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[TRANS] 101022 JYJ Twitter Updates Part 2

@zzzkissme Oh reum, you should go on a diet so you can get married! You got fat?
1 hour ago

@seojinyi Our Hair dresser who thinks that she's a beauty!
1 hour ago

Lol, then my pet Harang!!
1 hour ago

@xiahtic Junsu u too. you're behind me.
2 hours ago

@mjjeje Jaejoong, just tell me. You're next to me. (t/n: Jaejoong is tweeting to him when they are sitting next to each other)
2 hours ago

@0101xiahtic Hey Junsu. I didn't tempt you, I just guided you.
2 hours ago

@mjjeje You call Yoochun-ah (me) even though you're next to me! Lol
5 hours ago

@kangsungpil Thanks I'll be back safely! :) You're like my real brother..
6 hours ago

@kangsungpil Hey, it's Yoochun! Thanks for always cheering me but I can't see you at studio these days..
7 hours ago

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My Leo!!! Isn't he cute? hahaha
13 min ago

Super V!!! Eu Kyang Kyang Kyang!!!
1 hour ago

@iamyenny8 Compared to your Simba, they are better...
1 hour ago

My cute Leo, Tigger and Bakira ㅎㅎ
1 hour ago

@iamyenny8 Please follow me.
1 hour ago

@mjjeje oh.. I have followed you.
2 hours ago

@6002theMicky ㅋㅋㅋ oh oh!!
2 hours ago

@zzzkissme Noona.. How do I do this [twitter]!
2 hours ago

@6002theMicky erm... I have registered... But I don't know what is what..ㅠ
2 hours ago

@6002theMicky Yoochun who has enticed me into this new world of twitter... How is this possible...I have never tried this before...
5 hours ago

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I am very sad and am in tears today...It seems that the world has crumbled..
13 min ago

@zzzkissme Miss Oh Reum. It is me. It seems that I have gotten used to twitter now ^_^
1 hour ago

@akionosuki this handphone can't type in Japaneseㅜㅜ [LOL. He typed the message in Japanese romanji instead. haha^^]
1 hour

Yes, I was called Zai Zhong in China!
2 hours ago

A bonus photo of JiJi. Ah. It has been a long time since I have been in Shanghai!
2 hours ago

2 hours ago

2 hours ago

@0101xiahtic Junsu ya... It is very very difficultㅠ And I think there must be something wrong with my phone. It is slow.
2 hours ago

@6002theMicky Since I am tweeting, Since I am beside you, all the more I do not want to use spoken words to communicate ㅎㅎ
2 hours ago

@6002theMicky Yoochun ah... the photos that I just took were all erased. :(
2 hours ago

6000 ah.. I changed my photo. [note: 6000 in korean sounds like yoochun. ^^]
5 hours ago

Because there are so many people at the airport it is great!
5 hours ago

@6002theMicky Yoochun Ah...
5 hours ago

Seems like I am suffering from insomnia.
3 Oct

Ah.. My body is in pain. This is a big issueㅠ
3 Oct

Ah... How do I use twitter...
2 Oct

The sleeping image of my JiJi is so cute!
2 Oct

ah.. I am so tired but I am unable to fall asleep.ㅠ
2 Oct

I have to try hard at this right.
2 Oct

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[TRANS] 101018 Yunho’s Unpublished Gravure Shots Highly Popular

The “Representative Korean Idol” Yunho’s unpublished Gravure shots have been very popular.

Released for sale on 7 October, the style magazine “HIGH CUT” issue 38 was launched, with its main feature focused on Yunho. After that, previously un-published shots have been released in addition, causing a resurgence of interest. In the unpublished shots, he is dressed in a checked suit and a soft hat in the same pattern, in a chic,“fashionable man” style, wearing a peacoat and lying in a field, looking up at Tron, the style of the “Soothing Man.” Wearing black-green glasses, thinking about something, the “Feeling man” style, etc. With “Yunho Autumn Version,” fans cannot let go of his charm and appeal in their hearts.

The gravure with overflowing charm from Yunho is revealed in issue 38 of High Cut. 10 pages of shots that could not be published in the original magazine can be seen on High Cut Online (

(T/N : Tron is some planet from a Movie)

Source: [Chosun Online]
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[PHOTOS] 101022 Jaejoong - Gimpo Airport Part 4

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[PHOTOS] 101022 Jaejoong - Gimpo Airport Part 3

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[PHOTOS] 101022 Junsu - Twitter Updates

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[INFO] 101022 Junsu has Twitter

Follow him here: Junsu's Twitter

I know this is late notification but we want an official post for Junsu's Twitter too!^^

[TRANS] 101022 JYJ Twitter Updates

Yoochun's conversation with Jaejoong
@6002theMicky Yoochunㅠ
@mjjeje You're right next to me right now, so why do you say Yoochun...tsk!!!

Jaejoong tweets to Yoochun
Yoochun... All the pictures I just took got deleted☹

Yoochun's conversation with Junsu
@0101xiahtic Junsu, what do you mean 'enticed'?... I just guided you^^!!
@6002theMicky Um... I registered ..but I don't get what's what at all... ㅠ

Yoochun is confused to why Jaejoong and Junsu are tweeting to him instead of talking to him:
@mjjeje Hyung, you're sitting next to me right now... say it in words - - hahaha (He's telling Jaejoong to talk to him, not tweet to him)
@0101xiahtic Junsu... That goes for you too, you're sitting behind me...

Jaejoong and Junsu's replies (in order)
@6002theMicky Because I'm using Twitter right now, because you're sitting next to me, it makes me feel all the more unwilling to say all of this in words haha
@6002theMicky kekeke Oh ho!!!!!

Junsu @0101xiahtic is now following Jaejoong!
@mjjeje Oh, I'm following you now, it worked..
@0101xiahtic Junsu, it's so, so difficult ㅠ And my mobile phone must be messed up, it's slow

Jaejoong's Tweet updates
A bonus picture of Jiji. Ah Shanghai, long time no see!
Yes, I remember that in China, I'm Jjai Jjong (Zhai Zhong)!

Yoochun Tweet Updates and Junsu's conversation with Kim Ye Eun
(Cast member of Dr. Champ(?) guessing by her cyworld. I think they're close friends)
@0101xiahtic Who are you.... to have a Twitter.........................
@iamyenny8 Follow me (which she did)
(Junsu) My cute Tigger, Leo and Bakira haha
@0101xiahtic They've grown a lot kekekekekekeke those kitties (she calls them 똥고양이들, which is like, a jokingly mean way of saying kitties)
@iamyenny8 They're... better than your Simba..
(P.S. Junsu's been talking in olden Korean to her, like the SungKyunKwan Scandal-talk. I think Yoochun is rubbing off on him XD)

Yoochun's reply to Junsu's cat pics
Then I'll show off Harang!!

Another tweet by Yoochun
@seojinyi Our hair designer... who thinks she's a beauty!!!

Junsu uploads a picture of himself
Super "V"!!!!! Eukyangkyangkyang

Yoochun tells Cha Oreum to lose weight and get married!
@zzzkissme Ms Oreum... Lose some weight!!!! You have to get married a.s.a.p.!!!! What are you doing!!! Your weight keeps rising? (Oreum is phonetically equal to 'To rise' in Korean)

Jaejoong Twitter update
@zzzkissme Ms Oreum, I think I've gotten used to Twitter now ^_^

Jaejoong is unable to type Japanese on his phone
I can't type in Japanese with this mobile phone ㅜㅜ

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[INFO] 101022 Kim Jaejoong Trending on Twitter

Follow him on twitter & tweet!

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[PHOTOS] 101022 JaeChunSu - Gimpo Airport Part 2

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[PHOTOS] 101022 Jaejoong - Twitter Update

We're also translating his tweets so please wait ^^

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[INFO] 101022 Jaejoong has Twitter!

Follow him here Jaejoong's Twitter

[PHOTOS] 101022 JaeChunSu - Gimpo Airport Part 1


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[TRANS] 101021 Park Minyoung Steps On Box To Hug Yoochun

According to news reported on the Korean ArtNews website on the 20th, photos from the filming of the increasingly popular KBS2 drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal] were released on the previous day.

Park Minyoung acts as Kim Yooshik and the report states that for the hugging scene, the filming crew had to specially prepare a box for her to stand on due to the height difference between her and Park Yoochun.

An official from the drama stated, "Although it's very tiring to film a drama series, Park Minyoung always maintains her sunny and bright smile. She is really an outstanding actress."

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[NEWS] 101022 TVXQ’s Yunho is not cast for “Poseidon” yet

After earlier reports of TVXQ’s Yunho being cast for drama “Poseidon,” representatives of SM Entertainment have clarified that there is “nothing decided as of yet.”

The National Maritime Police Agency previously uploaded videos of Yunho alongside Kim Kang Woo and Eric, receiving training from the Incheon special forces. Reportedly, it showed cast members training for the drama.

However, on October 22nd, SM Entertainment stated, “He received a casting offer from ‘Poseidon’ and visited the scene to test it out and meet with the others. There is nothing definite regarding his casting.”

Actors often go through a meeting with the production team in order to find out more details about the drama and certain characters. Yunho participated in such a meeting but did not extend the discussion to a casting confirmation.

Yunho is currently broadening his acting experience by playing the role of Lee Shin in the musical rendition of “ Goong.”

Source: MyDaily
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[VIDEO] 101022 Yunho - POSEIDON Training

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[TRANS] 101021 Park Soojin & Yunho - Photo Of Two Close Friends

A photo that singer Park Soojin took with TVXQ member Yunho, has been revealed.

On the 21st, Park Soojin released a picture of herself and the famous Yunho, whom she is close with*, and they look like a pair of lovers in the picture.

Along with this picture, Park Soojin added a message, "When I came to watch the musical 『Goong』^^ Saying "cheese" with Yunho-goon** in the dressing room! Since the left profile is better for the both of us, in the end, we decided to face the same direction (laugh). A fresh side, full of impact, of Yunho-goon, who always does his best!^^"

In addition, in April this year, Park Soojin and Yunho co-starred in the music video of the new group J.Rich, for their debut song "Goodbye My Love".

*Park Soojin used to be in the girl group "Sugar" and they have been friends since before that.
**The suffix "goon" is added to male names to be polite.

Source: [Chosunonline]
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[NEWS] 101022 TVXQ’s Yunho confirmed to star in drama, ‘Poseidon’

TVXQ’s Yunho has been selected as a main cast member for the upcoming marine police drama, ‘Poseidon‘.

On October 20th, the official Marine Police website uploaded new information and photos from the set. The website coordinator wrote, “These are pictures of the actors from ‘Poseidon’ in field training.” To elaborate, the production team disclosed: “The actors received field training from the Incheon squad, and we also ran test film shots in Silmi-do, Incheon.”

‘Poseidon’ will begin filming on November 3rd. The drama will be directed by PD Yoo Chul Yong (‘All In’), while Jo Kyu Won (‘IRIS‘) will be tackling the script.

A representative of the H2O Production team stated, “The drama will be produced with the full support of the Marine Police. After months of discussions with the writers, special teams from the marine police will be appointed to deal with rescue scenes. The drama will be based around humanity and self-sacrifice, and viewers will be moved by the drama’s storyline about the pains and importances in life.”

Source: Daily Sports
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[PHOTO+INFO] 101022 Yoochun - Twitter Update

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[FANVID] 하늘 (Sky) - A song I composed; dedicated to DBSK ^^

Hi! Actually one of my hobbies is composing and writing Korean and Japanese songs (I've composed about 18 Korean songs and 5 Japanese songs so far. ^^)
Recently, I was inspired by DBSK to write and compose this Korean song. Please take a listen and let me know what you think. Thanks! ^^ (please pardon my singing. haha.) ^___^ Always Keep The Faith!!!!!

In this world
문제 있어도
Even if there are problems
포기 하지마
Don't give up
자기 믿어 봐
Believe in yourself
이대로 해
Do it this way
괜찮을 거야
It will be fine
이순간을 잡아요
Hold on to this moment

Keep on trying 계속하자
Keep on trying Keep on going
I'll be there 옆에 있을게
I'll be there I'll be beside you
무슨 일이 있어도 날 떠나지마
No matter what, don't leave me
니바램을 말해 줘
Tell me your wish

I will fly with you 이제
I will fly with you now
우리 함께 하면 모든 걸 할 수 있어
If we do it together, everything's possible
지금 못 봐도 언젠가 우리
Even if we can't see each other now, sometime in the future
만날 수 있어 someday
We will be able to meet someday

나를 따라 와 이제
Follow me now
힘들때마다도 하늘을 보면 돼
Even when it is tough, look towards the sky
Never gonna give it up 믿고 있을게
Never gonna give it up, I will keep believing
행복하게 해 someday
We will do it with happiness someday

행복하게 돼 today
We will become happy today

doo doo doo.. doo doo doo dooo x2

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[TRANS] 101021 Yoochun - Twitter Update Part 2

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@rypaffo Yoo Hwan Ah...Your elder brother is really hungry^^
3 hours ago

If you really want to be free, you have to cut your wings away..
3 hours ago

@noah0726 You must try repaying me a with a box right^^
4 hours ago

@zerotic0124 Hi Hyung^^!!!
4 hours ago

@seeksik It must be because I am too tired.^^Aigoo.. Thinking about it... It seems like I was reporting to you.. ah.. erm...
4 hours ago

@seeksik Where is your spot and my spot?? Geol oh Senior Hyung... Eat and then "Geol Oh oh se yo" [come walking here..] [Yoochun's trying to create a joke here. lol. Geol Oh sounds similiar to Geoleo (to walk)...]
4 hours ago

@seeksik Is it a new kind of water?? Mu.. Li.. Su.. [su = water] [MuLiSu = over exagerrating something] [Yoochun is trying to create a joke]
4 hours ago

@seeksik Ah In ah.. Have you committed a crime? How could I report you...
4 hours ago

@zzzkissme Be strong...!!!
5 hours ago

@ssongjiyeun You.. You are Ji Yeon? Oppa is slow at such things [twitter] but once I have mastered it, I will post wierd photos of you! Don't worry!! ^^
5 hours ago

@forever4850 Hyung, I heard that you have declared war on Miss Oh Reum. ^^
5 hours ago

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[TRANS] 101021 JYJ Creates Havoc In Airport; Chasing Fans Injured After Running Into Wall

Fans enthusiasm causes a mess in the airport when JYJ arrived. A fan chasing after JYJ got injured after running into a wall.

Last Sunday, JYJ arrived in Malaysia to hold a showcase. Not only did the fans claim that "it did not meet our expectations", some even said that JYJ did not care about the fans' safety as they entered the departure hell before the staff could fully finish the boarding procedures, causing a mess in the area which in turn caused many fans to injure themselves when they collided with the wall when chasing after them.

Insisted on using the regular entrance into Malaysia

According to sources, "the organizers treated safety as priority and advised them to leave and enter via the VIP exit. However, the Korean side refused the idea and let JYJ leave and enter by the regular exit instead."

Although the security created a human wall of about 20 buff man as well as 10 bodyguards to maintain the order, it was still unable to control the whole scene especially when they were leaving Malaysia on the night of the 17th, as there were many more fans who sent them off as compared to those who received them. When JYJ entered the arrival hall, the whole airport was a mess due to the fans' chasing. "The scene wasn't supposed to be this messy originally, however, because JYJ refused to listen to the advice, they left the car even before the staff have managed to finish the boarding procedure and receive the passport. This caused the whole place to be in a mess and many fans even fell on the floor as they were too busy chasing the idols and did not pay attention to the wall in front of them." The source stated that JYJ should be fully responsible for the fans' injuries with the reason that "as professional artists, they should first take care of fans' safety, however, they did not do that at all!"

Extremely late for showcase & press conference; buying clothes at the last minute

According to reliable sources, the reason JYJ was very late for both the showcase as well as press conference was because the Korean side decided to delay it on purpose. The source stated that, "After the rehearsal for the showcase ended, the Korean side said that they had to immediately do preparations for the showcase but instead they were taking their own sweet time while chatting backstage and eating. The organizer previously told the media that they were going to have an interview with the Korean side and that was why the press conference was delayed. But the real scenario is that the Korean side said that JYJ had no change of clothes and requested the organizer to buy them at the last-minute. After they bought the clothes back, they were unsatisfied and requested them to change it, but in the end, they still wore their own original clothes for the press conference and it was obviously done on purpose." Lastly, they used the excuse of having to rush for a plane and cancelled interviews with the media (radio stations, television stations) and only allowed 10 minutes of photograph session with the JYJ fans in a personal gathering before leaving in a rush.

Regarding these information, the organizer did not deny and only refused to comment.

Also, a Korean-speaking fan left a message on the web showing her disappointment in JYJ. "I only managed to enter the gathering point through much difficulties but I actually heard JYJ asking their manager when it was going to end. This broke my heart..."

Redstar says they're innocent

The fans who bought the 1000 and 800 ringgit tickets to JYJ's showcase have left many complaints regarding the organizer, Redstar, and how they felt cheated.The organizer immediately said they were innocent and that the sudden change in the schedule was all due to the unreasonable requests from the Korean side. They even mentioned that the Korean side had originally planned to cancel the fan-meeting just like what they did in Bangkok and Singapore but Redstar rejected it and insisted that they keep their promise. Last Sunday, the 3 members of TVXQ, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu arrived in Malaysia to promote as a new group, JYJ. After 12 hours of staying in Malaysia they left under the situation where hundreds of fans were chasing them. But due to JYJ not fulfilling the promises, the fans who spent their money could not have a chance to be in close interaction with the idols as promised, leaving them with both hatred and love. These fans have pushed all their unhappiness to Redstar and because of this, the "knot" that existed between the organizer and the Korean side one night before they arrived had been revealed.

According to sources, they only informed the Malaysian organizers that they wanted to leave immediately after the showcase that day a night before. On the day itself, the 17th, they, once again, suddenly used "the weather is too hot and the singers need to have a new set of clothes" as an excuse to have the fan-meet moved from Stadium Negara to the hotel, after the press conference. And on the night itself, they even went to cancel the originally confirmed fan-signing. Although photo-taking was still held, the originally 10 person per group was changed to 20 or 30 people. This let the fans who waited for 4 to 5 hours to only get to have close interaction with their idols for a mere 30 seconds.

Fans' rage on facebook

According to the many messages left on fans' facebook pages, they felt very disappointed at the "unsatisfactory" situation and most of them felt cheated.

One user "someone who bought the VIP ticket" said, "... some people even missed the train and bus ... just to be able to meet them close-up, however... this is only a waste of time, and we were even roughly dealt with as they constantly pushed up... when we took the photo, as soon as we took a couple more looks at them, we were being asked to leave... "

Zoe-Yi Tay complained about the unsatisfactory planning of the photo-taking. She left a message saying, "Because of your last minute decision, we had to queue outside the hotel for more than 3 hours, but after such a long time, all we got was a mere 30 second photo-taking session with 20 or 30 people... along with a group of scary bodyguards who were standing behind us. What's worse is that, we will never know when we get the photo and can't guarantee if we can get our autographed posters. If I had known earlier than the so-called "privileges" of being a VIP would become a bunch of empty promises then I definitely would not have bought it..." Another fan said, "I am very angry... After paying such a hefty sum, I didn't even get anything in the end..." This fan also added, "I really admire your newest slogan: 'First Come Last Serve'".

There are also quite a lot of fans who support the organizer and pushed the blame to the Korean side. One fan, Li Ern Mah, wrote, "We don't blame the organizer... As for JYJ, do they know how much we paid for the ticket? Don't they feel that they are cheating us?... If their agency does not know how to handle the job of an artiste then I don't know how long they can survive." She also said her feelings as a loyal fan, "I cannot bring myself to listen to their album for the time-being as it will only remind me of what just happened..."

Aten Teukie said, "I am also very sad... But I understand who caused this. (Including Singapore and Thailand). I don't blame Redstar and Marctensia... They even fought with the manager in front of us and Junsu..."

There are many fans who attended the meeting with presents in tow, however, the staff from the Korean side insisted that they place the presents outside and rushed them into the venue. One fan complained saying, "I saw many cute fans who were crying after the whole thing ended as they did not want to go home... JYJ might be very sad but their agency did not say anything... I saw Jaejoong receiving fans present as if they were trying to make up for something... but they did not bring back the presents that were left outside the venue.

JYJ fans' 3 biggest complaints:

1. The privileges for those who bought the 1000 and 800 ringgit tickets (attend private fan-meeting, take a group photo with JYJ as well as get their signature) were reduced to only being able to take a group photo with 20 to 30 people per group instead of the original 10. Regarding this, the organizer said, "according to the contract signed with the Korean side, other than having a showcase of 45 minutes inclusive of 6 songs, there will be fan-meeting with 400 fans with events such as taking a group photo with JYJ as well as an autograph session. However, when the Korean side arrived in Malaysia, they purposely cancelled the fan-meeting and under the resistance of the organizer, the Korean side agreed to have a photo-taking session but not have an autograph session."

2. The sudden change in venue and time for the meeting caused many overseas fans to change their flight schedules which caused the organizer to say, "when the Korean side arrived in the stadium for their rehearsal, they then told us that they wanted to change the fan-meeting to the hotel and wanted a change of clothes for JYJ as the weather and venue was too hot with many other reasons. They insisted that they cancel but the organizer stood their ground, which caused the Korean side to give way. They also allowed the fans who had to rush for their plane to go first.

3. Regarding the issue of being unable to collect their JYJ photo on that day, the organizer said, "the Korean side is very strict about JYJ photos and not only does it have to go through the photos that the organizers will release to the media but even the photos taken with fans has to be brought back to Korea before sending it back to the organizers, which will then be sent to the fans themselves.

Admin note:  Overwhelming reports from fans who actually attended indicate that many of the things stated in this article are FALSE. However, DBSKnights believe that it is useful to know what the press is saying about our boys. We urge those who can read and write Chinese to let their opinion be known to sinchew-i, the publisher of this article.
Don't worry, Cassies. WE know what the truth is

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