Thursday, October 7, 2010

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November Edition – Nikkei Entertainment

Q: What did you eat today?
A:(looks at the food prepared by the staff) It’s become meat and vegetable over rice (laugh).

Q:What type of alcohol do you like drinking?
A:Beer, cold beer. But if I go to drinking places, I would have Soju and listen to rock music.

Q:What’s the most recent item that you bought?
A:Not too long ago, a PS3. It broke, but because it was so fun to play, I bought it.

Q:What games do you play?
A:Although I like RPG, I also like sport ones like “Winning Eleven” (a soccer game)

Q:What do you play in RPG?
A:Final Fantasy.

Q:So you’re really good at games?
A:I used to be really good at “Winning Eleven”, but because I didn’t play it during the time that I filmed my drama, I became a lot weaker. My friend practiced day and night without sleep at that time (laugh).

Q:What music do you listen to now?
A:Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment”. I’m also obsessed with Band music. Not only do I listen to the music from rock bands, but also from a variety of bands with different genres.

Q:Do you still play musical instruments?
A:I’m learning the guitar by myself.

Q:What Japanese artist do you like?
A:Ever since the beginning, B’z. I really like them.

Q:If a girl were to give you jewelry, what would you want?
A:Although I may be thought of as rustic, for me, I would choose a necklace.

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Vick: 'I'd look cute sitting in a box too. Woof~'
Kitten: 'it's gone dark meow~'
Vick: 'Get me a bigger box next time'

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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Not sure who she is, but it seems like this was taken during the 'The Beginning' photoshoot?

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The above image is the album poster! ^^

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