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I'll just post both the videos here. Mr.Egg says that you can hear it clearer in the TwitVid upload. Junsu says it at 3.47.

Youtube vid:

TwitVid (this is clearer)

PS: the vids are really loud so I suggest you turn off the audio before playing it!

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As some of you guys might know, I helped a group of people organize more lightsticks and glowsticks to pass out. For me, the JYJ experience started on Thursday when I received 500 lightsticks and 1000 glowsticks. To spare you the details, I simply (or not so simply) had to organize them.

On Friday morning, I delivered a pair of lightsticks to a generous donor who couldn't make the pickup time and happened to live fairly close to me. After that, i went home and got ready for the show. Leaving 10 minutes late from my house, I went to pick up two of my friends, Roxie and David (some of you might know him as "that guy with the long curly hair").

We got to the parking structure besides the Radisson by circling the area twice (mostly due to my Asian genetically-inherited disability to drive...just kidding). But once we got there, we got the dumb idea of just grabbing some lightsticks and seeing who wanted them. Bad idea, we had to go back and grab two boxes of lightsticks that literally emptied out 30 minutes later. In fact, all the lightsticks were gone by 3pm.

After that we went to grab something to eat since none of us had eaten all day. The food was decent and left us satisfied for the moment. We went to grab two more boxes of glowsticks to pass out. Unfortunately, the glowsticks turned out to be more pink than red, which was a little crappy, but people managed to not yell at me.

So while we were passing out glowsticks, security started calling for people who had reserved seats. Quickly getting rid of our glowsticks in any way we can, we rushed to the front of the line and was able to get a decent place for reserved seating line. We still had to wait about an hour before the doors opened, so we just chatted with each other and people around us.

David, that lucky bastard, was able to get a Media pass from his employer and left us misfortunate souls outside, while he frolicked with other lucky bastards. However, by that time we were all tired from the constant walking around and yelling at people to grab their lights.

Before we went in we had to get rid of all our food and drinks. They had previously said no professional quality cameras so I carefully hid all my camera parts in areas where they would not be noticed. In manners that I will not reveal publicly, I successfully snuck in my Canon Rebel XS with two different lenses. The security wasn't that strict (although one poor girl wasn't allowed to take her backpack in), and he let me by without any questioning although he did shine a gigantic flashlight down into my purse.

Once we were inside, my friend and I quickly made haste towards the restrooms so we don't miss any of the wonderful show due to incontrollable bladders. We sat down in our amazing spot of Section 210, Row 1. And I proceeded to put together my awesome camera. I was trying to hide my camera so that the security person right next to us wouldn't see, but turns out, that person didn't care anyway.

The pre-show wasn't very eventful other than the lighting checks stirred fans into mini-frenzies. Arden Cho walked out with her blue dress and all of us fans knew that the show was about to start. I had prepared my camera already so I could capture EVERY moment, and I do mean every moment. Shane Yoon was hilarious, as expected, and started the show being in one of the sections, pretending that he was just going to watch from the stands like a fan.

The opening song was Empty, one of my absolute favourites of the album. The boys clearly didn't disappoint. They appeared rose up on stage from the ground. To say that the fans went crazy is saying the least. Everyone exploded with cheers. As David told me later on, the earplugs that he received as media didn't even help the loudness. The boys were flawless.

The next song was Be The One, one of my least favourites of the album. However, I quickly got into it anyway. The backup dancers were really energetic and helped set the mood of the night. They showed a quick clip of their Thank You to the fans after that.

As you probably know, the next one was Be My Girl, my favourite. They sang so perfectly! So much better than the studio version and with so much more feeling. As you guys might know from other fancams, Junsu and Jaejoong get really sexy with that song. They sure didn't change their performance style of that song. Junsu was jaw-dropping with his hip thrusts and body waves. After the song, they showed another clip, this time the one about the making of "The Beginning."

Arden and Shane appeared again soon after. Shane started singing "Empty" in a really hysterical voice, and it brought the whole stadium laughing. He was dressed in one of Jaejoong's old costumes for a previous show. We knew by now that this was the Q&A section of the show. They did their little introductions and Junsu even said, "OMG Sun," like he said he would. Yoochun really knows how to play the crowd. It was a little short compared to the Asian shows, but it was still very entertaining. I won't go into detail as there is a lot of fancams going around.

After the Q&A, they went into Chajatta, which I have to say, was their best performance of the night vocally. It was so on-point. The fanchants for that song was so audible that I felt very happy that everything worked out. Chajatta ended and another clip of them was show. This time, they talked about what they wanted to do in the industry and a little bit of their passion for music.

The next part was supposed to be Ayyy Girl, but the sound people accidentally played Empty Remix. Yoochun said adorably, "Sorry guys," and of course, we all forgave them. Ayyy Girl was better than I thought. It's also another one of my least favourites, simply because the rap in the beginning by Kanye West is so mediocre. However, for the show they put it as a bridge section and it just made the song so much better. Yoochun even rapped along with the music so it was a very different feeling than the studio version.

We knew it was going to end but none of us wanted it to. Empty Remix started to play. As usual, Jaejoong got really hyper, but seemingly less so. I think he was still feeling ill from before. They still put on an amazing performance.

Sorry for the incredibly long fanaccount, I just wanted to share almost every moment of my experience with you. I was jumping up on and down in my seat from the intensity. They gave their all for us fans. And the fans were amazing. I've never met people more interesting and passionate about their artist. I've met Cassies before, but I think this event has seriously topped the cake.

I will never forget this day. I'm so glad that they were able to come to the States. I didn't care about the free show as I had bought a ticket before the announcement, but they are so generous to have given us this chance to perform for us. It was a long and tiring day but in the end, everything was so worth it. The red ocean look beautiful and the fanchants were a success. As a long-time Cassie, I can honestly say that the boys will never be apart from who I am, and this day will never be but a moment away in my memories. Yoochun's words echo in my mind, "Thank you for keeping the faith always."

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Jaejoong attempting to throw an egg at the audience! XD
Fanboy Fan Account !
Sometimes you have this nervous feeling…
The trembling of your body doesn’t mean you’re scared. It means you THRILLED.
That’s exactly how I was!
Even in the car ride to LA I was like OH EM GEE.
Arriving to the place where the concert was held was interesting.
There was so many people in line already and I was wanting to talk to all the Cassi’s!
Walking back in forth of the line to see my friend’s family there was so many people who recognized me from my you tube videos that were posted on DBSKnights.
Now I know how famous people feel when people want to take pictures with them !
About 20 people or so asked me to take pictures with them !
Since I was a VIP I was excited and didn’t know what was going to happen.
There was a surprise waiting for me ………
I got JYJ’s Special Edition “The Beginning” album autographed by all JYJ members !
That’s not even the most amazing part of my day.
Me and my friend arrived at our seats with a great view of the stage.
I swear, EVERYONE was screaming just when they were testing the lighting and effects.
I was one of those people.
I was already losing my voice before the concert really even started.
Then JYJ .
They came .
I can say this proudly that I was probably the loudest person in the stadium.
My voice could echo .
I could tell that EVERYONE on my side was looking at me !
Ohh well , I will be the biggest fan I can be when I want to and I don’t care what anyone thinks.
Anyways, my day was amazing.
Yoochun looked so well with his nice haircut and simplicity.
Jaejoong looked sooooooooooo SEXY with the motion of his hair and the chocolate abs that he didn’t show….
And Junsu.
Ohh Junsu…
Junsu was just SCRUMPTIOUS !
His dancing and voice was OMG.
The concert was sadly over L
But I was screaming loud anyways .
Who cares if people stare . I looked hot .
But I was able to buy a shirt from DBSKnights after the concert and im wearing it now ……..
I love it ……..
And I cant wait until the next JYJ concert .
Hopefully until that day they will be TVXQ once again .
Cassi’s , please .
No matter what .
Eternal love

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JYJ was at 'Speedzone' in LA!

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I got confused and thought these were from LA because Baidu labelled them incorrectly. Either way, these haven't been posted before :)

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