellation?
Two hearts - theirs and ours <3

NASA's Wide-Infrared Survey Explorer has captured a breathtaking image of the "Heart and Soul nebulae" located in the Cassiopeia constellation.

As the University of California's Ned Wright noted in his presentation of the image at an American Astronomical Society meeting, the nebulae are so-named because of their resemblance to a "Valentine's Day heart" (on the left-hand side of the image) and a " a surgical heart that you have in your body" (on the right-hand side).

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[FANACCNT] 101111 I Met Xiah Junsu!

High recommended :D

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[PHOTOS 101110 JYJ - Twitter Updates



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[FANACCOUNT] 101110 JaeChunSu Encounter in NYC

I'm a pretty boring person. I don't really talk to other people about my idols. I buy their CDs and all the fan goods but I'd never share with other people. I don't want people asking why I like so and so. Even when I first became a fan of DBSk, I'd critisize Jaejoong's dancing and Yunho's singing, but since JYJ formed their new unit, I've completely changed. I want to be able to see as much of them as possible whilst they're still in the spotlight. I want to go to their concerts and let the world know how much I love them.

November 9th 10:50pm

I found out Facebook and Twitter that they were having dinner at some restaurant in Manhattan and so I abandoned the work I was doing, grabbed my purse and ran out the door. 25USD and 20 minutes later, I found out - to my disappointment- that they'd already left. Nearby, I saw a Korean fan. I walked over to speak to her only to be joined by another fan awhile later. We ran over to the boys' hotel and sat in the lobby, listening to a group of staff discussing matters regarding the performance venues. My newly acquired friend asked the members of staff about the boys' schedules (of course, I can't disclose that here) and then we continued to wait...

The whole time we were wondering whether or not the boys had already returned to the hotel or if they'd come down at all. Then the impossible happened… a man walked through the door, and he looked strangely like Yoochun… As a got a closer look, I realized that it really was him! He's so thin… and his hair… His small frame was nothing like I'd imagined… And then, another miracle… Yoochun's manager walked over to where we were standing and waved Yoochun over to talk to him. Yoochun sat facing us with an inquiring expression on his face. I was too shocked for words and so I said 'OH MY GOD, IS THAT MICKY? HE'S SO TINY' (Thanks for clarifying)

And that wasn't even it, because after I said that Yoochun continued to stare at me with an uncomfortable expression on his face. We held gazes for 3-4 seconds, him standing less than 2 metres away from me. I was completely frozen the whole time, thinking back, it was a real shame that I didn't say hi to him properly. Later on, 2 more men walked in through the door, one with honey coloured hair and the other with flaming red hair. Junsu was at the front and Jaejoong trailed behind him… both of them were staring intently at their cell phones. They moved swiftly towards the escalator followed by Yoochun and his manager. The two other fans and I stayed rooted to where we were, still too shocked to react… we were the only fans in the entire lobby… 4 years as a Cassie and it took me that long to realize it was Yoochun.

Either way, my stalking mission was completed. It took me till 4 in the morning to get to sleep that night but all the tossing and turning was well worth it.

Credits: 夜羽楊@TVXQBaidu
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[TRANS] If one can travel back in time

An author posted a creative question in a blog regarding to the messages for DBSK if she can travel back to 2005. Here is the question:

I am time traveling back to 2005. Anyone needs my help to pass your messages to DBSK?

Below are some of the replies from readers:

Please tell them,
even though they are struggling now in Japan, please hold on, because they are going to make it some day...

Tell them to take good care of themselves
and to drive safely
Rest more and don't be worn out, because there are lots of people who concern about them.

Can I go with you?
If can't, please help me to tell them the recent lottery result
and ask them to buy lottery
Cause there will be no more suffering if they have enough money

Please tell Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin that all their dreams are coming true...
Please tell them, there is nothing more precious than the moment when five of them being together
Tell them that you are from the future, explain the current situation to them, and then ask them whether they are still willing to choose that path...
And if they do... please tell them, we will always love them no matter what.
The only thing I regret the most is that I didn't accompany them through out year 2004 & 2005...

Please tell Shim Changmin, to avoid crowded areas in the airport on 2nd of September.
Please tell Jung Yunho, never takes the drinks from a stranger on 12.10.2006, and be careful not to sprain his leg
Please tell Kim Jaejoong to drive safely, and regardless of his name is Han Jaejoong or Kim Jaejoong, people who love him will always stand by him.
Please tell Park Yoochun that it's alright to cry in MKMF, but please remember to hold his hands when you are telling him this. And, if he really likes someone, he can go after her.
Please tell Kim Junsu to take care of his health at the end of year 2006, and be careful not to injure his leg during rehearsal in 2009 because my heart aches seeing him on a wheelchair. Tell him that even when he is old and not popular anymore, there will always be a group of people who crave to listen to his songs, watch him cracking oyaji gag, and admiring his smiles.
Please tell Dong Bang Shin Ki, that they are going to be successful in Japan, they are going to make it to Budokan and Kohaku Uta Gassen Music Festival.
If any heartbreaking thing ever happens, just hold on to their dreams......

If the day, just like the one in 2009, ever arrives, you don’t need to become matured over night, because you still have us.
You are the present to us from God, you won't be alone.
If that day really comes, please tell them not to be afraid, and continue walking down the path that they have chosen.

Please tell them that it's alright to have mistakes in dance moves, and have voice cracked when belting the high notes....
The most important thing is their health.

Please help me to tell Yunho never ever takes that drinks in 2006... and don't forget his meal
Tell Jaejoong not to over practicing his dance till end up with bone fracture
Tell Yoochun to treat his asthma as soon as possible
Tell Junsu not to force himself to sing if he is not feeling well
Tell Changmin that we are proud of him, and never says things like 'it is better without me' again

Help me tell Dong Bang Shin Ki
not to push themselves too hard when practicing
because of their desire to present a perfect stage for us, cassiopeias
We only want to see all of them in the pink of health.

And... the last but not least,
please remember to tell them that,
5 years from now,
there will be a group of people who are waiting for five of them to come home one day...

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 101110 JYJ Twitter Updates

(Junsu) Good morning! Greet the morning with this photo. Haha. Tigger from 2 months ago. (1:00 PM EST)
(Junsu) This is Leo. Seems like it was from 2 months ago. (1:00 PM EST)

(Yoochun) So Americans drink like this. Enough to die! Give me dried pollack soup! (2:00 PM EST)
(T/N) Driend pollack soup is commonly called HaeJangGuk = 'hung over soup' because its very soothing after drinking alcohol.
Hehehe... So it seems they DID get to party last night :)

(Yoochun) This is JaeJoong hyung today! You are grateful, right? (2:00 PM EST)
(Yoochun - English tweet) Junsu with jeri!!! (2:00 PM EST)

(Jaejoong) Black diamond mania. Because my black hyung really likes them, one was stolen from me. (4:00 PM EST)
(Jaejoong) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ I think I should study hangul again.. (4:00 PM EST)

(Junsu) Together with our Yoochun Sama~ (6:00 PM EST)

Love that last picture! Yoosu in New York ^^

Source: Junsu + Jaejoong + Yoochun twitter
Translated by christabel88@DBSKnights
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