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[VIDEO] 101021 Jaejoong - Male Idol Who Looks Like a Doll

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[NEWS] 101021 JYJ donates $40,000 USD to children’s charities

JYJ has been quite busy promoting and preparing for both their global tour and for the release of their debut album, ‘The Beginning’. Yet despite their crammed schedule, they’ve taken the time to contribute to various heart-warming charities.

It was reported that the trio donated 30 million won ($27,000 USD) from their ‘JYJ Showcase in Seoul‘ ticket sales to the ‘Child Welfare Campaign‘, run by World Vision.

Additionally, while the tour made a stop in Malaysia , the trio requested that $10,000 USD from their entrance fees be donated to Malaysia World Vision, in order to aid the local underprivileged children there.

During an interview with the World Vision newsletter team, JYJ stated, “We’ve always had a lot of interest in donating to children’s charities, and when we heard about the ‘Child Welfare Campaign’, we were very saddened. We immediately thought of ways to help out, and we decided to donate the money from ticket fees as a meaning of giving to charity, together with our fans. We want to do our best and participate in more ways to save children in the future.”

JYJ will continue to demonstrate their conscientious sides, as they are scheduled to perform for the ‘Dong-A Charity Concert’ in Shanghai on October 23rd. Entrance fees from this concert will be donated to the Red Cross.

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[PHOTOS] 101021 Yoochun - Twitter Update Part 2

He changed his profile picture first this one:

Then change it to this one:

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[NEWS] 101021 Park Yoochun and Park Min Young deny relationship claims

Actress Park Min Young and DBSK’s Park Yoochun have recently been swimming in countless rumors about the two being in a real life relationship.

The two actors are starring as the main cast for the KBS drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘, and many viewers are speculating whether the two are actually dating because of the perfect harmonization in their acting for the drama.

However, it has been confirmed that these relationship rumors are simply groundless and untrue.

Park Min Young’s entertainment company recently confirmed, “They are most definitely not in a relationship.”

They continued, “When people go into acting, it’s natural for them to have interest in one another. However, they are not a couple, and they do not have feelings for each other.”

Park Yoochun’s agency also emphasized, “It’s pure nonsense. They have never dated and are not dating. Park Yoochun was shocked when he heard the news.”

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[INFO] 101021 Tohoshinki's Classic Album To Be Released! Voting Starts Now Good afternoon, Bigeast!

It has been decided that the 『Tohoshinki Premium Classic Collection』 will be released on 29 December 2010 (Wednesday)!
Although Tohoshinki has many hit songs, they will be transformed into classical and orgel versions♪

Also, how we'll do this! The arrangement of the music will be decided through voting by Bigeast!

It'll definitely be lovely if the songs are changed into classical arrangements! The orgel arrangements will be able to heal anything!
Everyone, please choose the song and be sure to vote♪

☆Voting here. (Accessible via PC & mobile)

◆Implementation period: 2010.10.21, 14:00 ~ 2010.10.24, 23:59
◆Announcement of results: once we have the recorded music, the results will be announced
◆Things to note:
※Please only choose 3 songs for the classical and orgel arrangements
※Each member is only allowed to vote once. Please note that cancellations or changes will not be allowed after you have voted.
※Submissions via postcards and e-mails are not allowed. Please use the voting form made available here.

[Song list]

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[TRANS] 101021 Yunho: "Go For A Date At Seoul Tower!"

--How does it feel to participate in the video "Haru", to promote Korea's tourism?

I portray an action star who loses my girlfriend's ring after the action scenes, so I continuously search for an identical ring. In the end, it's a happy ending where I find the ring and manage to meet my girlfriend. While filming on Gwang An Bridge in Busan, I had to run to and fro many times and even had to avoid the bombs from the plane. There were many demanding action scenes. I thought that since I'm doing it, I might as well do the best I can.

--From Yunho's point of view, is this a very cool job?

Although it's embarrassing to say so myself, I think it's really cool.

Following this, we slowly discovered Yunho's daily habits.

--Firstly, what's your favourite food in Korean cuisine?

Samgyetang.(t/n: Ginseng chicken soup) It's really good for the body.

--How do you spend your holidays?

My days are usually really busy since I keep thinking that I'll be able to spend my holidays leisurely. If possible, I'd like to go on a trip. I'm really interested in photography, so I like to take pictures. I'd like to tour a few interesting places, leisurely take some photos and after that, organize all my feelings at those moments into a diary; that seems nice.

--If you date a Japanese girl, what would be your itinerary?

If it's in Seoul, then it has to be the Seoul Tower. From the viewing gallery, you can see all the sights of Seoul, so the Seoul that you see from there, is really beautiful. Also, there's a lot of good food in the vicinity.

Also, do you know the special lovers' place in Seoul Tower? The couple writes their wishes on a lock and hang it on a fence at Seoul Tower, and pray for it to come true...

--Then, have you ever been on that kind of date?

Yes~ I've been there with my friends and family! (laugh)

--Where you've gone to have fun recently?

If it's recently... I went to a place called Jeju-do. The ebb and flow of the waves there follow the appearance and disappearance of the paths, so that's pretty interesting.

--The place Yunho often appears at in Seoul?

Because I really like movies, if I have time, I go to the cinema often. Ah! If the Japanese fans go to the cinemas in Seoul, they might meet me.

--The cinema you frequent?

I won't tell you the exact location~

--It seems like there will be an increase of fans around cinemas in Seoul. Then, please give a hint for your favourite restaurant.

I frequent this barbeque place at Apgujeong-dong because there's seating at the roof so you can people watch and eat at the same time. The insides of the shop is plastered with my posters, so it's easy to find. (laugh)

--Where do you shop?

There are more malls at Apgujeong-dong so I shop there more frequently. Also, Seoul has Dongdaemun, where you can shop for 24 hours, so if you go there, there are many interesting shops.

--Have you ever shopped in Dongdaemun?

I go there really rarely. If I have time and I can, I would go.

--Lastly, please tell us something that's trendy.

(in Japanese) Travelling!

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[TRANS] 101021 Park Yoochun - Compared To Singing It Seems He's More Suited For Acting

"Micky Yoochun; rather than being a singer, it seems he is more suited to be an actor." The KBS youth drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal] has aired half of its episodes so far and this is Chief Producer Kwak Ki Won's take on Micky Yoochun, who plays the role of Lee Seonjoon.

[SungKyunKwan Scandal]'s Chief Producer Kwak Ki Won said, "For every beginner, in the beginning, they will always be struggling to digest their lines, yet Micky Yoochun has been on the right track since episode 5. This means that he has already made a big leap in his acting career and for Micky Yoochun who is in this current state, he must have a lot of desire for acting."

Chief Producer Kwak also expressed, "To be honest, the first time I met Park Yoochun, based on his expressions and behaviour, I already felt that he would be suited for acting. Although most of the idol singers turned actors in recent dramas have been more or less disappointing, from the beginning, I did not worry in the least when it came to Micky Yoochun."

He praised him highly and said, "In episode 15, during the SungKyunKwan student council, Park Yoochun appeared as a witness to the gay scandal and he used the Confucian teaching of "仁义礼智"* to portray a sharp scene. The lines are already a lot, and if not acted well, it could easily become a scene like preaching, yet he was able to concentrate all his efforts and fully digest his role, filling the scene with rich emotion."

"The change from the stubborn man full of principles in the beginning, to the current shy man of principles, seems to be easy for him." CP Kwak also added that "he has the voice for both period dramas and modern dramas".

Micky Yoochun is currently doing well acting as the son of the Left Prime Minister in [SungKyunKwan Scandal], portraying Lee Seonjoon, who judges others by his principles and yet, is ruled by a sincere heart. With his low voice and gentle expressions, he is the core weapon in the "SungKyunKwan Quartet".

In episode 16, which aired on the 19th, after coming to know that his roommate in SungKyunKwan is a girl, Lee Seonjoon and Yeonhee have their first kissing scene, foretelling the unfolding of a new chapter of their romantic love story.

*仁义礼智: This belongs to the 5 tenets of Confucius "仁义礼智信", which are the core of the Confucian philosophy. In order, from left to right, they stand for:
benevolence / charity
justice / rectitude
politeness / tact
wisdom / knowledge
fidelity / trust

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[NEWS] 101021 Park Yoochun is Joining Twitter, Other Accounts are Fake

The actor of Lee Seon Jun from KBS 2TV drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ whom audiences love, Park Yoochun (24) finally opened his personal twitter account on the 16th.

With nickname @6002theMicky, by only opening the account for 6 days, his followers are approaching to 13,000 people, proves the popularity of Park Yoochun. Yet at this point only one person’s twitter Park Yoochun followed who is his cordi staff to whom he said, “Oh reum ssi (the cordi name) you’re doing this.” as he greeted his cordi.

On the 21st, Park Yoochun uploaded his selca photo to twitter, and until the moment this article is written, he has come up with total 4 tweets.

An official who is responsible to promote JYJ, the group he belongs together with two other members said, “It’s confirmed that on the 16th, he opened a twitter account @6002theMicky which he’s using personally. The other accounts are just pretenders.”.

Park Yoochun wrote at his twitter on 21st, “First time using twitter. The rest accounts are fake.” he said to inform all the fans, while also shaking off all false assumptions about other TVXQ members’ twitter.

Both local and international fans are all celebrating the opening of Park Yoochun twitter by leaving tweets such as, “Yook Chun Nie (6002) is such a cute identity.” “Congratulations on entering twitter,” and “Oppa 6002 (Yoochunnie) ~ We’re oppa’s 1004 (Chunsa = angel)”.
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[TRANS] 101014 Han Hyo Joo: "I Like Jaejoong's Music"

Han Hyo Joo, who has recently wrapped up the drama "Dong Yi", caught a serious bout of flu, and looking a little thinner than usual, arrived at the cofeeshop for the interview.

(t/n: only related information was translated)

The day before Han Hyo Joo accepted this interview, on the 19th, she participated in a KBS2 programme and displayed her talent in music. In reality, Han Hyo Joo has a lot of interest with regards to music. Of course, her interest in music has also sparked off a lot of curiosity and she also freely shared about her world of music, saying, "I prefer independent bands like '10CM' and 'Broccoli neomajeo', I also like pop/contemporary music and Youngwoong Jaejoong's music."

It has been a week since the end of MBC's Monday-Tuesday drama "Dong Yi" and Han Hyo Joo, who is currently trying to regain her peaceful and quiet life, sent her regards to her colleagues who have worked hard for the drama. Speaking of her drama experience, she said, "It passed by so quickly, in a blur." At the same time, she also candidly admitted that the support she received from Lee Seung Gi* and Youngwoong Jaejoong** was a big help.

Hyo Joo said that compared to Seung Gi's style of wishing her all the best, which is more typical, she prefers Youngwoong Jaejoong's style, which is more humourous and witty.

Hyo Joo laughed and said, "Jaejoong-oppa's*** encouragement is always interesting, even if it is just one line. When I say I'm tired, he would yell 'You can do it girl!'**** and encourage me that way. But sometimes when I call him, he's always not in Korea; in another country instead."

*Lee Seung Gi was her co-star in the Korean drama "Brilliant Legacy"
**Jaejoong & Hyo Joo acted as co-stars in the Japan-Korean Telecinema Project "Postman to Heaven"
***Oppa = a term used by a younger female to address an older male
****The term for "girl" is usually used by someone older, to someone younger, and is usually a sign of affection/shows some form of closeness.

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[TRANS] 101021 Ayu tweet about Jaejoong

There’s too much of an age difference *laugh* and it’s rude to all Jaejoong’s fans *laughs* RT @team_kuma_yu: @ayu_19980408 Your boyfriend is Jaejoong? *laugh*

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[TRANS] 101021 Yoochun - Twitter Update

Please read from bottom to top

(The bio says: "The older someone gets the more beautiful and soft they become." credits: magnifiquelife@twitter)

Ah!!! And it's the first time I've got a twitter account.
Others are all fake!!!
2 hours ago

The ability to take care of parents,
some warm words, and the smile that made me strong before, these give me so much pain now.
2 hours ago

Ms. Oh Reum, I learned how to use Twitter!
3 hours ago

Joy spreads to the world. ^^
15th of Oct

(t/n: It's hard to translate some of his tweets because it's 'spoken' language. The bio is the one highlighted next to @6002theMicky)

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[INFO] Yoochun's Twitter Account

The account seem pretty legit. He posted a picture never released before and it came from his phone, a blackberry. Also, he's following a SKK staff who also confirmed it and called him Yoochun. His Korean is perfect.

[PHOTO] 101020 JYJ - Billboard Charts Twitter Update

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[INFO+VIDEO] 101020 JYJ in Billboard's Release of the Week

As former members of the South Korean boy band TVXQ, the trio of Kim JaeJoong, Park YuChun and Kim JunSu are no strangers to pop stardom. Formed in 2003, TVXQ became hitmakers at home and in K-pop-crazy Japan (where it was known as Tohoshinki) and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Following a contractual dispute with its former management company, the threesome formed a new group earlier this year that it christened JYJ after the first initials of their first names. The band's debut album, aptly titled "The Beginning," is out now.

JYJ is thinking big with its debut album, "The Beginning," which features collaborations with Kanye West and songwriter/producer Rodney Jerkins. Show Shop Entertainment released the album Oct. 14 through Warner Music Korea. In the United States, Warner Music is releasing the album digitally through iTunes and Amazon with a CD release planned for late 2010 or early 2011.


"The Beginning" comprises seven tracks and three remixes. Each of the members of JYJ has songwriting credits on the album. Show Shop Entertainment and C-JeS Entertainemnt handles JYJ's publishing, with administration by Warner/Chappell Music Korea.


JYJ had a wish list of producers and artists it wanted to work with, according to Park: West, Jerkins, Neo and Timbaland. With the help of its manager, Baek Chang Ju, CEO of C-JeS Entertainment, and Show Shop Entertainment CEO Hwang Jong Wook, the group was able to connect with West and Jerkins, who agreed to work with JYJ on "The Beginning."

The sessions for the first single, "Ayyy Girl," produced by West, were held at Westlake Recording Studios in Hollywood, while "Empty" and "Be My Girl," produced by Jerkins, were recorded at his 2nd Floor Studios, also in Hollywood. The rest of the tracks were recorded in South Korea.

West wowed JYJ with some a cappella freestyle rapping before the trio began recording its vocals. "We could see why he's so hugely popular," Park says. "It was really a great honor to work with him."

Jerkins also made a big impression on the Korean trio. "When we were making songs together, he treated us like equals," Park says. "We appreciated that so much. Because he worked so hard on the record, he inspired us to work hard."

Jerkins says he was impressed by JYJ's professionalism and "their poise, the way they took their work seriously. I told their team that I'd work with them again."


"The Beginning" arrived Oct. 14 in South Korea, followed by the release of a "luxury edition" with extra content on Oct. 18. The expanded version is limited to a run of fewer than 100,000 units, but Warner Music Korea says it received more than 300,000 pre-sale orders for the set. "The overwhelming response to the [limited-edition] CD is a very encouraging start for JYJ and we hope that this album release will also be met with equal enthusiasm," Warner Music Korea managing director P.R. Wang said in a statement.

Warner Asia's Wong adds: "Warner U.S. will release the product digitally through iTunes first this month. It will also be made available through Amazon digitally. There will also be finished product under the Amazon import section. We are in discussion with Warner U.S. to release a U.S. version in the next few months that will include new tracks and mixes exclusive to the market in both physical and digital formats."


JYJ is playing shows in Bangkok, Thailand; Singapore; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Hong Kong, China; and Taipei, Taiwan; in October. The group "also will be touring four major cities in the U.S. in November to support the release in a series of meet-the-fan sessions, plus a few media appearances," Wong says. "Once the U.S. release [plans for the physical album] has been decided, we hope to reach a much bigger market for JYJ, as the market for Asian acts who sing in English is growing rapidly."

Nice going, Leslie! She got them on Billboard!
Everyone please visit the site and leave a comment to show your support for JYJ :)

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