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Yoochun Rambles to his Family
(Yoochun) Father~Mother~Yoohwan~Are you all well?? I'm in LA now....I'll bring home a big salary~so eat anything you want to eat!! (5:45am KST)

Yoochun's using his body as a canvas again
(Yoochun) A new tattoo!! Go go go!! (6:35am KST)

Jaejoong likes Warm Weather
(Jaejoong) LA is warm ^^ (6:45am KST)

What's Shane buying them?
(Shane) I'll buy @0101xiahtic @mjjeje @6002theMicky #JYJismydongsengs #JYJMC (2:19pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @shaneyoon What are you going to buy us~?^^ (5:59pm KST)

Oppa or Hyung, now THAT is the question
(Ji Bin) @mjjeje Jaejoong hyung, what are you doing right now? (5:30pm KST)
(T/N: He use the Japanese term for older brother "niichan")
(Jaejoong) @Actor_ParkJiBin Ji Bin, you do realize that you called me oppa, right.. ha You should have just called me Unnie ha (6:24pm KST)
(Ji Bin) @mjjeje You can use Niichan for both hyung and oppa...!!!!! (7:04pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @Actor_ParkJiBin Niichan。。The whole feel of your words made it sound like 'Oppa' to me..haha (7:10pm KST)
(Ji Bin) @mjjeje Is that so...ㅠㅠ Then what am I supposed to say, hyung? (7:14pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @Actor_ParkJiBin Just not Nii~ Not Aniki~ Not Chan~ Just call me by my name. Everything else makes my ears tickle (T/N: 'It's weird to hear') (7:14pm KST)
(Ji Bin) @mjjeje kekekekekekekekeke Then should I call you just ジェジュン? (7:15pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @Actor_ParkJiBin Just call me by my name^^ (7:16pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @Actor_ParkJiBin What's Ji Bin-kun doing right now? (7:19pm KST)

Who's John? We don't know either, but hey, he's thanking Jaejoong!
(John) Jaejoong...Thanks to you... I arrived in LA safely... kekeke (7:20am KST)
(Jaejoong) @elbowyeish Hyung~~I lost my phone ㅠㅠ so I can't call you (6:26pm KST)

Jaejoong found his phone! Yay~
(Jaejoong) I found my phone^^ (6:59pm KST)
(Gun Young) @mjjeje You lost your phone? (7:03pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @zerotic0124 But I found it again ^^ (7:10pm KST)

(Jaejoong) Let's work hard for our last US showcase^^ (8:06pm KST)
(Jaejoong) JYJ hwaiting..! (8:12pm KST)

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Broadcast time: November 17th (Wed) at 25:45 – 26:11 (or 01:45 am – 02:11 am)

This year’s top three spots of CD sales rank are expected to be dominated by Korea girl group who debuted as rookie in Japan. Currently the sensation of K-POP has swept across Asia including Japan.

The background that builds the strength of K-POP corresponds to the young ages, enormous talent, along with well positioning strategy in customers taste and export industry . Today for the first time TV camera will explore the field of training in Korea’s largest talent agency SM Entertainment where in current most popular group ‘TVXQ’ and ‘Shoujo Jidai (SNSD)’ settled. In addition, there’s a solo interview with the leader of currently hiatus group TVXQ who’s gaining immense popularity, U-Know Yunho. In order to acquire a thorough live performance, young age trainees have to cover a long-term training period. Hence K-POP artists mostly not only active in music scenes but they’re also working in various field of entertainment industries, the thing that could drive the overall nation’ economy. How the Koreans manage the backstage of K-POP whirlwind shall be a good point of view to Japan which already come to idea of using the momentum Korea artists had begun to explore future strategy of expanding its cultural and music content.

source: NHK news
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Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, and Youngwoong Jaejoong had started their activities under the name JYJ earlier this year and now the rest of Dong Bang duo U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin who are still under SM Entertainment are going to live the name TVXQ with their upcoming comeback activities. According to one official of music industry, currently the two members are finalizing their new album work, and are busy with dance practice accordingly. The rest of concepts such as costumes and hair styles are progressing into final discussion therefore it’s most likely possible for the comeback to hold in sometime next month.

U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin already started to hint public about their comeback by launching a new song ‘Maximum’ during their performance in SMTOWN Live in last August. At the event, the two members were introduced as Dong Bang Shin Ki, clearly showed that the duo comeback will have connection to TVXQ original music characteristic unlike JYJ who tries to differentiate their music from those in the TVXQ days.

credit: yahoo Korea
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Thank you JJluver33 for the tip!
Source: USMagazine
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Through the influence of the G20 campaign, the rate of Japanese tourists traveling to Korea has steadily increased.

In mid-November, the largest scale of 20 143 tourists from Japan is expected to visit Korea. With JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) having a concert in Seoul on the 27th and 28th, it is a very important factor with regards to the projected number of tourists, as their popularity is very high in Japan.

According to a representative of the top national tourism agency in Japan for this week, "2500 tourists out of 4113 are planning to visit Korea because of JYJ's concert", and "the Korean wave for next week will continue on".

Source: [baidutvxq]
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Kanye West is so busy launching his new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, AND attacking Matt Lauer it's a wonder he has time for anything else these days. But fortunately he had a minute for one thing: the bombastic rapper lent his talents to Korean pop trio JYJ, who (as TVXQ), have dominated the Asian charts for seven years but are now making their first foray into the U.S. music scene.

"We wanted everything to be perfect before doing this," band member Junsu, 23, tells Usmagazine.com. "The music scene here is so inspiring -- and the first album we put out had to be great. A lot of hard work went into it."

Besides West, the band also recruited legendary producer Rodney Jerkins, who's crafted mega hits for everyone from Michael Jackson to Mary J. Blige. "They're interested in the music scene in Asia, so that's how this came about," explains Yuchun, 24. "Working with Kanye and Rodney was an honor -- we really came up with some great ideas. Our first single off the new album, "Ayyy Girl," features Kanye on production and on the track… I still get excited when I hear it."

And West tells Usmagazine.com: "These guys work the hardest. I'm looking forward to doing more with them."

Still, the guys (who write and compose!) have had one hard task at hand:"We're Korean but doing our best to become fluent in English," admits Jaejung, 24. "We're having lessons every day. It took a while to conquer some of the pronunciation." However, Yuchun says it's totally worth it: "I really love America and the mentality of people here - it's a very open-minded country." (On the flip-side? Taxes. "There are so many for everything!" he laughs).

Oh, and one more thing ladies. All three members are ridin' solo! "But there are celebrity girls we like," admits Yuchun." Gwyneth Paltrow's tall and so pretty." Adds Jaejung: "In the past I loved Avril Lavigne, but then she got married… Then I loved Beyonce and she got married too. I don't know why all the girls I like end up taken!" As for Junsu: "I just want to be rumored dating someone on the cover of Us -- 'Hot New Couple!'"

The band is currently finishing showcase tours of New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and are keen to get started on the video for their next single, "Empty." "We've got some great concepts and hope to start filming next month," Jaejung reveals. "I hope everyone enjoys it." Adds Junsu:"We want to put our all in to this and work hard." He also admits that they don't take holidays. "We can sleep and rest when we're older!"

JYJ's The Beginning hits the iTunes store on November 16. Check out a preview of their second single, the Jerkins-produced "Empty," above!

Source: USMagazine.com
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East Meets Kanye And Rocks Out in NYC

(A fantastic review of our boys in the American press - check it out!)

Not to be dramatic here, but mega-Kpop-group JYJ’s first U.S. showcase in NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Friday night was probably one of the craziest things I have ever seen. The concert was slated to start at 8pm, but when I arrived at the New Yorker Hotel at 1pm for my interview with the artists, I was greeted with the sight of approximately four thousand fans jam-packed into lines that stretched for over two blocks at 35th and Eighth. Passing cars slowed to see what the fuss was about, as anxious police and security guards were having a field day trying to shepherd amazed passers-by out of the way. JYJ, a three-member male group from South Korea, are mega stars internationally (as evidenced by the Guiness Book of Records entries in 2008 and 2009 for World’s Largest Official Fan Club), but this month marks their first debut in the United States. Released in Asia last month, their first English language album The Beginning is planned to drop on Amazon and iTunes in the U.S. in the next few weeks. It is a major debut, with Kanye West and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins producing separate tracks on the album, which also features Malif “The Poet Yusef”, and is distributed globally by Warner Music.

For Friday’s concert, fans began lining up on Thursday night and spent the night on the street, spurred by the first-come first-serve seating. But what truly floored me was the sheer scale of the international audience; I talked to fans who had literally just flown in from France, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, and China for this particular show.

“Yeah, I flew to Hong Kong to see their concert two weeks ago and flew back to New York for this one,” said Shelly Jameson, 28, who is a stylist based in NYC. Whitney, 20, and Bonietta, 22 took the bus up from Michigan the night before. “We started hearing their music online and became huge fans even though we didn’t understand what they were singing about. That’s why we’re so glad this album is in English.” Pierre-Aime from France also said that he had become a fan after he heard their music online, while Alison Slater, a 34-year old artist from Toronto said that she was also flying out for the Las Vegas and LA shows that are scheduled for the 14th and 19th, respectively.

The concert kicked off with hilarious commentary by the two MC’s for the night; Julie Chang of Fox News and the actor Shane Yoon teased the crowd to a frenzied pitch before introducing JunSu, JaeJoong, and YuChun, who emerged in sleek yet showy black outfits a la Rick Owens meets Resurrection, and immediately launched into a blockbuster performance of the first song of their set. The trio showed effortless dance skills and truly impressive vocal range as they sang “Empty,” a darkly catchy song with a Euro-pop techno vibe, which was written by superstar producer Rodney Jerkins and carried the signature Darkchild electronic dance beats.

The set alternated between performances, onscreen animation, and Q&A sessions with the MCs. JYJ showed off some more sexy moves while performing “Ayyy Girl,” the collaboration track with Kanye West and Malik Yusef, which featured syncopated acoustic layers and a jagged retro beat. The show closed with the band performing a remix of the opening song “Empty” (and nearly causing an earthquake when the members urged the screaming crowd to jump) while a white blaze of confetti blasted from canons onstage.
The agitated energy level of the audience beat Madison Square Garden hollow; I personally witnessed more than one hapless audience member being carried out for suffering a seizure during the show.

In an interview before the showcase, the three JYJ members talked to V about their U.S. debut.

FC: How has your experience in New York been so far?
JunSu: We’ve been to the States about seven or eight times, but we only visited the West Coast, and so this is our first time in New York. We had really high expectations, and it’s as beautiful as we expected. It’s amazing to think that we’re actually performing in the city that we’ve seen in only movies and magazines until now.

FC: Have you found time to go out and enjoy the city?
YuChun: We went to a party on our first night.
JunSu: But then we got sick.
YuChun: The party was probably why we got sick. *laughter*

FC: What was it like working with Kanye?
JunSu: It was a blast hanging out with him at his studio in LA. We all talked a lot and were just chilling, which then led naturally to the recording sessions. Working with him was great because it was so laid-back.
YuChun: We all went out to eat burgers and thought it was funny that he didn’t take his sunglasses off the entire time. *laughter*

FC: Who are some American artists who you would like to collaborate with in the future?
JaeJoong: For me, J. Holiday. His music is very inspiring, and similar to the kind of sound that I aspire to in my own songwriting.
JunSu: I would love to work with Beyonce. We went to see her show when she came to Seoul, and it was amazing.

FC: Although you guys are famous overseas, you are debuting as a new artist in the U.S. How are you approaching your new audience?
JunSu: As musicians from Asia, we know that we have a steep hill to climb in the American music scene, but we realized that coming in. We will continue making the music that we are passionate about and we hope that the American audiences will come to appreciate our particular sound and production.

Thank you for the heads up, yuudokubi!
Credit: VMagazine
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Showcase is over!
(English Tweet/Jaejoong) Nice vegas♠ (3:04pm KST)

(Yoochun) Sigh......Should I stop coming on Twitter?..... (3:18pm KST)

Akio and Jae thank each other ^^
(Akio) Otsukaresamadeshita!! (3:21pm KST)
(T/N: Phrase commonly used; it can mean "Thanks for your hard work!"
(Jaejoong) Otsukaresamadeshita ^ ^ (3:22pm KST)
(T/N: the recipient usually replies with the same greeting)

OMG WTF Kim Jaejoong, Tell me Your Trying to Stop Him, DON'T LEAVE US
(Jaejoong) @6002theMicky If Yoochun stops coming on Twitter, then I will too.. (3:26pm KST)

*puts Jaejoong's latest tweet into Google Translate (Eng->Kor) and then back to English*
(English Tweet/Jaejoong) @6002theMicky Twitter micky cried for so many people do you stop.. (3:32pm KST)
(Translation/Jaejoong) @6002theMicky Micky, so many people are crying for you to not stop Twitter (3:32pm KST)

Jaejoong's gonna talk it out with Yoochun, Go Jaejoong!
(Jaejoong) @6002theMicky Yoochun, wait right there, I'm coming to your room~! (3:36pm KST)

He's okay!!
(Jaejoong) haha Micky's alright now (3:53pm KST)

Why is Junsu up at 6:30am? I don't know either
(English Tweet/Junsu) I'm feeling restless. (11:24pm KST)

Jaejoong's up too! and happy
(Jaejoong) I really enjoyed myself today. (12.07am KST)

Jaejoong's Incompetence in English Clearly Shows (Never change bb♥)
(English Tweet/Arden) You guys are the best :] @0101xiahtic @mjjeje @shaneyoon good times! It was so fun~^^v http://yfrog.com/n9mlntj (3:00pm KST)
(T/N: Most of this tweet was in English except for "It was so fun~")
(Jaejoong) @arden_cho Hey..Stop using English! (12:09am KST)

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This turned out quite different from the original only because I wanted to convey the full meaning as opposed to simply giving a literal translation.

These are the sentiments of international fans. You might not ever see this but don't ever forget that we're here.

December 26th. That night the five of you stepped on stage for the first time, you took our breath away with the presence of the Rising Gods of the East.

Barely 18, yet astonishingly graceful.

And from then on we knew. We knew you'd conquer the world with your beautiful red ocean.

He's that boy who fills your heart with an overwhelming warmth. That boy with the face of an angel and a strange air of mystery.

Behind that cold exterior, there's a heart burning with passion. He'll cover his mouth when he's chuckling, yet at the same time, he's not afraid to throw his head back and laugh like there's no tomorrow. Sometimes he can look distant, but more often than not, he's like ray of sunshine on a cold winter day. He's that ray of sunshine who'll warm you up from within, from within the very depths of your soul.

Jaejoong is the boy who'll try his very best to smile for us because we know what he's been through. We know how much he suffered and we realize that it's the reason he's become the person he is.

14 years old. Leaving home, traveling to Seoul alone and working to support himself. It was an endless struggle to put himself through school whilst holding on to his dream to become a singer, an artist.

16 years old. Finally in SM as a trainee after taking part in a competition. From your everyday teenager to a true artist with one of the most beautiful voices.

18 years old. Dong Bang Shin Ki debuts. Pressure like he's never know before. Slightly less popular than the 4 other members and caught up in a drink-driving case. The fear of being removed from the group haunting him incessantly.

But he didn't give up, he moved us with his talent and his sincerity. Thousands of fans gathered to voice their oath - Only five, forever five.

Jaejoong remained, Dong Bang Shin Ki survived unscathed.

In 2006, he found himself stuck in a custody battle. More pressure, more injuries, more suffering. He's endured more than one could ever imagine and he's proven time and time that nothing can get in his way of living his dream.

Thank you Jaejoong, thank you for everything you've done for us.

The most skilled dancer with a permanent expression of determination and strength fixed on his face, our leader, Jung Yunho. The core of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

He keeps us all transfixed with his hard hitting dance moves and his irresistible charisma. In every move, he exudes an unbearably strong sense of power and stage presence.

Off stage, in what we would know as normality, he could be the same as the rest of us. Despite the persona he adopts on stage, he is, after all, only human.

He's the leader who'll put both hands in the centre to make up for Yoochun's absence. He's the boy who never forgets anybody, who always remembers that Dong Bang Shin Ki consists of 5.

He's always the first to wake up in the morning and the last to get to bed. Even if it means only one hour of sleep, he'll take on the responsibility to wake up every other member in the morning and to make sure they're all fast asleep at night. Despite the exhaustion, there has never been a single word of complaint.

Yunho is the boy who'll request to have his canines removed just so that they wont' get in the way of singing. He's willing to withstand that degree of pain for us, Cassiopeia. He is the boy who'll bear with a searing stomach ache just so that he won't get in the way of filming. And it wasn't just filming either, because he remained after to thank and bow to every member of staff. Every single one of them. 18 times, the fans counted.

When he was poisoned by an anti-fan, fragile and weak as he was, he appeared before us and said 'Dong Bang Shin Ki has antis because we have our weaknesses. Please don't send her to the police, don't blame a young high school student for her immaturity because I have a sister just like her.' At that moment, I was certain there were others around me shedding tears the same way I was, not just out of sadness, but pride, too. Yunho is the leader we can can all be proud of, for his kind, forgiving heart. Some say he seems fake, but for me, there wasn't a moment of doubt in my mind as I watched him plead forgiveness on behalf of the girl who poisoned him through pale, cracked lips.

Yunho, you are God's gift to Cassiopeia. You are our miracle. Don't ever forget that.

Yoochun, our adorable prince with the dazzling smile. He allows for the coexistence of sunshine and rain. He forced himself to grow up for his brother, Yoohwan. He's kind and affectionate towards his fans, and he makes us cry rivers with his piano solos.

He is one in a million, there are no words that could possibly do this boy justice for the person he is.

Yoochun, he ignites flames in our hearts and pains us to the core with his tears.

1998, he moved to the US with his family. To the country where dreams were meant to come true. They didn't. He was broken and left with some of the most painful memories of his life.

The separation of his parents left him vulnerable, that's why he cries the way he does. He cries when he and his brothers walk on stage to accept awards. He cries so hard, his nose runs and he has to stop talking to pull himself together. And yes, he cries when he talks about his brother and when he's sick in hospital and the members don't visit. He doesn't just cry, he cries his heart out.

And even though there's a certain charm in the strong and manly Yunho, Yoochun stole our hearts with his adorable personality, with the way he's unafraid to show who he is to the world. We love Yoochun because we want to protect him. Those tears, they flow in our blood.

Of course, it's not just the tears, his smiles are equally infectious. His smile is brighter than the Californian sun and his heart of gold shines in ways rivaled by no other.

Remember those smiles and tears Yoochun because we'll always hold them dear to our hearts.

Junsu, our angel. He's like a breath of fresh air. He has the most infectious voice, husky, yet powerful. Every syllable that comes out of his lips burns a hole right through your soul. He's like an angel. You fall for him without knowing it and you fall hard.

With a voice like that, it's hard to imagine how he could possibly have had any problems as a trainee in SM. But no, when his voice broke, it broke for a full 3 years. For an aspiring singer, those 3 years must have been an abyss of darkness and misery. So close to living his dream yet so far away all of a sudden. Can you imagine how he must've felt? His teenage years were a nightmare, he was lost, but he found his way. He survived. 7 years as a trainee and at last he was selected to become a member of Dong Bang Shin Ki and so began his journey to become one of the greatest vocalists of present day.

Junsu, our angel, cute and innocent yet unbelievably determined and strong willed. He passed God's test of perseverance, and as time goes on, his name will remain forever etched in our hearts.

Remember who you were and who you are now. You've got a long way ahead of you.

Maknae Changmin. He transformed from everybody's baby into the fine man he is today in what feels like the blink of an eye.

Despite being snarky and a bully to his brothers, we all know they love each other to death. We all know how much leader sshi values his opinion and his presence.

Almost always put in charge of the high notes and what some see to be 'screaming'. So often he's completely overshadowed by his hyungs, but let's face it, nobody belts those high notes the way Min does. His voice is like no other, Changmin is unique.

He used to be the cutest member of the group, but when Junsu stole the position, he became Changmin the cool, sarcastic maknae. And even though it may seem as though he's less popular than the other members, he has never, ever uttered a word of complaint.

As he stood on stage and watched his pale-faced Jaejoong hyung suffer, he told the world 'The gift I want most this year is for Jaejoong hyung to recover as soon as possible'

He loves Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu and Yoochun in ways we could never imagine. His love for Dong Bang Shin Ki is whole hearted and unconditional. This is the maknae who said 'If Dong Bang Shin Ki ceases to exist, I'll go back to being a normal high school student.'

Honest, serious and sometimes irritatingly straightforward. Changmin has grown into a real man. He's not just Dong Bang Shin Ki's Choikang Changmin, he's Cassiopeia's Changmin.

Remember that one performance? There were technological difficulties with the sound system and perhaps it was the nerves, but Changmin didn't hear when the staff yelled 'Start again!'. As his 4 hyungs filed off stage, he stood alone in the spotlight, his head bowed, ready for the opening of the song. Even as Cassiopeia screamed at him to make him look up, he kept his head down and held still until someone finally dragged him off stage. The adorable look of embarrassment on his face… I could never forget that.

It was him, it was Changmin who counted all ten triangles in 2 seconds on a variety show.
It was him, it was Changmin whose journal exposed to the world his obsessive love for food.
It was him, it was Changmin who gave us the world's most beautiful name - Cassiopeia.

Constantly overshadowed yet always a source of Cassiopeia's pride. Remember that name, Choikang Changmin. Dong Bang Shin Ki's maknae.

A group of people joined by fate and a shared belief. Cassiopeia, we exist for these 5 Rising Gods of the East. The two are interdependent, together we are legendary.

Korea, Japan, China, the UK, the US, Canada, Egypt, Spain, France - the list is endless. We broke the world record. We came together as one despite our many differences. We embody the spirit of equality, faith and unity. Our love for these boys has broken down all other barriers. We are a family and we live for one another.

Cassiopeia is like a guiding light in a storm of darkness. We're like the flickering flame on a cold windy night. We're like the stars in the sky, seemingly small and insignificant, yet beautiful all the same. We're about protecting our boys, we're about acceptance and tolerance. These 5 stars, they shine eternally in the dark of the sky.

Cassiopeia is about strength, we are a force to be reckoned with. We are everything and more because of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Regardless of the controversy and negativity constantly haunting us, we will always remain united as one. The only thing that could break us is the knowledge of the boys suffering, but even then, we'll be by their side, smiling, cheering them on and awaiting their return. The journey never ends.

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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He is friends with JaeChun, I believe. One of my favorite swimmers:)
He’s the swimmer,called as “Marine boy” in Beijing Olympics he won gold medal in the men’s 400 meter freestyle and won silver for the 200m freestyle
Source: Sen
Credits: Jeelim5
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The second stop of the JYJ concert in Las Vegas kicked off at around 8:30 p.m. It took place at the Planet Hollywood Theatre of the Arts and was hosted by MCs Arden Cho and Shane Yoon. With a turnout of over 5,000 attendees, many fans, both young and old, came from as far as Europe and Asia just to see the trio perform in Las Vegas. Many of the Cassies awaited eagerly as the sea of red glowsticks waved and chanted to bring the members out.

JYJ first got the crowd going as they arose from the stage and opened with Empty. Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu moved effortlessly with their dancers and put on a stellar performance.

The next song, Be The One, kept the atmosphere going up as the lights and stage moved with every beat of the song. After the second song, a short video intermission displayed on the screen showing the members writing messages of appreciation to the fans on a mirror.
Photograph by Karina Chan of Koreaboo.com

JYJ's slow ballad, Be My Girl, awed the fangirls as everyone waved their glowstick, hand, or cell phone. Soft purple lights covered the stage, creating a luminous and peaceful effect.

The fans were then treated to another video of members during rehearsal and production in LA during the summer in preparation for the tour and closed with the quote, “This is a very special project to us.”

After Be My Girl, JYJ was brought back onto the stage for a brief Q&A session with questions collected from Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube:

The interview below is merely a summary and not a complete transcription.

Question: How has the tour been? How has America been treating you?
Yoochun: Since so many of the fans have been cheering us on, we’ve been having a great time.

Question: Are you guys going to make a music video for Empty?
Yoochun: Of course, yeah. Probably next month we’re going to tape it in the U.S.

Question: Can we get an idea of what the video will be like?
Yoochun: That’s top secret. Actually, that’s a second secret. (His answer drew laughter from the audience as they wondered how many secrets Yoochun has.)

Question: Do you have plans for another tour since so many fans seem to be interested?
Junsu: Hopefully we’ll plan a Europe tour, nothing is set in stone yet. But if there’s enough fan response, we’ll definitely set something up.

Question: What did you do last night in Vegas?
Jaejoong: We, uhhh, actually went to a club with the staff *laughs*
Yoochun: Yeah, we were “practicing” for tonight… (This caused fans to laugh because both members answered the question differently.)

Question: A lot of fans give you guys gifts, what’s the most memorable gift a fan has given you?
Junsu: We get so many gifts, but the ones that stand out the most to me are the drawings.
Jaejoong: Underwear…thongs… (Fans squealed at his response.)
Yoochun: Special gifts like…the fan’s love… (The fans said 'aww' in agreement.)

As JYJ wanted to also sing a Korean song, they incorporated Found You from Yoochun’s Sungkyungwan Scandal OST. The fans also waved along as JYJ’s sultry voices filled the auditorium.

The stage suddenly changed with their title track, Ayyy Girl. Afterwards, JYJ thanked the fans with “We appreciate your support and love. We want to meet you guys more!” which caused the fans to explode with joy and excitement.

The last song had the crowd jumping as red and white streamers exploded from the stage and white confetti fired into the air. Their Empty remix definitely was a great note to end the showcase. Fans screamed for an encore as the three members exited the stage. Then the music video for Ayyy Girl played on the big screen as the last part to the show. Finally, the MCs Arden and Shane walked out to close out the concert.

For those who missed our recap of the showcase on Friday, check out the JYJ World Tour: New York Showcase Recap & Photos article!

Unfortunately, we did not have our photographers for the Las Vegas event. So, to make up for this, we've included some bonus photos that we have not released before from the New York Showcase!

Note: We will have our photographers attending the Los Angeles Showcase!

Check out the slideshow HERE.

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(Yoochun) Sigh......Should I stop coming on Twitter?..... (3:18pm KST)

(Jaejoong) @6002theMicky If Yoochun stops coming on Twitter, then I will too.. (3:26pm KST)
(Jaejoong/English tweet) @6002theMicky Twitter micky cried for so many people do you stop.. (3:32pm KST)
We think he means something like, "Micky, so many people are crying for you to not stop Twitter"
(Jaejoong) @6002theMicky Yoochun, wait right there, I'm coming to your room~! (3:36pm KST)
(Jaejoong) haha Micky's alright now (3:53pm KST)

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This is my first fanaccount so forgive me if it’s confusing or too long winded. I’m going to try to write as much as I can remember! There was a lot of things going on! Ok let’s start!
My two friends and I left Florida at 5am for NY! This is our journey~
My friends and I arrived in NY around 1030am. We flew in at JFK airport in Jamaica, NY which is like an hour from Manhattan so we had to ride the subway to get to our hotel. Our check-in time was 3pm. Once we finally arrived in NY we looked at a map to see exactly where we were and realized that JYJ’s hotel [The New Yorker] was literally RIGHT ABOVE us. So I ran up the stairs and lo and behold there was their hotel looking me in right in the face.

There were about 30 fans waiting outside already; the time was around 12. I was so excited that I could have a chance to see JYJ ALREADY and I hadn’t even been in NY for more than 2 hours! I immediately got out my brand new camera that I bought specifically for this showcase and waited… and waited..and waited…. Their limo was outside and we were all hopeful they would appear but nothing happend.. All their managers were walking around talking and stuff.. It was really suspicious.. like something was definitely going to happen..but nothing did! I ended up talking to a lot of fans waiting outside! You guys were all so nice^^ Some fans had seen Jaejoong coming back to the hotel that morning and got a video and signatures. Lucky fans! My friends went to go check into the hotel cuz it was already around 2:30 I stayed behind at the hotel hoping to get a glimpse of my favorite JJ ^^ [[Jaejoong-bias]] While we were all waiting inside we talked and stuff and then that famous Jaejoong tweet about the fans being outside the hotel happened lol I got it on my cell phone and I replied to it telling him there were only like 18 of us and that it wasn’t scary. Guess he didn’t read it tho lol We waited for about another 40 min before we got shooed out by one of the hotel people. Since we were guests at the hotel we couldn’t loiter inside D< id="fullpost">
Friday, my friends and I wanted to go check out the hotel but there weren’t any fans infront.. We assumed maybe they had already left but it turns out they never really left their hotel o.O Guess the large amount of fans overwhelmed them. Bet they were expecting to be safe lol So, we were worrying about the ticket situation because I got the news about the showcase being free on thursday but we had left out tickets back in Florida by accident. I had my laptop which I saved the tickets on but we couldnt print them because they were in .pdf format ><>

Man was that wait line TERRIBLE. There were already tons of people but as the hours went on it got BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER. The security people just kept walking up and down the line telling us to squeeze together even more. We all already couldnt move!!! The only way we survived was talking to other nice fans in near us. Everyone was soo cool, funny and awesome! After being packed together like slaves on a boat the security told us the line would FINALLY start moving. We were told the doors would open at 6:30 but it wasn’t until almost 7:30 that the line started moving really. As the line would move EVERYONE would rush forward in an ambush trying to get a better spot in line. It was SO dangerous. We were all being pushed by the HUGE cluster of people behind us. And the security were threatening to shut down everything if we kept pushing and ambushing. Honestly, there were WAAY more of us than them and we could have rushed the door if we wanted to. The security were WAAAY understaffed, they were also pretty rude to us fans. They treated us like cattle honestly.

FINALLY the line was separated into people with tickets [[or proof of purchase]]and those without tickets. People with tickets had to hold up the paper in their hands and we were let through. BUT for those who had receipts how would they have known how many tickets it was for??? THEY DIDN’T so once you got to the door the staff didnt even care. They would just let ANYONE with a piece of paper in. As I walked up to the entrance I held up my receipt expecting to have to explain my situation and he literally said to me “I don’t even know what that means just go in!” My two friends behind me only had one sheet because I bought their 2 tickets at the same time and they just let them in without evne looking at the paper. It was insane! Everyone was just running in trying to get close to the stage. Once everyone was in they stopped letting fans in but they definitely exceed capacity because there absolutely NO room to move or even breathe once that concert started. They were sitll testing the lights when we got in and even the smallest flicker of light made the fans shriek like something was going to happen. The camera people panned across the audience showing the fans and it was amazing the divserity of people there. There were people of all ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities!

People from other contienents came! There were even families who came togther! And the ratio of male to female was nearly equal! I will never forget at that guy up the balcony dancing xD And the guy with the “JYJ” light up thing on his iphone and of course those enthusiastic frat looking ups up in the front of the crowd xD Finally the hosts Julie Chang and Shane Yoo came out! They talked a lil and did some stupid comedy then and finally JYJ appeared! Unforunately I have no pics or vids of the showcase of my own because I dropped my camera a couple hours before D: But I do have some vids my friend took…

They. Looked. So. Amazing!!! I was so in shock because they looked EXACTLY like any and every picture, video, gif I’ve EVER seen of them. Every little detail was EXACTLY the same!! They didn’t look real!! They started singing Empty and the crowed rushed up to the front trying to get closer to the stage. Their singing was dancing was FLAWLESS.During the entire concert it was SO crowded that people we trying to leave because they couldnt breathe. I was being pushed around and elbowed and cursed out by the people around me and I also was pushed closer to the stage throughout the showcase. Eventually I was about 3 feet from the people in the very front I had a VERY clear view of Junsu!!! There was even a part where he came to my side and I was screaming his name and he looked at me and he smiled at me!!! I could really see Junsu and Jaejoong more than Yoochun. Junsu’s hair looked SO awesome xD For most of the showcase tho I couldnt see any of the dancing because there were SOOOOO many cameras. It really seemed like most people came to record rather than to enjoy the music and the boys. So many of the hands in the air didn’t have light sticks just cameras. It was really upseting. People were pushing and shoving me out of the way just to get a better view to record. I was actually trying to dance a little and have fun! I was screaming the hardest I could. I lost my voice lol The was a part where Junsu came to my side and he started dancing all sexy OMG it was soooooo hot/awesome xD
During the Q&A I kept yelling out random things in response to what they weere saying xD Quite honestly I was being VERY obnoxious lol The way they hesitated at each question was really funny to me. When the hosts took the picture with JYJ I screamed out “JEJOONG THE BACK OF YO HEAD IS RIDICULOUS!” xD I wonder if he heard me. While they were performing I was trying so hard ot make eye contact with them. In the end I think I did with all the three but JJ and YC seemed to be avoiding looking directly at the audience. I can understand..the audience was VERY unruly.. They were probably afraid of the barricades being knocked down and getting mobbed. The audience kept swaying and pushing back and forth like an earthquake. It was crazy.
Once they performed the Empty remix and made their exit the MV for Ayy girl started playing. Ive already seen it tons of times so I just left. And I knew that the video was used as a distraction so they could exit safely. I went outside and there was a cameraguy from Allkpop who interviewed me about the concert. I don’t know if they used it or not but it was fun . Also I got to scream with a bunch of fans at the cameraguy from MTVK.
All in all the showcase was great!! Even though the management was extremely disorganized and the staff were incompetent and rude but we all had fun and it looked like none of the fans got here and we all got to see JYJ ^^ Afterwards there were 2 white Hummerzines [[Hummer Limos]] outside their hotel and it looked like the dancers got in one and my friends and I assumed JYJ got in the other, but we’re not sure. The thing is tho..about an hour or so later my friend and iwere walking around Times Square and as were crossing the road we saw one of the Hummersines waiting at the light. I totally think it was JYJ.

Ironically while we were crossing some guy walked up to me and told me I had a beautiful forehead and that I should be a forehead model xDDD I totally thought of Micky when he said this lol and the Hummerzine was right in front of us lol Just thought this was funny.
Well that was all for my JYJ/NY experience, I’m sorry it was so long but I really wanted to say a lot because this was a lot of first experiences for me. JYJ was amazing and I will DEFINITELY go see them again!!

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Girls' Generation is set to appear in court to attest to the truth behind the slave contract accusations. They were scheduled to appear in November, but because SM Entertainment has requested time to organize papers, the court date has been pushed back to December.

These slave contracts first became a big issue when DBSK's Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun broke away from SM Entertainment because of their contract. Since then, many idols' contracts have been looked into.

The interesting thing is that Girls' Generation will not be arguing over their contract - they will be testifying against DBSK. SM Entertainment is being taken court by Cassiopeia, who required the court to look at DBSK's contract because of unfair payment in proportion to the amount of work they do. SM Entertainment has yet to decide if all nine members will appear or if a part of the group will be representatives.

Because Girls' Generation is currently one of the top idols, many think the court's judging will affect how entertainment contracts are looked at. However, many also think that this is unfair, as whatever the Girls' Generation members attest to during court will be controlled by SM Entertainment.

An official explained, "When many companies make contracts with possible celebrities, they make a contract for 7 years of trainee time and at least 3 years after debut, which means the contract will last for at least 10 years. However, it is judged that a contract time of over 10 years is a problem. Girls' Generation's testimony will either confirm or change this way of thinking."

Contradictory articles state that Girls' Generation will not be testifying in court. However, more than one online Korean news site has published articles confirming they will be. Both the original article and the new article quote SM Entertainment and an official, so as of now no one knows who's telling the truth.

Could this just be SM Entertainment attempting to calm the inevitable problems between fans if SNSD testifies against DBSK? It looks like we'll have to wait until December to see.

source: E Daily and Nate
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There have been many reports claiming that girl group SNSD would be standing before the Fair Trade Commission in court in regards to the SM Entertainment slave contract allegations to testify against JYJ. SM Entertainment has since revealed that these rumors have been groundless.

Representatives of SME spoke with Star News on the morning of November 15th and stated, “Reports of SNSD testifying to slave contracts next month are completely unfounded. We have never heard of anything like that, and nothing is confirmed as well.”

Representatives of the Fair Trade Commission have also denied the reports, stating, “SNSD will not be making an appearance. It is not something for us to decide anyway, as t is up to their agency, SME.”

The rebuttal came after a flurry of media reports earlier today claiming that SNSD will be appearing in the courts to testify against the slave contract accusations.

Source: Star News
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Girls' Generation is set to appear in court to attest to the truth behind the slave contract accusations. They were scheduled to appear in November, but because SM Entertainment has requested time to organize papers, the court date has been pushed back to December.

These slave contracts first became a big issue when DBSK's Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun broke away from SM Entertainment because of their contract. Since then, many idols contracts have been looked into.

The interesting thing is that Girls' Generation will not be arguing over their contract - they will be testifying against DBSK. SM Entertainment is being taken court by Cassiopeia, who required the court to look after DBSK's contract because of unfair payment in proportion to the amount of work they do. SM Entertainment has yet to decide if all nine members will appear or if a part of the group will represent that.

Because Girls' Generation is currently one of the top idols, many think this court judging will affect how entertainment contracts are looked at. However, many also think that this is unfair, as whatever the Girls' Generation members attest to during court will be controlled by SM Entertainment.

An official explained, "When many companies make contracts with possible celebrities, they make a contract for 7 years of trainee time and at least 3 years after debut, which means the contract will last for at least 10 years. However, it is judged that a contract time of over 10 years has a problem. Girls' Generation's testimony will either confirm or change this way of thinking."

Source: E Daily
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"jaejoong got a drawing from a fan - trying to pose like the drawing lol"

The original:

I love how much Jaejoong loves his fans! <3

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