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Credits: TVXQBaidu + As tagged
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"Ytd was a BLAST! my friend and I reached around 530? Collected our goods, and the lightsticks were so pretty and sparking! Later we joined the queue, and waited for abt 1.5hr before they let us in. The hall was HUGE! mc came off on to get us seated so that the sc could begin,


I was right in front!! I could see them sooo closely!! For a minute, I was speechless and stood still. Junsu yoohun and jaejoong are right in front of me!! Just like a dream.

Their first song, empty! I LOVE THAT SONG! All clad in white, JYJ did the most captivating dance moves that made the crowd go gaga! I especially love the move when they sang, "let it go let it go~" &&& Junsu's sexy back! &&& biceps!! THOSE ARE TO DIE FOR. JUNSU's red hair made him looooook just like his twin hyung!! Junho!
JAEJOONG is definitely a flawless prince! (by now I can't tell if He is a princess or prince) TOO PRETTY TOO BEAUTIFUL TOO GENTLE TOO HANDSOME! Yoochun's skinny figure and fabulous wavy hair!! No one rocks the wavy hair like he does best! They 3 were practically shining everymin.

Then, there was a short interview session. Jaejoong yoochun directed most of e questions to junsu<3 andandand! Junsu did a few moves while yoochun sang- Be my girl. Awww junsu!! His pelvic trust!! As usual, always the best! HAHA! When we sang Ayyy girl to them, only junsu could understand!!
I feel the translator wasn't the best. Most of the time it was yoochun who translated for junsu and jaejoong. OHOH! and jaejoong introed himself as JJ!
Remembered the was one point whr junsu wanted to and in Korean, but ended up saying, "very good! " junsu, why are you so cute even when you are just stoninggg huhhhhhh?

I loved it when they sang 찾았다! Their voices are so charming!!!! I stood dazed for a while... Before starting t move w the beat again.

Soon, it came to the end. They sang empty remix? If I'm not wrong. And yoochun screamed, t ask every one to stand! The crowd went crazy n all rushed to the front. Jumping~ screaming~ w nightsticks High up in the air~.

Then it came, the time they had to leave. Felt so reluctant to leave and wanted to glue myself to the seat forever! Hoping they would pop out some whr. But no....

Well, yoochun kinda "promise" they would be coming again next year for a concert?? He went,"Mayyyyybeeee~" in his usual smexy english slang.

I feel, they looked really tired. But shined and smiled all the time for cassies. JYJ! see you agn next yr! <3 "
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A/N:This is purely my thoughts and opinions. So if I happen to think differently from you, that is because we are different human beings and please do not bash me etc = =

MC: Ken from FM 1003; Translator: Dont-Really-Wanna-Know-His-Name = =

Everyone were shouting when the MC came out. And he was trying to make us hype but failed = = “No phototaking, No audio or video recording. Those that are caught will be sent out. Even lousy handphones are not allowed”. Not going to risk my chance, I was like Row A and thus the guards were right in front of me near to me and I keep staring at the boys perfect features, listening to them live. Next is Be My Girl and I wasn’t really paying attention to anything else except the music, the singing, Jae’s face and… Erm.. Junsu’s butt. xP At the end of the song, Yoochun said Thank You and we went crazy again. After the video, MC came out. I was peeking through that hole thingy and I saw a guy in white being ‘slapped’ by a woman. OMG it is JAEJOONG MAKE UP-ing AT THE BACKSTAGE! Suddenly he is wearing something white with a black suit/ jacket. (totally ignoring the mega lame MC). Then the MC asked how many 9 are there is the amount of limited edition and everyone shouted “FIVE”, then he said “five is a special number!” and everyone shout like mad. The boys were out and Junsu start to introduce himself. The translator sucked = =. During JaeJoong’s turn, he said “How are you, I’m JaeJae” and the crowd went crazy. Yoochun said “I’m MICKY~” and his english is totally smexy~ The way he speaks his English is totally…. fall-in-love-able ><><) Then the song end and the boys were talking. “We will probably be here again next year…. See you guys… in a concert…?” Micky’s smexy english and then he screamed “Always Keep The Faith” and the crowd went crazy. Tears swell up in my eyes that instant again! Then it was Empty (Remix) and they told us to stand up. The people in the first row (me included) move a little to the front but suddenly everyone was moving to the front. So we moved and I was at the front. Totally high! everyone was jumping along with them, it was like a standing pitt mode. Yoochun was like right in front of me with his smexy shoulders jumping with Cassiopeia. Then the boys went up and they went down T T END! Everyone were shouting Encore but there wasn’t any. JYJ JYJ JYJ, everyone was chanting it. I sat down feeling so lost and empty T T My Conclusion: - The Showcase was totally awesome, with the seats completely filled up. The small but pretty Red Ocean that SG Cassies, together with the overseas Cassies who flew in to support them, were soooo heart-warming. - The host is lame and keep trying to make jokes out of FIVE, and the OTHER MEMBERS. He SHOULD be avoiding sensitive topics but he didn’t and I was worried that he MIGHT make the boys unconfortable. - The translator isn’t really working >< I understand a little Korean and what the translator translated isn’t fully what the MC asked or the boys said. I think the boys were a little unwilling to talk much after that. I even saw Yoochun translating for the boys. The translator wasn’t initiative in translating for the boys, and they looked so lost = =

- The red ocean, screams and cheers, and the enthusiasm of the Cassiopeia that were there truely touched me. Cassiopeia fandom is one of the more united ones I have seen and I have only seen the Red Ocean (and Blue for Japan). Never had I once dare to imagine, dare to hope that I could be part of it, but I was part of it. Despite the RED shining for 3 out of 5 of TVXQ, we were awesome and being part of the red, I was really grateful and touched.

- JaeJoong: He was really a shy kid, covering his mouth when he laughed etc. But he turned charismatic and sexy dancing and grooving with the music. He really make me speechless. His face is REALLY the ultimate VISUAL SHOCK. He really got a great body (HONESTLY SPEAKING, NOT THINKING WEIRD THOUGHTS HERE = =), and even though he isn’t really the best dancers out of TVXQ, he really got the groove and I really can feel him loving and enjoying the music, the dance, the singing. THAT made me happy X10000. His voice is awesome (duhh~). But listening to him live is another thing. He is really flawless. Scratch that, the boys are really flawless.

- Junsu: Didn’t really see him much since he was always on the left, and me = right. But he looked lost and shy. He is really smoking with charisma dancing and singing. Like what I say earlier, I felt his love for the music and it really makes me very happy and touched :)

- Yoochun: He is …… speechless. He was seated next to the MC and he was really enthusiastic and sporty. Keep trying to interact with the fans and making us go wild with suspense with his …? style of speaking. His english is really HOT. The kind that makes you fall for him. Listening to him singing LIVE is another speechless thing. If the members sound better singing live as compared to listening to them in video by 100times, Yoochun = 200times. He is really indescribable. Plus his shoulders = (Y)! XP

- I felt complete. 60%. I have been a loyal and faithful and silent Cassiopeia for about 4 years now, and this is not the first time I saw Junsu. I saw him during Zuno showcase the other time. But this was my first time seeing Yoochun and JaeJoong. Despite my ultimate biased being JaeJoong, I couldn’t really pick a REAL biased, since the boys were amazing in their own unique way and I find myself ‘changing biased’ like, every performance. The whole JYJ showcase complete the 60% in me. Thinking about how the music, the red ocean, the boys live singing and dances, how I used to be able to see these only via videos and now, seeing and hearing them live so close, my feelings were really…. beyond anything that I ever felt in my life. And this isn’t an overstatement. I cried so much during the showcase because of the rush of emotions inside me.

* And I believe, one day, the 100% of faith in me will be completed. Not by seeing HoMin only. But by seeing all 5 of them together, completing the 100% together at one go - Always Keep The Faith

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ahh..... a girl...
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Over the course of 2 days on 27 and 28 November, the group「JYJ」, formed by TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, will hold 2 live concerts for their「JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul」in the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium of the Jamsil Sports Complex. The approximate scale of the two concerts is 100,000.

What is noteworthy about this concert is that it will be under the direction of Jeri Slaughter, who has directed concerts for world famous pop artists like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and more.

Slaughter said, "The Seoul showcase the other day is just the beginning. This concert will be the start of JYJ's global expansion, so the performances shown will blow away audiences around the world."

18 songs will be performed during this concert, including self-composed songs by the members, which will be released for the first time. In particular, a special colour laser equipment called "Phenom" will be used, a real time digital gesture recognition video technology, and a fantastic stage is expected to unfold.

Advance booking for the「JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul」begins on 19 October, from 8PM onwards, on the internet shopping site "Interpark".

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