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[TRANS] 101005 "SungKyunKwan And Scandal" Brings In 10.4% Ratings

KBS 2TV's drama "SungKyunKwan and Scandal" broke its personal best ratings again.

Statistics revealed today (5th Oct.) show that the episode of "SungKyunKwan and Scandal" that aired on the 4th once again made a higher viewership rating. Compared to the 10.2% achieved on the 28th of September, it's risen 0.2% to 10.4%.

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[CAPS+GIFS] 101005 JYJ Showcase Website

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[ADMIN POST] Updated FAQ for JYJ "The Beginning" Showcase

From JYJ World tour publicist: For immediate release to JYJ fans –

[ 5th October 2010 - Updated FAQ for release to all major TVXQ fansites and standard email reply from tour@jyj-thebeginning.com.

A press announcement will go out this week on confirmed venues in HK and the US plus full ticketing details on agents and where to buy tickets.
We would like to apologise for the lack of ticketing information thus far. This is because our promoters have been caught off-guard by the passion of Cassiopeians and BigEasts and are now scrambling to find larger venues to accommodate the fan-base.
They will abide by JYJ's guidelines to keep prices realistic for all fans. We ask fans to be patient for the next 2-3 days. Thank you
Below is the latest updated FAQ for your information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to
JYJ- “The Beginning” Album Showcase World Tour 2010

Where to get tickets?

Check with the promoters of the tour stop for ticketing information. **JYJ – “The Beginning” album Showcase World Tour 2010 official tour website with information on how to get tickets will be out soon.
Upcoming tour stops-
12th October 2010 – Korea –
Sale Opening Date and time: Oct 5th 2010, 8pm KRT
Performance Date: Oct 12th
Time: 6 pm and 9 pm (5,000 seats)
Venue: Hwajeong University Gymnasium
Price: Standing 55,000Won / Seat 44,000 Won
Ticketing info and sale in Korea
JYJ World -wide showcase in Seoul 티켓오픈

15th October 2010 - Thailand – Promoter - komyasia
Date: 15th of October (Bangkok)
Time: Doors open at 6PM, show starts at 7
Venue: Impact Challanger 3, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok
Organiser: Komy Asia Co., Ltd.

→ There are 12,000 tickets all in all.
→ 4500 and 3500 baht tickets are now SOLD OUT; 2500 baht – soon.
→ All tickets are being made available to the public today (today’s not a pre-selling). If there are left-over tickets, you can get them here: http://www.totalreservation.com/th/main.aspx
Main website : http://www.komyasia.com/index.html

16th October 2010 – Singapore – Promoter – Quest ID Management
Date: 16th October 2010, Saturday
Time: 8pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 3
Ticket Price: S$250, S$170, S$140, S$100, S$70
(prices stated above are inclusive of S$2 handling fee)
Website : https://www.questid-events.com/pages/view/q_booking

17th October 2010 - Malaysia – Promoter - Redstar
JYJ “The Beginning” Showcase World Tour 2010 in Malaysia Update
Date: 17th of October (Sunday)
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm *Update
Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur
Organiser: Redstar Presents

→ VIP tickets are SOLD OUT

30th October 2010, Taipei – Promoter : Warner Music Group,Taipei and玫瑰大眾唱片

Date: 30th October 2010, Saturday
Time: 7.30pm ( show starts at 8.00pm)
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre
Ticket Price: 3600 / 3000 / 2500 / 1500 NT (limited to 4 tickets per person)
Ticket sales:
8th October 2010 Friday, 12pm to 9th October 2010,Saturday, 10am
Onsite ticket pre-sale at: 華納商城售票(?Warner Taipei HQ)
Normal ticket sale
9th October 2010, 12pm onwards –Starts at all 21玫瑰大眾唱片( RoseDaluo CD) shops around Taiwan.
Ticket purchasing website: http://www.g-music.iticket.com.tw/
Contact no: (02)2389-0829‧0800-000-802

Please come to my country?

The current tour schedule is not fixed. We are still working with concert promoters around the world to bring you JYJ’s showcase.
*Gentle Reminder to fans: The decision for the tour stops are not determined by the number of fans from that country emailing us constantly. There are many more considerations that go into the decision of a concert tour venue. We know there are many fans out there in the world that supports JYJ. We thank them for their support.

Fan events and projects at the showcase venue
General guidelines
We will not accept food items unless they are properly packaged.
Do not organise events that violate fire-safety regulations. ie Don’t burn the concert down. :p
Banners, lightboards in concert venues – Please check with the local promoters about this. ie. Don’t obscure anybody’s view. Lightsticks should be ok.
Based on past TVXQ concerts organised, no cameras will be allowed.

**Please check with the respective promoters of this tour for the details.

Fan volunteers at the showcase

We do not need fan volunteers as we have to abide by strict security and codes of conduct. This is to maintain order for the smooth operation of a concert. Please do not email us with regards to volunteering.

Sale of JYJ – “The Beginning” album

The worldwide distributor for JYJ- The Beginning album is Warner Music Group. For questions pertaining to CD album sales, please refer to them.

***Please do not email us or the Admins of fansites that have posted this with regards to the above questions. We will not reply you.

Thank you for your patience and support for JYJ’s first World tour 2010.

Monica C.
Fan Coordinator
JYJ-The Beginning, Showcase World Tour 2010

http://jyj3.com, this website is solely for the JYJ Showcase in Seoul and will not contain information for international fans attending the tours in other countries. Please put a footnote when you put up news about that website ok? Tour information for international fans will still be found here http://www.tinsel-pr.com/JYJ/schedule.html when it is updated soon.

[PHOTOS] JYJ - The Beginning Part 3

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[SPAZZ] 101005 JYJ Website

Click on the picture
Do NOT skip the intro, it might take some time to load, but I promise you it'll be worth it (:
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wipe up my nosebleed...

If the site doesn't load, watch this:

A/N: This website is solely for the JYJ Showcase in Seoul and will not contain information for international fans attending the tours in other countries.
Tour information for international fans will still be found here

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[PHOTO] 101005 Yunho – High Cut

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[INFO] 101005 JYJ World wide showcase in Seoul Update

Sale Date: Oct 5th (20:00)
Performance Date: Oct 12th
Time: 6 pm and 9 pm (5,000 seats)
Venue: Hwajeong University Gymnasium
Price: Standing 55,000Won / Seat 44,000 Won

more info: http://ticket.interpark.com/Webzine/Paper/TPNoticeView.asp?bbsno=34&no=10315&groupno=10315&seq=0

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[PHOTOS] 101004 Stalking Homin

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[INFO] 101004 U-Know Yunho To Appear In Daegu And Jeonju Goong Performances

Jeonju Shows with Yunho
December 4th, 2010 : 8pm KST
December 5th, 2010 : 8pm KST

Daegu Shows with Yunho
December 11th, 2010 : 8pm KST
December 12th, 2010 : 8pm KST

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[PHOTO] 101005 Stalking Junsu

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[TRANS] 101002 Yunho’s Message To “Shooting Star Japan”

To Shooting Star Japan,

Thank you for the variouAlign Centers items that you prepared for us today~♥
It started raining this morning, and not only me, everyone is worried as well~♥
Thank you very much for the unwavering support you’ve given me.
Today as Lee Shin on stage,
I will work my best~
It’s getting chilly~
Don’t catch a cold…

U-Know 2010.09.21

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