Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In contrast to earlier reports, new information has stated that JYJ’s scheduled performance in this year’s KBS ‘Drama Awards‘ has not yet been confirmed.

“It is true that we are sharing discussions in a positive manner, however, at the moment, the final decision for their performance has not been confirmed. We have not yet received a final word from KBS,” explained a JYJ representative.

An associate of the KBS ‘Drama Awards’ also came forth to state, “It is true that we are negotiating their performance for Park Yoochun’s ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’. However, it is currently not a confirmed situation.”

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It has been decided that 「SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO」 will hold its first performance in Tokyo. The stages of SM ENTERTAINMENT's artists, who are active all over Asia, will begin at SMTOWN LIVE and this is the only place where you can see collaborations between the artists. It is a large-scale music festival where you can enjoy all the diverse stage performances by all the artists.

Please be sure to come down.

Information on the concert and the purchase of tickets will be available at 9am, 8 December 2010 (JST), at the URL below, so please stay tuned.


Please understand that there will be no pre-sale ticket bookings for any artist's fan club.

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The new album by Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu (henceforth known as JYJ), which cannot be heard on any station previously, was aired on the special broadcast by Radio 21 last weekend, and this has caused countless download hits after the broadcast, showing an explosion of popularity.

Due to the lawsuit with SM Entertainment (henceforth known as SM), this album cannot be broadcasted normally on the radio stations so the fans can only listen and spread the word (about the album) through the Internet.

During the interview today, reporter Kim said, “All these songs were not heard on air after the album was released; not on a single station” and “listening to their music through Radio 21 was the first time that their songs were aired in Korea, hence it received a lot of attention.”

Having heard about the issue of the broadcast, Jaejoong wrote a message on his Twitter, “Thank you Radio 21″, and after hearing the news, many of JYJ’s fans flooded the Radio 21 special bulletin board to express their gratitude, leaving messages like “I see hope in Korean broadcasts!” and “Thank you!”, as well as many other messages left in Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

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TVXQ Yunho’s hand-carry bag made the record for the highest bid of KRW1,000,000* at the “Charity Auction by Hallyu Stars for Flood Victims”, held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The “Korea Festival” was held from 30 November – 5 December and it is organised by the Thai-Korean Embassy and the Korea Thailand Communication Centre (KTCC), with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand. This auction was organised to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Thai soldiers who fought in the Korean War, as well as give aid to 3,000,000 flood victims.

Cherished items were collected from top Thai stars and popular Hallyu stars like TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, Kim Rae Won, Cho Hyunjun and Lee Junki.

The highest amount recorded at the charity auction went to a small hand-carry leather bag and even though there are no special decorations, just by the fact that it had been touched by Yunho’s hand, it was sold at the high price of KRW1,000,000.

Lee Yoohyun, the representative for the KTCC, said, “It was an event where the Hallyu stars could confirm the great love from the Thai fans. Simple items like hats and t-shirts were auctioned off at prices ranging from KRW30,000 – KRW1,000,000.

Meanwhile, the items received from 130 Hallyu stars raised KRW24,000,000 in total and items from Art Korea artists by the Korea-Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Thai branch of the Institute for National Unification raised KRW28,000,000. This fund will be passed to the headquarters of the task force for the Thailand flood on 8 December.

*KRW1,000,000 is approximately USD$882

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Regardless how excited you are about the Korean dramas in 2011, you must add ‘Poseidon’ into your must-watch list. For its production team, it has director Yoo Chul Yong who directed ‘All In’, ‘Sad Love Song’ and other popular korean drama series, the scriptwriter will be Jo Gyoo Won. The story of Poseidon will bring out novelty to the audience.

Poseidon will present a story of Navy’s work and life situtation. What captures the most attention will be this drama is Shinhwa’s Eric first drama piece, after discharged from army. Meanwhile, talented idols – Kim Kang Woo, Yunho, Kim Ok Bin, etc, will be participating in this drama.

One thing to be noted is, this drama is still in the process of auditioning all the roles. Those that are being chosen as the cast will be undergoing training in Incheon’s Navy Team and will finish their filming there. With such a tough audition process, the final piece will defintely be anticipated by many.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Jaejoong's word of thanks
(Jaejoong) Thank you Radio21. (1:43pm KST)

Sweetie, it's 21 not 2;;;;
(Junsu) Thank you Radio 2 (2:35pm KST)

Yay he got the name right this time!
(Junsu) Radio 21... We were deeply moved by your sincerity.. We sincerely thank you. (9:32pm KST)

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Please look forward to the greatness of 3 hottest boys ‘JYJ’

Let’s celebrate the end of the year with the come back of JYJ with their 1st English album! The hottest trio ‘JYJ’ will come back as CH[V] Thailand Asian No.1 Pop Artist of December 2010!

You don’t have to wait for them any longer Cassiopeia, please welcome the come back of 3 hottest guys Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu under the new group artists ‘JYJ’ which came from thier initial name. JYJ come back with the 1st English album ‘The Beginning’.They have worked with the popular producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins who also produced the music for Lady GaGa and Britney Spears. The trio got a chance to compose the song in this album too.

Do not miss this Cassiopeia! JYJ will keep you company til the end of this year as Asian No.1 Pop artist for the whole month a CH[V] Thailand “To Ma Duay Kan Tow Pra Taed” by True Vision on D84, A31

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Micky Yoochun is the perfect example of idol borned actor. When he appeared in the Sungkyunkwan Scandal press conference, many people already have preconceptions about him for his idol status. They felt he would be like Hyunjoong from ‘Boys Over Flower’.
Looking from the end, his acting was a lot better than expected. For those that had preconception that idol born actors acting are rigid with the view “let’s see how well you can act”, made them look at him with admiration.

The producer of the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal praised Park Yoochun in an interview saying “You can see the expression in his eyes were more and more in place. Even when there were long lines, he did not need much NG. In the middle of filming the drama he cried after remembering the lines, making me surprised.”

Truthfully, the role Park Yoochun had as Lee Sun Joon, the emotional change in character is not very obvious, so for a new actor it would be really easy to magnify their weakness.

After watching a drama CP would you praise a good looking actor’s acting in his first drama to this extent?
Even if you don’t know singer Micky Yoochun you can recognize actor Park Yoochun. Through the drama, Yoochun has captured more and more hearts of female audiences.

It looks like comments such as “new actor with amazing concentration and emotional appeal” are not from companies trying to promote their artists.


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