Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jiji ah, you're getting too fat...
I can't pick you up anymore
Come, you need to lose weight
Bad child T^T This is for your own good

Yunho (he's the one in green): Jeje~ *drops flowers*

Jaejoong: Jiji really is getting too fat !#@%@#%@

Yunho: Come dear, we'll go and treat your cuts

Jaejoong: Yunnie!

Jiji: meow~

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Jaejoong’s conversation with Ayu
(Jaejoong) @ayu_19980408 A chang~~ (1.32am KST)
(Ayu) @mjjeje Sorry! I just noticed!! LOL What’s up~(^O^)/♪ (4.32am KST)

Continuation of convo; Jaejae responds to fan’s request ^^ (4.19 – 4.44pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @ayu_19980408 As expected it’s dangerous to talk through Twitter
(Ayu) @mjjeje Yes!! Aren’t you late? LOL (t/n: she means “isn’t this a bit too late”)
(Jaejoong) @ayu_19980408 I fell asleep and forgot what I wanted to say to you yesterday..☹
(Ayu) @mjjeje I was really surprised when I realized that you only wrote “a-chang” LOL
(Jaejoong) @ayu_19980408 I’m sorry senpai (t/n: senior)!! ☹[
(Ayu) @mjjeje OK↑

(Ayu) I think so too!!!! LOL Peace♪ RT @nicococolo: @mjjeje@ayu_19980408 That's right! Jejung, in order to lessen the inconvenience to Ayu-chan, please use "senpai" on twitter! Cos it feels like, "who is a-chan"? LOL (t/n: Ayu replied (with RT) to a fan & jae saw it & replied to this tweet.)
(Jaejoong) @ayu_19980408 OK, I'll call you senpai then☺ㅎ
(Ayu) @mjjeje It's up to you LOL

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