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My English lessons with Junsu commence
(English Tweet/Junsu) I'm arrived to party room (10:19pm KST)

Jaejoong Thanks all the Fans who Attended Today's Concert
(Jaejoong) Today was the best ^^ Thank you so much, I was so moved when you all shouted out that you love us♥ (10:42pm KST)

Junsu thanks Tesoro, nawww
(Junsu) Thank you so much Tesoro, who worked so hard behind the scenes~!! (10:52pm KST)

Nawwwwwwwww Why are you so full of awesomeness?
(Jaejoong) All the challenges and situations we're experiencing right now are so unfamiliar, and tiring, and they wear me out.. It makes it all the more tiring to have to pull through a continuous string of adversities and hardships.. But there is one thing that isn't unfamiliar. The people in front of my eyes who still love us..The thought crossed my mind that I should work hard and devote myself to these people until the day I die.. With that love, we will work hard and we will grow. (11:14pm KST)

(Jaejoong) To all who have become the energy of my life.. and to our members,.. Thank you and I love you so much. I'm sincerely sorry and I love you. Though these are words I usually don't like saying because they make me feel embarrassed, I wanted to say them to you. Be careful not to catch a cold..^^ (11:17pm KST)

Source: [Junsu+Jaejoong's Twitter]
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Warning: This fan account is long

This is a fan account of JYJ concert on 27th

On this day,
It is snowing, the first snowfall of the season.
In Korea, there's a saying that you will meet your first love on the day it first snows
My first love, I have finally met you, even though there were only three of you.


Actually I arrived there quite early
I went to eat a burger and stopped by there for a while before I went to buy merchandise.
However, I was in the wrong queue. I was queing in the line which people were lining up to buy tickets, fortunately the queue was short.
As a result, I had to move to another queue which was crowded by people in order to buy merchandise.
The booklets and light sticks were completely sold out at approximately 3pm.

When I was waiting in line, the sun shone brightly although it snowed in the morning.
At that time, the weather was windy but not that chilly
The wind was strong, the leaves on the trees were blown away by the wind and flying all over the place.

When I was queing in line,
the bus with Jaejoong's portrait on it drove to the site.
Everyone was screaming in excitement.
The bus was immediately swarmed by fans who were taking photos of it even before it came to a complete stop.

I bought a file and blanket, but I didn't buy the T-shirt and tumbler.
If I knew the blankets were included in the merchandise sold there, I would not have brought mine.
My blanket is indeed very small, it can only covers the knees. *sobs* ~~o(>_<)o~~

After I went to toilet, I waited in my seat for the evening to arrive .
Really, it was extremely cold at night .
I couldn't stand the cold so I bought the blanket.
There were few fans from a Korean fansite dancing to the TVXQ's songs.

I bought a light stick although I already got two because it was written DBSK JYJ on it. I felt warm hearted when I saw it.

Due to the pain in my feet caused by freezing cold weather, I went to have a walk. The police had begun to patrol the area. I bought some hot food to keep myself warm.

I brought the hot coffee with me into the venue.
After I got into the venue, I searched for my seat. The position of my seat was quite low because it was situated at the first level.
And to my sorrow, there was a pile of snow just beside my seat
And there was water from melted snow on the ground.
It was freezing.

Since I was sitting at the lower level of the platform area and there was a big space in front of me, so I couldn't take a good picture of our red ocean.
But the beautiful red ocean can be seen clearly at the big screen even though my seat was quite far from the stage.
It was magnificently beautiful.

Since it was snowing and hail stones falling down this morning, they had to remove the roof.
Due to this, three of them were appologizing to us repeatedly.
I saw the tractors which were used to remove the marque.
Because it was roofless, I could see a star shinning above us
The stage was big and perfect

The korean fans didn't prepare the light boards, but behind me there were huge banners with light bulbs at the second level.
On one of them was written 'Yoochun ah, I love you'
During Yoochun's solo, the camera even focused on that banner.

Because of the weather, they had to adjust the stage, so the time for fans to get inside the venue was delayed
When we were slowly moving inside the venue, the lights were all on and an insturmental version of a song was playing in the background.
But unfortunately I couldn't recall which song was that. %>_<%
Three of them suddenly came out from the backstage, telling us to move slowly, and told us no need to rush since they were still adjusting the stage.

And then three of them said something else which was beyond my knowledge of Korean language.
Without any reason, when I was listening to them, with the background music playing, my tears streaming down my face even though I couldn't understand what they were saying.
They have become so skinny.
Jaejoong has a new hair cut, it is shorter than the hairstyle that he kept for two years.
What they said on stage really warmed my heart.
My eyes were in tears, a Korean fan tried to comfort me by holding my hands. However, her eyes were reddened too when she told me not to cry.

They went back to backstage after they finished talking
The flashmob dance tutorial of be my girl was repeated playing on big screen
I found out that even though it was crowded, but when all of us were doing the flashmob dance with light sticks in our hands at the same time, the scene was spectacular.
Please forgive me as I didn't video record that moment, because I was participating in it too.
To be able to dance with everyone, I was overwhelmed by happiness.

The opening song was EMPTY.
Three of them had put in all they have. Especially their solos had left the deepest impression on me.
First was Jaejoong's solo. Hmm... It was good. A group of female dancers in revealing clothes were dancing around him.
At first he took off his jacket, then his neck tie. Hmm... I need to stay calm.

It was followed by Yoochun's solo. It was perfect too. He was dancing closely with female dancers.
The American female dancers were really sexy.

Then it was Junsu's turn, he was the most well-behaved out of three. He was so handsome when he conducted the orchestral version of empty.
First he sang his solo from their album, and followed by too love from Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST.
During the chat time, the camera focused on Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah In when they talked about Sungkyunkwan Scandal.
Both of them were sitting together.

I only understood some of their conversation, for example: Everyone is very cold right? Even though the weather is freezing, please stay together with us passionately.
In fact they were in cold too.
Either one of them, I think is Yoochun told us to take a hot bath and drink some hot soup when we reached home.
After he told us that he seemed like he couldn't stand the cold and said it out in an informal way 'It is really cold!'
The way he said it was very adorable.
When they apologized to us due to the roof that was removed, everyone shouted 'It is alright' in reply.

They didn't wear as thick as us, especially Junsu, his outfit was very thin.
When singing Chajatta, I think there was a part where Jaejoong didn't sing the high notes due to the cold.
Really it was freezing cold, we could see the white smoke came out from their mouths whenever they sing.

It was great when we did the flashmob dance.
Although it was crowded, but when all the light sticks moving together in synchronization, it was magnificently beautiful.

At the beginning I didn't know the flashmob dance had started because no one gave us hint.
The korean fan who sat beside me pulled off the blanket and dragged me up.
I was very excited.
It was like a gathering of cassies
The flashmob dance was a success, we only didn't do the wave because everyone was standing.
After it ended, I was shivering when sitting back to my seat. I couldn't feel myself, my whole body was numb.

Three of them changed in cute sports wear when singing the last song 'empty remix'
The way they jumped was adorable.
Everyone was waving their lightsticks enthusiastically.
It was really beautiful.

On my left were Korean fans, and on my right were fans from Japan.
We were trembling and shivering at the end of the concert.
The videos I recorded were all shaky because it was really cold.
When we were chanting, my teeth were chattering. It was obvious especially after each song had ended.
The Japanese fan almost cried because of the cold.
The Korean fan sitting beside me couldn't help stamping her feet on the ground.
In the end, we were all shivering uncontrolablly and making weird noises even though I used my blanket to cover all three of us.
For the first time, my hands were swelling due to the extreme cold.
The Japanese fan couldn't stand the cold and cried first, I cried next.
When we were shouting for encore, she cried while hugging me.

Three of them didn't appear on stage even though we shouted for encore.
We didn't go home, all of us insisted to wait there.
The spot lights were switched on slowly, but they didn't make an annoucement yet. So we were shouting for encore again.
After that although the announcement was made, the korean fans still shouted 'cannot!'
It was cute that the announcer even replied to fans 'It has already ended, 'cannot' can't change anything'
We lingered around there for a while before we moved out of the venue.
I couldn't move and sense my feet when I stood up.
They were all numb.


Whether they are in person or as a group of five, we should support them all.
We can only support the decision they made and the path they chose

A fan told me, she can't wait anymore, because she can't see hope...
I replied her, 'There's hope if anyone of them still having activities.'
To be able to let everyone to see the red ocean created by us at everywhere,
that's the only thing we can do.

Remember, their insistence is our motivation, and what we insist on is their greatest motivation too.
The crowd outside the venue.

Jaejoong's bus in between the two big balloons (one for Junsu and one for Yoochun) on the left of this photo
This poor thing was blown down by the strong wind for several times.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + as tagged
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JYJ’s ‘Worldwide Concert in Seoul‘ was recently held at the Jamsil Sports Complex Olympics Stadium on the evening of November 27th. However, setbacks near the beginning of the concert unfortunately forced fans to wait in the freezing cold for an hour.

Due to a sudden hailstorm on the day of the event, the marquee that was covering the roofless stadium had ripped, and various stage equipment needed to be adjusted in order for a safe showcase to be held.

JYJ member Yoochun stated, “We put in a lot of effort to prepare for this concert, but because of the hailstorm this morning, the tent ripped completely. We thought the ripped covering would hurt the spectators and decided to remove it, which consequently resulted in a delay.”

Jaejoong also expressed a word of apology on his Twitter after the event, as he said:

“Because of the ripped ceiling due to the sudden hailstorm, we had to change around a lot of the stage, so we’re sorry that we couldn’t do the laser show and couldn’t use the front assistant stage.. and because of that, we had a longer rehearsal and had setbacks and delays, which we’re very sorry for as well.. Thank you for smiling even when it was cold.. We’ll show a better concert tomorrow..

We were really excited up until the concert day.. the fact that a show like no other had turned into a total disaster.. The moment we went to the concert venue this morning.. I had tears in my eyes. What Junsu was most sad about was that, the moment the ceiling got ripped because of the natural disaster, he said he felt like he was lying to the fans..

But since we had to have a good concert.. We quickly changed the cue sheet and stage.. We won’t have a roof tomorrow either, but we’ll show a better concert than today. Fighting.!

Even though there’s a saying that it’s better to give your ‘best effort’ than showing the ‘best’, we wanted to show our ‘best efforts’ on the ‘best’ stage. We’re just really happy and thankful for everyone who came to the concert today. I will sleep tonight thinking of that. For the people who are coming to the concert tomorrow.. It’s really cold so please come in warm clothes.”

Source: Seoul Newspaper + JaeJoong's Twitter
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This is Kang Sung Pil's view of the stage.

Credits: kangsungpil + oneTVXQ
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Here is the link:

Just go the box where the arrow is pointing and type "The Beginning by JYJ" and then press "submit" and you're done!!

Happy voting!

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바람이 분다 the wind is blowing
노을이지고 a glowing of the sky
운명이 우릴 the fated 2 of us
멀게만 해도even if it's a distance away
시간 흐르고 the time passes
지나간 자리 길다 the spaces that passes by is long

사랑인가봐 it seems to be love
그리움인가봐 it seems to be longing
네 미소가 your smile
내 안에 물든다 has captivated me
꽃이 진 후에 after the flowers have fallen
우리는 다시 시작 we will start all over again

낙엽 위를 걸으면 if we walk on the fallen leaves
함께만 있자며 while we're together
내마음 삼킨 그대 the lady who took my heart
영원을 약속할게 I promise eternally
눈이 부시게 shimmering to the eyes
아름다운 꿈에 in the beautiful dream
시련이 다가오나봐 seems like an ordeal has come

어둠이 가고 gone the darkness
새벽이 오면 come the morning
어느새 그기억에 머문다 remain in the memory unaware
오직 널 향한 always towards you
내마음 이슬에 맺힌다 my heart fills with tears

낙엽 위를 걸으면 if we walk on the fallen leaves
함께만 있자며 while we're together
내마음 삼킨 그대 the lady who took my heart
영원을 약속할게 I promise eternally
눈이 부시게 shimmering to the eyes
아름다운 꿈에 in the beautiful dream
시련이 다가오나봐 seems like an ordeal has come

같은하늘아래서 under the same sky
같은꿈을꾸는 we dream of the same dream
빛의 별들의 향연 the brightness of the star's lights'
그 축제에 내 몸을 실어 this occassion captivated me
언젠가 다시 부를 노래 a song that will be sang someday
그날이 찾아오겠지 that day will come for sure

사랑한다 말할게 i will say I love you
온몸을 다해서 with all my heart-felt feelings
옛순간의 떨림을 the fear of the past
영원히간직할게 i will cherish it eternally

현실에 가려 going towards the reality
널볼수없어도 even if I can't see you

다시널 찾을테니까 I will come back for you

사랑인가봐 seems like it's love
그리움인가봐 seems like it's longing
네 미소가 your smile
내 안에 물든다 has captivated me

꽃이 진후에 우리는 after the flowers have fallen, we~
다시 시작 start over again
다시 시작 start over again
다시 시작 start over again

Source: DNBN
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너는 사랑이란 걸 아니?
do you know what's call love?
아냐 사실 나도 모르겠어...
no~ in fact I have no idea about it too...
단지 모르는 게 Ye
just don't know it Ye
가슴이 뜨겁고 막 뛰고 자꾸 눈물이 흘러 나
my heart feels hot and I keep running and keep tearing up
어떻게 해야하는 거니.
what should I do?
찾아가 무릎 꿀으면 되니...
Should I go pleading with bent knees?
나도 모르게 Ye
I don't know too Ye
계속 너를 찾고 또 뛰고, 걷다 보면 또 제자리야
I keep finding you and running, I'm back to the original spot even when I keep walking
Do you not love me Do you not want to forget

새로 시작하려 해도
even if I want to start anew
쉽게 되지가 않는 우리 사랑
It doesn't seems easy for our love
내 기억. 추억들~
My memories. sweet memories~
더 이상 감출 수조차 없는 내가 되었으니~
I have become someone who can no longer hide it
지난 날은 잊어~
forget the old days~
오직 서로만 지켜 가면 돼
We just need to have the 2 of us
이제 우린 알 수 있잖아.
know we know it, don't we
말하지 않아도 알잖아
we know it even if we don't say it out
매일, 멀지 않던 어제만 소리 치면 되
tomorrow, we will shout out of the yesterday that isn't too far
말하지 못해서 미안해
i'm sorry that I can't say it
사랑한다 그대여
i love you my dear
몇 번이고 전화도 해봤어
maybe times i've tried calling
무슨 말을 할까 고민했어...
I've been thinking about what to say...
나도 모르게 Ye~
I don't know it too Ye~
잠을 자고 일어날 때도 계속 너를 찾게 되는 거야
even as I fall asleep and wake up, I can't stop myself from wanting to find you
날 봐 지금의 나를 봐
look at me, look at the me now
너무나 변해버린 내 모습 좀 어색하지만 기다려
Although it feels awakward because I've changed so much, wait
너무 멀어지지 말자 내 앞에 세상과 약속할테니
let's not be too far apart, I make a promise to the world ahead of me

lyrics taken from Lyrics Book distributed at the venue

Credits: inhye87@twitter
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JaeJoong Focus on Found You (he looked at the camera!!!)

Credits: calkarjinnn
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Oh~ Oh~~~~~~~~
난 너의 Pierrot 정말로 웃겨
Me, as your Pierrot, it’s really a joke
너에게 다 받쳐 찌들어
my mind getting it all from you, it dirty my mind
낸 눈 앞에 our bro 돈 앞엔 뭣도 없는
In front of me, my bro. in front of money, I’m nothing
완전한 넌 pro 제대로 p.s.m.
you’re a perfect pro, truly a p.s.m.
아직 어린 내께 또 무슨 짖을 하게 또
What kind of doings will you do to the me who is still young
이 더러운 손 좀 치워
Take away your dirty hands
상대도 하지마
Don’t even try to confront
어제의 우리가 아냐
we’re no longer the us from yesterday
눈 감아도 보여
I still see it even if I close my eyes
난 이제 master
I’m now the master
끝없이 파고 들어오는 건 no. no
delving like there’s no end no. no
그 정도 화보 따위에 가두려하지마
Don’t try to measure it up with fortune or misfortune for this extend
세상을 잘 봐. 너무나 멋져
Look properly at the world. It’s so beautiful
no. just do not touch me
I’m not a pierrot
더 넓은 하늘을 등지고 살고 싶어
I want to live under a wider sky
자류를 알고 싶어 더 높이 fly fly
I want to know the meaning of freedom. Fly fly much higher
나만의 새각이 있어
There’s only thoughts about myself
나만의 인생이 있어
There’s only my own life
감옥 같은 그 때 추억하기 싫어
I hate having to think about the days living in a prisoner cell
영원히 Bye bye bye
Forever Bye bye bye
너만의 그 생각 집어쳐
throw away those thoughts only of u
너의 그 핑계 집어쳐
throw away those excuses of yours
죽도록 더 고통스러운 날들로 가득할 테니까
because it will only be filled with those days of misery and pain
no future no freedom It’s just like a chase for us but it doesn’t matter
now we’re just gonna walk out way for the rest of my life

PS: If you guys are wondering what is a pierrot here is an explanation from one of the fan's comments from the vid -

Pierrot is a pantomime character that is portrayed as a sad clown, pining for love of Columbine, who usually breaks his heart and leaves him for Harlequin. Pierrot is seen as a fool who is always trusting and naive.

If you guys noticed, the dancers were wearing white masks which was how Pierrot's character was acted out in plays.

Credits: inhye87@twitter + petiteange22@soompi
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Flashmobs have come a long way since they were first invented back in 2003. The term can be defined as an organization of everyday citizens who perform an act (typically a dance) for a period of time and then scatter. In one of the most recent flashmobs, the JYJ team asked their fans to learn the dance to the remix version of “Be My Girl”, where it was to be practiced at their Seoul concert.

K-pop fans have coordinated flashmobs in the past, such as 2PM’s “Again and Again” in 2009 or the many DBSK flashmobs organized by Cassiopeians. It is not often that an artist would organize this type of event for their concert. The idea to learn the dance began a week ago with a simple YouTube video gone viral. This campaign of JYJ’s proved to be a success. Look below for the fancams from Saturday’s concert in Seoul.

Credits: Koreaboo
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Song Joong Ki!!!!!! So cute!
And Yoo Ah In~
Drooling forever.

Credits: TVDaily + Shim_maya
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Many fancams!

New song: IDS (Ideal Scenery)

Credits: ttaemint + esh1219 + calkarjinnn
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New song: Mission

Credits: cocorojj + calkarjinnn
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Jaejoong's solo: Still In Love

Credits: cocorojj + mizukihero129
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Credits: TVXQBaidu + as taggged
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