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Actress Park SooJin expressed that the friendship between Yunho and her is like brother and sister, in reply to a recent photo she took together with TVXQ's Yunho which was revealed to public.

Park SooJin has garnered attention due to uploading a photo of her taken together with Yunho on Twitter recently. This photo was taken when Park SooJin visited Yunho in the waiting room after watching his 'Goong' musical performance. This has attracted great attention among the online users.

Park SooJin laughed and said, 'I have never thought of my photo with Yunho will become such a hot topic. When I first debuted with Sugar, Yunho was Dana's back dancer, we were praticisng in the same practise room, therefore we became closer. TVXQ's fans know about that.'

Park SooJin and Yunho were both featured in J.Rich’s debut song's mv 'Goodbye My Love' in this April. They are also well known as good friends in entertainment industry.

Park SooJin also told Yunho, 'Everyone around me keeps telling me that you (Yunho) are very handsome. But I have been together with you since I was young, so I don’t really feel it. We have almost the same personality, and we share many similarities. Now I can meet with you even without applying makeup, we are just like brother and sister.'

Park Soo Jin has gained popularity through SBS drama 'My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox' which ended its broadcast recently. Now she is working as MC in 'Tasty Road' of O'leve channel and is expected to release a new piece of work soon.

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Kim Junsu, Singer and Musical Actor

The first surprise was during the first performance of the musical “Mozart!” in January. When the selling started, the sold-out tickets for the performances showed the ticketing power of “Xiah Junsu.” That was the first shocking event. The second surprise was the recognition based on his abilities that Kim Junsu got from people who were initially prejudiced against idols advancing into musicals.
Though it was “celebrity idol” Xiah Junsu who showed powerful ticketing power, it was the “rising musical star” Kim Junsu who melted the hearts of the audience. He received recognition from the 4th Musical Awards, as well as the Newcomer’s Award and Popularity Award in the 16th Korean Musical Daesang.
A four-day “Kim Junsu Musical Concert – Levay With Friends” concert was held by the proposal of composer Sylvester Levay. Though Kim Junsu has appeared on concert stages numerous times as a singer, performing onstage for the first time as a musical actor is a very new and exciting experience for him as a musical gives him more opportunities to be exposed to more diverse genres of music.
Despite being involved in all the controversy surrounding TVXQ in 2010, Kim Junsu still has a lot of things to be thankful for and happy about. After experiencing the satisfaction of performing onstage in a musical, there is a high possibility of him returning as musical actor “Kim Junsu” in the future.

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SM Entertainment’s preliminary injunction against JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun) to prohibit the sales of their first global album, The Beginning, has been withdrawn.
On October 27th, JYJ’s PR Agency Prain said, “On October 21st, through the Seoul Central District Court, SM Entertainment withdrew their preliminary injunction to prohibit the sales of JYJ’s first album, The Beginning.”

SM Entertainment filed the injunction on October 12th believing that JYJ had signed an exclusive contract with CJeS Entertainment which would cause a dual contract situation.
However, CJeS is the agency that JYJ hired to handle their management work just like Prain has been hired to handle JYJ’s PR.

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DBSK is no one-trick-pony. Not only are they known for their dancing, but they are also recognized for their memorable ballads and voices. Here's a walk down memory lane with a compilation of some more great dance routines and performances where they really belt it out. Be sure to watch "Love in the Ice". Truly outstanding vocal!


Some really nice selections. Love in the Ice from the T TourHUG from the Mirotic Tour and Bolero from The Secret Code are some of the best out there. I would have included Survivor from A-nation 2009 and Purple Line from the T Tour too!

What are some of your favorite DBSK performances?
First Kanye West expressed his fascination for the "puppy boy" Justin Bieber. Now has he done a song with the South-Korean boyband trio JYJ.

Kanye West is in the highlight lately. Not only is he highly topical with the short movie Runaway, (probably) working on songs for the upcoming record My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which is released 22nd November.

He has also expressed his excitement for Justin Bieber, something which ended in a Kanye and Raekwon-assisted remix of the teenager's "Runaway Love". But the hyperactive rapper's collaborations obviously won't stop so easily. Now he has collaborated with boyband JYJ for a song on their debut album The Beginning, which was released recently.

JYJ is named up after the first letters of the three singers in the group, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, who created a sensation in their home country and Japan since they started the band TVXQ in 2003. After arguing with their management they started on their own earlier this year, and have since got American assistance, both from Kanye West and the produsent Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, on their way to a wider fanbase.

JYJ, "The Beginning" by billboard

T/N: A friend sent me the link to this article, and I got so happy to see JYJ on a non-English website (especially since it was Norwegian). The man who wrote it used many complicated Norwegian words, but the translation still means exactly the same... just not as complicated. I'm also sorry if there's some errors in the translation; my English isn't perfect...

Translation: ★'ᅳ支那敏 @

Yoochun is starring in the KBS2 drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal.” People related to the drama gave their verdict, saying “This is definitely a good example of an idol turned actor”

Acting as the main character Lee Seon Joon, Yoochun is now doing activities both as a singer and an actor, and is working on a hard schedule. However, despite his idol background advantage, the way he has thrown himself into the production has raised voices of approval from the staff.

A person from the “SungKyunKwan Scandal’s” production team said , “For about three months before the shoot, Yoochun underwent intensive acting lessons, and crammed in the basics, and also had great enthusiasm in learning from the actual filming location. Even as we enter the final stages of the shoot, he is giving his all for each and every cut.”

The drama’s chief producer Gwak Ki Won said, “Yoochun took this on with a hardworking, honest attitude, and this led to him receiving a good assessment. His ability to focus is so great, to the extent that I think it would be good if he could be a full-fledged actor,” evaluating Yoochun. Also, production company Raemong Raein representative Kim Dong Rae too, said “He has shown us acting skills beyond our expectations, and there is a high chance that he will become an even better actor from now on.” Following other idols turned actors that enjoy high popularity such as Eric (Mun) and Yoon Gae Sang, we look forward to seeing more of Yoochun in the future.

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the list:

1. 원빈 - won bin
2. 박정률(무술감독)
3. 이정범 (영화감독)
4. 윤정희(배우)
5. 이창동
6. 강동원 - Kang Dong won
7. 이응일(영화감독)
8. 장철수(영화감독)
9. 곽정환. 천성일(드라마 제작 & 작가)
10. 김호성(영화제기획)
11. 박훈정 (시나리오 작가)
12. 박정식 (게임개발)
13. 김수현 (드라마작가)
14. 김용범 (방송제작 - 슈스케)
15. 신원호 (방송제작 - 남격)
16. 윤호진 (뮤지컬 연출 - 영웅)
17. 안성기 & 박중훈
18. 윤시윤
19. 김진만, 김현철 (다큐pd 아마존의 눈물)
20. 김태호
21. 제일기획 유종희 cd팀(T.O.P광고)
22. 장윤주
23. 화성인 바이러스 작가팀
24. 김준수 (가수 & 뮤지컬 배우)
25. 김병욱 (방송제작 - 지붕 뚫고 하이킥)
26. 이외수
27. 김병만
28. 조권
29. 현대카드 BTL 마케팅팀 (공연기획)
30. UV (유세윤+뮤지 ㅋㅋ)

The only idol in the list

Junsu no. 24 (singer and musical actor)

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Yunho asked, "Did everybody have fun today?" To which fans scream yes. He then says, "I see. Today, all the Goong concert at Yong is finished. I had lots of fun too." He kind of starts to stutter here. He says, "Today, there were lots of adlibs along the way and for the last concert, we tried to show everyone a fresh/new side as much as we could. Did you have fun?" To which audience screams yes again. He says, "I was really happy today too. Thank you." He then speaks Japanese.

Afterwards, he speaks Korean again and says that there were really a lot of people who helped along the way while doing Goong concerts. That's why he prepared a list and wrote down names of all so he doesn't leave out anyone. He then proceeds to thank producer/companies/org.

Afterwards, he says, "Even though today is the last concert, there are actually other stars in Goong who didn't get to perform together (that day)." He gets tongue tied here and he pretends to slap himself and says, "Why can't I talk today?" To which everyone laughs.

He then says, "I want to introduce them at this time. Please give them a big applause and big cheer." He then proceeds to introduce the other actors and they come on stage. Afterwards, he again mentions Song Byung Joon (Group8 ceo) and Yunho says, "CEO Song Byung Joon did not want to join us on stage because he's too shy." (I think Yunho's teasing him). He then introduces the director Kim Jae Sung and says, "Let's give him a big applause."

The director comes on stage and says, "I want to take a little time (to speak). Director says, "Til now, to the last concert, all the audience who's shown lots of interest, I want to say thank you so very much and next, to those who did this together, all the actors who's here, I love you and thank you." He then mentions that Group8's Song Byung Joon and staff went through a lot and says that there were also many staff involved who went through a lot in making the concert and thanks them for every aspect of the production for all their work. He then says, "This season's Goong is finished today but we'll be back next year and also there's the province concerts set for December so please continue to show lots of love." He says, "We'll be back next year too and show a fresh/new side. Thank you."

Then Yunho says, "I was really happy to stand as Lee Shin in musical Goong (Run scoots Yunho over), ah, yes, for the end, we want to sing the encore song together with everyone. Everyone, is that alright? Shall we have a go at it?" He then says something in Japanese. Finally, he says, "Then let's go. 1,2,3,4"..and they start singing the encore.

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Names from Top to Bottom : Super Junior (Leeteuk), SNSD (Taeyeon), Big Bang (G-Dragon), Kara (Park Gyuri),TVXQ (Yunho), SS501 (Kim HyunJoong)

Who is the artist with the best leadership skills?

1. Super Junior (Lee Teuk) - 1.1%
2. SNSD (Taeyeon) - 4.2%
3. Kara (Gyuri) - 9.7%
4. BigBang (G-Dragon) - 0.1%
5. TVXQ (Yunho) - 72.3%
6. SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong) - 12.6%

Not just in Japan and Korea, but popular all over Asia – the Korean idol groups! Most of them live together, and as leaders, they bear a huge responsibility - having to maintain good relationships between the members, suggest ideas to the management companies, and solve various issues within the groups. So who is the artist with the best leadership skills?

Innolife conducted, from 24 September to 11 October, a three week survey. Among the 122,424 votes, 88,511 people (a landslide victory of 72.3%) selected TVXQ’s Yunho. Most of the voters felt that Yunho possesses all the best qualities that a leader should have.

(Irrelevant Details Omitted)

*as expected from leader-sshi! yunho jjang!*

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Junsu just uploaded a picture of his cat and his name is Tiger:

He changed his DP from Jiji's picture to this:

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I hope more pictures come out! He looks so hot!

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