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On my way back to Chicago after seeing the JYJ showcase in Los Angeles, I had the incredible good fortune of meeting the JYJ dancers and choreographer Jeri Slaughter in LAX. They were on their way to Korea for JYJ's tour finale on the 27th and the 28th. Despite the long day and long flight ahead of them, they were all very excited! They are now in Seoul rehearsing for the concert. Wish them all the best!

Here is dancer Telisha Shaw on her first day in Seoul:

Telisha says she'll share as much as she can about her experience in Seoul!

Follow her on twitter at @telishashaw

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The JYJ trio were in fine form on November 19th, their dance as crisp and energetic as you could imagine, their vocals record-worthy.

I think most Cassies will agree with me when I say the highlight of the evening was the final performance, the Empty remix. The sense of fun and joy they displayed on stage for this song in particular is part of the reason we all fell so in love with them – adlibbing, winking at the camera and dashing around the stage urging fans to “Jump! Jump! Jump!” a la TVXQ’s Somebody To Love.

I was caught off guard by the beauty of the red sea. It’s one thing to read about it or see it on video, but quite another to see the synchronized waves in real life.

MCs Shane Yoon and Arden Cho did a wonderful job of keeping fans entertained. Before the interview portion of the showcase, Shane rose from below the stage wearing Jaejoong’s furry vest and hilariously belted the first few lines of JYJ’s Empty. So should Shane quite quit his day job? Sorry Shane - you're a fine MC - but somehow he looked less kpop star and more yeti.

When asked about the meaning of their names on twitter, Yoochun explained that "6002" when spoken in Korean sounds like "Yoochun" (육천이 - yukchuni). Junsu also explained the numbers in his twitter name, telling us that the “0101” stands for his birthday. Arden Cho told fans not to forget that and Junsu agreed in English: “Ya, don’t forget.”

Best of all, this was not the only Junsu Engrish of the evening. When introducing themselves, Junsu at last caved to demands for a remake of his infamous “OH MY GOD SUN”. Was it cute? I dare say I let rip the loudest shriek of the evening because of it.

Even the mysterious Egg Man Elbowyeish made an appearance! Well, sort of. The same egg that had been making appearances on twitter all day, was brought on stage and presented to boys (Yoochun cracked up and Jaejoong laughed and mimed throwing it into the audience, to the amusement of his fans). While some sharp-eyed fans may have noticed him roaming the line shortly before doors opened, the Egg Man remains largely a mystery. Expect many more exciting tweets from him in the future!

The concert suffered somewhat from overexposure. As LA is the second-to-last stop on the JYJ tour, most fans in the audience had already seen fancams of the showcases in other cities. The video breaks like “JYJ in LA” and “Dear Fan” that were played between songs have been available on YouTube and for a month now.

When I talked to fans afterwards, many expressed some disappointment with the length of the show. "I mean, I can understand why it was so short," said one fan, referring to the presumed copyright conflict with Avex that prevented JYJ from performing any songs from their album "The...". It would have been great to see JYJ fill out the show with a cover of a classic American R&B song but perhaps that would have added to the expense of an already costly tour.

Though the security feared that the fans would rush the doors once they were open and creating a dangerous situation, Cassies remained orderly while waiting to enter the Galen Center. I was continuously impressed by the passion and generosity that the fans displayed. From the girl who was giving out cookies to the incredible fan who gave this hapless Chicagoan a ride to airport (Phuong, thank you!), you were the ones who made this concert so fabulous!

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'They're old'
'They're Korean? Not interested'
'Haven't they disbanded?'
'You still like them?'
'Wake up, they're over.'

We've heard it all.
Most of us have engaged ourselves in conversations where we've tried, time and time, to emphasize the following:

'No, they're not over. Their activities have been put on hold - it's all temporary. Look at Cassiopeia, each and single every one of us is holding on to our faith and waiting for their return.'

or 'No, don't say that, give them a chance'

We say these things with so much confidence but there are times when even we ourselves doubt those words. Yet all the same, we vow to carry on, with our heads held high.

Some things fade over time, others remain afresh in our minds.

I remember worrying about you being replaced by SHINee, but I now understand that that will never be the case - You are Dong Bang Shin Ki. You are irreplaceable. Not because they're incompetent, no, that's not it. SHINee will never take your place because Dong Bang Shin Ki will only ever be Dong Bang Shin Ki; you're U-Know Yunho, Choikang Changmin, Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong. They will never be the same 5 boys.

I remember the days when I was new to this fandom and I would constantly be on edge and morbidly afraid. But that is now in the past; over time, I've learnt that Cassiopeia is about supporting and being there for one another. Our role in this fandom is to tell those in doubt not to be afraid and to always keep their faith.

I still cry. I cry when I hear 'Chajatta' being played, I cry when I look back on the days when you were still together, perfectly intact.

Sometimes my friends tell me 'I don't get you, why are you holding on to this? It's a lost cause. That group is over.'

But you know what? I've given up trying. I used to try so hard to make others understand, to explain how I felt and how much pain I was going through. I tried to put my feelings into words but they never understood. None of it matters anymore though, I have the whole of Cassiopeia by my side. We understand one another in ways others don't and that's all that really matters.

I'm not sure why I'm writing all this, maybe I'm nostalgic, maybe I'm wondering why I'm still here. Maybe I'm trying to tell the world that I'm not just another obsessive fan girl and I know that there are those of you out there who feel the same. We're not in this because we expect something in return, we're not in this for the thrill of the ride - we're in this together because of our shared beliefs. We love and care for these boys; their happiness is as important to us as ours is to them.

We need to make it through this Cassiopeia, and that requires maturing as fans and as individuals. Remember what got you here in the beginning and hold on to those memories. They will be back, and when the day comes, you'll be glad that you didn't let go.

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HQ photos from JYJ LA Showcase!
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The three members of JYJ returned to South Korea after finishing their showcase schedule in United States.

JYJ on the 21st at 05:30 am arrived from LA, United States and stepped in Incheon international airport through gate KE 012. The members returned from US showcase tour to commemorate the release of their worldwide debut album ‘The Beginning’.

JYJ held a total 3 showcases in United States. All their performances in New York, Las Vegas, and LA were ended with great success. Originally the showcase would be held as commercial (paid) performance, however due to performance visa denial crisis, JYJ made a bold choice to switch the showcase as free concert in order to keep their promise to fans. In the end, the members still wrapped up successful performance stages. Around 20,000 international fans flocked in the 3 gigs of their global concert.

Not only local Korean fans live abroad who attended the concert but there were also a lot of international fans with blonde hair thus proving the worldwide popularity of the group. In addition, such enthusiastic scene of fans who were not able to grab the tickets yet still flocking the venue area of each concert was captured as well.

JYJ members were spotted walking at the airport arrival hall this morning with bright face. Regardless the long flight they’d experienced, there was no sign of tireness on their expression. Many journalists and fans who greeted them could notice the satisfaction of the showcase that was exposed by the members.

As usual JYJ’s airport fashion distinguished each member’s own personality. Xiah Junsu and Youngwoong Jaejoong wore chic black leather jacket. Meanwhile Micky Yoochun sported brown padding jumper with same color backpack, with such tracksuit appearance his style emphasized comfortable charm.

Meanwhile JYJ will hold 2 days official concert at Jamsil Main Stadium in Seoul on November 27th and 28th.

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