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Regardless of how busy I am, I would like to have blossoming relationship.
I need to express my feelings during work, for me, it is essential to be in love.

After went through the days dazzled with storms of life, Changmin who hasn't been seen for a long time, was slightly different from the past, as he exuded an aura of mature temptation.
However his never changing youth-like innocence and sincerity still appeared when he smiled.
He is still hesitating on the verge of becoming a man from a boy.
Despite of having hesitation in his work and relationship, he'd still choose to keep moving forward.

Once in a life time.

In this kind of season.

And because of the radiance that shines within him, people are unable to take their eyes off him.

Sexiest man of the year

He is growing into a mature man, Changmin’s ‘present’ is bright and eye-catching.
When he took off his jacket upon his arrival in the studio, the exposure of his well-trained shoulder astounded all who saw him. Previously, the smoothness of line which stretched from his neck to shoulder reminiscent of an elegant little deer, now they seems to be full of power. When we said about last time, in fact it was merely a year, or one and a half year ago.

‘I started to go to gym since one year ago. Not only my muscles are trained, I become healthier too. I felt inferior last time for being too thin. I want to look manlier and smarter when I wear clothes, that’s why I ended up in doing gym.’

The chances of having to stand in front of a camera increase when working as a model. The height of 188cm indeed is a weapon which can fit in perfectly in any kind of outfit. However he still feel a bit difficult when he has to perform his solo activities. Nonetheless, the youngest who felt carefree when he was surrounded by his elder brothers in Tohoshinki before, is completely different from Changmin who is standing in front of me now. He used to feel embarrased when he heard his stage name --“Choi Kang = Max” when he debut, but he get used to it now. However when he was praised by the others that he is ‘very sexy’, he still can’t get rid of the shyness which belongs to a 22 year old youth, ‘If I was told like that, I will feel stressed and embarrassed’

‘Recently I attend vocal and dance classes, I can feel my limit when I practise more, so I become impatience. However when I think of it in the opposite way, this means that I still have rooms for improvement in the future. Therefore it can be concluded that the pressure and joy are coexist. ------- I like to force myself? Perhaps.’

Having to start working in an environment surrounded by adults since 15 years old, I am aware of ‘I am an adult’. Now, I have really becoming one ------- Changmin who said like this, knew clearly that there’s still a child-like part which remains in him.

His silhouette which wavers in between a man and boy, is like a beautiful winding coastline. One moment it is a serene stream which formed by merging of waves that surged to the shore, next it is a cape which emerges sharply from sea. His figure of wavering, is coruscating when reflects in the eyes of older women.

‘My favourite colour is purple, it is an ambiguous colour which has shade in between dull and bright. I always feel that there’s overlap between the wisdom and responsibility in an adult. When you become an adult, you are allowed to do things such as smoking and drinking, which are prohibited in children. In contrary, you have to be responsible for yourself too. Up till now, no matter what I have done, my teachers and parents will criticize me. This is because they are protecting me. Now that I have to do the same too, to protect someone.’

‘Now I have started to hear about the news of my friends’ marriage at this age. So I have yearnings for it too. My personal dream is to build a warm family and become a man who can protect it. I have started to prepare it now.’ Changmin said sincerely.

The mature women who take charge of their own lives are sexy

‘My career ambition is to become an artist who can express his emotions freely. Recently I was told to express “mature sexiness” quite often. Therefore I was chanting to myself all the time, that I am the sexiest man in the world.’ If you met the intensity of his gaze which are gradually burned with passion, then you will understand Changmin is integrating into this world rapidly.

‘External beauty and the gentle manner, they are definitely not defined as the real handsome. In my opinion, a real sexy man has to be honest, and with strong will. This goes the same for women, sexy is not defined by how much skin she bares. (laughs) Let it be household chores or work, if a lady can has her own things done properly, she looks sexy to me.’

When asked about his ideal type of girl, pure, cheerful and lovely, with good cooking skill... he became so greedy, and was shocked by his own greed. Moreover, while he was laughing over his honesty, he revealed frankly that there are many outstanding girls. When giving out the examples, he mentioned about British actress Emma Watson, Aragaki Yui and other artists from the same generation.
‘I love RYO too.’ (Mitsui Kanna in Code Blue). His last answer really suprised everyone. ‘The doctor which she acted In Code Blue has left a deep impression on me. The pure heart which is hidden under her tough and calm appearance, and the hidden passion and tenderness which can’t be expressed perfectly. These characters are similar to how Changmin thinks of himself. The person who faces the same direction as him, having the same weakness meanwhile as tough as him, perhaps are the reasons that attract Changmin.

‘For fans, I don’t want to become an absolute existence in their lives. I don’t want them to spend their lives desperately on me. To say it in an extreme way, it is alright even if you guys do not show me your support, I just want you to live your own life well. And take note of my activities occasionally. I will be the happiest if you treat my existence as nutritional supplements.’

Naive smile, sorrow, depression, and other challenging expressions. Those numerous delicate feelings which are hidden beneath, drew the fans closer, and add colour to the daily life. The dream of becoming ‘an artist who can express various feelings’ has been partially fulfilled. This is because for him who lives in the adult world, he could never put an end to experience various type of feelings, and of course including love life.

‘When shooting for sexy photos, I will remember the love relationship that I used to have. It comes up spontaneously (laughs) If compared to a normal person, I have less chances to fall into a relationship. However I still want to get involved in a love relationship. Since I need to express my feelings during work, to be in love is absolutely essential for me.’

Recently he read a romance novel entitled ‘Goodbye, someday’. The main character is a well-behaved youth who met his predestined love one day. And starting from there, he goes through the journey of depression, sorrow and fanaticism which he has never experienced it before and slowly gains understanding from it. Changmin who finds himself in a similar situation as the main lead, perhaps, will meet his predestined love some day.

Changmin's Profile
Born in 1988 in Seoul, Korea. Debut as a member of DBSK in 2004. His perfect poportionate height and handsome appearance, as well as the strong and powerful high notes and vocal skill, are determined for his high popularity. His debut drama ‘Paradise Ranch’ is scheduled to be released in Korea in January 2011.

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Source: JaeChun's Twitter
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‘Following the step of Micky Yoochun, this time is Youngwoong Jaejoong!”

Member of idol group JYJ, Youngwoong Jaejoong is noted as first priority choice of drama representative to debut in Korean drama thus drawn a lot of attention.

Youngwoong Jaejoong who’s recently been active as an idol is known to be the priority choice of a company representative of an upcoming Korean drama. Although there are number of other popular idols being under consideration, among them Youngwoong Jaejoong is called an ‘instant hit of catch’, a common phrase in the drama industry.

The drama company official, “Youngwoong Jaejoong starred in a Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ just before, and he became highly popular in Japan.” and “The drama public relation considers this popularity of Youngwoong Jaejoong really important as this upcoming Korean drama production is highly targeting Japanese market, thus he attracts their attention and becomes their first priority choice.”

Also, through his previous movie ‘Heaven’s Postman’ and Japanese drama debut ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’, unlike other idols turn actors who are facing controversy in their acting skills, Youngwoong Jaejoong showed a relatively stable performance in his first attempt and received warm reviews from local media, which becomes his big advantage too of getting the cast.

Yet when the representative of Youngwoong Jaejoong commented regarding this issue, “It’s true that there are a lot of offers to him to appear in drama. In fact, we have planned him to act in local TV. However, nothing yet to be confirmed, it’s still under discussion.”

If Youngwoong Jaejoong is actually cast in the drama, then he will be the second JYJ member to act in Korean drama after his fellow member Micky Yoochun who just debuted in KBS 2TV drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, the cast of Youngwoong Jaejoong in Korean drama will be a hot topic and attract a lot of anticipation.

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Originally TVXQ member and currently active under JYJ, Junsu (23) secretly contributing for human welfare is revealed.

On the 3rd according to UN international private aid organization ADRA for South Korea, Xiah Junsu along with private members group became donors for ‘Habitat for Humanity’ project, which aims to improve the neighborhood’s living environment. Starting from May last year ADRA for Korea has been in ongoing a life-support project for people in Chungnam, Dangjin-gu area.

Since 2008, Junsu and his Korea fans have deposited numerous donations for ADRA. The fund collected for ADRA this year will be projected for ‘Habitat for Humanity’ project expansion whose purpose is to build new houses for Dangjin-gu residents.

Kim family, who has 9 children together with the parents, has been having difficult time as they live in an old house that suffered from leaky roof. However, due to the help from Junsu and his fans, Kim family now has an opportunity to live in a appropriate size of wooden house for all family members with kitchen, washrooms, living room, study room, and other living facilities. The construction of the house is expected to be completed in two months.

Last month on the 21st, Junsu’s fans visited Kim’s house and had a good time of going on picnic with the family’s children. Junsu’s parents who also attended had passed scholarship to these children.

Last year Junsu was also involved with ADRA Korea in ‘Housing Repair and Improvement Project’ that was held for the poor civilians in Cambodia.

Meanwhile ADRA Korea has participated in sponsoring various projects worldwide such as establishing a 1:1 brotherhood relationship with poor children in developing countries, providing free meals for homeless people, sharing rice project, and more, that have covered of more than 130 countries around the globe.

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This was written by a Chinese fan who went to Korea

Confused. I've been so confused. I still have a hard time believing what happened on the night of the 27th.
It was magical, almost like a dream!

Originally I'd planned to ask ajusshi over to discuss what we were going to do on the 28th-30th, but after I met up with him, I found out that Changmin had gone home, Yunho hadn't been home since the 26th and JYJ were rehearsing for their concert. Lots of fans were already waiting for the three of them at the studio (it was midnight of the 27th). Knowing that transportation fees Jeolla-dowould cost a fortune and that Yunho was likely to have left by the 29th, we decided we'd go and wait for him at HoMin's apartment. Thankfully I remembered to bring my gifts (I wasn't going to bring them at first because I didn't think we were actually going to see him)! Anyhow, we went back to the hotel and asked the staff there to write a message on the Godiva card for us. It was something along the lines on

'To U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin,

Hope you're healthy and happy.
We'll alway be waiting for you here in China!'

And then I signed off with my Chinese name. I didn't manage to get a photo of it because we were in such a rush. There's a photo of the gift though, it's a box of truffles from Godiva and a tea gift set. The packaging looks really good~!

By the time we got to HoMin's apartment, it was already 2:30 in the morning and so we decided to wait in the car. There were 2 other cars there, also fans waiting for Yunho. They didn't leave until around 3:30. I asked ajusshi why they left and she told me that they decided to leave because they'd already been there all night.

We sat in the car waiting… ajusshi is a huge HoMin fan. He says Yunho is a real gentleman and that Changmin is like 'Little UKnow' Hahaha he was so cute~! We tried to teach him some Chinese and it was absolutely hilarious. He learnt to say 'I'm a Yunho fan I'm a Yunho fan~!' I died laughing.

At 4, a red Land Rover sorta car drove past us and stopped right outside HoMin's building. It was probably my fan girl instincts kicking in, but I jumped right off the car to take a look. ajusshi suddenly said 'UKNOW! UKNOW!' in a loud whisper. My present was still inside the car then, so I opened the door again, grabbed it and raced towards him. There was some distance between us, so by the time my friend and I reached the building, Yunho had already gone in.

I kept saying 'Oppa, gift~!' in Korean, hoping I'd get his attention. He turned to me, nodded, waved and gently told us that it was getting cold and that we should stop waiting and go back. He said all of that in Korean, I guess because he thought we were KCassies. He didn't slow down though, so I said 'Oppa, gift~!' again in Korean. Jung Yunho finally stopped then and looked at us. It wasn't until afterwards that we realized he was probably waiting for us to hand over the gift… my friend and I just stood there, frozen on spot. Yunho was literally two steps away from walking in through the door and so, in a state of panic, I yelled 'I'M A CHINESE FAN!' Right then, the most amazing thing happened, Jung Yunho started walking towards us!!!

I felt like my heart was going to leap out of my chest. As Yunho made his way over to us, I avoided his gaze because I really was so nervous. I kept my head down and stared at his hand. As I passed my gift over to him, our fingers came into contact and the only coherent thought in my head right then was 'SO SMOOTH!' Please don't hate on me, I didn't do it on purpose, it was just kind of unavoidable. I swear I didn't do it on purpose! Please forgive me! I kept my head down and my eyes fixed on Yunho's fingers, his long, slim, beautiful fingers!

After he took the gift, he said a few words of thanks and nodded slightly to show his gratitude. We didn't relaly know what to say, so as he turned and walked off, I screamed 'GOOD NIGHT OPPA!' He said something in reply and went in.

That was the first time my friend and I tried to stalk someone, we never thought we'd get that lucky. As soon as I got back on the car, I cried my eyes out and my friend held on tightly to my hand. We were both so overcome with emotion. Ajusshi said we were really lucky because we'd manage to get closer to Yunho than many people have dreamt of, so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him again.
(I found out afterwards that the person Yunho was with was his friend from high school (Sanghyuk), the one he brought on 'Introducing Star's Friend'. He dropped Yunho off at the gate and turned to leave. He sort of glanced at us when we were running after Yunho)

When we finally got back to the hotel, my friend told me that Yunho's head was slightly turned in my direction the whole time we stood in front of him. She was watching him and she saw his face really clearly - he was smiling in my direction… except that I was too afraid to look up and into his eyes. I could sort of see him in my peripheral vision though… his face really was tiny… he had a cap on and he was wearing jeans. Oh and he's so slim. I was wearing a pair of boots with a 3-4 inch heel, so I was around 180cm… but when Yunho was standing in front of us, I honestly felt like he was miles taller!

I still can't believe Yunho was smiling in my direction all that time. It was a beautiful, kind smile. I swear Yunho is every bit the gentleman ajusshi said he would be. It was nothing like seeing him on stage, he just seemed so gentle! I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize again… I'm really not exaggerating, everything I'm saying is true.

Yunho really does love Chinese fans. There've been so many nasty rumors lately about Yunho and Changmin but now that I've seen him in person and experienced being in his presence, I just want to say that I cannot understand how anybody could possibly badmouth these boys.

Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin, I'll love you eternally! TVXQ 2011 comeback hwaiting!

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It was recently revealed that the trio of JYJ attempted to make an appearance on a broadcast show, but were subsequently rejected.

According to an industry representative, JYJ was scheduled to be in the line-up for KBS 2TV’s “31st Blue Dragon Film Awards” broadcast live on November 26th. The trio rushed to pass the KBS review a week before the ceremony in order to take part in the event.

Artists normally submit their work for review before the release of their album, but JYJ submitted their first album, “The Beginning“, nearly a month after its release. JYJ’s KBS review included a total of seven potential songs to be performed at the ceremony.

Unfortunately, their appearance ended up being miscast due to outstanding disputes with their agency,SM Entertainment, and pressure from the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI); the KFPCAI sent out official letters to both public and cable broadcasting companies, as well as major music distributors requesting to restrict the appearances of JYJ.

The “Blue Dragon Film Awards” is not the only event JYJ is barred from. The trio’s songs have yet to make radio or TV appearances two months into its release, despite viewers and listeners consistently requesting for their songs.

Another industry representative revealed, “JYJ will be met with more obstacles if they do not solve their issue with SM Entertainment. A lot of producers are raising their voices concurrently to exclude JYJ’s activities in order to make sure such a controversy does not happen again.”

Source + Photos: SPN via Nate
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Fourteen reporters from 10Asia gathered together to vote for what they believed were the best drama, director, writer, and actor in the drama world in 2010. was selected as the year’s best drama with 6 votes, just edging out with 5. As the article mentions, the reporters who submitted their votes are simply writers who diligently and lovingly watched Korea’s dramas over the past year, so their votes are more reflective of personal taste than professional critical opinion. Though they did not win, two reporters also selected Kim Kap Soo [the actor who played Lee Sunjoon's father] as the best actor, and one reporter selected the Jalgeum Four of Park Yoochun, Park Minyoung, Yoo Ah In, and Song Joong Ki as the best actors of the dramas of 2010.

Though KBS’s was “not this year’s most well-made drama, it was the most meaningful” (Yoon Hee Sung). “It didn’t go down the path of naive hypocrisy or malpheumisms packaged in coolness, and in this generation in which it is hard to speak of dreams, it was a drama that showed rare balance and frankness and tossed out the most basic questions necessary for dreams” (Baek Eun Ha). “Besides the outside shell of the romance and coming-of-age stories, it managed to confront and question again and again issues of principles, problems of the time, reform, and intelligence. It was ‘this year’s discovery’ that nobody saw coming” (Cho Ji Young). Indeed, not only the Sungkyunkwan scholars but also viewers and critics fell completely in love with Kim Yoonshik—no, Kim Yoonhee. Of course, one cannot ignore the drama’s weaknesses, including that “the second half deteriorated and the story wasn’t unified from time to time” [...] “But the energy from that [lack of unification] allowed the drama to be a youth, sageuk, and political drama [all at once]” (Kang Myung Seok), turning this opinion into a positive one. More than anything else, this drama asked serious questions about the way we should live our lives, and did so with the voices of young people speaking toward a young generation, and made an effort to awaken our exhausted and emasculated age to the world. Thus our most honest feelings about can be summed up in the words of Yoon Hee Sung: “It wasn’t a drama that made its viewers laugh or cry, but there was no other drama that warmed our hearts like this.”

I completely agree - even without my DBSK bias,
SungKyunKwan Scandal has been my favorite drama of 2010!

Source: [10 Asia’s 2010 Ten Awards]
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Jay Park aka FLOWSIK, who was featured in Yoochun's The Beginning solo track "I Love You", recently tweeted a pictures of himself and Junsu and Micky.

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Voting period: 25 Nov - 13 Dec 2010
Announcement of winners: 16 Dec 2010

Category: This Year's Idol Group

Current positions:
#1 - SNSD (22%, 13435 votes)
#2 - f(x) (17.6%, 10769 votes)
#3 - JYJ (8.53%, 5205 votes)

Category: This Year's Entertainer

Current position:
#5 - Micky Yoochun (SungKyunKwan Scandal) (7.92%, 4841 votes)

Tohosomnia: to vote for JYJ, you need a Bugs ID which is only open to Koreans or foreigners living in Korea with a foreign reg number!

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On the 27th at 8pm, an hour later than planned, the "JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul" began at the Jamsil Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Despite the sudden cold, fans from around the world started gathering outside the Olympic Stadium as early as 5 hours before the concert. On that day, there were not only Korean fans, but also fans from Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines and other Asian countries, proving JYJ's (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun) popularity.

On that day, JYJ sang the OST for Yoochun's drama "SungKyunKwan Scandal" and co-stars Song Joongki and Yoo Ah In were in the audience, drawing more screams from the fans.

Also, Jaejoong said, "MBLAQ is also here, but I'm not very sure what the leader's name is", causing a pleasant surprise.

On another note, JYJ's concert will be held in the Olympic Stadium on 27 and 28 November.

Source: [tvDaily + MBLAQCHINA + hey!jj]
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Title of CD: TBC
Jacket cover: TBC

On sale: 2011.01.26

■CD+DVD【First Press・Normal】
Price: 1,890円(tax included)
Product #: AVCK-79022/B

Title TBC 1
Title TBC 2
4 versions of these 2 tracks will be included

Title TBC 1(PV)
Off Shot Movie
※Included in First Press

【Limited First Press】
Jacket-sized card included (1 of 6 designs will be randomly inserted)
DVD Off Shot Movie

■CD【First Press・Normal】
Price: 1,050円(tax included)
Product #: AVCK-79023

Title TBC 1
Title TBC 2
TBC (Remix)
5 versions of these 2 tracks will be included

【Limited First Press】
Jacket-sized card included (1 of 6 designs will be randomly inserted)
Gorgeous 12-page booklet included

※Contents are subject to changes. We thank you for your understanding.
※We will inform you once the details of the mu-mo Shop Limited Bigeast Original version is finalized.

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Good Bye! 2010~ 50% Sale

Free delivery for orders above KRW9,900.
Activity period: 1 Dec - 30 Dec 2010

A special gift from JYJ this Christmas.
4 presents specially prepared by the JYJ Santas!
Activity period: 1 Dec - 19 Dec 2010
Target Audience: Everyone who shops in the mall during the activity period.

Another picture of them from Nature Republic:

Source: [Nature Republic + CB家族 + baiduTVXQ]
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Source: Jaejoong's Twitter
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Yes Jaejoong, please start putting photos up Please!
(Jaejoong) Driver Micky~~ (1:50pm KST)

Looks Gorgeous♥ Yoochun gets Poetic
(Yoochun) Yesterday's.....passing dream (4:31pm KST)

Junsu Quotes his Song, Gets me Teary
(Junsu) Leaves... You said for us to be together as we walked across the fallen leaves..You, who has swallowed my heart..... You promised eternity.. To our dreams that were blindingly beautiful... All this is right now, is a hardship we must face..Right..? (6:36pm KST)
(Junsu) They say that when a heavy darkness passes, the early morning comes that much quicker.. Though we are like a fallen flower right now.. Let's start again.. (6:37pm KST)

So deep, Our Junsu has matured so much ;A;
(Junsu) Though destiny is keeping us far apart for now...Our memories that we have fused within are so deep that I could not trade them for the world.. (6:48pm KST)

But bb needs to stop this 'tweet as soon as she's posted translations' thing
(Junsu) The trembling (of our hearts) that we felt then.. Let's treasure it forever..Because even though I can't see you right now because you've been hidden by reality..I will find you.. (6:50pm KST)
(Junsu) Undoubtedly.. (6:50pm KST)

Source: [Jaejoong+Yoochun+Junsu's Twitter]
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After completing the two concerts at Seoul Jamsil Stadium on the last 27th and 28th, JYJ (Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu) will be having a half month holiday.

JYJ started their worldwide showcase tour on 12th of October in six cities of Asia including Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hongkong, Taipei, and Shanghai after releasing their debut album 'The Beginning'. While in November, they held their showcases in States regions which included New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. They wrapped up their showcase tour which lasted for two months by holding a two day concerts in Jamsil Olympic Stadium on 27th and 28th of November.

JYJ's staff said, 'Before this, the members were having their own solo activities and worldwide showcase tour simultaneously. In the following half of the month, there won't be any work schedule planned for them, they will rest well.'

There are still no details about their future activities that had been published. The staff said, 'Although there are several plans including the solo activities, but they still can't be revealed yet.'

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 有天吧
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For the past few years, Korean “idols” or members of popular boy/girl bands have begun gracing the musical stage ― rushing into the dramatic arts as a gateway to acting.

Seen as the natural stepping stone for singers looking to make some headway into the dramatic arts, stage musicals have fast become the platform of choice for two reasons: They allow them to do what they’re best at ― dancing and singing ― and a chance to prove their mettle in the acting game.

Some stars have seen success, others have been blasted for their ill-conceived venture.

SHINee’s Onew and SS501’s Kim Hyung-joon have been the most recent additions to the list of boy band members switching gears to musicals, joining contemporaries like former TVXQ member Xiah and Tae-yeon of Girls Generation.

Onew’s fall debut with the Korean adaptation of “Rock of Ages” impressed both theater critics and audiences alike with some even saying the singer-turned-musical actor one-upped veteran Korean Wave star Ahn Jae-wook who switched off with the crooner in the lead role throughout its month-long engagement.

In stark contrast, Kim’s gig as a musical actor kicked off to a stuttering start last week with the original production “Caffeine” at the Baekam Art Hall in southern Seoul.
SHINee’s Onew (center) made an impressive debut with the Korean adaptation of “Rock of Ages.” (M Musical)

His debut was met with a lukewarm response, many saying the fledgling actor had looked awkward and even nervous during key scenes which required him to be confident.

This kind of “shoot first, ask questions later” approach doesn’t seem to faze most musical production houses though as the casting of a boy band or girl band member alone is enough to generate huge interest from the public.

Because the industry has been steadfastly in decline due to an oversaturated market, earning the quick buck has become what matters most.

One of the few successful cases has without a doubt been Xiah’s debut.

Xiah, a former member with hugely popular boy band TVXQ, made a debut with “Mozart” earlier in January which garnered the 23-year-old a slew of acting honors and critical acclaim.

Meanwhile, those who crashed and burned at the court of public opinion were largely criticized for their lack of commitment that was reflected in their stilted performances.

Choi Sung-hee, or Bada as most of her fans know her from her heyday with all-girl band S.E.S., is a veteran of the musical scene who has voiced her frank opinion on the veritable gold rush into the theater arts by her younger contemporaries.

Currently starring in the musical “Broadway 42nd Street,” the production’s theater troupe opened its doors to the press earlier in September where Choi took time off from the rigorous pre-show rehearsals at the KEPCO Hanjeon Art Center in Seoul to field questions about her musical ― but most of all about the rising trend of K-pop idols entering the scene.

The production, having wrapped its run in the capital city, is slated to move on to Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, starting Dec. 3.

“You have to be absolutely sure that this is what you want to do before you go any further,” she was quoted as saying.

“You need to have an actor’s mindset and a responsibility to the craft of acting. Acting in a musical requires you to give yourself and open yourself to your cast mates and if you’re not prepared to do that, the audience won’t be engaged in your performance and that type of dedication isn’t something the head of a production company can give you.”

Choi is considered one of the first K-pop singers to make way onto the musical stage, debuting in 2003 with “Peppermint.”

Since then, she has starred in such hit stage musicals as “200 Pounds Beauty,” cementing her status as one of the local performing and dramatic arts scene’s marquee names.

Echoing her sentiment is veteran actor Jo Jae-hyun (“Bad Guy,” “Address Unknown”) who says singers attempting to successfully cross over to acting must be fully committed.

“For anyone looking to break into theater arts, they have to realize the amount of preparation and time it takes to acclimate to performing on stage because stage acting is an entirely different beast to film or television,” he told The Korea Herald.

“Acting for the stage is one of the most difficult crafts ― even for traditional actors ― and for singers to jump into the fray like that is commendable but you really have to be fully committed because otherwise you’re going to learn the hard way that it isn’t something you just pick up on a whim or by suggestions from your management company.”

By Song Woong-ki (

source: koreaherald
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The photo book that is up to release has recorded pictures of the sense and daily life of Jaejoong from JYJ.

A photo book of Jaejoong from JYJ who just successfully finished the concert in Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium on November 27 and 28th is coming to release.

The photo book is scheduled to release in mid-December, the 184 pages will show his fashion and lifestyle in “Senses and Daily life” theme, including the figure of natural Jaejoong in his daily life that has never been published before. The book will also especially feature a photo story in which the filming was set up in a public place in Myeongdong that was arranged to give space only for him with paparazzi-kind of shots, lively pictures from the scene that Jaejoong had never tried even once before will be published. It’s going to be a wonderful Christmas present for his fans.

When shooting for “paparazzi cuts” in Myeongdong, Jaejoong said that it was his first time to go alone at Myeongdong without a manager nor a coordinator, and he said “It’s a wonderful experience, but also scary at the same time.” this filming episodes raised the expectations from fans even more.

Jaejoong’s photobook is available in two types, a single unit set and a poster-attached set, pre-order is accepted through Innolife.

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An online survey with the theme of 'Which male artist will be most successful if he is an English translator?' was done by Dcinside (a Korean website) from 23th to 30th. As a result, DBSK and JYJ member Park Yoochun topped the chart with 2715 votes (43.6%) out of the total 6223 votes.

Park Yoochun who emigrated to Virginia, United States when he was in 6th grade in elementary school, only came back to Korea before his debut, is proud of his good command of English. In several formal occasions which he had been to, there were few times when the camera managed to capture him in the midst of translating for the others. In addition with the long time he spent in Japan, he deserved the first spot.


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'Perhaps the heaven wants to see our performances too.'

JYJ unit (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu) teared because of snow, smiled because of snow.

JYJ held their first large scale concert in Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium on the night of 27th and 28th.

The concert on 27th which was supposed to begin at 7pm, was delayed for an hour in order to remove the enormous canvas which covered the roof of stadium that was torn down by the snow and hail in the early morning that day.

It was the first time ever for a concert to be held in Jamsil Olympic Stadium with its roof covered, so it garnered great attention before this. But with the removal of roof, not only fans, but JYJ themselves were exposed in cold weather too.

However, miracle happened on the second day of the concert just like one of the scenes we came across in a drama. When the concert was at its climax, snow started to fall down from the sky all of a sudden. The members were smiling with snowflakes flying around them and the sorrow they had on previous day was swept away.

Yoochun stared at the snow which started to fall just before his solo, and said to fans,'Is this the first snow of the season? The snow which I experience with the person I love, I will count it as the first snow', and drew an explosive response from the fans.

Jaejoong said with full of emotion,' I received a tweet from a fan yesterday, she said, "Perhaps the heaven wants to watch our performances too', I received great comfort after I read that tweet.' He especially thanked the fans.

JYJ who ended their concert in grand style expressed, 'Looking at the snow flakes which flying around during the concert, we felt that we have created another beautiful memories with fans. Because of the cold weather, the concert couldn't go on with the initial plan. Although we have some regrets, but when we saw the 70,000 fans who came to support us passionately despite the cold weather, we felt very touched.'

The temperature dropped to the level similar to the temperature recorded when the cold snap sets in. Even though it is recorded as the coldest autumn ever, this couldn't stop the passion of fans directed to JYJ. The snow which fall during the concert even added the romantic effect to the stage, it was the 'special stage effects' which can't be achieved by mankind.

After the concert, fans expressed their satisfaction, 'Can't feel the cold, as this is a concert when fans and singers, both have become one.' They said, 'We felt the cold just melt away when listening to JYJ's songs. We hope that we will be able to see them more often at different stages.'

This is a sparkling night when JYJ's passion and talent shine after their success in overcoming the unpredictable obstacles as well as their unwavering and strong will during crisis.
By the time fans leaving the stadium, the snow which had stopped temporary started to fall again.

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As requested by one of our readers, here is a nifty easy-to-download zip folder of JYJ's performance in Seoul. 143 pohtos are neatly organized into "Junsu", "Jaejoong", "Yoochun", "JYJ" and "Audience".

File size: 16.5 MB

Download here:

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

After JYJ’s Jaejoong revealed the meaning behind his self composed song ‘nine’, it became a topic of discussion.

On last Nov. 27th and 28th, the two days concert were finally over. During the concerts the members first performed their self-composed songs such as ‘nine’ and ‘Fallen Leaves’. The self-composed songs caught many fans’ attention.

Jaejoong answered some of the fans’ questions about his self-composed song through twitter. Jaejoong confirmed, “The songs composed by the members in this concert were all completely composed, arranged and had their lyrics written by the members.” Thus starting the discussion about their self-composed songs. The hottest discussion was about Jaejoong’s self-composed song ‘nine’. A line in ‘nine’ lyrics, “Even though it’s hard to start over, but with everyone creating memories, I can’t hide it anymore”. Everyone became even more curious about the song when listening to its sad lyrics. To everyone that is curious about the lyrics of ‘nine’, Hero Jaejoong explained it this way: “From the day Yoochun had joined us, it has been 9 years”.

Jaejoong spent a lot of time writing the lyrics to ‘nine’. “The reason why it took so long for me to write the lyrics for ‘nine’ was because.. I was wondering if it would be better to use poetic expression… or other ways of expressions… And because this song would be presented to you for the first time at the concert, I wanted to express a feeling of ‘talking directly in front of your eyes’ thus it turned out like this.” He also said, “I used the basic chords that I learned when Yoochun first began teaching me how to play the piano, and I created the melody so that it would remind people of music from 10 years ago.. Yoochun who didn’t even know about it, said ‘Hyung.. Why does it have a kind of old feeling to it? Haha..’ ” revealing the little story behind the making of ‘nine’.

Fans had avid responses such as “It’s already been 9 years since they have been together” “So it actually signifies the 5 members of TVXQ” “Just listening to it makes my heart ache”. Other than ‘nine’, Jaejoong also talked about other songs such as ‘Pierrot’ and ’My Scenario’.
If you missed those tweets, go here

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Boy band JYJ performs at the group’s first concert titled “JYJ Concert in Seoul” at the Main Stadium of the Olympic Park in Jamsil of Seoul, South Korea on November 27, 2010. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

“Getting struck by wind is said to happen only to those who are flying. I believe that the many winds that we are being struck with are blessings in disguise, meaning that we will fly high up.” That is what JYJ member Junsu during their two-day concert titled “JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul” held on November 27 and 28 at the Main Olympic Stadium in Jamsil. And the ‘wind’ he spoke of did not refer to the hail and strong wind that took down the large tent that was installed over the roof of the stadium ahead of the first day of the concert. Former TVXQ members Jaejung, Yuchun and Junsu left the band after filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment last summer asking their exclusive contract with the agency to be nullified after which SM filed for injunction on the three’s release of their worldwide album “The Beginning” in October although they later withdrew it. While the lawsuit regarding the contract with SM is ongoing, TVXQ’s two remaining members U-know Yunho and Max Changmin are set to resume their singing careers next year under the name of TVXQ.

Despite all the ups and downs they have been through, JYJ delayed the starting time of 7 p.m. for their concert on November 27 by an hour since they had to take down the tent and the 35,000 local and international fans had to endure the below-zero temperature. However, the stage was enough to show off the elaborate dance moves and singing skills of the JYJ members whose performances were of tracks from their album “The Beginning” which features works from world-renowned musicians such as Kanye West who composed “Ayyy girl,” Rodney Jenkins who produced “Empty,” as well as unreleased songs “9,” “Fallen Leaves” and “Mission Make It.” Each member gave solo performances as well, with Yuchun taking the stage to give his rendition of “Drunken Truth” by duo Exhibition, Junsu performing with a string orchestra for “I Can Soar” and Jaejung singing “To You Its Goodbye” from the soundtrack to KBS’ drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” The dance performance, which was directed by Jeri Slaughter who has worked with top global artists Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, left a deep impression with its extravagant lights and dynamics moves which was reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil’s shows. They also successfully delivered a relatively clear and rich sound even though they were limited in terms of location with the concert being held in a stadium — faults were pointed out regarding the sound during their showcase held at Korea University’s Hwaseong Tiger Dome last month. However, it could not be helped that there was a limit to them conveying the emotions felt in the songs from their album “The Beginning” which is in English and it was inevitable that their new songs, unveiled for the first time at the concert, created an awkward atmosphere.

But of course these inconveniences came about also because JYJ is a team that is just ‘beginning.’ The lyrics to their new song “Pierrot” which say, “I have my own thoughts and my own life. I don’t want to remember those times which seemed like prison. Forever bye bye bye,” seemed to be directed towards their previous agency as well as saying goodbye to their past as TVXQ. It may also refer to how they cannot and will not sing the songs that they sang as TVXQ and how they are singers will their first full-length album even though they made a debut seven years ago. Hence, after going through trial and error, they showed quick improvement on their show on November 28 compared to the previous day, drawing reaction from the audience on the second and third floor from warmer weather, better arrangement of the floor seats and usage of a subsidiary stage. In that sense, the most important thing that the members of JYJ may need is time to build up a repertoire that is right for them.

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For the Japanese magazine ‘Love Photo’ dress-up in conjunction with the JFW (Japan Fashion Week), ChangMin is featured in 14 pages in the special volume of this issue! (From Amazon)

T/N: The ‘Love Photo’ magazine is designated for those between ages 10 and 30. It features the most fashionable female photographers who are involved in photo shoots of the popular singers and actors. Themes are defined as “Fashion Magazine” and “Photography”. This issue includes Masami Nagasawa, Erika Sawajiri, Mika Nakashima, Rinko Kikuchi, Shinoda Mariko and other stars.

P.S. ChangMin is placed first in the introduction part in Amazon. And also, this magazine is published annually.

source: BaiduChangMin
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Q1. Yoochun-kun also acted in Japan, therefore, is there any difference between acting in Korea or Japan? Also, in the future, do you want to continue the performing arts life or a keen singer’s activities?

A: How to say… I have never ventured the acting field before, so it’s hard for me to tell the difference between the two. Regarding acting, I have a lot of trouble and so as well as a singer’s activities. But since this kind of work was given to me, I will try to do my best to do well. This kind of mindset during this period of time acting in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” allows me to do my best filming holding on to the thought of giving a good performance for everyone.

Q2. To Yoochun-kun, what is exercise? Is is the same as the relationship between water and oil?

A: I don’t hate exercising. Now I want to do my best to try maintaining my face and my physique. Hahaha…

Q3. Yoochun-hyung/oppa, in challenging acting for a drama for the first time in Korea, is there any secret method of acting training?

A: I accepted acting coaching such as pronunciation and voice training and they can also be considered as secret methods. But between practice and actual performance in front of the camera, there is still a large gap. I asked the director a lot, as well as the sunbae actors (seniors) and the other actors I acted alongside with, and they pointed out to me the parts where I didn’t act too well and as much as possible putting in much effort to correct them. As I watched my scenes, I questioned how it could be like… Orderly learning how to do shoots.

Q4. Micky Yoochun! While you’re acting as a “perfect guy,” when are the moments that you think that “Ah! This perfect guy is so cool!”? And where do you think that you are similar to “perfect guy”?

A. No matter what others say, one must always follow his own principles! As Seonjun is a person who lives uprightly, I think a character with that kind of charisma is hard to find nowadays. In the drama, Seonjun is forced to be a person who upholds his own principles and one of the reasons is due to his father. The kind of pressure that Seonjun feels due to his living condition is what I felt the common thing about us. I felt much pressure during this period of time at work too. Unlike what I thought it would be, the pressure does not come from me being a star but a feeling of losing myself. However, this feeling gradually disappears as the pressure from acting disappears.

Q5. Yoochun-hyung/oppa, in Japan you also said the line “Strip down,” and in Korea you said “Take it off” (old formal way of speech), how do you feel about these kinds of lines?

A: Ahaha. So depressing. In the drama, it’s normal to say that as everyone thinks that Yoonhee is a male. Embarrased for no reason…

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There was still a few hours to go before the concert would start, but at USC's Galen Center, the LA venue for JYJ's The Beginning Tour, there was already a seemingly never-ending line of fans, all excitedly chatting amongst themselves while waiting in the cold for the doors to open. I was immediately reminded of the intense fanaticism of every other Korean music event I've attended, and I thought to myself, "Ah, this is the power of K-pop."

Before the highly anticipated showcase, Shane Yoon and Arden Cho took some time to chat about their role in the madness. As MCs of the LA show, their tasks included introducing the performers, conducting a Q&A with the musical trio onstage, and to keep the show running smoothly.

Known for his role in the comical web series KTown Cowboys, Yoon is an "actor, MC, producer, thinker of funny thoughts and mentally unique," according to his Twitter. Model/actress Cho has recently modeled for Clinique and was recently the female lead in Ryan Higa's medium film Agents of Secret Stuff.

Asia Pacific Arts: How did you both become MCs for JYJ?

Shane Yoon: I'm a good friend of Rich Nam, the head of Entitled Entertainment and he just called me asking if I would be interested in MC-ing for JYJ. I said, "Yeah, sure that'd be cool."

Arden Cho: And then they found me on the street.

SY: Actually, we put an ad on Craigslist [laughs]. No, he asked me if I knew a female MC who was fluent in Korean 'cause mine isn't 100% there, and well, [I thought] it'd be nice to have a guy and a girl on stage. For New York, they found Julie Chang. She's a Fox News reporter, so that was taken care of, and for Las Vegas and Los Angeles, I recommended Arden...[jokes] to my regret.

APA: Were you familiar with JYJ before the tour?

SY: No, when Rich called me, I had no idea. So, I looked them up online and found out they were from a bigger group who I'd heard of before called Dong Bang Shin Ki (동방신기).

AC: Now, he's a huge fan!

SY: I didn't know who they were, so I started listening to some of their songs and thought, "Uhh, they're okay." They seemed like a flash in the pan boy band that broke off from another boy band. It wasn't until I arrived in New York and saw 4,000 people waiting in line that I realized something was different. I was amazed by the diversity of their fan base. It wasn't just all Asian kids like I thought it would be. There were people from 12 years old to older ladies in their 40s. [laughs] I was amazed at how much support they have from an international fan base. There were people who flew in from Canada, Japan and South America. It was nuts!

AC: I think it's really interesting to see the diversity. I was really impressed. Actually, I think I saw less Asian people at the Vegas show. People assume that since it's a K-pop concert, everybody would be Korean, but that's not the case at all.

SY: Even my mom's a JYJ fan.

APA: Was she overjoyed when you got the job?

SY: She's been calling me nonstop, like four times a day. Nothing about me though. She'd ask, "What's going on with JYJ?" And I'm like "Umm… I'm in the bathroom right now." [laughs]

APA: Can you describe JYJ as performers and what they're like in regular life?

SY: I grew up with K-pop artists, and I hear of all these crazy contracts for entertainers, where you can't do anything you want. So, I was expecting them to be a little bit snobby and spoiled, but they have great personalities and are very humble. They work so hard, and each of them has been sick on this tour, but they still try to go sightseeing, get up early for all their interviews and put on great concerts. You can tell already they've had great shows. They really feed off the energy of the crowd. They're real performers -- the real deal.

AC: I think they are definitely so much more down to earth than people think. They're all very funny and quirky in their own different ways. They're boys and regular people who want to have fun and want others to have fun too.

SY: Did you watch Micky Christmas? That shows you what type of people they are [laughs].

APA: Do you have any stories to share about them?

AC & SY: Hmm... what can we tell you...

APA: There are that many secret stories?

SY: One thing about Junsu that I find really endearing is that he's so curious about learning the English language.

AC: OH MY GOD SUN! [signature Junsu Engrish phrase]

SY: He's been asking me a lot of questions about English and how to correctly use certain things, and he's really serious about it. He really wants to speak the English language well. Maybe it's 'cause of years and years of people laughing at him for it [laughs].

AC: It's so cute! I'll say things like "Oh, never mind," and he'll ask "What does that mean?" And I'll be like "Oh no no, the word directly translated in Korean means something different, so it's hard to explain." He eventually got it and was like "Oh, so it's like this!" and he got really excited about it.

APA: How has interacting with the JYJ fans been?

[Will from Entitled Entertainment walks in]

Will: Fan clubs are so nice. They call us and say they want to help out the staff, not just JYJ. In New York, they offered to cook for the staff. Even though we had everything taken care of, they still want to do it. Normally, fans clubs want to have stuff signed, but it was surprising to see them offering to help us, the staff.

AC: They really want to support anybody who helps JYJ. After the first show, JYJ had a few anti-fans, but the fans comforted them saying, "Don't be sad. Don't worry about that one crazy who hates you." Their number one concern is JYJ's health and well-being and them having fun in the U.S. A lot of fans are obsessed with getting photos and signatures, but these fans are very caring, intimate and loving.

SY: Lots of fans kept talking about a flying squirrel on my Twitter, and I was like "What?" In JYJ's main picture on iTunes, Micky is wearing this big sweater thing, and it makes him look like a flying squirrel. [laughs] They're smart and witty, not dumb fans that scream at everything. Well, they do scream a lot. [laughs] I try to read every single response I get. I think without the fans we wouldn't have the entertainment industry at all.

APA: I've noticed that you've created a mini-internet explosion on Twitter with your tweets.

SY: Kind of shocked me too. Just started with Allkpop writing an article about how Arden and I will MC for the show, and they posted our twitter accounts. My phone updates me every time I get a follower, and although I charged it, my phone was almost dead because I got 600 followers overnight. Before, I only had 100 just to test and see what Twitter was all about. Now, I have over 5,000.

AC: I think [JYJ] got excited too when the fans were following us.

SY: We became unofficial correspondents, and we were able to take the fans behind the scenes. I don't think many of the fans have gotten to meet them, except the select few who ran into them in the hotel lobby.

AC: We do tell JYJ what the fans say, and they love hearing it. They have so many followers that if they respond to one, then the others might want a response too. It's not easy, but they do love hearing what the fans have to say.

APA: Will you still continue with Twitter after the tour is over?

SY: When I got so many followers overnight, I thought they were just following me because of JYJ, but if I introduce my style of comedy and who I am as a person, they might stick with me after the concert. I thought once the concert is done, maybe they'll leave, but I've gotten really good reactions. I'm trying to hijack their fan base to my fan base. [laughs] It's been a good meshing of two worlds. I think I'm attracting a lot of fans that are primarily English speakers, since the boys tweet in Japanese and Korean and rarely in English. I think the fans appreciate that we update in English in a humorous way. I've tried to push the envelope and see what I can get away with, since Korea is really sensitive about certain things. For example, I tweeted "I'm gonna head out to rehearsals after I shower with JYJ." Obviously, I'm not going to shower with JYJ, [AC interjects: Actually he did.] but fans love that, the fact that I'm saying nonsensical things.

APA: From what I gather, Elbowyeish (John) is a Twitter user who hides behind the guise of an egg and also tweets updates on JYJ. Can you tell me more about the mystery man?

AC: It's not anybody who anybody thinks it is. He's not a part of the production or entertainment industry at all

SY: He's a good friend of the boys, and he wants to see their career grow. He's also another unofficial correspondent, but he has a lot more access to the boys and stuff. We wanted to send them off with a bang, so we thought, "Let's make the LA show crazy!" The questions were more generic in New York, but now that we know JYJ better and how playful they are, we want those questions that'll make them stand out. We started all this Tweeting as a joke, but then it created a lot of buzz. Oh, and he's an egg -- because when fans were asking who he was, I said, "Well, he's obviously an egg" since the Twitter default picture is an egg. Fans just loved the idea of it, and things spiraled out of control.

APA: What do you think of the hallyu wave and its impact on America today?

SY: I think it's amazing. I used to listen to Korean music shows, and I learned a lot of my Korean from noraebang (karaoke). After I finished high school, I dropped out of the scene, and I didn't follow anything, but going to this concert and seeing all the fans in New York surprised me, how impactful it is. Regardless of race, every fan knew how to say hello and three phrases in Korean. I pulled a few aside and asked them how they learned it, and they'd say, "Oh, we have a friend who introduced us to K-pop and JYJ's awesome. We love them." It gives kids something to believe in, and it goes beyond JYJ and their music -- it gives them a sense of belonging. Just like guys have their sports teams, girls have their boy bands. [laughs] I think it really unifies them, and I think any form of entertainment that brings people from all races together is a great thing. That's amazing, you know?

AC: I think it's really cool to see the growth of Asian and Asian American entertainment. Here we have shows like the KoreAm talent show, Kollaboration, and ISA where people are trying to bring support for Asian arts. For example at ISA, they invited Jay Park to bring the Korean aspect into the American scene. I think it's important to combine Asian American with Asian talent. We really need to support each other, and now that I've learned about their history and talent, I hope for the best for JYJ. It starts with one, two, three artists at a time and I hope everybody continues to support them.

For more information, check out Shane Yoon's Facebook page and Arden Cho's official website.

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by Mai Nguyen
Source: Asia Pacific Arts