Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[PHOTOS] 101109 JYJ - Incheon Airport Part 2

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[PHOTOS] 101109 JYJ - Incheon Airport Part 1

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[INFO] MTV K Casting Call: Want to be part of a secret JYJ concert in NYC?

They’ve sold out showcases in Korea, finished a concert in Shanghai and their next stop is NYC! JYJ is almost here and MTV K has some huge news for NYC fans!
We’re going to be doing a special live taping with the boys and we want MTV K fans to be a part of it! Intimate and unplugged, this is the chance of a lifetime to watch JYJ perform up-close and personal.
MTV K is currently casting audience members for the exclusive performance on Saturday, November 13th at a secret NYC venue. The only requirements?
• You must be 16-25.
• Available on Saturday, November 13th from 11am to 6pm
• Most importantly, you have to love JYJ so much you know everything about them. We want superfans!
Submit your application at the MTV K Casting Call Page to be considered and who knows, you might even end up on camera!

Click HERE to submit your application!

[INFO] Reason why JYJ Photo session was cancelled for Sg VIPs

I think their reason is quite lame.. lol.. they said it was due to wardrobe difficulties in Bangkok which caused them to cancel the photo session in Bangkok which made them decide to cancel it in Singapore too.. what does cancelling the photo session in Bangkok have to do with the session in Sg?? *_* with regards to the wardrobe issue, I think C-Jes probably wanted JYJ to have a different outfit during the photo session? But actually we really don't mind if JYJ were to just wear their showcase outfits for the photo session..haha. and since C-Jes decided to include the photo session initially, i think they should have already prepared the outfits beforehand.. maybe they changed their minds about having the photo session and just used the wardrobe issue as an excuse?

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[NEWS] BIGLOBE Ranks Japanese Twitter Trends For October

Every month, BIGLOBE reveals the top twitter trends in Japan. Guess who was the #1 most talked about celebrity?

You betcha! Our very own Jaejoong. Junsu and Yoochun also took the eighth and ninth spots respectively, with DBSK bringing up the rear at #13.

With the hubbub JYJ caused when they joined twitter, I'm not too surprised, are you? :P

Read the complete article:

Every month, BIGLOBE reveals the top twitter trends.

In October, Japan had a total of 329 million tweets as opposed to 300.6 million tweets in September; it’s a 9% increase.
Since new programs started, words like “IKA Musume” and “Drama” appeared and “Curry” even came in at #8. “RIAJuu” [Slang for “real life” – twitter, blogs, etc] came in at #24 and “Christmas” made its first appearance at #28. People are starting to get into the Christmas season. Popular people also appeared like the group “DBSK” and their members’ names (Jejung, Junsu, Yuchun) and SNSD appeared too. Korean talents appeared 5 times. Also on October 30th when Nozawa Nachi passed away, an explosion of people sent their condolences through twitter.

1. October’s Hot Topic Ranking

[Word Ranking] – [Previous Month]
1. Train – Up 2 spots
2. Earthquake – Down 1 spot
3. Tsuippurukuji – Up 31 spots [Note: This is the BIGLOBE Twitter Application]
4. Precure - Up 5 spots [Note: Animation Pretty Cure]
5. Japan – Wasn’t Ranked
6. Class – Wasn’t ranked
7. iPad – Up 17 spots
8. Curry – Up 22 spots
9. IKA Musume – New [Note: An anime]
10. Drama – New

[Hashtag Ranking] – [Previous Month]
1. #4ji (Automatic Twitter Application “I see, it’s 4 o’clock”) – Same Spot
2. #mobaboo (SANYO “Eneloop” campaign) – Up 7 spots
3. #ikamusume (TV Tokyo anime “Shinryaku! IKA Musume) – New
4. #precure (Asahi anime “Heart Catch Precure!) – Up 5 spots
5. #ohayo (Ohayo~ Club) – Down 4 spots
6. #sutadora (TBS anime “STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no TAKUTO”) – New
7. #twipple_kuji (Tsuippurukuji Campaign) – Up 17 spots
8. #oreimo (Tokyo MX anime “Ore no Imoto ga Konna Kawaii Wake ga Nai”) – New
9. #agqr (Culture Digital Radio Program “Chou A&G”) – Down 6
10. #nitiasa (Super Hero Time, Sunday morning anime) – New

[Famous People Ranking]
1. Jejung
2. Spitz
5. AKB48
6. Perfume
8. Junsu
9. Yuchun
11. Utada Hikaru
12. Nozawa Nachi
13. DBSK
14. Hirano Aya
15. Mr. Children
16. Sakanaction
17. The Beatles
18. B’z
19. Aragaki Yui
20. Tani Ryoko

Totalization Period: October 1, 2010 4am~ November 1, 2010 4am
Number of Tweets: 329,023,747
Average tweets per day: 10,613,669
Day with most tweets: October 10th – 11,166,300
Popular day and time of the week – Tuesday 10pm – 885,725 tweets
Most popular day: Saturday – 10,859,690 tweets
Most popular time: 10pm - 843,719 tweets
Where people are tweeting from: PC (29.8%), Cellphone (28.6%), PC/Cellphone (16.6%) Smartphone (12.4%), API (BOT)(5.5%), Link service (3%)

Many thanks to @stefyjj92 for the heads up!
Translated by: gator_yoong @ aramatheydidnt
Source: Asahi
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