Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Actually, this is more like 'Stalking JYJ's Cars'...
(Photos taken by a fan who entered the showcase venue via the car park tonight)

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The popularity of the 3 members –JYJ (Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu) of DBSK has not faded away.

During the afternoon of the 12th of October, JYJ held the first round of their worldwide tour showcase “JYJ Showcase in Seoul” for their first worldwide album “The Beginning” at Seoul’s Korea University’s Hwajeong Tiger Dome.

There were 2 rounds for the showcase; held at 6pm and 9pm. It was disclosed that admission tickets were sold out in 15min. OPQR clarified that a total of 11000 (1st round: 6000, 2nd round: 5000) people came to the showcase venue.

Before the performance started, the fans had already gathered in huge numbers within the performance venue. There were also many fans from Japan. There was even one fan who had just touched down from the airplane and came with her luggage to wait to enter the venue. This fan said, laughing brightly, that, “ I came to Korea to see these 3 members of DBSK. I am anticipating that the 3 members will be able to be established officially in Korea.”

Merchants selling DBSK’s signature red balloons, as well as “cheering goods (like fan boards etc.)” were also seen.

During this showcase, JYJ sang their new songs “EMPTY”, “BE THE ONE”, “BE MY GIRL”, “AYYY GIRL” and KBS 2TV “SungKyunKwan Scandal” OST’s “Found You”.

Part of the earnings from the ticket sales will be delivered to “World Vision” to be sent to the impoverished children all over the world. The funds will be used to help to eliminate such problems in the world.

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