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I am actually working with JYJ's publicist for this "The Beginning" Tour 2010. The publicist team is currently working with the tour promoters of each country to bring you this showcase.

I have been asked by the publicist of the JYJ-The Beginning concert tour to release this information:
For Release to Fansites

[ 30th September 2010 -As the beginning stage of this preparation has been hectic, we apologize for the misinformation being given to you.

Due to the good response to the release of this tour, we are currently working with the tour promoters in your country to cater to bigger venues for the concerts. As such, we can only provide confirmed information about the ticket sales early next week, for all the stops except Thailand and Malaysia where the promoters are confirmed. The official press release for this news will be out early next week on a website.

We apologize to inform you that Warner Music Group is not in charge of the tour information. They are only responsible for the distribution of the CDs. Therefore, do stop contacting Warner Music Group to request for the Showcase Tour information. -

Monica C.
Fan Coordinator
JYJ - The Beginning, Showcase World Tour 2010.]

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We're in the lead at the moment, but other groups may still catch up, so keep voting!
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On September 27th, a news article by Japan’s Asahi News, titled, “DBSK’s comeback potential“, speculated that Avex dropped promotional activities with JYJ because their contract with JYJ hindered Avex’s recruitment of other Korean stars. The article specified that Avex supported JYJ, but this caused a breakdown in relations between Avex and SM Entertainment to the point where the latter signed SNSD with Universal.

In summary, Aera, the author of the article, postulates that Avex split with JYJ as an act of submission to SM Entertainment and other Korean entertainment corporations.

Aera wrote, “It is commonly accepted in Korea that companies spend millions to train and promote artists from their early childhood. Korea’s entertainment business finds it inevitable that contracts must be of a certain length to guarantee profit. JYJ’s split from SM through legal proceedings put a huge scratch on the face of SM and Korea’s business. When Avex salvaged JYJ, it was a direct confrontation with SM.”

“When SNSD and KARA signed under Universal, and 2PM followed up with Sony, Avex had to consider the lack of fresh Korean recruitment. In the end, they opted to drop the immediately, but minimally profitable, JYJ for a chance to sign the new generation’s ‘DBSK’.”

Aera continued, “Just like in Korea, where fame is but an overinflated bubble, when DBSK broke up, their fame took a massive hit. Even in Japan, JYJ’s activities drew negatives comments such as, ‘money hungry dogs’, and other severe criticisms“.

Aera concluded by questioning whether JYJ has a bright future ahead.

While it wasn't specifically stated on the page, it is likely that the article was based on this
Also, the title of this article on akp was 'Avex dropped JYJ because of SNSD?' but this was changed because I really just couldn't see the relevance. So in case anyone is wondering, yes, this is the same post.

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JYJ wil be releasing their first worldwide album 'The Beginning' on October 12th. As members of TVXQ, it is predicted that Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu's new album will be a big hit on the market.

TVXQ's previous album 'Mirotic', released in 2008 sold a record-breaking 500,000 copies, yet it is likely that that this record will be broken with the release of the trio's new album.

It has now been 2 years since the release of 'Mirotic', and the trio are back with their new album 'The Beginning'. Already, the album has demonstrated phenomenal selling power; all 99,999 copies of the Luxury Package were sold out within the first day of pre-sales.

With 2 weeks remaining till the official release of the album, the normal version has sold 50,000 copies in pre-sales. The release of the trio's album will no doubt have amazing impact on the music industry.

Of course, it must be taken into account that this will be a worldwide release. Since 2008, TVXQ's fanclub Cassiopeia has continued to hold the Guinness World Recrod for being the biggest fanclub in the world. With fans all over the world, particularly in countries such as Japan and China, sky high sales figures are almost guaranteed. It is predicted that the album will sell over 500,000 copies.

Representatives of Warner Music claimed 'The fans will have high hopes and expectations since it's been 2 years since they last released an album.'

A/N: Some sites may still be holding copies of the Luxury Package

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내 사랑이 네게로 가
My love has gone to you
숨겨왔던 나의 기억 속에
In my concealed memory
지켜왔던 나의
Guarded by me
그대 사랑은 내가 아님을
Your love is not me
알면서도 이렇게 또 하루만
Even though I know that, just one day again

알아. 그댈 사랑하는 일
You know. I love you
and I 그대 보내야 하는 일
and I must send you away
내겐 너무나도 벅찬 일인걸
To me, being rejected many times
지워내기가 씻어내기가
To erase, to wipe out

내 사랑이 네게로 가
My love has gone to you
숨겨왔던 나의 기억 속에
In my concealed memory
지켜왔던 나의
Guarded by me
그대 사랑은 내가 아님을
Your love is not me
알면서도 이렇게 또 하루만
Even though I know that, just one day again
가는 그대를 이제 보내야 하는데 보내주려 해
Now, I need to send you (who are leaving) away, I will do so
다시는 돌아 보지마 그대라 나는 괜찮아
Don't turn back again. Because it is you, I am alright.

널 기억해 내게로 와
I will remember you. Come to me.
숨겨왔던 나의 기억 속에
In my concealed memory
지켜왔던 날들 너무 먼 곳만 보지 말아줘
Guarded by me. Just don't look too far away.
나의 자리 언제나 영원토록
My place for you will always be forever
꺼지지 않는 나의 사랑이 있으니 비워둘 꺼야
My love which will not extinguish, will be open.

I Run To You, I Live For You, I Run To You, I Live For You
I Run To You, I Live For You, I Run To You

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It's our birthday today!

With the release of Heaven's Postman, new layouts for our blogs and twitter, nothing gets better than this:

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His famous mismatch eyessss! How I miss this~
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TTVXQ’s JYJ have been earning explosive offline album sales for KBS 2TV’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘ OST! The trio have contributed some songs to the soundtrack, which makes the success of the OST a reflection of JYJ’s success, particularly since this is their first-ever release in Korea.

The OST was released on September 16th, and according to statistics revealed by Warner Music Korea, it has sold an astonishing 80,000 copies up until the 28th. An additional 30,000 orders have been brought in, stimulating a second round of productions.

Representatives of Warner Music Korea stated on the 29th, “It hasn’t even been two weeks since the drama’s OST was released, and already they’ve achieved 110,000 copies. It’s certainly an exceptional case, but this is also confirmation that the three members are still receiving much love from their fans.”

They continued, “We believe that the support of Junsu and Jaejoong for Yuchun’s official acting debut is what brought in such attention.”

The trio is set to release a new album and begin their activities for the upcoming month of October.

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1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8th place - all Tohoshinki DVDs ^^

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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