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I love these pics! They look really happy! ^__^ Looking at these make me miss them so much! haha. Just wish the Quest ID watermark was non-existent...

Love this pic of Junsu! ^^

LOL. Yuchun's always so cheerful! ^___^

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For Immediate release - Reasons for changes made to US stops and apology.

20th October, 5.31pm, SGT
[Dear Fans,

First of all, we would like to start this mail with an apology to the change in US stops and all prior travel arrangements made to former locations.

We decided to replace two stops on the original schedule as:

1. It is too punishing on the members physically and mentally to do the back to back gigs and specifically for the US leg, we are taking into consideration possible jet lag.

2. The change was made in lieu of tremendous feedback received from Japanese fans who have asked if we could put one stop in Hawaii for them since Japan was not included in this tour.

3. We wanted to make sure that all JYJ fans will be able to get a ticket to the showcases and hence we told promoters that we need a minimum of a 5000 pax venue for each stop. Due to constraints at the former locations, this can only be accomplished with the new tour stops added. (with the exception of NYC which needed to be locked in as press activities for the stop has been confirmed).

We apologize once again for the inconveniences caused and ask for your understanding. It is the best solution we can come up with to meet expectations on every level.

Thank you.

*Official ticketing information on each stop will be released early next week.
On the 20th, viewership rating agency AGB Nielsen Media Research reported the tally of 19th evening broadcast time drama where ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ recorded a rise on audience rating to 14.3% nationwide.

In compare to the 15th episode that was aired on the 18th, this episode audience rating received a rise of 1.2 points, which is more than 1% rise. While to compare to the 14th episode, this would be a whooping 3.4 points rise from 10.9% rating.

The main reason of this continuing rating increase on ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ seems due to the first launch of Lee Seon Jun (Park Yoochun) and Yeon Hee (Park Min Young) love line that is likely to give an even more interesting development to the story.

In the recent ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ broadcast, Lee Seon Jun who had been away from the Sunkyunkwan for a while would finally reunite with Yeon Hee. In a drowning accident where Yeon Hee was saved by Lee Seon Jun, he was finally found out that she was a woman. Due to that, Lee Seon Jun asked Yeon Hee to leave the Sungkyunkwan University.

In addition, this recent broadcast also revealed the first Seon Jun and Yeon Hee locking lips scene that caught the attention of audiences. At the drama online board, a lot of different opinions “This means a triangle love line is formed.” “Yeon Hee and Seon Jun finally had a kiss.” were expressed.

Meanwhile, the concurrent timeline broadcast drama SBS ‘Giant’ recorded 28.5% and MBC ‘Queen of Reversal’ got 8.9%.

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I feel better after reading this! ^___^

From Singapore Cassiopeia Forum:
We hope this post can put all rumours to a rest.

Like what we had said earlier, our main concern is our boys. We check, think before we act. We want the truth! Not rumours and lies!

We're glad that finally we had a clearer and full picture of what happened.

Fyi,Tinsel PR is local publicist appointed by CJES. It's like an agent in between Quest and CJES for the showcase arrangements.

Below are the clarification for various rumours / enquiries which we received from Cassiopeia:

1. Cancellation of the VIP photoshoot with JYJ & Camera issues
-> We understand the fustration of the VIP as this was such a last minute notification by PR to Quest. Also, for the camera issue, some of us were already out at the airport / expo when we saw the post about NO photo & video taking during the showcase.
It is really upset that why Tinsel PR had eventually informed Quest at so last minute on the changes since they already knew same had happened at Bangkok. If they had informed earlier to Quest, trust there wouldn't be so much unhappiness and misunderstanding from Cassie.

2. Tickets sale / Free tickets
-> Its truth that local and international fans had told us that they thought Singapore showcase tickets were sold out! We're not sure who had started this rumour, or what had eventually happened. We really got a shocked and surprised to hear those. We know some fans eventually gave up or switched to buy other countries tickets instead.But, by the time we knew it, it was too late for us to inform them that the ticket were still available then.Of course, we know the fustration of the cassie who had bought the tickets earlier and saw free tickets being distributed at the airport. However, after much consideration, we do admit that a full hall looks nicer. At least to the boys and JYJ management. Believe all of us wouldn't want our boys to be upset.

3. Press Conference
-> Yes, Quest had informed media that no mentioning of the 5 boys issue during the interview. Since it was clearly mentioned to the media prior press conference, why did the reporter still ask? At the very last minute,the PR ended up changed to only allow 6 questions to be asked by the emcee on behalf of the reporters. We agreed with Quest that Tinsel PR should not interfere in the midst of the interview and cancelled the interview on Quest & CJES behalf. This had caused the media to be unhappy! This had directly offended the media!

4. Emcee interview during showcase
-> Believe some of you are aware that the scripts in showcase, concert, variety show, etc are all pre-script. No worry about the boys feeling. They're aware of it.

5. Food
-> No worry girls~ Our boys had nice dinner! The cup noodles which some saw were for security guards. The packet food that some other saw were for the dancers. Our boys and their management had nice bento
from Swiss Hotel. They were well fed. No worry~ ^^

6.Junsu throwing/breaking chair
-> NO SUCH THING had happened! None of the staff saw it. We are not sure where did the rumour started from. But, there's no such thing!

7. Playing cards & clubbing issue
-> Yes, the boys did play card. But is with the staffs and dancers at the backstage. NOT with any girl/fan at the club. NO SUCH THING had happened! If they had left the hotel on their own, Quest or their management will know as they're with them all the times!
The boys were feeling so tired! Do you all think they would choose to club than rest?

8. JYJ being unhappy about Singapore trip
-> The boys did not say anything about being unhappy during this Singapore trip. They thank Quest for organizing this show. They are happy to be here! But, it is true that they're really tired!
They wanted and need to have a good rest!

Our thinkings: Its really short notice for this showcase. Only 2 weeks for preparation. Even we ourselves were having big headaches and busy with various red ocean projects. Thinking back, Quest should be experiencing even bigger stress than us to arrange for such a big event. Not mentioning the last minute changes requested by the PR which had caused the cassie to be misunderstand and angry. As compared to the other stops, we do agreed that Singapore stop is more organized and more successful.

We're also happy and proud to hear from overseas cassie that they're amazed by Singapore cassie & showcase. To them, Singapore showcase was a great success.
Yes, that is what we hope to show to our boys, JYJ management and overseas cassie. Isn't it?

Whatever we do is for the boys. What had been done can't be undone. We hope the above cleared you all worries and enquiries. We hope all these can be put to a rest soon.

Since its all cleared now,we hope the complaints about Quest to be stop as they're not the main responsible party. Trust Quest will continue to follow-up on all these unhappiness issues created by the PR with JYJ Management for us.

If you all wanted to know more, or you all still have any more enquiries, feedback, feel free to tell us.

Please remember...Whatever we do is for our boys. We want our boys to be happy. To feel that Singapore cassie is well behaved and nice. Only in this way, they will be back to Singapore again.

Please help to let more singapore cassie know the truth and not believe in the rumours.

Credits: Singapore Cassiopeia Forum
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Newsletters, Jumbo Towels, Newsletter Binders are going to be sold!

Items on Sale
- Newsletters (all 15 Issues)
- Jumbo Towel (Grey & Green)
- Newsletter Binders (Black & White)

When purchasing Bigeast Limited Edition Goods, please provide your fan club membership card. You need to have either your Silver membership card or GOLD membership card with you at the location.
*A proof of identity is also required.
*Fanclub site login authentication will not be accepted.

Also, for purchasing at the showcase venue, so that we can allow as many customers to purchase as possible, each membership will be limited to one of each item. Please take note of this.

The Jumbo Towel and Newsletter binders will be open for sale at the Bigeast Official Show from 16:00 on 11 Nov.

Source: [Bigeast Official Site]
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JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) first World Wide Concert ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ held in Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium will have the whole venue fully covered by roof and is transformed to dome theater.

JYJ first World Wide Concert ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ organizer representative on the 20th said, “An outdoor concert venue has few destined problems that will appear such as weather and sound. Thus in order to resolve such problems in this concert and in turn deliver the best stage for the fans, the upper side of Jamsil Stadium will be fully covered just like dome.”

By covering Jamsil Olympic Stadium to a dome structure, the lighting effect is going to improve that is able to maximize the effectiveness of screen role, as well as sound quality which often become weak point of outdoor concert.

Furthermore, even though at the day of event the weather turns cold, the roof will be able to block the external temperature and keep all audiences inside the venue warm thus are more comfortable in enjoying the show.

Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium to have a dome infrastructure inside its gigantic size venue will be the first time in South Korea for ‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’.

In particular, considering new public law regarding maximum safety, the installation of existing dome structure will not require the use of steel cables, and textile fabric will be applied instead, as the official said.

Currently the organizer has been exploring deeply about the same venues in the world which has the same method of installing dome structure, and the venue will launch its majestic look for the first time in the coming end of November at JYJ concert.

JYJ agent in South Korea, C-JES Entertainment said, “This concert will be the presence of combination of leading production, stage, and harmonious performance that is worth to be much expected. We’re doing our best so that the stage will leave an unforgettable impression on fans which they’ve been looking for in a concert.”

The second advanced ticket sales for another 20,000 tickets is originally planned to be conducted next week, yet due to requests from fans, Interpark will hold the ticket sales on the coming October 22nd instead.

‘JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul’ is advancing to be a 100,000 seats scale concert (each performance to have 50,000 audiences) and is coming on November 27 – 28 for two days.

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JYJ comes to Malaysia for showcase – attracts over 4000 fans who form a red sea. The atmosphere is exploding!

Previously been in America for studies, Yoochun (right) sometimes translates for Jaejoong and Junsu, and even corrects the translating material of the translator

JYJ’s interview at the press conference – attracts nearly 100 different media outlets of different languages

JYJ signing on the posters as a present for the organizers and sponsors of the Malaysian showcase

Junsu and Jaejoong being asked about the level of difficulty when singing English songs. The two stalled and wanted the other one to answer – very hilarious!

Junsu (from left), Jaejoong, and Yoochun form the JYJ – popularity is still as high as ever

JYJ 12 Hour Whirlwind – Burns $1 Million
The JYJ whirlwind has arrived in Malaysia with a total of 25 people flying over from Singapore. In merely 12 hours, their packed schedule included the showcase, a press conference, and the fan photo-taking event. The trio’s total expense rose over $1 million Ringgits, so not only is their ability to suck in money super strong, their massive expenditure is equally surprising!

Previously in TVXQ, the 3 members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu formed the group JYJ. Their arrival yesterday created a huge JYJ whirlwind, attracting over 4000 participants at the showcase. Around 100 media outlets with different language platforms attended the press conference at night, with electronic and web media coming to interview the trio. After the press conference, there were 400 fans who bought the 800 Ringgit tickets that could earn them a chance to have a private photo-taking session with JYJ.

Originally, JYJ planned to stay in Malaysia for a night, but the day before they came, they finalized another activity that was to be held in Seoul on the 18th, so the trio flew back to Korea on the same night after their showcase on the 17th at 11:30PM. Because of the sudden change of schedule, it made their visit to Malaysia very tight on time. The showcase was delayed an hour because of rehearsals, and the location for the photo-taking session moved hotels, taking place after the press conference than straight after the showcase. But because the trio returned back to the hotel, the media continued to interview the Korean side through the internet, which then dragged for another one and a half hours and was canceled in the end. The photo-taking lasted for only about 10 minutes before hastily ending. JYJ still left for the airport full of their fans’ blessings and support, concluding their 12 hour journey in Malaysia.

The showcase “forbidden topics” – Malaysian fans donate $10K USD to charity

JYJ’s management company being involved in gang-related activities, Japanese activities being obstructed, SM Entertainment filing for the prohibition of sales of JYJ’s new album, and the boycott on JYJ’s Korean activities are all very hot topics, but were all categorized in the “forbidden topics” for the Malaysian press conference. Malaysian media ignored these sensitive topics not related to the promotion by putting the main focus of their questions on JYJ’s new album. The three obviously didn’t want to create even more issues during this sensitive period, so they chose to keep silent in reaction to these problems.

Although the trio have been working hard all day, with their faces showing signs of fatigue, they are unable to forget the passion of the fans after the showcase ended. At the 7:30PM press conference, they were still in a state of excitement. Junsu stated frankly that they hoped plans for a concert in Malaysia would quickly be confirmed so they can come back to see everyone again.

The fans of JYJ considerately donated $10K USD under the name of JYJ to welcome them as a new group. The money will be donated to World Vision’s poverty alleviation programs, which deeply touched JYJ by this act of kindness, who have already donated a sum of money to World Vision themselves.

Although they were unable to take a look at Malaysia’s beautiful scenery, the three hope that they will have another chance to come to Malaysia to enjoy the sunshine, and even to take promotion pictures. Junsu laughingly said that he liked Malaysia’s coconut trees the most, and hopes that he can take some time to come for a vacation with a couple of friends.

As an idol group, JYJ’s every action and their clothing and accessories have all become a fashion guide to their fans. Jaejoong said that off-stage, they don’t have special requirements for their apparel, just as long as it is comfortable and suits them well.

‘The Beginning’ is JYJ’s debut album after their formation. When asked about their individually composed songs and whether or not it portrayed the real experiences of them, Jaejoong said “it wasn’t just my own experiences, but also the feelings of a lot of people.” Junsu admitted “‘I Can Soar’ is my own personal experience.” What was the purpose of naming the album ‘The Beginning’ and what message does it convey? Yoochun said “it means that everyday is a new beginning!”

With their album going international, JYJ had to sing the songs in English. For Junsu and Jaejoong who had troubles with the language, it could be said that this was a big test for them. Did the unknowing two ask for assistance from Yoochun to improve their English fluency? The two laughed and urged the other one to answer. At last, Junsu answered “English really is hard to learn. This isn’t, after all, a language that we are familiar with and use frequently. During the recording process, Yoochun helped us tremendously, and always corrects our pronunciation!”

To test the language-talent of the trio, the host wanted them to learn “aku cinta pada mu” on the spot. They followed the pronunciation bit by bit like students, and Yoochun repeated it again with accurate enunciation, so indeed, Yoochun is the most gifted one out of the three in terms of language.

Source: [sinchew.ent]
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