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As all have known, the members of the group JYJ have been addicted to Twitter recently. JeJung who has been updating frequently had posted an entry on the 30th of October, together with a picture of his mobile phone accessory, an elephant soft toy, with the caption of ‘Herd by herd the elephants ♬’. His tone shows a lot of love for the elephant accessory and is obviously very contented with it.

Right after the twitter was updated, it has caused a lot of feedback among the fans, as everyone was asking around the source of getting the accessory. It was later found in Lotte website under a shop named “Little Leaf,” and the accessory was in high demand just like the shoyu bottle, the bossa nova accessories, and the Smiley T-Shirt from Giordano.

The shop which sold the elephant accessory was surprised and happy over this incident and wrote an entry on their blog:

[I never thought it would be so popular in this way.]

Hi everyone, I am the shop owner of Little Leaf – HAKO! Does anyone know JeJung from the highly popular group – TVXQ?

He’s the one who stands in the middle. He’s very handsome man. ♪ It looks to me that he is a man who is better looking than Japanese guys.

Then, it was Mr. JeJung, who is addicted to Twitter, who updated an entry with a picture which showed Elph’s Circus mobile phone accessory.

The twitter update on the 30th of October:
Its meaning: Herd by herd the elephants ♬

This is really a phone accessory which in on sale in this shop. ♪

It seems like the fans are excited after seeing the picture… Especially, even though the brand name wasn’t shown on the picture, yet they managed to find our shop through internet!
Fans of JeJung, you all are awesome!!
I am really grateful for your enthusiasm. ♪

Because fans have bought so much and the product is in high demand, we contacted the manufacturing company urgently, to manufacture a large batch of this product.

However, this thing that makes people even more surprised is…
That all 400 accessories were sold out in 6 hours!!!!

When hearing it, its like a dream, but its actually an actual fact > < onblur="try
-END of blog entry-

You can refer to these addresses for other relevant information

source: The store’s ameblo blog & Lotte Sales Website + Hey!JJ + Hero Jaejoong Baidu
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JYJ Kim Jaejoong unveiled picture of fellow member Park Yoochun who got collapsed onto bed after the tiring United States showcase.

On last 12th at 7 evening (local time) JYJ kicked off their first showcase ‘JYJ Worldwide Showcase U.S. tour’ in Hammerstein New York. After finished off the performances Kim Jaejoong wrote on his twitter on the 13th (Korea time), “Yoochun is so tired from using up too much strength today.” as he showed the picture of Park Yoochun lying on hotel bed.

Kim Jaejoong, “To all 6000 fans who attended inside and outside the venue today, I’m so grateful to you all. This is why I can’t give up being on stage.” he revealed his gratitude to the fans.

Meanwhile Kim Junsu also said, “My sorrow today turns to be happiness because of you. Even more power I will put up for you. Thank you so much.” and “There are 3000 people who couldn’t come inside (the venue) yet could only wait outside. I’m sorry we can’t be together too and I sincerely appreciate your huge love to us.”

Due to the visa denial for JYJ to hold a commercial showcase, the group hastily switched their event to a free concert, regardless the showcase finished with great success at the end of the day.

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“Lyricist, producer, singer, actor – I want to be good at it all.”

“This is the first time since my debut that I have felt a sense of greed. Before, the feeling of getting pulled along was much stronger… But now, I feel like I’m doing things for myself, and I want to become good at them.”

JYJ trio member Micky Yoochun (24) received his first opportunity to successfully debut in the acting scene by by being cast for the drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’. In a recent interview with Yeonhap News, the singer was able to reveal his thoughts about his current activities in the entertainment industry.

When asked “How far can your talents reach?”, Micky Yoochun replied, “I can do a lot of things, but there’s nothing that I really excel in. It would be good if I could try everything at once, but since that’s difficult to achieve, I want to slowly develop myself in each field, one by one. I want to excel in all four fields.”

Because the filming for ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ experienced some sudden last minute clashes with his showcase schedules for the JYJ promotions, Yoochun had no other choice but to digest his schedules at a superhuman level. The experience led him to fully understand how difficult it is to be active in both singing and acting at the same time.

“I had no other choice but to practice the showcase choreography at the historical set of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’. Since I had no time to travel back up to Seoul, the dance team came to me and we practiced during my breaks. It was really difficult. I needed to learn the dance for a new song in just two days. That’s why I barely had confidence when I stood up on stage for the showcase. Phew.. I don’t even know how I got through with it all. If I ever have clashing schedules like that again, I don’t think I could do it. I think I really need to manage my schedules well.”

Micky Yoochun lived in America between 6th grade elementary to 2nd grade middle school before he returned to Korea to become a member of TVXQ and eventually, one of Asia’s biggest stars. Yet, as Yeonhap News revealed, “He decided to give up the name of TVXQ and began a new path with fellow members Hero Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu under a new name, JYJ.” With the new transition came an additional level of stress. Even now, the member claims that he does not feel as free as before.

“It’s better now, but before I suffered so much stress that I could barely sleep; so much stress that I couldn’t even remember when I last felt at rest. However, in the end I think this was for the better. I have absolutely no regrets with my current situation. I may still get stress and worry a lot, but right now I am happy in my state of desire for what I want to do.”

With regards to his group name ‘JYJ’, Yoochun said, “We did have thoughts of promoting with a better and awesome new name, but we didn’t feel the need to live an extravagant life and tell everyone of our new journey.”

JYJ is currently on their worldwide showcase for their new album, “The Beginning“, which contains a total of 8 tracks, including songs by Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins.

“This might sound cliche, but the album contains music that I’ve always wanted to create. During our album production, I was truly able to feel why Kanye West is a worldwide star, and thought how much effort he must put into his work when no one is watching. Meanwhile, Rodney Jerkins did not seem like an American. He definitely has an oriental mindset, and he is well aware of what he’s good at, and what his strong points are.”

The official release of their album was followed up by an official article about JYJ in the US Billboard Magazine. Although they were all advertisements that they had to pay for themselves, it is still not an easy task to achieve nevertheless.

“When I saw us in the Billboard Magazine… It was just so fascinating. It’s a magazine I always bought when I was in America, but to see us on there, and to see our picture on the homepage of their site made me really happy and warm inside.”

Micky Yoochun concluded with, “There are so many things that I still need to do, and things I want to try. I will put in all my effort with an enthusiastic and thankful mindset.”

Source + Photo: Yonhap News
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UPDATE 1 (EDITOR’S NOTE): In the comments it seems like individuals are screaming about a mistranslation.

The people who vehemently claim this is an incorrect translation are citing two different translated articles by two different fansites. One is a translation by Sharing Yoochun, which is taken from a KBS Global article on November 10th, and the other was from DBSKnights, who used a Yonhap article from November 7th. As you can clearly see, our source is stated as a Yonhap News on November 13th, so these are not the same sources at all. I’m sure Sharing Yoochun and DBSKnights did a great job translating those specific articles, but it is not the one seen translated here.

So while you guys scream at us to “check our sources”, maybe it’s you who should look in the mirror and check the sources of the articles yourselves? Because we did, and it’s correct, so we’re standing by it.

Look, it’s okay to be upset or concerned, but before you jump on the hate bandwagon, please read through the article and think instead of just saying idiotic things disparaging allkpop and spamming our inbox with hate mail.

UPDATE 2 (EDITOR’S NOTE): By the way, it is clearly stated that the Yonhap News writer is the one who made this comment, “He decided to give up the name of TVXQ and began a new path with fellow members Hero Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu under a new name, JYJ.”

The writer of this article did not add that in herself, and Micky Yoochun did not say it. I repeat, THE AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE DID NOT ADD IT IN HERSELF, NOR DID MICKY YOOCHUN SAY IT, IT WAS FROM THE YONHAP NEWS WRITER.

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Group JYJ’s Xiah JunSu’s (whose real name is Kim JunSu) new hairstyle and airport fashion has become a hot topic.

On the 7th of November, images of Xiah JunSu and the JYJ members were captured as they appeared together at Incheon Airport. It was the first time showing the fans his shocking hairstyle, with his hair dyed red. On that day, a particular cause of attention was the color of his clothes, which was an especially good match with the color of his hair. He wore a hooded jacket which the color was matching with the color of his hair, completing the so-called ‘color-blending’ outfit.

Internet users all commented with messages, like “Did JunSu quarrel with the stylist?”, “The ‘airport JunSu’ series will still continue next time even. Always~!” and others. Xiah JunSu is completely different from other artistes with their succint airport clothings and has acquired another name: ‘Airport JunSu’.

Also, that day was the day JYJ visited China to participate in a performance in Shanghai, therefore, arriving at the airport.

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Even grandma fans are shocked that kindergarden children called Yoochun “Lee Seonjun!”
Park Yoochun felt new about this change. Singer Micky Yoochun is an idol, a figure for the hardcore fans, but he couldn’t believe that grandma fans and children would recognize him.

“Is this the power of television dramas?” KBS “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” lead character Lee Seonjun had lived for 6 months, although it’s very tiring, his heart is contented. “In TVXQ, JYJ, I’m Micky Yoochun; as an actor, I’m Park Yoochun. This feeling is great”

Due to conflicting schedules between JYJ World Tour and the filming of the drama, Park Yoochun has to organize his day, especially to continue with his overseas performances and the filming. After the filming of the drama, his body was not in good condition too. Although he’s unwell, he still wanted to talk to the fans; thus Park Yoochun had joined us in Seoul’s Nonhyeon-dong on the 5th.

Through “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” Kim Won-seok PD, as well as colleagues Park Minyoung, Yoo Ahin, Seo Hyorim and Kim Ha-gyoon, we get questions from them for reporter Park Yoochun to go through a 5:1 interview.

Kim Won-seok PD: When will you have time? I couldn’t get through to you via phone too. Amongst Seonjun, Yongha and Crazy Horse, who can you portray best?

First, I want to apologize to the director. I didn’t avoid him on purpose; I fainted on the broadcast of the last episode (2nd). As for JYJ World Tour, I had to go to America on the 7th, and planned to return to Korea within the month. When I returned to Korea, I would go visit you. As for the characters, I have the most confidence in Seonjun. To be honest, I think all are difficult to portray, but I had already done Seonjun’s, but if I want to try to be the charming “Yeorim” Gu Yongha and beastly “Crazy Horse” Moon Jaeshin, I think there goes another overnight shooting.

Park Minyoung (Kim Yunhee): After living as Lee Seonjun for 6 months, which scene left the deepest impression on you?

When I had the determination to enter the school. When father (Kim Kapsoo) congratulated me, I felt like the approved entry to the school was a dream. I felt really good. Also, the scene where I told Kim Yunhee “I like you, Kim Yunhee.” When we were shooting this, time was running out since there was a lot of people at the place where we shot the scene, Yongin Village. But I didn’t know how to act well, and the feeling that I could digest many scenes at once was very good.

Yoo Ahin (Moon Jaeshin): When you’re choosing your next work, you’re pleased with the script, but what if you’re unhappy with the actress? Or vice versa, the actress is good but the script isn’t?

Is this a Yoo Ahin question? Ah, how could you ask this kind of question… Uhm, personally I feel that even if I don’t really like the actress, but if there is a something for me to learn, I would go for it. Because I won’t change my mind due to my personal emotions. Say what, a actress that I like? Like filming with an actress like Kim Taehee but the script isn’t that good? (Laughs) No matter what, I still need to act in it. Using my acting to fill up the incomplete parts, the end product should be interesting.

Seo Hyorim (Ha Hyoeun): When do you feel the most tired while you’re acting? To Lee Seonjun are you happy with the character?

It’s the weather. When it’s summer, the hotness was undescribable. During October, it was so cold that my mouth froze. When we were in Gyeongbuk filming, the temperature was -10 degrees Celsius. After the fourth episode, the script came out abit later, and we had to film it overnight. Whenever I’m free, I’ll take out the script to memorize the lines. Almost died. As for Seonjun, I’m quite similar to him since both of us stick to our principles, but the difference is the way we express our thoughts. Seonjun is good. For me, other than Hyunjoong, I don’t have much friends in the acting industry and am envious of Seonjun who has a lot of friends.

Kim Ha-gyoon (Teacher who teaches Yoochun acting): Although you’re at your peak as a singer, but as an actor, your ability is outstanding. Have you ever thought of concentrating on acting?

I feel so honored. In May, I was learning from teacher about techniques of acting for the whole month. From how the plot started to character anaylsis, I learnt a lot. (Kim … said that Yoochun was very serious, and he concentrated strongly, like a sponge, he could absorb things very fast) In the beginning, I didn’t know what kind of person Lee Seonjun is. I was very irritated, very angry, so I studied about Lee Seonjun everyday, and without me knowing, I was Lee Seonjun. Singer Micky Yoochun will never give up, but to actor Park Yoochun, his ambition is wide.

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Smart phone users had chosen couples from dramas that they envy the most, topping the chart with Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Park Yoochun and Park Minyoung couple.

Since October 25th till November 3rd, 5010 smart phone users had voted for “Drama couple that you wish to see them falling deeply in love with each other all autumn long, the couple that makes people envy most.” The results were Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s Park Minyoung and Park Yoochun couple winning 33% of the votes, earning envious looks from single people.

Fugitive’s Lee Nayoung-Rain couple followed closely with 24% and Gloria’s Seowoo-Yoo Seungho coupld with 15% and Mary Stayed out all Night’s Moon Geunyoung-Jang Geunsuk with 14%.

Additionally, 3035 users who participated in “I would delay my date just to watch the drama’s live broadcast” had voted Daemul (30%), Giant (25%), Sungkyunkwan Scandal (22%), Queen of Reversals (13%), and Beautiful Life (10%)

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On November 2nd, which KBS2TV broadcasted an episode of the Monday-Tuesday drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, Lee Seonjun and Kim Yunhee (Park Minyoung) had become a married couple, and stayed in Sungkyunkwan as professors. Lee Seonjun had grown a moustache on his philtrum and chin, which is a different image from his school days. His strict attitude had made students fear him.

Recently, Lee Seonjun’s moustache had been a hot topic among people. After the drama had aired, some audience expressed “Did time only worked its magic on Lee Seonjun? Other characters looked the same, why does only Lee Seonjun grow a moustache?” and “It made us laugh to no end, we couldn’t focus on the drama,” etc. while some could not accept the moustache. Other audiences stated on the message board, “It felt like an unique charm of Lee Seonjun’s”, “At first I wasn’t used to it, but after awhile the moustache look was okay,” etc. Netizens are currently joining Lee Seonjun’s moustache look together with other pictures, making it a prank product.

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While I wish I could say I’ve literally been waiting all my life for this moment, I’ve only known about TVXQ since July of this year (*hangs head in shame*). So, I’ve been waiting for this moment since I heard about the US leg of the JYJ showcase tour.
After weeks of obsessively checking DBSKnights for ticket information (thanks, guys), I finally got my tickets (expensive though they originally were), and counted down the hours anxiously until today.
Finally, Friday came. I had to work for 8 hours, 9-5, in New Jersey where I live before I could catch the train (which I did immediately after work). I got to NYC/Hammerstein at around 6:15. I asked some security guards, who were very helpful, where I should go. Because of the events surrounding the cancellation of their performance visa and the subsequent announcement of a free show, there were around ten thousand people (10,000) waiting. Security hadn’t separated anyone, the ticket-holders from the non-ticket-holders, for about an hour. Doors were supposed to open at 7 and the show was supposed to start at 8, but the show ended up beginning around 8:30.
I’m not going to give a blow-by-blow account of the showcase. The announcers/interviewers came out to introduce JYJ, and throughout the hour-long show they were very adorable and funny. They interacted a lot with the audience and made us feel welcome at Hammerstein, a concert hall I’ve never been to. JYJ came out and performed three songs, and then the Q&A session took place. After the Q&A they performed three more songs, including their Korean song off the soundtrack for Yoochun’s drama. The show itself, their performances, and especially the audience were very, very high-energy.
Some things I noticed: One, the boys seem very, very tired, but also extremely happy to be performing. They might have been exhausted and maybe even upset over yet another controversy happening with their visa cancellation, but they absolutely performed to 110% of their abilities. I was not at all disappointed with their performance. They smiled throughout the entire thing, but took their dancing and singing very seriously.

Two, during the Q&A session, Yoochun answered most of the questions that weren’t directed at all three members individually. He speaks the best English, or at least amongst themselves they think he speaks the best English, so he answered quite a few of the questions himself, even though the female host and another man besides the male host were there to translate. Despite the fact that they are all studying English (or trying to), Junsu and Jaejoong seemed very uncomfortable when Yoochun tried to pass questions off to them. They would give one-word answers in English, and even seem uncomfortable speaking in Korean and then having the translators tell us what they said. I don’t mind at all what language they speak; it’s all beautiful, and we would have gotten to know what they said regardless. But I guess it’s just a matter of comfort.
Three, and this is the most important thing of the entire evening: the audience was out of control. I don’t mean screaming, I don’t mean crying, I don’t mean shouting and clapping and jumping up and down. That’s normal. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts in my life, and never have I ever been pushed so hard, bruised so much, and almost knocked down so many times. I’m not a tiny girl, and I had to steady myself from falling over many times. I know everyone’s excited to see the boys. I know you all want to get closer to them; I did myself. But the distance between the stage at Hammerstein and the first row of the audience was too wide for anyone to touch the boys, so I don’t know why everyone was pushing so hard. I know it’s exciting that they’re here; trust me, even though I am a new fan, I still wanted to be close, but I have to think realistically about the situation, especially everyone’s safety. There was a girl in front of me who was very tiny and I was practically holding her up and keeping her from getting crushed the entire show. When it was finished, she turned around and thanked me. I want everyone to enjoy themselves, but I also want everyone to be safe. I don’t know how the seating arrangements are at the other venues for the rest of the US tour dates, but please, don’t push. We don’t want anyone to get hurt, or to sue the venue or the boys because he or she got hurt at one of the shows.
And, in typical fangirl fashion, I absolutely could not take my eyes off Jaejoong, although Junsu and Yoochun are eye-catching enough in their own right. The boys’ smiles… I cannot tell you how much I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time, their smiles are like the most precious diamonds in the world, every one of them. They all looked amazing, maybe a little too skinny and tired, but still, as amazing as I’d hoped and imagined they would look.
All in all, I would do this day over and over again a thousand times, in a heartbeat. I hope whoever’s lucky enough to experience them in other cities has just as good a time as I did.

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Be My Girl

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2

Thanks to Beanutts for the tip!

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Since the announcement that JYJ will pay for the US showcases themselves, we have all been very concerned for the boys. There's been much talk about donating to JYJ to support them and thank them.

There is a simple solution.

Buy JYJ's album

Not only will this directly support JYJ, but it will make their album a success.

Want the press to sit up and take notice? Make 'The Beginning' a hit!
Do you want JYJ to return to the United States? This is the way to make it happen!
Are you grateful that tickets that were previously over a hundred dollars are now free? Feeling guilty that JYJ is funding their entire US tour? Buy JYJ's album!

We all want to help JYJ. This is the best way to do it!

Check out these links to purchase more JYJ merchandise:
When I mentioned that I was live tweeting everything , Yoochun asked to see my phone. Yoochun then spent the next few minutes reading all of your replies to the MTV K twitter account!

He asked what “trending” meant when he came across a tweet that talked about JYJ trending and (hopefully) it was made clear.

Yoochun hijacks our interview. Junsu is amused.

Yoochun: *asks question*
Junsu: *answers with silliness*
Yoochun: *facepalm*
(Cameraman: LOL)
Jaejoong loves his phone(s). He L-O-V-E-S them.

But he loves his fans much much more and granted a request to pose with aegyo.
Does anyone want a wallpaper of this? If you do, leave a comment and I’ll upload it!
Junsu patiently waits for his make-up to be finished. His hair is beautiful!

Now on to soundcheck! Remember I tweeted that Yoochun was wearing a shirt with a fur stripe?
I present evidence…

Forgetting something, Jaejoong?

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Stage looking good! Now we just need to add the thousands of screaming fans #JYJinNY #JYJMC

Sound check with JYJ. They’re good. NY fans are in for a good show #JYJinNY #JYJMC

JYJ dancers. I auditioned but I didn’t make it, so I am MCing #JYJinNY #JYJMC

These seats will be graced by the bottoms of JYJ #luckychairs #JYJMC

He also tweeted

Just met JYJ. I made the mistake of locking eyes with Mickey YooChun, it changed my life. Wow. Now I get the fans #JYJspell #JYJMC

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