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[PHOTOS] 101108 JYJ - Twitter Update


Junsu and his cats:

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[TRANS] 101107 Older Women Have the ‘Lee Seon Jun Symptom’

KBS2TV’s hot drama Sungkyunkwan scandal’s official forum has generated an overwhelming response.

Women in their thirties have reportedly fallen into the charms of the 4 actors Park YooChun, Park Min Young, Yoo Ah In and Soong Joong Ki’s and are unable to get out of it.

With regards to the soon to be broadcasted episode 19 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal on the 1st, more than 1000 comments have been left by viewers expressing that they have contracted the ‘Lee Seon Jun Symptom’ and ‘Geol Oh Obsession’. Though ratings for the dramas have only been around more than 10%, the number of ahjumma fans the drama attracted is enough to form a whole troop. There were also reports whereby women aged 20 to 30 refused to attend dinners on Mondays and Tuesday (due to the clash with Sungkyunkwan scandal’s broadcast).

A parent expressed that during an elementary school’s parent’s meet, many other parents were also discussing about Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Despite low ratings due to the clash in broadcasting timings with MBC’s Jewel in the Crown and SBS’s Giant, Sungkyunkwan Scandal still generated the most number of responses. The parent also mentioned about the manly charisma coming from idol actor Park YooChun and supporting actor Yoo Ah In.

One viewer who is a mother of two started a thread saying ‘I’ve got the Lee Seon Jun Symptom’ to give her thoughts on watching the drama. It says that she contracted the ‘Lee Seon Jun Symptom’ and neglected her daughter’s homework totally. She used to switch channels whenever she saw DBSK’s news but now she wishes JYJ’s upcoming concert will be a great success. She also added that many ahjumma’s who love this drama hope that there will be another sequel to follow up on the drama.

Not only viewers but many celebrities also cannot escape the ‘Lee Seon Jun Symptom’, as shown by Lee Yeon Hee and Kim Tae Hee who have shown affection towards Park YooChun. Singer Younha was also reported to have gotten the ‘Geol Oh Obsession’.

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[INFO] 101108 Top 3 Skinship/Kiss Scenes in the First 19 Episodes

The top three 3 scenes which caused a rise in ratings in the first 19 episodes of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal.’
(T/N: There is no specific translation of the original source as of yet, but you can also understand by looking at the pictures below.)

In third place, the kiss scene in episode 17 has 17.5%
The scene in which Lee Seon Jun gave a kiss to Kim Yoon Hee in episode 16 is in second place with 18%.
The first place goes to the scene where Lee Seon Jun teaches Kim Yoon Hee archery with 24%.

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[TRANS] 101108 JYJ JaeJoong Tattoos Memories of DBSK on Flesh

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s trio, JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu, have formed their new unit JYJ after leaving ex-agency SMEntertainment, keeping minimal contact with the two members Yunho and Changmin who stayed behind. JYJ was reluctant to discuss about their past in Dong Bang Shin Ki as JaeJoong said, “Can we talk about this year? This year has been great.”
In actual fact, he has a tattoo of “TVfXQ SOUL (DBSK soul)” on his back, and it is nearly impossible for him to rid of the shadow of DBSK.

Last night, the trio held their first showcase in Taiwan under the name “JYJ” in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre, attracting more than 5000 people. After going through the legal dispute due to the termination of their contracts, the trio now has stronger friendship with each other. Before the interview yesterday, JaeJoong revealed a new tattoo saying “MICKY JUNSU” on his lower back. Yoochun also tattooed JaeJoong and Junsu’s name on his chest, but both did not include names of Yunho and Changmin.

JaeJoong and Yoochun’s Soul Mate Tattoo
After the trio filed for the lawsuit to terminate their contract, the group “Dong Bang Shin Ki”, which the members debuted under 7 years ago, ceased. When asked about the happiest and saddest event that happened since debut, JaeJoong paused and asked, “Can we talk about this year?” Apparent that he does not want to bring up the past, he casually commented that the happiest moment was when they first received their new album.
Yoochun and JaeJoong, who both likes tattooing, tattooed the name “TVfXQ” on their backs. Afterwards, both added on “Soul” and “Mate”, which makes up “TVfXQ Soul Mate”. It seems like it is extremely difficult for them to forget their past.
Yesterday, before they left Taiwan in afternoon, 600 fans, who were at the airport to send them off, shouted, “Don’t go!” the moment they saw the trio.

4 JYJ’s ‘Most’ List, 2 of which is JaeJoong.

One who has most tattos: A total of 9/JaeJoong
One who can drink (alcohol) the least: Get drunk easily, have mostly never paid the bill before/Junsu
One who is the laziest in bed: The latest to wake up, tend to have morning temper/ Yoochun
One who has the sharpest tongue: even he admits to it/JaeJoong

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[TRANS] 101108 MASTER POST - JYJ Twitter Update + Junho on twitter!

Junsu, our Korean Cat Lady
(Junsu) Our Tigger.. I’ve been looking at a map and he’s been sitting next to me for the past 15 minutes looking at it with me.. Can you even understand it? Lol (7:45pm KST)

(Junsu) kekeke (7:51pm KST)

(Junsu) Soon after, he fell asleep right there with the keyboard as his pillow and the mouse pad as his bed~ lol (7:53pm KST)

(Junsu) This rascal.. He wasn’t like this in the past.. I’ve noticed that he’s been following only me these days.. When I’m on the computer, he sits on the desk, when I get on the bed, he gets on the bed, when I sit on the sofa, he sits on my lap.. When I go to the bathroom, he patiently waits in front of the door (8:05pm KST)

(Junsu) It’s Bakira, for once in a while~ His expression seems to be saying, ‘What’re you looking at’!! lol But this kid has a really kind heart.. He’s the owner of eyes the color of the blue sea~ (8:10pm KST)

(Junsu) Hi. (9:22pm KST)

Junho's on Twitter, Waiting for Twin Spazz
(Junho) With Teacher Levay~ (10:05pm KST)
(Junsu) @iamzunoya keke Hyung, you're on this now, too? (11:01pm KST)
(Junho) @0101xiahtic Yeah~ I made this account a long time ago but I had no idea how to use it, but I'm giving it another try~haha (11:02pm KST)
(Junho) A picture of our family, who I love~ After the Musical Concert^^ (11:20pm KST)

(Yoochun) Yoochun's feeling healthier now^^ I'm back!!^^ hahaha Are you all well?? (10:51pm KST)
(English Tweet/Yoochun) Hi guys I'm back^^ lol how you guys been?? (10:54pm KST)

JaeChun ditch Junsu... Xiahmori?
(Jaejoong) Three guys, me, Yoochun and Gun Hyung hyung, have come to Ganghwado~ Although the cold wind is strong, the three of us are enough to soothe our solo hearts ♣ (11:14pm KST)
(Gun Young) @mjjeje What's up with you, Jaejun (11:17pm KST)
(Jaejoong) Ah ,.. Gun Young... (11:17pm KST)

Note for newbie Cassies
Junho is Junsu's twin brother. They are very close :)
Xiahmori (Korean for "Xiah Hunting") refers to the way the DBSK members tease and playfully exclude Junsu - example.

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[VIDEO] JYJ - Chaodoowoody Exclusive

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[PHOTOS] 101107 JYJ - Shanghai Showcase Part 11

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[PHOTOS] 110810 JYJ - Shanghai Airport Part 2

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[PHOTOS] 101107 JYJ - Shanghai Showcase Part 10

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[PHOTOS] 101107 Yoochun - Shanghai Showcase Part 9

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