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[VIDEO] 100904 SMTown LA Press Conference (Eng Sub)

Only part 2 has Yunho and Changmin in it.

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[ADMIN POST] Fan Tours Around Sydney

After watching Junsu's 3Hree Voices dvd, an Australian fan decided to tour the places Junsu visited when he was in Sydney. She included the name of the shops and roughly where they are located just in case if any of the DBSK fans plan to visit Sydney and want to go to places Junsu went to.

Read more about it!:

Hey guys~ so, after watching Junsu’s 3hree voices part in which he went on a vacation to Sydney, my friend Aveline and I decided to go on what we call ‘Junsu Tour’ ourselves. Yes, that is how much we adore him. Besides, since I will be leaving Sydney soon might as well go to places and eat things I have never eaten before in Sydney. Junsu in his vacation to Sydney actually ate at places I’ve never gone to before.

Of course we didn’t go to all the places he went to, some we just walked past, some we just can’t be bothered to go.

Firstly I met up with Evi at Chatime Railway Square branch and we actually walked from there to The Rocks area. It wasn't that short of a distance but we enjoyed the walk anyway since the weather was actually very nice today and we get to have a long catch up chat during.

So for this Junsu Tour pictures which I'm uploading here on this blog, I’m just gonna try and follow the chronological order of Junsu’s actual 3hree voices trip like in the DVD.

In the DVD, Junsu went to a place that sells deep fried mars bar wrapped in coconut batter.

That place is actually located in Bondi beach and the shop is called Bondi Surf Seafood and its fried mars bar has actually always been a famous sweet dessert and everyones' favorite.

Below is Junsu enjoying his fried mars bar which he claimed to be tasty!

and this is the close up of the fried mars bar which he had,

Actually after living for more than 7 years (almost 8 now) in Sydney, as a Sydney-sider I have never once had this famous fried mars bar myself! How shameful. So this time I took the chance to actually give it a try. I mean come on, even Junsu (who came all the way from S. Korea) had tried it but I as a local Sydney-sider have not? So I decided to buy one and shared it with Evi.

Actually it didn't look as aesthetically pleasing as the one Junsu had on the screencap but believe me it was the same thing! Just that Junsu had better lighting lol but yes, this is the famous Bondi's fried mars bar everyone! and yes it definitely tasted as yummy as how Junsu claimed it to be. "Sinful" though, as how Evi described it.

Junsu then checked out a 'Ripcurl' store since he needed some beach-y attire to go play in the water.

OT: OMG those two super lucky Aussies seemed to be COMPLETELY clueless of who just walked past them! IT'S XIAH JUNSU! Star of Asia!

This store is actually just a block away from the Bondi Surf Seafood shop where he had his fried mars bar!

Ok la so since we were already in Bondi we might as well go check out the store and absorb in some Junsu essence that's left in the store (mwahahahah it sounded like something that creepy obsessed fangirls would do lol).

It looks like they already restock some stuffs since Junsu came to Sydney in January where it was summer. Now that it is winter all the stuffs they are selling seem to already change. Was actually trying to find the ripcurl sleeveless shirt that Junsu got from the store and his grey-ish short but couldn't find them. So they have probably changed the items in the store.

Then the next scene in 3hree voices was when Junsu had his lunch at 'The Australian Hotel'. We then decided to visit this place and have something for lunch in here as well.

The Australian Hotel is located at The Rocks, not so far away from the hotel where Junsu was staying when he came to Sydney. In fact, it was only one or a couple of blocks away from the hotel. To be honest, if it wasn't for Junsu lunching at this place I wouldn't have the thought of ever lunching there! Anywho, it turned out to actually be a pretty good place to eat.

Cute Junsu trying to read the menu in English. I love how he pronounce Pepper Kangaroo Pizza kekeke! Totally adorable!

This is actually what he ended up trying!

At first we were going to try the same thing, but we remembered how Junsu didn't quite like the food. Not wanting to risk wasting food away we decided to try the Chicken Pizza...

There were two chicken pizzas in the menu, one being the Tandoori Chicken and the other one was Honey Mustard Chicken Pizza. Forgetting that the pizza that Junsu had was white-ish looking and not red/orange-y we ordered the Tandoori Chicken instead of the Honey Mustard one which I think what Junsu ordered last time.

Since we ordered the small size we decided to also order some garlic bread with it.

Despite how we ordered the 'wrong food', a different chicken pizza to what Junsu had, the one we ordered actually tasted VERY nice as well! In fact, a couple of passerby commented on how nice it looked and one of them even stopped by and asked what we were having! It was actually surprisingly nice. I honestly didn't expect it to be so it was good!

After lunch we decided to walk off the calorie by walking around Circular Quay and The Rocks area (it was afterall where Junsu spent most of his time in Sydney anyway).

Just a block away from The Australian Hotel, the place where we were lunching at, is Sydney's Shangri-La hotel where Junsu stayed at. Ahh.. memories of waiting for him outside of this hotel still quite fresh in my mind :) (WE FREAKING MISS YOU JUNSU! >_<)

I suppose this is what it looks like from the suite inside the hotel. Goodness... it must cost a lot just to stay one night in that room (with a freaking shiny black grand piano in it and a view of the opera house!).

Actually Junsu's part in the DVD ends here, however in the DVD Digest it was shown that Junsu actually went to eat Kangaroo steak and was resting at one of the cafes near the opera house. So since we were gonna catch a bus back to Central station where Evi parked her car, might as well take a detour since the weather was really nice today anyway.

This is the scene when Junsu was enjoying his kangaroo steak.

We couldn't be 100% sure whether we actually visited the right place because they never show us the name of the place in the scene. However Evi felt that she recognized the background and decided to check it out.

We arrived at this fancy restaurant still in The Rocks/Circular Quay area called 'Waterfront' and it actually looked strikingly similar to the background of the restaurant Junsu went to. However strangely when we checked out the lunch menu it didn't have that so called kangaroo steak. We couldn't be 100% sure about this place but I'm actually quite convinced that it was the place.

Last but not least...

Remember this very cute scene from the DVD Digest where our Junchan was resting?

At first I wasn't quite sure where the place was since there are a lot of cafes along the circular quay area however after a closer look, I finally was able to identify exactly where it is (as there was the name of the cafe shown)

It's the Portobello Caffe located just right next to Oyster Bar!

The view was very nice there plus the wind really sets your mood at peace. No wonder Junsu fell asleep like that. Oh and probably he had been very tired too since he probably didn't get much rest due to filming.

Anywho, with this last picture I conclude our Junsu Tour!

Overall, it has been quite a fun experience since Junsu actually went to places I never been to before. Aside of reminiscing the time when Junsu was in Sydney I actually get to experienced a couple of new things: 1. the awesome tandoori chicken pizza and 2. fried mars bar!

So yay! I hope Junsu also had fun while staying in Sydney and would want to come back here again sometime in the future ^^

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[DL] JJY Thanksgiving Concert - I Have Nothing & Rainy Blue (karaoke and eng subbed)

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Note: This video is not karaoke subbed just english subbed

Credit: stated on video
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Feel free to check this INDEX to see my completed subbed performances/pv
Any technical issue problems, please let me know.
Any request, tell me, although I can't promise when I will finish them

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I have provided youtube link if you just want to watch it. I Have Nothing performance is english subbed only without karaoke because we do need english sub in english song if it was singing by them /bricked

[TRANS] 100915 Tohoshinki's Trio Sets A New Record for Foreign Artist, W (Double) Achievements

The first live DVD of Tohoshinki's members JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN "THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME" (rhymthzone, released on 9/8) sold a total of 119,000 copies in the first week, snatching the top spot of Oricon DVD Weekly Chart.

Their album "The…" which was released on the same day also ranks first on the Oricon Album Weekly Chart, selling 140,000 copies. The last artist who held a record of having both album and DVD ranked first on both charts was ZARD with their album "Golden Best ~15th Anniversary~" and DVD "ZARD Le Portfolio 1991-2006", which were released on 11/6/2006. The record was made 3 years and 10 months ago, with ZARD being the 6th artist to do so. For a foreign artist, this is the first time one has made such a brilliant achievement.

Moreover, they are the second foreign artist to sell more than 100,000 copies of a music DVD. The first artist to hold that record was Tohoshinki with "4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME" (released on 10/12/2009) with 171,000 copies and "TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION-THE ONE-" (released on 3/29/2010) with 109,000 copies.

-Omitted information on the album and DVD-

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[INFO] Sungkyunkwan and Scandal in KBS WORLD

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[VIDEO] Yunho – Goong Musical Part 4

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[PHOTO] 100914 SMTown in Shanghai - Changmin's tears

Please don't be lonely....
I'll cry with you, I promise.
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[PHOTO] Yunho - Goong - Part 6

Hi everyone, sorry dears, but I'm posting this since you'd see anywhere else, so it's Yunho Goong's kissing scene XD be prepared > oh gosh I'm a Yunho biased fan u-u > gonna photoshop the pic right now! XD I wish I could go to the musical... It's under the cut because then you just see it if you're prepared XD >drama queen

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[VIDEO] 100915 Jaejoong - 'Blossom' PV (Short Version)

AHHHHH *dies*

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[AUDIO] 100914 SungKyunKwan Scandal OST - Chajatta JYJ Version

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