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[PHOTO] 100908 Tohoshinki History in Japan Special

Release date: September 29th

This is NOT fanmade, details regarding the DVD can be found here

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[INFO] 100907 SungKyunKwan Scandal Places 1st for Online Viewing

Even with the actors’ enthusiastic performance, but still couldn’t receive high ratings, SungKyunKwan Scandal did receive high popularity through online TV. On September 9th, QTV had broadcast Sungkyunkwan Scandal episode 2, which received 0.91% record amongst the 20s generation females, placing it first among the 100 videos broadcast at that time.

Not only this, within the 25-44 year range for females it also reached 0.745%, also placing it at first place. The afternoon of the 4th starting from 9 there were continuous broadcast of episode 1 and 2, in the 10~20 generation females viewing was 0.995%, brilliantly occupying first place among the 100 videos broadcast at that time. QTV analysis deducts that SungkyunKwan Scandal is broadcast at the same time as Dong Yi and Giant, so there are competition with parents for which channel to watch, so a percentage of them choose to watch it online instead.

QTV’s SungKyunKwan Scandal, every Saturday afternoon at 3 (reruns: Saturday at 9, Sunday at midnight) 2 hours continuous broadcast. SungKyunKwan Scandal is a historical drama, using SungKyunKwan as the stage, illustrating young student’s dreams and ideals, to be shown through QTV online TV.

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[VIDEO] 100908 Jaejoong - 'For You'

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[TRANS] 100908 'The...' Secures First Spot on Oricon Charts

Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun released their new min-album 'The…'. Despite being the first day of its release, the album has already secured the top spot on Japan's Oricon Daily album charts, selling over 70,000 copies.

There are 8 songs in total (including instrumental versions), 4 of which were performed for the first time in Osaka and Tokyo during their Dome concerts in June.

Credits: Star News + Oricon
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[PHOTOS] 100904 Yunho & Changmin - SMTown Live in LA - Our Towel!

Hey everyone! Have you seen?? I think it wasn't post before, but right there in front of Yunho our towel! ^^~ So cool! o/

Credits: TVXQBaidu

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[PHOTOS] 100907 Yoochun - Sungkyunkwan Scandal Ep 4 part 2

Credits: Chammerruu
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[PHOTOS] 100907 Yoochun - Sungkyunkwan Scandal Naked Chun Ep 4 part 1

My favorite scenesXD
He might not have abs.... But oh man:] Delicious*
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[VIDEOS] 100904 Yunho & Changmin - SMTown Live in LA Part 19

HD quality & steady fancam.
Credits: YanisRei
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[VIDEO] 100907 Yoochun - SungKyunKwan and Scandal Ep. 4 RAW

The rest of the episodes are in the channel.

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[TRANS] 100907 ‘SM TOWN LA Performance’ To Be Released In Theaters In 3D

The SM TOWN Live ’10 World Tour in L.A. performance is set to show in cinemas as a 3D movie.

The concert, held on September 4th at the L.A. Staples Center, was filmed by PACE which was founded by ‘Avatar’ director James Cameron and specializes in 3D movie production. Not only will the footage be used in promotions for sponsor Samsung Electronics’ 3D display products, it will also be created into a movie and shown in theaters.

A representative of SM stated, “The movie will probably be released in theaters between the end of this year and the beginning of next year. We believe it will be popular, not only in Korea, but also in China and Southeast Asia.”

Girls’ Generation and BoA have already filmed music videos with PACE, but this will be the first time that a Korean concert has been filmed in 3D. The PACE team and Samsung have already worked with hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas in their Manhattan, New York performance in March.


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[SCANS] Yunho - SEDA October

Credits: TVXQBaidu + as tagged
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[PHOTO] Yoochun & Min Young - SungKyunKwan Scandal Crew

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[TRANS] 100906 JYJ Staff Report

Entering THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME rehearsal site
Three people were focused and into the discussion

“How to make everyone enjoy watching, how to perform handsomely…”
The three were very focused, deep in thought

Took a picture of the members during the break~

Then, took a picture of silly face 3 member unit (laugh)

Their silly face is really exaggerated, everyone imagine it on your own
If you really want to know what really happened, please watch the rehearsal film from The…

source: JYJ Release Special Site
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[PHOTOS] Yunho in Busan filming Haru

After the big rummor about Yunho buying a ring, here we have more pics of the scene of him filming Haru ~ =]
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[VIDEO] JYJ - Thanksgiving Live Dome DVD Part 3

JYJ "I Have Nothing"

This video has disabled the embedding feature.
DAMN ENGRRRISHHH ruleesss over everyTING XD.
honestly..Micky, you need to stop thinking yr english rocks, cuz it sucks BUT I LOVE IT!!!!

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[ADMIN POST] SMTown's Sweet Escape!

Hi guys!

As many of you know, DBSKnights collaborated with Koreaboo for the SMTown Live in LA meet-up on September 4th.
We also took part in a fan-forum family project with,,,,, and
All of us pitched in for a cake to celebrate the first ever SMTown concert in Los Angeles!
The cake was safely delivered to the SM artists backstage on the day of the concert.

Anyways, here are some of the pics of the cake!

The cake definitely looks delicious! :)

credits: Cenara@SJ-WORLD.NET
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[INFO] 100907 How To Sign Up For The JYJ Special Release Site

Courtesy of the lovely Cassies over at Tohosomnia, here is a handy tutorial to show you how to sign up for JYJ's Special Release Site. Anyone (Japanese or Overseas) can sign up as long as they have a credit card. All it costs is ¥1,050 (about $10.50 USD). Enjoy!

1: Registering for a syncl account

- Go to

- Click on syncl新規アカウント取得(無料)

- On the next page, click on :

- Enter your email address at the メールアドレス input box, then click 規約に同意して登録

- Confirm your email by clicking 登録する

- You will now be asked to verify your email. You will receive a user ID and Password. There will also be a link which you have to click to verify your email within 24 hours.

This is what you should get as part of your email:

ユーザーID : jigXXXXXX
パスワード : XXXXXX


- After you click the link, you can click the "Quick Start" button, and you are now a syncl member.

2: Registering for the JJY Special Site

- Go to

- Scroll down, and fill in as follows (You should already be logged in)

(You can go to to get your name in Kanji

- Then click the button at the bottom to proceed.

- On the next page, choose payment method : Credit Card / At the Combini (Japan Only) / Pay Easy

- Click the first button under the Credit Card logos : カード情報を登録する

- Fill in the next form :

- After it's processed, you should get an email telling you that you have successfully completed your transaction and you can access the site at

Hope this helps!

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[VIDEO] JYJ - Thanksgiving Live Dome DVD Part 2


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[VIDEO] JaeSu - Thanksgiving Live Dome DVD Part 1

Jaesu acting out a scene in SNN *squeal*

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[TRANS] 100907 Eun Hyuk Reveals Childhood Photos With Xiah Junsu

Super Junior member Eun Hyuk recently revealed photos he had taken with TVXQ member Xiah Junsu during their years in school.

On KBS 2TV's 'Happy Birthday', which aired on September 6th at 11:05pm, Eun Hyuk introduced his growth from elementary school to high school through photos.

Following his elementary school graduation shot, a photo was shown of him and his classmates. The two people who stood out were none other than Eun Hyuk and Xiah Junsu.

Eun Hyuk said, "I've been friends and classmates with Xiah Junsu since elementary school," and brought out more photos of himself with Xiah Junsu. The two people, who held dreams of becoming singers since sixth grade, created their own dance team.

Eun Hyuk also talked about meeting Kim Hak Rae for the first time as he said, "In sixth grade, the four of us performed at the Ilsan Lake Park and the person who MCed the event was Kim Hak Rae."

Eun Hyuk proved that he was best friends with Xiah Junsu and Sungmin when he showed a picture of the three of them together.


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[TRANS] 100907 Booming Anticipation For 'Elisabeth' Performance And Kim Junsu Musical Concert

The response to the 'Kim Junsu Musical Concert-Levay with Friends' is heated.

It showed reservation statistics never before seen in the musical industry and ranked top of the weekly charts for musicals as soon as tickets were released on Interpark and Yes24.

The fourth round of tickets were released on the 6th, and all VIP seats were sold out in one minute, and proved once more the popularity of the upcoming concert.

Kim Junsu, the hero of musical 'Mozart!', will come together with world renowned composer Levay and Korea's top musical actors for this concert and will showcase highlights of 'Mozart!' and a new song Levay composed for Kim Junsu.

After the ticket war, EMK Musical Company stated, "It has been confirmed that Micahel Kunze, famous for his lyrics for 'Fly Robin Fly' and 'Get Up and Boogie', will be writing the lyrics for Kim Junsu's new song, which means that the original lyrics of the song will be in English."

The Levay-Kunze combination, that brings together the representative composer and lyricist of German musicals, has come together to prepare a new song for a star of Asia. As this is such a unique project, the concert has become a hot issue in Europe and many are focusing their attention on the musical concert.

The production company is working hard to bring together a world renowned composer, Korea's best musical actors, and the much-awaited 'Elisabeth' performance to create an extraordinary stage that will exceed the expectations of fans.

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[TRANS] 100907 "Girls' Generation Will Not Follow In TVXQ's Footsteps"

At a press conference in Beverly Hills, L.A., Kim Young Min (40) of SM Entertainment stated that, "Contrary to what is expected, Girls' Generation's future plans in Asia will not focus solely on Japan." He implied that Girls' Generation would take the complete opposite road to carve a place for themselves in Japan from TVXQ, who he pointed out had focused completely on Japanese activities after their debut there and had then become the top of Asia.

He emphasized that, "Girls' Generation's primary goal is to become 'No.1 in Asia', so it is essential that we construct a system for them where their popularity and talents are verified in other Asian countries so that they naturally become popular in Japan. They will not follow the footsteps of TVXQ, who began to focus on gaining awareness in Asia only after their success in Japan."

Source: [munhwa ilbo]
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Whoah, cool it, Cassies!
I expected much better of you all. SM Entertainment is not saying that SNSD is better than DBSK. Being the best in Asia is their goal. They are simply outlining a business plan. Please remember that our boys are friends with SNSD - no bashing! Respect your fellow fans and keep the hateful comments to yourself.