Sunday, September 26, 2010

[VIDEO] a-nation'10 - THX A LOT HQ

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[VIDEO] 100925 Mr. Levay & family talk about Kim Junsu Musical Concert

"Hi, everybody. This is Sylvester Levay speaking with my family, my wife Monica and my daughter Alice, my son Sylvester junior could not be here [because he's] studying in Vienna, but we all together are very excited about the concert of Kim Junsu in Seoul in the Olympic hall, i'm so very happy, i've written a song for him that will be perform the very first time in this concert, i will be also conducting and playing the piano, and we wish you wonderful hours in this concert, and please let me tell you, Kamsahabnida and Saranghaeyo!"

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[NEWS] 100926 Mirotic 2nd Anniversary

Also, #miroticday is currently trending at #1 guys ^^
UPDATE: TVXQ & Cassies are also trending!

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[INFO] 100926 Mirotic Concert Streaming

Streaming starts 6:30 JST
Also, don't forget to help bump up the views for the Mirotic MV here

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[CAPS] JYJ - a-nation '10

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