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Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, the trio from TVXQ who formed a new group JYJ, will have to put a brake on their activities. SM Entertainment (henceforth SM) has filed for a temporary injunction to put a ban on the sale of JYJ’s new album 「The Beginning」.

On the 13th, an official from the legal circle clarified, “On SM’s part, they have filed for a temporary injunction with the courts to put a ban on the sale of JYJ’s worldwide album 「The Beginning」, which is waiting to be launched.” The official continued to say, “The reason (for this injunction) is because the issue of the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ and the conflict stemming from it have yet to be resolved. The results from the court decision will have a huge impact on JYJ’s activities.”

Since the end of July last year, JYJ have been at opposing ends with SM over issues like their exclusive contracts. As a matter of fact, currently, the trio are doing their solo activities and kicked-off their 「JYJ Worldwide Showcase」 on the 12th, at Hwajeong Tiger Dome, Korea University, Anam-dong, Seoul.
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After the news of SM Entertainment filing a provisional ban on JYJ’s first new album, ‘The Beginning‘, as well as filing an exclusive contract suspension injunction between JYJ and their contracted company, CJ Entertainment, it was also recently confirmed that on October 11th, official letters of request were sent to three public broadcasting stations, one cable broadcasting station, and other various online album distribution sites to refrain JYJ from making appearances on shows and halt album sales.

On October 12th, a fan of JYJ wrote on an internet open board, “I work at a cable broadcasting station, and I heard that the ‘Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (KFPCAI)‘ sent out official letters to both the public and cable broadcasting stations.” According to this fan, the official letter of request contained information stating that as JYJ may harm the effect of Korea’s Hallyu Wave, they state they will not be responsible for any disadvantages caused by their appearances on their shows.

This information was later directly confirmed by an associate of the KFPCAI, and has since been spreading at lightning speed on Twitter and various internet communities, currently causing a great deal of concern amongst JYJ’s fans.

A representative from the ‘Korean Entertainment Producers Association’, which is one of eight major associations in the KFPCAI, explained, “We are not siding with SM Entertainment, but we are aware of JYJ currently holding onto a dual contract. This situation has risen because their exclusive contract problem with SM Entertainment has not yet fully been resolved by the law.”

The representative continued, “Whether it was the company that mistreated the group, or the group created the problem, we do not know. That is a separate issue in itself. However if we let this ‘dual contract’ issue pass, what agency would even want to raise their artists?” He stated they are not sure when exactly the group decided to separate from the company and walk their own path, however they are merely just speaking opinions on behalf of the industry.

He added, “DBSK had a huge effect on the Hallyu Wave and on other idol groups walking their own paths, but for the group to separate is the same as throwing cold water on the numerous agencies preparing hard to advance overseas.” The representative also explained that the group’s separation has the potential to damage the reputation of the idol groups who have already successfully advanced into the Japan market.

In addition, through JYJ’s album distributors, Warner Bros, KFPCAI will also be sending out requests to postpone album sales on music sites such as Melon and Dosirak.

Prain, who are JYJ’s PR agency, revealed on October 13th, “They have been so busy all of yesterday and today with their showcase that they have not been able to look into the official letters that were sent out. However they don’t believe it is something to worry too much about.” With regards to SM’s provisional ban request against their new album, Prain said, “We are still currently trying to understand the exact information details on that matter. We will be exchanging discussions with the group’s management company, CJ Entertainment, later this evening.”

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JYJ’s first official album, “The Beginning”, will have a delay of its release date.

Originally scheduled for release on October 14th, the album will be delayed indefinitely due to an internal problem.

A representative of Warner Music Korea stated on the 13th, “Due to problems with the album pre-orders and its sales, we will be delaying the release date. It won’t be delayed too long.”

SM Entertainment recently filed an injunction at the Seoul Central District Court against the trio. On the 13th, representatives of SM Entertainment stated, “The lawsuit surrounding their contracts has yet to even reach a decision, and yet the three members have signed a contract with CJES Entertainment. This double contract is a violation against the conclusion drawn last October.”

He went on to state, “We have filed an injunction at the Seoul Central District Court on the 8th to suspend their contract with CJES Entertainment, and to prohibit the sales of any albums to be released.”

Is this delay the result of a lapse in judgment from the boys, or does it demonstrate a more nefarious intention from SM Entertainment?

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TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who formed a male trio JYJ, finally stood in front of their Korean fans for the first time.

At 9PM on the 12th, JYJ held their 「JYJ Worldwide Showcase」 in Hwajeong Gymnasium, Korea University, Anam-dong, Seoul, and showed off their bright and confident images.

On that day, it was the first public exhibit of JYJ's first worldwide album 「The Beginning」, which the trio had worked together with famous American producers Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins. During the LIVE, 4 songs from that album, as well as the OST song 「Chajatta」 from KBS2's drama 「Sungkyunkwan Scandal」, were introduced. This album has attracted a lot of attention because it includes songs by each of the trio, composed from when they were teens. Through their powerful voices and refined choreography, one could catch a glimpse of the sincerity and effort the trio have put into this album.

Next, is a question and answer with JYJ:

-- How do you feel, standing on the stage after such a long time?

JJ: Completely grateful. This is the first time we recorded an album in which the songs are all in English, so it might be unfamiliar, but as the fans are familiar with our voices, I hope they'll listen to it well. As we spent a lot of time preparing for this album, I hope that the fans will enjoy it with all their hearts.

-- This is JYJ's first album. Are there any new feelings?

JS: The album and our music are our means of communication with the fans, so I worried a lot. Through our fans' support, we were able to release the album without any problems, so I'm really happy.

-- The producers involved in this album are very famous people.

YC: I'm really happy to have been able to work with such famous people that I've only heard about when I was living in the United States during my childhood. The recording also has special sentimental value because the recording studio that we used also had connections to Michael Jackson.

-- In June, after the LIVE in Japan's Tokyo Dome, Jaejoong cried as he came down the stage.

JJ: Before we did the performances at the Tokyo Dome, we also had a round of LIVES at Osaka. In Osaka, I started crying from the very first song. All the things that we couldn't express in words were expressed through our expressions. After we sang the last song at the Tokyo Dome, the fans started shouting "Don't cry", and that was when the tears came. It wasn't for the past nor the future; those tears were to express the sadness (I felt) for the present situation.

-- Are there any idols among the Korean idols that have caught your eye?

YC: I've been really busy lately so I haven't really been watching TV. Although I've only heard their song and not seen them on TV, it seems like Miss A surpasses (the rest) in terms of ability.

-- Your resolution henceforth.

YC: We were able to hold mics and stand on stage, as well as meet our fans again. From now on when we release a second album, or when we release albums in future, I hope that people will have the thought of always wanting to listen to our songs. I'm really happy that I've been so busy during this period of time. I would be happy if it's the same in future.

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'Ayy Girl'

Be the One

With JYJ’s Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu preparing to release their first official album, “The Beginning,” a law firm representative has just revealed that SM Entertainment filed an injunction against the trio, prohibiting the sale of the album.

The sale of JYJ’s first album is now left entirely in the hands of the court. However, since it will take a considerable amount of time before a decision is made, it’s highly likely that the album will be released onto the market first.

The reason behind SM Entertainment’s restraining order is said to be found in the problems still remaining in their contracts. It has already been over a year since the three filed a lawsuit against SME and began walking a separate path on their own.

“The Beginning” is to be distributed by Warner Music Korea. Stay tuned for updates on this breaking story.

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What role did you take up?

My role in the drama is Lee DaHae's lover and I’m appearing as an action star-YunHo. At the initial stage of the drama, it’s a setting of a strained relationship. Also, I lost the ring that Lee DaHae gave during one of the action scenes, so I went around to find the similar ring, and in the end we (Lee DaHae and I) meet again.

What do you think of the filming?

There are really a lot of action scenes, feels that there seem to be many intense action scenes. One of them is the scene where I keep running back and forth on the famous Busan Gwangan Bridge, where I had to avoid a missile. There were a few dangerous scenes too, and (I) was slightly injured, but seeing the film for the first time today, and it came out better than expected so I am very happy.

Are you able to immerse into the role immediately?

I have the same feeling as an action actor. The reason is because the YunHo in the drama is an actor, a role who goes through a secret relationship with his lover, who has some similarities with me now. Aren't action actors and I both artistes? Therefore, I put in more of my characteristics and worked hard for the filming.

The musical 'Goong' is in full swing, are you ready?

Almost at the last stage of practices, I am really happy. Because a musical includes acting, singing and dancing, I think it had really played a big part in my growth. The drama series 'Goong' itself is very interesting, having to act as the Crown Prince, I wish to let more people see me in a less-straightforward manner.

At the end of these busy days, if there were a full rest day, what would you want to do?

It would be great to have some spare time and take a rest after finishing a busy peak period. I like to take pictures while travelling, hoping to travel to many famous places to take pictures and to pen down my feelings into a journal.

A message to the fans:

It's still YunHo who's greeting everyone with a new position. This time wanting to show everyone a two different sides of YunHo who is passionate and imaginary, because I want to meet everyone in all different forums, not only in musicals, therefore from now on please give me more support!

Yunho's Recommended Tourism Spots

Gwangju... Hometown

"Because Gwangju is a cultural city, like last year, Gwangju has hosted a lot of international cultural events. The natural scenery is very beautiful; food is also very delicious, which has a saying 'speaking about food, it's Jeollanam-do Gwangju' kind of reputation, like duck pot (Gwangju's specialty), and seedless watermelon. Because it's a profound land, when visited, you only need to say, ‘Want to eat this,’ and there will be people sincerely guiding, if you say ‘Wish to eat it again,’ there will be a discount."

Han River, Seoul Namsan Tower... favourite places

"I often go to the Han River to observe the people around me... Of course, only after I changed my attire. I like strolling; it’s a kind of simple yet pleasing experience to watch the river. Seoul Tower is also highly recommended, to go with your lover or family, isn't it the best?"

Jebu-do... wish to go with the person I like

“Jebu-do (An island beside Yellow Sea), is a small island. There is a pathway on the sea during low tide,and if the time (when the pathway can be seen) is missed the path would be gone. Sashimi and sushi are very delicious... I don't have a lover now, but if I have one, I wish to go with her."

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Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, the TVXQ trio who made the comeback as JYJ, held their first showcase under the title of ‘JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul’ to commemorate their English debut album 'The Beginning' on the 12th afternoon in Korea University’s Hwajung Gymnasium.

During the interview conducted by Kim Tae Hyun and interaction with fans, JYJ members sincerely revealed their feelings upon having their comeback to domestic (Korean) music industry.

As for the reasons they cried during JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome back in June, they answered: 'The tears flowed at the starting of the performance. Maybe it was because the feelings tend to be shown in a greater way when it can't be expressed verbally. But in the future, (we) will try very best to smile despite in grief.'

They recalled, 'An agreement was made among the members that we shouldn't shed tears till the end of the performance. However we couldn't hold back the tears at the very last moment. Neither because of the past nor future, but because of the current dismal situation that we cried. That feelings was beyond the ability to express them verbally.'

They disclosed to domestic fans their world wide album 'The Beginning' which was produced in cooperation with Kanye West and other American top producers. They performed live 5 songs including 'Ayyy Girl', 'Empty' and 'Be My Girl'. The songs, especially Chajatta of 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' OST which has sold over 100 thousand copies and rapidly gained popularity due to the drama had received tremendous response during the showcase.

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