Friday, September 10, 2010

[PHOTOS] Jaejoong Goes to the Dentist

These photos are not new (he was wearing the same clothes on April 16th 2010, so it was probably taken back then), but they were only posted on the dentist's blog recently.

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[PHOTOS] 100910 Jaejoong Maze - JYJ DVD

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[PHOTOS] 100910 Yunho - EVISU

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[PHOTOS] 100910 Homin - Incheon Airport Part 6

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[TRANS] 100910 JYJ Thanks Fans for Their Support

Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun released their first mini album 'The…' on the 8th of this month. The album rose to the top spot on the Oricon chart within the first day of its release, thus giving proof to their unchanged popularity in Japan.

The trio expressed 'We received such great response for our first ever album in Japan, in comparison, we'd like to express our gratitude towards our fans. Even though we don't get a lot of opportunities to meet with our Korean fans, we hope that we'll be able to increase our interaction with them through this opportunity.'

According to the Oricon charts, 'The…' sold over 71,000 copies on the day of its release.

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[VIDEO] 100910 Haru Preview

i seriously would want to watch this.
amazing preview.

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[TRANS] 100910 SungKyunKwan Scandal Releases Poster Of Jalgeum Quartet Vs Jjilgeum Quartet

KBS Monday-Tuesday drama is drawing attention for its new poster of Park Yoochun, Park Min Young, Song Joong Ki, and Yu Ah In of the 'Jalgeum Quartet' (Jalgeum: Word from the novel describing a man so handsome that women's hearts stop even when all he does is walk past them) as well as their scary(?) SungKyunKwan seniors Jun Taesu, Kang Sung Pil, Kim Dong Yoon and Chae Byung Chan of the 'Jjilgeum Quartet'.

Jun Taesu, who plays the role of head of Jjilgeum and student body president Ha In Soo, stated, "The biggest charm that separates the Jjilgeums from the Jalgeum quartet is "laughter". I believe their charm comes from being bad guys who aren't hated but give the viewers something to laugh about."

Kang Sung Pil, who plays Lim Byung Choon, also added that, "The charm of the Jjilgeum quartet is their humanity. The Jalgeum quartet, with their good looks and intelligence, may be people to look up to but they can also be people others feel jealous towards. Viewers may feel closer to the Jjilgeum quartet because they're the kind of characters you could bump into in your neighborhood and comfortably strike up a conversation with."

YTree Media representative Noh Yoon Ae stated, "Though they are divided by the names Jalgeum and Jjilgeum, they are all characters who can represent the healthy and bright energy of youth at the SungKyunKwan campus. We believe the poster will add to the fun of the drama, which is progressively becoming more interesting and enjoyable."

*aaaah Chunnie, my heart stopped beating.* xDDD

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[PHOTOS] 100910 Homin - Incheon Airport Part 5

Handsome is an understatement. xDD
oh my Y@#)!@(#&!)@(*#!!!!!!

Yunho's legs. *___*

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[PHOTO] Yunho - Goong Promotional pic

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[PHOTOS] 100910 HoMin - Incheon Airport Part 4

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