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[TRANS] 101030 JYJ on a 29-hour visit to Taiwan

On their first visit to Taipei as 'JYJ', TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu brought with them chaos at Taoyuan International Airport and 5000 fans at Nangang Exhibition Centre.

Due to their hectic schedules , JYJ's stay in Taipei will only last a total of 29 hours, and the members expressed their hopes to revisit Taiwan for a concert.

Despite this being a showcase, JYJ gave the audience their 100%. They made their way to the venue for rehearsals after taking a short rest. In a showcase that lasted around 70 minutes, they performed a total of 6 songs.

The introductory background music which preceded their performance of 'Empty' had their anxious fans screaming in excitement.

During the showcase, footage from their recording sessions in the US over June and July were shown. The trio are excited to be back in Taiwan and Junsu said 'How are your moms and dads?' in Chinese, showing his love and kindness towards the fans.

The three members thanked the fans' support when they were informed that the tickets to their showcase sold out within minutes. In a conversation about their recent activities, Yoochun revealed that Jaejoong and Junsu visited him whilst he was filming his drama 'Sungkyunkwan and Scandal', bringing with them 160 servings of fried chicken. In terms of their personal lives, Jaejoong laughed and said that he was always the one paying whenever they would go out for a drink. Junsu not only said that he bought himself four kittens after seeing Jaejoong with Jiji, but also complained about Jaejoong not taking good care of Jiji, arguing that he should give Jiji to him.

The showcase concluded with a performance of the remixed version of 'Empty'.

JYJ are scheduled to attend press conferences and various interviews on the 31st and will be departing Taiwan on Cathay Pacific the same night.

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[NEWS] 101030 JYJ 5th on United World Chart

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[VIDEO] 101030 JYJ - Taoyuan International Airport

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[PHOTOS] 101030 JYJ - Taoyuan International Airport Part 1

More coming!

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[PHOTOS] 101030 JYJ Showcase in Taiwan Part 1

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[PHOTO] Yunho for Evisu Jeans

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[FANACCOUNT] 101024 JYJ Showcase in Hong Kong

1. You’re impatient
2. You don’t like biased fan accounts (I am severely Jae-biased)

Before I begin, I just want to thank everybody who followed me and sent me a msg on Twitter last Sunday <3

I woke up at 8 that morning and met up with my friend to take the bus to the venue only to find out that there were no buses that early in the morning. Epic fail. So then we ran to take the subway, hauling along our bag of signs.
Upon reaching HITEC (the showcase venue), the place was already completely packed. There were at least 300-400 people in front of me and the first line had already been filled (Lots of fans had come from China/Japan/Korea to see the boys, there was a whole group of Bigeast moms sitting behind me).

The first few hours we were there, my friend and I sat around painting our nails, making our signs and surfing the web. It wasn’t until 3 in the afternoon that our friend (A FANBOY!) finally came to deliver lunch (he’s a diehard Cassie too, but he couldn’t go to the showcase, so he came in the afternoon to support us). He stayed with us for the next 3 hours, looking after our stuff whilst we went downstairs to buy food & take photos of/with the pull up posters.

We weren’t let into the actual stadium until nearly 7:40, and in between, there were numerous false alarms. When the boys started to rehearse, we could hear from outside, and a massive crowd all raced to the front to see what was going on… (obviously nothing was going on because the doors were closed and they were rehearsing DOWNSTAIRS)

When the lines FINALLY started to move, all hell broke lose. Everyone was trying to get to the front, pushing and shoving one another until one of the guards finally lost his temper and yelled at them. Mind you, I was at the very front of the second line, so I saw ALL of this happen from less than 5 metres away… I thought they were going to get into a fistfight…

When my line started to move, I was absolutely petrified.. I was standing at the very front and there was no one in front of me except the 2 guards who’d just screamed at everyone else. We took the escalator down and my friend and I walked side by side, through the door… And that was when we saw the stage and it really hit me that I was there. I was there for the boys and the 11 hours I’d just spent sitting around doing nothing were well worth it.

Originally we were standing on the far right, but then we moved to the left (further away from the door) so my friend could be closer to Junsu and I could be closer to Jaejoong XD (my fanboy friend didn’t come with us, but he’s a Chun fan ^^ just thought you might like to know). With my camera in one hand and my glowstick in the other, I stood there, my heart bursting with anticipation. We were SO close to the stage… say about, a bed’s length away, with around 4-5 people in front of us. Nearly EVERYONE around us was a Jaejoong fan (all the fan site staff who’d come along were from Chinese Jaejoong sites XD ), so most of them opted to stand as close to the middle as possible. I was standing off to the left, so I managed to get quite close to the stage.

Music was playing and when the lights finally dimmed, screams exploded across the stadium. Another false alarm (some of the fans actually booed after the 4th or 5th false alarm XD). At this point, people were already pushing and shoving. There were two girls behind me (I say girls, but they were actually a lot older than me) were literally searing holes in the back of my head with their glares even though they were the ones pushing me and practically trying to climb on me (I’m not sure why because there was nothing to see -_-).
All of a sudden, ‘Empty’ began to play (8:10pm) and EVERYBODY lost control. All the glowsticks came on and it was very nearly an ocean of red (I say ‘nearly’ because some people bought pink glowsticks by accident and others had green ones ><”) I don’t really remember the details, but they performed ‘Empty’, ‘Be the One’ and ‘Be My Girl’ to begin with. All throughout the perofrmances, I was holding onto my camera for dear life and trying to snap as my photos as possible whilst the two girls behind me assaulted me, beating the crap out of me with their glowsticks, elbowing every part of my body they could reach (It’s been almost a week and I STILL have bruises everywhere) - and they would glare at me every time I turned around to look (which wasn’t very often, because come on, Jaejoong was right in front of me).

Anyway, as we went through the first 3 songs, we came to realize that where we stood really made no difference. The boys were everywhere; they’d alternate positions and stand still at a particular part of the stage for a while before moving again. The whole time they were singing, my eyes (and my camera lenses) were glued to Jaejoong. He really is THAT beautiful. You know when you look at photos of him on the computer and it’s almost hard to believe that he’s an actual breathing person? Well that’s what it was like. It sounds so cheesy, but I felt like I was living a dream. Everything happened so quickly and it all just flashed by in a blur. There were numerous occasions where the boys would literally be right in front of me, standing at the very edge of the stage, mic in hand and busting their moves. Half the time I was in a daze, I couldn’t bring myself to believe that I was finally seeing them in person. It didn’t help that Jaejoong’s chest was nearly completely exposed and practically screaming for my attention.

After the first 3 songs was the interview. The MC and translator walked on stage and introduced themselves, followed by the boys. This is when my friend and I remembered our signs (we had a gigantic JYJ one and smaller ones of Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, Yoosu - and yes - Yunjae). As we tried to take them out, the two girls behind me were still at it with the shoving, so in the end we only managed to take out the Junsu/Yoosu one ><” Fortunately, it was so crowded that nearly everyone had the same problem. Most people (at least the ones near us) in the standing zone only had glowsticks and no signs, so when my friend took out her Yoosu sign, it was pretty much the only one around. Junsu, of course, was closest to us during the interview (he was sitting on the far left). When he caught sight of our sign, his eyes lit up and he let out an embarrassed giggle XD (This is what my friend told me afterwards… I was ogling at Jaejoong throughout most of the interview)

During the interview:

The boys introduced themselves one by one, starting with Junsu.

Then the MC asked them what they thought of Hong Kong, to which Jaejoong replied ‘I like Hong Kong’ in English. And because I’m an obsessive Jae lover, that had me screaming my lungs out because his English was just the most adorable thing ever.

Chun, being the greasy man he is, said something along the lines of ‘Hong Kong ladies are beautiful’ LOL

Most of the time I couldn’t hear what was going on, especially whenever Jaejoong said anything because the whole place was packed with his fans -_-

The MC asked if there were any places the boys wanted to visit during their stay in Hong Kong. Junsu said the ‘the peak’ (if I remember correctly, he said that the last time he came as well… which was around 4 years ago…? o_O) Jaejoong wanted to say the same thing but didn’t know the word for it and didn’t realize that that was what Junsu said… so it he made a few hand gestures until the translator finally caught on XD

Oh and then people screamed ‘LAN KWAI FONG’ (a place in Hong Kong where people typically go to drink). The MC & translator heard and the two of them explained what it was to the boys… Junsu didn’t react much but as soon as the other two heard, both perked up and were smiling from ear to ear XD ahh~ soulmate love

AND THENNNN~ everybody’s favourite question: ‘What are your ideal types?’

Junsu took the question quite seriously, giving the standard answer he’d given in some of the previous showcases (girls who are optimistic & outgoing etc.)

Jaejoong looked into the distance and scanned the crowd, triggering another deafening round of screams. As you will probably have heard already, the crowd in the standing zone chanted ‘U-KNOW/YUNHO’ as we waited for his answer (As a devout Yunjae shipper, I screamed along with them. *gets bricked*) He then held up his mic again and said ‘I used to like people (or girls.. I’m not sure which he said) with nice hands and feet… but now I want someone who would still be willing to come back to me after I break up with her 3 times.’ I couldn’t really figure out why he said that… and I don’ t know if it was a reaction to the shouts of ‘Yunho’ or not, but after he was done talking, he looked down and smiled. OH AND HE LICKED HIS LIPS.
I don’t know how they did it, but the cameramen managed to catch him licking his lips so many times throughout the night. *flails*

And you all know what happened with Yoochun XD When his turn finally came, we chanted ‘Junsu’ the same way we did for Jaejoong. So then Chun smiled and said ‘JUNSU’ KYAAAA~ more screaming XD Yoosu both threw their heads back at laughing as Jaejoong just sat in the middle with an almost knowing smile on his face.

Damn. Those were very nearly the best moments of the night.

After the ideal girl answers were over, the boys were asked which physical features they wanted the most from the other members.

Junsu – Jaejoong’s pale skin + Yoochun’s big forehead
Jaejoong – Junsu’s s –line + Yoochun’s big forehead
Yoochun – Junsu’s ‘body line’ (as he said it xD) + Jaejoong’s muscles (who wouldn’t? ;D)
And because the world loves Yoosu, everybody chanted ‘S-LINE S-LINE S-LINE’ whilst we were waiting for his answer ^^

The interview concluded with the MC asking the boys to show the audience their best physical traits. The three of them literally howled with laughter (out of embarrassment) and Yoosu pointed at Jaejoong, asking him to do it. Jaejoong grinned and said ‘I’m already doing it’ (he meant his smile) . Ohmygosh. Hyperventilation time~~~ I can’t even express it in words.

You probably know this as well, but at once point during the interview, Yoochun tugged at Jaejoong’s clothes. Jaejoong thought he was trying to pry his clothes apart to expose more of his chest (I don’t really know how I managed to keep my voice intact because I screamed so loud that I could hear my voice cracking). It wasn’t until later that I found out that it was because there was a bee flying around XD

After the interview, the MC & translator left whilst the boys stayed behind to perform ‘Chajatta’, ‘Ayyy Girl’ and the remix of ‘Empty’. I don’t have much to say about the first 2 songs because I was being shoved so badly that I could barely stand straight. I was drowning in the crowd… the two girls behind me grabbed onto my shoulders and pushed me down so they could get a better view -_____-“

Before ‘Empty’, Chun screamed ‘EVERYBODY SCREAAAAAAM’ (which was completely unnecessary because we were all screaming our a**es off to start with), but that, my friend, is not the most exciting part. I keep saying ‘NEARLY’ the best part of the night because THE BEST PART OF THE NIGHT WAS WHEN KIM JAEJOONG TOOK OFF THE SAD EXCUSE FOR A JACKET HE WAS WEARING AND WALKED OVER TO MY SIDE OF THE STAGE WEARING NOTHING BUT A WAISTCOAT. OHMYGOD. THIS IS GETTING ME EXCITED ALL OVER AGAIN. OMGOMGOMG! I don’t know how long or how hard I was screaming… And as if that wasn’t enough, he stayed there through the whole song RIGHT IN FRONT OF MEEEE. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I was less than 3 metres away from him. I was further away from the stage to start with, but all the shoving from behind got me a whole lot closer to the stage. (Thanks to the two girls behind me)

Yea… I didn’t manage to take any photos after that. I was too freaking exhilarated to even stand still anymore. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ The smoke machines came on and confetti started shooting out from various places. Jaejoong was standing at the VERY VERY edge of the stage and got hit by some of the confetti shooting out from directly under him. ROFL. And then he kind of stumbled backwards and went back to jumping up and down XD (I didn’t really notice Yoosu were doing because Jae was there the whole time and he was closer than he had been all night).

The night came to an end as the boys walked to the very back of the stage and disappeared, waving as they descended. The realization that it was all over hit me like a tidal wave; an entire month of waiting, 11 hours sitting at the venue, and it was all over in what felt like 5 minutes. The withdrawal came so much sooner than I’d expected, as the lights were switched back on and everybody around me continued to scream for an encore, I stood there stiffly, suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of emptiness. I don’t really know what happened or where it came from, but at that moment, I blanked out.

There was a lucky draw for standing zone ticket holders (there were no VIP tickets in HK, so the prize was a signed poster). My friend and I stayed for another hour, waiting for the staff to set things up. We watched as the boys’ dancers walked out from backstage and left, waving as they passed us. (some girls thought it was JYJ and did the whole screaming thing again - the dancers laughed and imitated them XD)

I won’t torture you guys with an account of how I collapsed and started crying because I’m not sure why or how it happened. October 24th was, without any doubt, one of the best nights of my life. Despite the chaos (seriously guys, everyone wants to see the boys as much as you do. have a little respect for other people and be more safety conscious) and the fact that it was over so soon, I was glad to see that the boys were happy. The boys looked so much happier in Shanghai and HK that weekend than they’d been in some of the previous showcases and I know I wasn’t the only one who noticed it (lots of people have said the same thing on various HK fansites).

I’m not sure if anyone managed to get all the way to the end of this monstrously long fan account, but if you did, thank you for reading (:

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[PHOTOS] 101030 Stalking JYJ in Taiwan

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[NEWS] Avex CEO, Max Matsuura speaks about Twitter/JJY issues

Good afternoon. This is the last day of my ascetic practice. Only week, but it may have changed my viewpoint a bit for the rest of my life.

I got a call from Mr. Chiba, CSO. We talked about Twitter and how we can best use it.

I’ve decided to read, but not reply to, expressions of opinion and criticisms.

When I receive helpful opinions from our customers and fans I will forward them to the right people in our company.

They will address issues and respond if needed. We believe we should use Twitter effectively and in a friendly way.

Many customers have very strong feelings about Tohoshinki and other artists. I’m not always the best person to answer them.

Twitter isn’t always the best place for addressing concerns or making statements some contracts have very strict non-disclosure language.

For example, there may have not been enough explanation about JJY, but as a listed company we can freely release only limited information.

We abstained from making contentious comments, even though there were some differences of opinion between the other party and ourselves.

As CEO of avex I was blamed by the fans. It made me consider my responsibilities and I honestly felt that sometimes they were too much.

That pressure caused some emotional Tweeting. But I do want the fans to be able to vent by telling me their anxious feelings or complaints.

I’ll continue listen to all opinions and complaints, but I may use the blocking function for people who apparently attack me personally.

I want this Twitter account to be fun and use it to receive valuable opinions from all of you. Thank you very much for your understanding.

No hate comments, please.
Let's be mature and be good Cassies~

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[PHOTOS] 101030 JYJ - Airport to Taiwan part 6

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