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Radio 21, which played JYJ/TVXQ songs for hours last night til this morning, and is one Jaejoong and Junsu personally thanked to earlier today through their twitter, had made an announcement on its website.
Below is translation from Japanese:

2010-12-05 02:19:43

Soar JYJ, we will become your wings!

We will be playing JYJ full songs for the fans.
Between 2:20 am and 10am, we will officially broadcast JYJ’s music that is now unable to be played on regular broadcasting networks.

Of course, both sides have problems… there are a lot of things they ought to say to each other.
However, for SM which has a representative Mr. Lee Soo Man, who was once a singer himself, to block songs of members that it has raised itself, no matter what the reason is, we see a huge problem with such action.

As once a singer himself, he ought to know music more than anyone, so for him to behave like this, we find it very hard to comprehend. On top of that he also in a position as a senior and a parent.

As such, Radio 21 will present to you unlimited repeat of JYJ songs, that have not been able to be played officially before, until 10 o’clock in the morning.

Also from now on, we promise that as long as there are requests from listeners, we will play JYJ songs in all our programs at anytime.

Participating in this activity itself is giving power.

And we have made a new category for this. Fans please make a title for the category. … for now, we are temporarily calling it “with JYJ”.

Radio 21 has until now did our best to minimize broadcasting J-Pop.
However JYJ’s J-Pop is something to be proud of.
Sure enough we want to always present to you JYJ’s J-Pop.
Though we are inadequate, from here onwards Radio21 wants to be of assistance to help guarding everyone’s JYJ.

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Moon Hee Joon showed his gratitude towards actress Moon Geun Young.

On SBS' 'Strong Heart'(MC Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seung Gi) on November 30th, Moon Hee Joon seemed excited as he said, "This is the first time in 15 years that Moon Geun Young said she is a fan of mine. I'm so thankful."

Moon Hee Joon also said, "Some of my fans are also stars with immense popularity who might surprise you all. For example, TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong was a fan of mine who really liked me," and "Every concert, he'd be the handsome guy holding a white balloon in the crowd."

He continued to say, "Everytime YoungWoong Jaejoong was asked who his idol was, I'd listen intently just in case he said my name, but he would list only foreign artistes. Why can't he confidently say that he's a fan of mine like Moon Geun Young?" He elicited laughter from the audience when he added, "Moon Geun Young brings honor to the Moon family lineage. She is a small but great person."

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Q: From your point of view as a senior actor, among the four main leads in the drama (SungKyunKwan Scandal) whose acting skills has improved the most?

A: Yoochun is the one whose acting skills has improved the most. This is the first time for Yoochun to act in a drama, in fact he started his career as a singer but not as an actor. Whenever I chat with him, I found out that he has a lot of ideas about acting. His attitude is like that too. Besides that, he shows keen interest in film industry. It is totally different when being an actor and a singer. I think his appearance alongside with his potential in acting, he will become an actor with real abilities in the future. In addition, he has improved a lot in the end. The gaze I perceived from him is totally different from the time when I first acted with him and the last time we acted together. It is not easy to achieve that.

(T/N: Jo Sung Ha plays the role of King Jeongjo in SungKyunKwan Scandal)

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Akio Iwama is a good friend of Jaejoong and always call him ‘Prince’. He works in accessory company in Tokyo.
Below is compilation of his tweets, but I managed them to be like a blog entry.

I like positive people. Prince is a really positive person. So when I talk to him, I feel good. It’s really fun.

They say “Hasn’t prince got to be so skinny??”, but when I think of what he faced on the hard schedule and all those pressure, I guess he couldn’t help it.

Huh? My first impression of him? Well, I already told him too about this. I thought he was a foreign student. A university student. He looked like an international student from South Korea (laughs) Probably because his casual outfit. When it comes to the same-sex, I will not deeply observe on the face look. Seriously. He dressed just simple and casually, if I’m not mistaken, he was wearing washed jeans and T-shirt. He also didn’t cover his face with cap or sunglasses.

(to help you imagine the Uni student figure of Jaejoong XD)

Perhaps it was 3~4 years ago (T/N: when he first met Jaejoong). But then, my memory is really uncertain. I was impressed with his broken and short Japanese.

(kibounhikari)@akionosuke have you seen prince in private time?
(akionosuke)@kibounhikari He treats me like a very close friend. And I’m thankful about it.

(TVXQ0414)@akionosuke I guess Jaejoong first met you when he went on a shopping at your accessories store, how is my idea?
(akionosuke)@TVXQ0414 It is like that.

(kun4114)@akionosuke When I checked people whom Jaejoong followed, you are the only man who is Japanese, so you are pretty conspicuous.
(@akionosuke)@kun4114 Oh, Prince! He must knew that.(XD)

The fact that I’m able to talk to thousand of his fans in this short period of time, I think it’s really great too. I received my full energy from you guys (laughs). When finally we met each other after a long time, I told him, “You’re just too popular, aren’t you?” (T/N: in which Jaejoong replied) “What? Ahahaha! There’s no such a thing (laughs)” I’m impressed with his shy smile.

By the way, that was a 30cm♡ distance conversation. Since it was a 30cm, and we’re just too close, there’s nothing I can see but his eyes.

Why there are a lot of smell fetish around here! Eh well, but I don’t think he put any perfume. He smelled like a freshly washed shirt. I’m sure because I have a good nose. His smell is just refreshing, in my opinion. When I looked closely to him, my only saying was “Contact lenses?” It was ♡

From what I see, I think he’s someone who concern about care treatment to himself. Yet he’s still very natural. I have quite mysterious image about him.
credit: akionosuke’s twitter (@akionosuke)
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Regardless of how busy I am, I would like to have blossoming relationship.
I need to express my feelings during work, for me, it is essential to be in love.

After went through the days dazzled with storms of life, Changmin who hasn't been seen for a long time, was slightly different from the past, as he exuded an aura of mature temptation.
However his never changing youth-like innocence and sincerity still appeared when he smiled.
He is still hesitating on the verge of becoming a man from a boy.
Despite of having hesitation in his work and relationship, he'd still choose to keep moving forward.

Once in a life time.

In this kind of season.

And because of the radiance that shines within him, people are unable to take their eyes off him.

Sexiest man of the year

He is growing into a mature man, Changmin’s ‘present’ is bright and eye-catching.
When he took off his jacket upon his arrival in the studio, the exposure of his well-trained shoulder astounded all who saw him. Previously, the smoothness of line which stretched from his neck to shoulder reminiscent of an elegant little deer, now they seems to be full of power. When we said about last time, in fact it was merely a year, or one and a half year ago.

‘I started to go to gym since one year ago. Not only my muscles are trained, I become healthier too. I felt inferior last time for being too thin. I want to look manlier and smarter when I wear clothes, that’s why I ended up in doing gym.’

The chances of having to stand in front of a camera increase when working as a model. The height of 188cm indeed is a weapon which can fit in perfectly in any kind of outfit. However he still feel a bit difficult when he has to perform his solo activities. Nonetheless, the youngest who felt carefree when he was surrounded by his elder brothers in Tohoshinki before, is completely different from Changmin who is standing in front of me now. He used to feel embarrased when he heard his stage name --“Choi Kang = Max” when he debut, but he get used to it now. However when he was praised by the others that he is ‘very sexy’, he still can’t get rid of the shyness which belongs to a 22 year old youth, ‘If I was told like that, I will feel stressed and embarrassed’

‘Recently I attend vocal and dance classes, I can feel my limit when I practise more, so I become impatience. However when I think of it in the opposite way, this means that I still have rooms for improvement in the future. Therefore it can be concluded that the pressure and joy are coexist. ------- I like to force myself? Perhaps.’

Having to start working in an environment surrounded by adults since 15 years old, I am aware of ‘I am an adult’. Now, I have really becoming one ------- Changmin who said like this, knew clearly that there’s still a child-like part which remains in him.

His silhouette which wavers in between a man and boy, is like a beautiful winding coastline. One moment it is a serene stream which formed by merging of waves that surged to the shore, next it is a cape which emerges sharply from sea. His figure of wavering, is coruscating when reflects in the eyes of older women.

‘My favourite colour is purple, it is an ambiguous colour which has shade in between dull and bright. I always feel that there’s overlap between the wisdom and responsibility in an adult. When you become an adult, you are allowed to do things such as smoking and drinking, which are prohibited in children. In contrary, you have to be responsible for yourself too. Up till now, no matter what I have done, my teachers and parents will criticize me. This is because they are protecting me. Now that I have to do the same too, to protect someone.’

‘Now I have started to hear about the news of my friends’ marriage at this age. So I have yearnings for it too. My personal dream is to build a warm family and become a man who can protect it. I have started to prepare it now.’ Changmin said sincerely.

The mature women who take charge of their own lives are sexy

‘My career ambition is to become an artist who can express his emotions freely. Recently I was told to express “mature sexiness” quite often. Therefore I was chanting to myself all the time, that I am the sexiest man in the world.’ If you met the intensity of his gaze which are gradually burned with passion, then you will understand Changmin is integrating into this world rapidly.

‘External beauty and the gentle manner, they are definitely not defined as the real handsome. In my opinion, a real sexy man has to be honest, and with strong will. This goes the same for women, sexy is not defined by how much skin she bares. (laughs) Let it be household chores or work, if a lady can has her own things done properly, she looks sexy to me.’

When asked about his ideal type of girl, pure, cheerful and lovely, with good cooking skill... he became so greedy, and was shocked by his own greed. Moreover, while he was laughing over his honesty, he revealed frankly that there are many outstanding girls. When giving out the examples, he mentioned about British actress Emma Watson, Aragaki Yui and other artists from the same generation.
‘I love RYO too.’ (Mitsui Kanna in Code Blue). His last answer really suprised everyone. ‘The doctor which she acted In Code Blue has left a deep impression on me. The pure heart which is hidden under her tough and calm appearance, and the hidden passion and tenderness which can’t be expressed perfectly. These characters are similar to how Changmin thinks of himself. The person who faces the same direction as him, having the same weakness meanwhile as tough as him, perhaps are the reasons that attract Changmin.

‘For fans, I don’t want to become an absolute existence in their lives. I don’t want them to spend their lives desperately on me. To say it in an extreme way, it is alright even if you guys do not show me your support, I just want you to live your own life well. And take note of my activities occasionally. I will be the happiest if you treat my existence as nutritional supplements.’

Naive smile, sorrow, depression, and other challenging expressions. Those numerous delicate feelings which are hidden beneath, drew the fans closer, and add colour to the daily life. The dream of becoming ‘an artist who can express various feelings’ has been partially fulfilled. This is because for him who lives in the adult world, he could never put an end to experience various type of feelings, and of course including love life.

‘When shooting for sexy photos, I will remember the love relationship that I used to have. It comes up spontaneously (laughs) If compared to a normal person, I have less chances to fall into a relationship. However I still want to get involved in a love relationship. Since I need to express my feelings during work, to be in love is absolutely essential for me.’

Recently he read a romance novel entitled ‘Goodbye, someday’. The main character is a well-behaved youth who met his predestined love one day. And starting from there, he goes through the journey of depression, sorrow and fanaticism which he has never experienced it before and slowly gains understanding from it. Changmin who finds himself in a similar situation as the main lead, perhaps, will meet his predestined love some day.

Changmin's Profile
Born in 1988 in Seoul, Korea. Debut as a member of DBSK in 2004. His perfect poportionate height and handsome appearance, as well as the strong and powerful high notes and vocal skill, are determined for his high popularity. His debut drama ‘Paradise Ranch’ is scheduled to be released in Korea in January 2011.

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‘Following the step of Micky Yoochun, this time is Youngwoong Jaejoong!”

Member of idol group JYJ, Youngwoong Jaejoong is noted as first priority choice of drama representative to debut in Korean drama thus drawn a lot of attention.

Youngwoong Jaejoong who’s recently been active as an idol is known to be the priority choice of a company representative of an upcoming Korean drama. Although there are number of other popular idols being under consideration, among them Youngwoong Jaejoong is called an ‘instant hit of catch’, a common phrase in the drama industry.

The drama company official, “Youngwoong Jaejoong starred in a Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ just before, and he became highly popular in Japan.” and “The drama public relation considers this popularity of Youngwoong Jaejoong really important as this upcoming Korean drama production is highly targeting Japanese market, thus he attracts their attention and becomes their first priority choice.”

Also, through his previous movie ‘Heaven’s Postman’ and Japanese drama debut ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’, unlike other idols turn actors who are facing controversy in their acting skills, Youngwoong Jaejoong showed a relatively stable performance in his first attempt and received warm reviews from local media, which becomes his big advantage too of getting the cast.

Yet when the representative of Youngwoong Jaejoong commented regarding this issue, “It’s true that there are a lot of offers to him to appear in drama. In fact, we have planned him to act in local TV. However, nothing yet to be confirmed, it’s still under discussion.”

If Youngwoong Jaejoong is actually cast in the drama, then he will be the second JYJ member to act in Korean drama after his fellow member Micky Yoochun who just debuted in KBS 2TV drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, the cast of Youngwoong Jaejoong in Korean drama will be a hot topic and attract a lot of anticipation.

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Originally TVXQ member and currently active under JYJ, Junsu (23) secretly contributing for human welfare is revealed.

On the 3rd according to UN international private aid organization ADRA for South Korea, Xiah Junsu along with private members group became donors for ‘Habitat for Humanity’ project, which aims to improve the neighborhood’s living environment. Starting from May last year ADRA for Korea has been in ongoing a life-support project for people in Chungnam, Dangjin-gu area.

Since 2008, Junsu and his Korea fans have deposited numerous donations for ADRA. The fund collected for ADRA this year will be projected for ‘Habitat for Humanity’ project expansion whose purpose is to build new houses for Dangjin-gu residents.

Kim family, who has 9 children together with the parents, has been having difficult time as they live in an old house that suffered from leaky roof. However, due to the help from Junsu and his fans, Kim family now has an opportunity to live in a appropriate size of wooden house for all family members with kitchen, washrooms, living room, study room, and other living facilities. The construction of the house is expected to be completed in two months.

Last month on the 21st, Junsu’s fans visited Kim’s house and had a good time of going on picnic with the family’s children. Junsu’s parents who also attended had passed scholarship to these children.

Last year Junsu was also involved with ADRA Korea in ‘Housing Repair and Improvement Project’ that was held for the poor civilians in Cambodia.

Meanwhile ADRA Korea has participated in sponsoring various projects worldwide such as establishing a 1:1 brotherhood relationship with poor children in developing countries, providing free meals for homeless people, sharing rice project, and more, that have covered of more than 130 countries around the globe.

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This was written by a Chinese fan who went to Korea

Confused. I've been so confused. I still have a hard time believing what happened on the night of the 27th.
It was magical, almost like a dream!

Originally I'd planned to ask ajusshi over to discuss what we were going to do on the 28th-30th, but after I met up with him, I found out that Changmin had gone home, Yunho hadn't been home since the 26th and JYJ were rehearsing for their concert. Lots of fans were already waiting for the three of them at the studio (it was midnight of the 27th). Knowing that transportation fees Jeolla-dowould cost a fortune and that Yunho was likely to have left by the 29th, we decided we'd go and wait for him at HoMin's apartment. Thankfully I remembered to bring my gifts (I wasn't going to bring them at first because I didn't think we were actually going to see him)! Anyhow, we went back to the hotel and asked the staff there to write a message on the Godiva card for us. It was something along the lines on

'To U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin,

Hope you're healthy and happy.
We'll alway be waiting for you here in China!'

And then I signed off with my Chinese name. I didn't manage to get a photo of it because we were in such a rush. There's a photo of the gift though, it's a box of truffles from Godiva and a tea gift set. The packaging looks really good~!

By the time we got to HoMin's apartment, it was already 2:30 in the morning and so we decided to wait in the car. There were 2 other cars there, also fans waiting for Yunho. They didn't leave until around 3:30. I asked ajusshi why they left and she told me that they decided to leave because they'd already been there all night.

We sat in the car waiting… ajusshi is a huge HoMin fan. He says Yunho is a real gentleman and that Changmin is like 'Little UKnow' Hahaha he was so cute~! We tried to teach him some Chinese and it was absolutely hilarious. He learnt to say 'I'm a Yunho fan I'm a Yunho fan~!' I died laughing.

At 4, a red Land Rover sorta car drove past us and stopped right outside HoMin's building. It was probably my fan girl instincts kicking in, but I jumped right off the car to take a look. ajusshi suddenly said 'UKNOW! UKNOW!' in a loud whisper. My present was still inside the car then, so I opened the door again, grabbed it and raced towards him. There was some distance between us, so by the time my friend and I reached the building, Yunho had already gone in.

I kept saying 'Oppa, gift~!' in Korean, hoping I'd get his attention. He turned to me, nodded, waved and gently told us that it was getting cold and that we should stop waiting and go back. He said all of that in Korean, I guess because he thought we were KCassies. He didn't slow down though, so I said 'Oppa, gift~!' again in Korean. Jung Yunho finally stopped then and looked at us. It wasn't until afterwards that we realized he was probably waiting for us to hand over the gift… my friend and I just stood there, frozen on spot. Yunho was literally two steps away from walking in through the door and so, in a state of panic, I yelled 'I'M A CHINESE FAN!' Right then, the most amazing thing happened, Jung Yunho started walking towards us!!!

I felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest. As Yunho made his way over to us, I avoided his gaze because I really was so nervous. I kept my head down and stared at his hand. As I passed my gift over to him, our fingers came into contact and the only coherent thought in my head right then was 'SO SMOOTH!' Please don't hate on me, I didn't do it on purpose, it was just kind of unavoidable. I swear I didn't do it on purpose! Please forgive me! I kept my head down and my eyes fixed on Yunho's fingers, his long, slim, beautiful fingers!

After he took the gift, he said a few words of thanks and nodded slightly to show his gratitude. We didn't relaly know what to say, so as he turned and walked off, I screamed 'GOOD NIGHT OPPA!' He said something in reply and went in.

That was the first time my friend and I tried to stalk someone, we never thought we'd get that lucky. As soon as I got back on the car, I cried my eyes out and my friend held on tightly to my hand. We were both so overcome with emotion. Ajusshi said we were really lucky because we'd manage to get closer to Yunho than many people have dreamt of, so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him again.
(I found out afterwards that the person Yunho was with was his friend from high school (Sanghyuk), the one he brought on 'Introducing Star's Friend'. He dropped Yunho off at the gate and turned to leave. He sort of glanced at us when we were running after Yunho)

When we finally got back to the hotel, my friend told me that Yunho's head was slightly turned in my direction the whole time we stood in front of him. She was watching him and she saw his face really clearly - he was smiling in my direction… except that I was too afraid to look up and into his eyes. I could sort of see him in my peripheral vision though… his face really was tiny… he had a cap on and he was wearing jeans. Oh and he's so slim. I was wearing a pair of boots with a 3-4 inch heel, so I was around 180cm… but when Yunho was standing in front of us, I honestly felt like he was miles taller!

I still can't believe Yunho was smiling in my direction all that time. It was a beautiful, kind smile. I swear Yunho is every bit the gentleman ajusshi said he would be. It was nothing like seeing him on stage, he just seemed so gentle! I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize again… I'm really not exaggerating, everything I'm saying is true.

Yunho really does love Chinese fans. There've been so many nasty rumors lately about Yunho and Changmin but now that I've seen him in person and experienced being in his presence, I just want to say that I cannot understand how anybody could possibly badmouth these boys.

Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin, I'll love you eternally! TVXQ 2011 comeback hwaiting!

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